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John Koelmel- Sabres Harbor Center Prokect

Aug 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It marks the biggest change on Buffalo's sky line in years harbor Sander and we're getting a progress report this morning. We're pleased to have in studio -- senate president John Caldwell John pretty heavy warrant Susan great reader John Ecstasy what -- what a project to be involved with. We're just -- have a lot of fun. Think of can -- sign of how much has happened there -- the medical court or Larkin fill carver center it's it's did -- just booming right now. The change in the number Buffalo's very visible very tangible and the excitement of masquerading. -- literally hear about every day it's. A great time to be involved and hum weather missiles -- -- already here those who look forward to coming back ovals are excited about. What's the future -- also no longer talking -- -- government can happen it's really -- referred for the entire region. You know we are told that you're going to announce another attraction. For Harvard's center today retail component can we squeeze a little -- -- -- -- about this. Well what to and noble talked about. About 111130. This morning John is the direction we're going with a retail I want him. It's the smallest of pieces is 600 for 2000 square foot facility. However upwards of you know probably 101000 square feet available for us from retail shall talked about the direction that were looking to go with that. Well we talked with mr. -- earlier he said there's no doubt that you would want to tell us more about this. Other restaurant that's opening in in the -- 716. Restaurant it's going to be spectacular we hear what can you tell us about that. It's going to. The really a tremendous asset for the city and we're confident. We're a critical that terrific experience Serbia against and visitor who comes downtown canal site Barbara senate in particular. Someone's six food and sport. We talked about it as and Heidi and sports themed Boeing restaurant. From mills who have been up to real sports a trial Ottawa there's a similar apparel experience but frankly we're confident we're gonna do much better. In a close -- about Kim's involvement in her passion whether it be for food order. The customer experience and we're looking forward to bring him -- -- for the benefit of everyone comes. -- other multiple phases of the project and multiple openings what's openings first can give us a run through a little timetable he can. Well listen in the next couple months think it is -- talked about the latter part of October. The focus of the project which are the two are shrinks unlawful sex will be greater role. Will open the tail end of the months we've got used sixteen and eighteen turn meant that these displays Ohio State. A couple big games for them it's -- 31 of October in the first of November so. -- really kick off from a significant way in Iran activity on the ranks themselves at same time. Several won six of -- -- about as well as Tim Hortons will be ready to roll of course -- -- and fifty. Space parking -- problem Albie available so were are not very attentive to the needs for. Parking him accessibility while -- maker of -- more pedestrian friendly will be ready with the -- the rampant restaurants. -- John passers by she is the crane. -- see all the work being done and the additions keep going up and disable the buildings on -- construction I mean how can it be opening. -- tell us more about the opening and some of these phases of openings. Well. We're really -- trying. To bring as much online as we can that talent of October. John. Our original thinking was that they have retail ready by then but obviously. Where we stand today that's not to feasible so. As social sequences that will be their ranks the restaurants in the ramp for a tail end of October. -- -- retail law online calendar this year first part of maximum. Mary our hotel. Should be rated role June issue early spring early summer of drug next year's so. Certainly has received here this time I met sheer will have the better part of a full year under -- belt in terms of a corporation. And Arnold told them beyond line and will be in full swing. We've got a much more coming up this half hour with two outs in studio is John -- Coleman held a president of harbors under in the we've been discussing the development in the construction of -- -- Across from first Niagara center. John when we talked earlier with Christmas -- chief development officer for the Buffalo Sabres you mentioned the numbers of people involved in development and construction at Harbour center. Good paying job some of the average just paying 60000 dollars in the year which is terrific for the buffalo economy. Once -- -- I mean all of that is up and running the restaurants the rinks the retail all of the attractions how many people. Would you envision might be employed in the. Am round numbers John will probably around 500. In terms of employees -- and open delivering agreed -- transfer our guests each and every day -- mean right now. There is less than 10% of working on the operations side church every -- I think. Right now over 400 workers on the job. Today and you know -- multiple Euro flow over the continuum but. Will be push them 500 workers a day in and day out on an ongoing basis so. A significant meaningful impact. An -- struggles 500 employees but the ripple effects of that throughout the region and you'll be doing some hiring soon. How we will com. -- were inundated. On a daily basis. And part of -- -- for me in the excitement of the project as a all the people who wanna be apart of it whether you're in town or. Frankly many were inquiries come from -- Expansive duo who have left the area -- comeback scorer wanna be part of this exciting development so. In particular. Next month we're start very active recruiting process for our restaurants and -- six and Tim Hortons so will be. Hiring out presume 300 people between