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8/27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do -- Com hourly and that's was -- within 200 feet of the school he or she. It's life. -- It's local -- -- -- it's Tom hourly ask another question for me get this -- this isn't the real seasons mostly. Wouldn't -- He's Olympia. Now -- them on news radio 930 well here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. Think just -- Boston public yeah. -- more anyway and a Mormon moron. It is at ten minutes after six -- united thirty WB -- hourly with you. And tie it up I woke up the ice bucket challenge -- will -- contribute to jail last for the ice bucket challenged it's just not me. I appreciate -- it won't be worse than -- it will be in bagel and do it I'm just not going to do. -- biggest challenge yet to do it by the way and if challenged I'll simply laugh and say now. There's gonna support LS. Of course absolutely yes. Of course about that anymore and -- support breast cancer lupus. Heart disease lung cancer skin cancer. Flesh eating bacteria. Ebola or syphilis. There are any horrible diseases out there. Now. Somebody put up on my FaceBook wall. That he is hurt. That not a lot of the money. Bet -- LS raises which typically is just a shade over a million dollars a year goes actual were search. Well it's tough to really dedicate a lot of money to search if it's just over a million dollars a year you've been taking an historic. I have to tell you though if you have different information sends the information to meet Thomas WB of that top. But Charity. Navigator. Is a site that. Rates. Every. Known cheer your at least a major charities in the world. And a four star rating is the highest rating given by Charity Navigator. Now the SP CA serving you recounting historically gets four star ratings and so does the ALS foundation. It receives a four star rating. And Charity Navigator does not exactly give those out like you give out candy and how it. They consider. The mission statement of the organization. How much it raises how much -- spent -- administration. How much goes for what it says it goes -- setter -- setter. So the LS foundation. Gets -- highest marks problem. The Charity Navigator people. No I haven't checked -- latest information on it but there's one organization to which I would never given that the American Red Cross. Typically everytime a disaster hands they want money. And that typically. It basically goes into that black hole known as the American red cross and -- -- receive a penny of my money. Well obviously yes because I hate Christians that would be obvious deductions that you would think from that so what I wanna know. Everything -- keeping them by -- not to the ice bucket challenge no matter what. Normal Ratajczak. Because of the ice bucket challenge but I don't know to which charities are you give. Candidate Y. We all have our pet -- We all have faith does that for one reason or another. Touch us. Some people have lost loved ones -- -- And they wanna raise money for -- we search. Some people lost loved ones to lupus and an L frame of mind to some people have lost herbalist -- let's. And that becomes across. Attic of lupus is one of those autoimmune diseases. Where your body basically -- itself. For want of a better way to phrase it lupus -- -- Latin work wolf. And her own body becomes a ravenous consumer of old body your own body towards wolf -- itself. And typically. Lupus is a manageable disease however. In 10% of the people to come down with lupus it proves to be it. There are many diseases out here archipelago. Which would not be a lot of fun -- HIV aids. That would be one. Heart disease is. That's one. Lung cancer no thank you. There are a lot of wretched horrible diseases and you've -- -- crisis. In the charities to which you donate and how I don't know to which charities you to donate and why. And will you be taking part in the ice bucket challenge. And by the way one of the dirty little secrets about charities. Folks I cannot stress this enough gives nobody else is gonna tell Davis. Right now I guarantee you. That every other disease oriented charity in America is having board meetings trying to figure out. How much of a hit. They're gonna take. Because money that they were expecting this year will not come to them this year instead it will come or go to. The ALS people. Because charities are like any other endeavor in which revenue is important whether it is a private sector. Public sector business or whether it is a non for profit. To make something run you gotta have money. And the people who run these organizations understand that there is a finite number of our resources are a -- number resources. Available in the country for charitable donations. And bay are I think the heart association is probably well a security in the NC probably I am 99% sure. That every single disease security has had an emergency meeting -- -- vis ALS ice bucket challenge that is taking off. What will it dude us and how do we counter what do we do in exchange. What do we do to combat. How do we make sure that our dollars come to us. It wouldn't surprise me if those of you -- were on the fund raising mailing list for the various disease securities have received recently. Fundraising solicitations. For those charities. In light of the taking off the ice bucket challenge for a L pass. See if our run of heart association of lung association of the lupus foundation. You would've gotten that yesterday. Once I realized that the ALS ice bucket challenge was taken off. I would wanna make sure that I kept your donations and I was expecting in my charity. So that even if you do give ALS at least I've got I've got my beat him. To whatever your charitable resources are and I'm sorry it's the way of the world I can I how can I passed judgment on it. -- you can't give 100% of what you take hold to charity. You can get 5%. W Ty future as you get 10%. You might have a lot after that to which you can don't. So the other charities -- they're gonna wanna make sure that they're gonna