now and the end of September 1 part of October. Torture were review open those doors. We're talking about the epicenter of downtown development this morning the harbor center project. And it's really now in the final stretch and -- down to the final weeks here before the opening. John Caldwell -- center president in studio in media is getting a tour this morning there's a retail component it's going to be announced today for the project. John the rinks open first you've been telling us right in late October. October again the two rings will be a greater role and obviously that's the focus. You know for the project itself no shortage of demand for -- in here in Western New York. And shall have Susan. When I start a little more than a year ago -- heard that from goals that were involved or wanted to be involved -- that the demand would behind. We've been legally drink from other fire -- of interest for the last twelve months so. As I've said recently uses and open the doors and -- -- war on our doors open will be going vertical in terms of local level of activity and we've been ramping up for. The last 68 months so I'm really pleased with what we've been able to bring to the market without the benefit of you know specific base and an hour and a facility today. You know I think is fascinating too is you might imagine if you're driving by the -- rinks are underground level. They're not. -- -- -- -- -- You know -- six. So. Six and seven mum are -- the rings are -- -- so -- -- construction challenges but the Christian real intrigue in terms of the facility itself on the front clip. You know -- kids and a little boy Iraqis have six or his -- demeanor. Is it hard to say no to all of the local hockey organizations and -- organizations that must be coming to you looking for ice time. -- we do our best -- to minimize the times we have to say you know I'm give Thompson credit sir. Our team whether being a crediting his group honoring scare them atoms in the academy. We're working hard to accommodate. The incredible interest this Susan alluded to earlier but you're right. There's only two sheets -- -- we will have -- 52 weeks a year so that's a plus but. It's not. On an open ended resource. Those retail attraction. That's going to be harbor Saunders that you're gonna tell us more about later on this morning of the occupants of those component been selected or are you are looking for tenants what's the story there. Mom and reverse order yes we're all looking for tenants we learning of some preliminary dialogues in the and no we get to farm upload a -- of lead time so we'll have there's so we hope to have that done in the early in the near future. Great did -- the rinks that we've been talking about that the fact that harbor senator is kind of a piece of the puzzle right now with so many things happening downtown. Including canal signed. And -- canals this winner that'll offer skating rink. -- -- the replica canals Lowe's saw them. In the former HSBC's two hour yesterday yeah Arthur for -- where we've got some people and great view of that area. That. Charles is how a replica canals literally tied together and I'm doing just what to they've written and intended to do. Nature you know that piece of history Lozano and we're working and close our cooperation collaboration with the folks have to EC HDC global spectrum. To ensure the experiences. That will provide an harbors senator. It carries out and carries over into the district in total under the global sport from groups excited and all. They'll be announcing shortly. You know women target -- completion -- outdoor skating so we'll have indoor and outdoor skating this coming winner and were all excited to bring a lots of people to downtown buffalo he once called rather himself a slow start supply. Well that might be next month they're talking and not come through -- -- -- aftermath John speaking of the former HS BC tower. Terry Google has already -- some space in the building that's our understanding. We're looking at a report in the business first of business newspaper. That -- mr. -- may be interested in buying the entire building what can you tell us about the. I can confront as a just alluded John Lee. Carrying -- have policed space of the rules sports and entertainment as. They continue to revolve. You know their corporate structure. Got some of my guys are -- guys are over there because we're just out of space and first -- honor. Beyond that obvious sure our focuses on the opening the doors of Barbara summer and two months and -- -- to -- thirteen very focused on the house certain -- season what is it like to work with the panelists and they're just terrific people hum I'm. Twelve months later who they validated. Why I signed up their passion for buffalo Western New York. Excuse me is consistent. World with mine and many others here there. In that two when it for the benefit overall all of us who with her day in and day out there has to affect real change and I'm honored and blessed to be a part of their team. -- do you all feel like you have to pinch yourself every once in awhile because you have these greens. These the year visions and now it all becomes reality. As usual questions. I don't have a lot of fun. That very fortunate to have this aged -- circumstance. Would be. And this role as well as a solely others I have around the community. Medical campus of all what's happening. There were collided a specific. You know power authority and so the work is being done most there supporting educational changes that are happening. Room city of buffalo Western New York we're definitely on the move and a very very very positive for the direction and of the buzz -- excitement to -- can be better. John thank you for the update this -- thank you for coming in Samara travel costs we really appreciate it works and what forcing the dollar strong and think we're all excited about it and as usual thanks John Harbour -- president John -- now.

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