take a hit. And I am very interested in knowing. If this is having an effect on other charities and by the way you do hear about this whenever there's a major disaster. And people are told -- text this number for your ten dollar donation to the American Red Cross which I would never do by the way because that would give the Red Cross or red panic. All the other charities are always concerned. In 030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB yet I get in terms of sheer numbers. Heart disease cancer accidental -- Those are your top three right there heart disease being number one. In certain demographics accidental death. Is number one younger demographics -- -- at that particular highway deaths are number one. And I'd refer earlier to the golden hour. Within the body sustaining a trauma like you would sustain an automobile accident which is why a lot of people donate their mercy flight. Because the sooner the victim is extricated. And gotten to a level one trauma center which by the EC RC is. The better the likelihood is of a full recovery or at least the recovery to the extent possible the golden hour of trauma. -- it is eighteen minutes after 602 which charity did you give -- And coming up monetary about a professor in Georgia. Who has got on the bandwagon. If you say the issue in his class he's gonna lower your -- This guy has to be fired. Bless him and bless his little black heart. Was it racist now black art is an evil heart. And at that I don't know against black White -- here is up opt in net Cheektowaga on WB Bob hello. Oh. Yet my charity is always. Hospice. And what is your connection with hospice and what -- hospice make a special impact in your life. I don't put up there -- in there and it's just. You know the way you should go out again. All they do a magnificent job at a hospice they really do I cannot say enough good things about hospice just very brief but experiences with hospice. That's my feeling still on an every year -- But chicken dinner take out being and now I get a bunch of -- bright -- -- burden that that's how I contribute. But for the chicken dinner do you think the chickens also -- fund raisers for the chickens they've lost to the hospice fund raisers. Are sick joke -- -- look up with you about hospice they do a great job and again a lot of people. With a lot of different diseases including LS have benefited from the work of hospice. And they're great people and frankly they've got a very on an enviable job. I agree and I hope to god my kids smother me before it ever get to that point. Up and adversaries I make no bones about it I'm I'm in favor of physician assisted suicide I should be my choice if I can down the disease for which there is no cure. I wanna decide how lightly. Thanks very much and glad you called. You and public dramatically all absolutely. Like. 5:45. PM 15 minutes before 6 o'clock news all call Rachel -- constancy rage. Meet me at X location. You get the scoop. All right -- involve anybody else just me. Are right it is a time we check in with traffic take you live by show vision I -- -- bears. Sawyer goes here's traffic here's Alan Harris you might want to check out Allen. Well hopefully not for good. Well -- you know your emails just annoys me you are so wrong about LS foundation. No lol I haven't said anything wrong about the -- last foundation. What what what do you object to Carol you object to buy it saying that it had a four star rating from Charity Navigator. If you're gonna spent time reading the hate mail email could -- at least he -- damn facts straight thank you. Anyway -- for today the arrest of a partly cloudy. 56. Tomorrow partly sunny and nice 72 Friday a blend of sun and clouds 77 right now 77 at WB -- and by the way. Comedy videos you've got a lot of people dousing themselves with -- ice water. Before it runs itself out. I told you earlier about a guy who set himself on -- there. Because everybody is out to -- its theater that. Fifteen minutes of fame. This guide interestingly he is waving. What some would call the confederate flag. He's being called the dumbest man in the world he staged in absurd ice bucket challenge he lit his head on fire. Before dousing himself in ice water. He also equipped himself with a tiny stars and stripes covered best. Camouflage cargo shorts and a giant confederate flag. Things did not go as planned the original video was reportedly taken down from YouTube but not before it was recorded and -- posted. Idea every posted it on my FaceBook page haven't washed it but. I've every posted it for your viewing pleasure that I wanna what's going to be next. Com. To whom do you donate and watch. You're just that cheap bastard now. Actually. Most. Of what I do for charity. How to say this delicately it's not tax deductible. And I'm gonna leave it there he is. Ruled. Lock port on WB yeah root hello. -- -- -- -- aren't you old news but they have that I enjoy appropriate members. Yeah I mention that my dad died of -- out as he would say I'm seventy in 1980. It was a very bright. I -- man. And my mom died at -- concern that I had to choose between the salute would be parkinson's. Other and they -- if that was so that the ouster in. -- -- And I can't you know all of us at -- house. After he -- the actor's head to my mom how did you like the way I chased him out and she said until. And that was I did not they -- come -- I called so and thank you hit it absolutely idiot. A seat. I have long said that I -- you can relate to -- about the same -- with all due respect. We have all these moral ethical debates about physician assisted suicide. And the dirty little secret is it happens every day right here in Western New York. Somebody in the family gives the wink and the nod. To -- health care provider. To make sure that the person they love checks out as quickly and as painlessly as possible. At that moment when there is no hope when there is nothing left to be done. Only a slow lingering death happens every -- When you can't -- -- Indiana -- -- dinner is playing here I. -- -- I again it's a horrible disease -- and again there are lots of horrible diseases. Brain tumors. I mean should the list goes on aids. And I'm sorry obviously about the parkinson's. And end the a LS in your family -- if you had Derek. -- have you had talks with doctors about your likelihood of developing either one of these as you go on with your life. Well I checked out a lot of things -- Internet and I know that their -- I'm out ultimately back then you get it some time that I. I see. Percentage quiet exit for less than 10%. But I'm not have to hear about that. I'm older I'm much older now and kept saying that I -- and -- like seventeen and to think that has gotten this hour without getting. And -- -- feel afraid lane and believe me whenever we can't how they are paying an illegal. -- -- -- I'm glad that at least your family has the awareness that you talked about things it amazes me how many families refuse to acknowledge genetic predisposition. Towards various ailments illnesses and diseases and it's really something you gotta consider talking apparently about I'm glad you called thank you very much. You don't -- and I'm 32 which charity do you give and why will you or have you taken part in the ice bucket challenge for a LSI Wilma. -- -- -- -- my mom and collaborate and live. I did not -- -- if it didn't hold them quite pull off Bailey tonight he whenever. Guilt I don't know off the light and -- no. Extreme of what might have been able they do what top and came into being the big event. -- gambling going one more reason storage -- -- your generation -- blogger generation version back. Back in the day we came up with their own tunes -- wrote melodies -- catchy little bass lines. You guys have no sense of -- no sense of creativity. What so. It is at 636 that news radio 930 WB EM. Says the smartest guy in the room okay and we are outlawed last if you. What charity is it or charities. Do you. Right -- out too because you believe in a lot they are doing and you believe they properly disbursed the funds you have that. And before you do a thing I would do your research which Charity Navigator. And apparently at least what listener -- unaware that I had pointed out that Charity Navigator has given the ALS foundation for stars. Which is its highest ranking again I'd. Now what exactly. The LS foundation hopes to -- -- with the money being raised by the ice bucket challenge I don't know and I am a cynic. And I know how the world works. And how the world works with the government's in charge your health. And folks alternately your health care will depend upon one thing. Are you registered Democrat. Do you have a history of voting in a high Democrat. Precincts. How old are you. And what your kids think politically how are they registered. That is how your health care is going to be distributed. Trust. I'll work -- -- three old I'm thirty start I'm 3180616. WB upper -- got a budget deadbeats in the buy hourly audience I thought more highly viewed and I do right now. It is far as that diseases but LS. Well it's funny because Obama funny funny but. Have you been touched by horrible disease. That ended a loved ones life. Maybe and that he loved ones life far too early. They were all familiar with hunter Kelly and hunters hope we're familiar with -- were all familiar with that cancer. Many people who died -- -- from cancer. There of course are diseases like heart disease is. There are accidental deaths which are a leading cause of death especially in certain demographics. So there are lots of ways. That people die. And there are lots of things that can happen in the course of a lifetime. To affect. How you are going to check out -- percent -- it may be skin cancer. It may be a melanoma. Which metastasized as it may be lupus you may be one of the unlucky 10%. It may be. Some of you might know somebody who actually died from what I -- Which one -- here to your question up her -- syndrome was just take that one will get what's regatta syndrome. BR UG eight the age group god and why it is that's a disease where one minute you sit there and everything's just great. And the next minute you are dead. And it basically is a sudden cardiac arrest. And is caused by an electrical malfunction in the heart about the plodding but the electricity. Of the heart. And it's a very treatable IP manageable disease. And the treatment of choice is very pacemakers slash ICP. Which is what I haven't planted in my chest. And I always like to joke that if anybody in the -- gonna have a heart attack on the best got to have a heart attack because I've got the defibrillator right in. So I've got a better chance of surviving a heart attack that you guys. John. -- I just want them over so why can't -- Within thirty seconds this thing this signals this sent thirty jewels of electricity it in my chest you'll see in the quivering. And else bring it back into the show in flawlessly continue. Seriously I'll be clinically dead for thirty seconds. And I will spring back to life and do the shell. -- here's a look at it what you wanna see that happen here let me put -- cell -- in my pocket and they keep calling -- only make it -- and I'm sorry I don't -- to be making light of it but you don't play. Two for example. Folks when things start going amiss with your brain. It socks. If you've ever knows somebody with a brain disease and all kinds of shapes and all kinds of sizes. Brain tumors. Should go tumors. Vascular like this. It happens. And again these things can be fatal and sometimes they're quite treatable. There are a lot of diseases I mean you're you're breaking news or a lot of diseases that can be horrible. Absolutely wretched. Some of them are sudden and some of them take time to progressed to the point. Where you eventually succumb to that and AL west is a horrible disease. So of parkinson's. So is MS when it reaches that point. And lupus when it reaches that point and cancer when it reaches that -- it disease reaches that point and so on and so fort so to whom do you decide to give and -- It is a year one of my questions right now also I promised to support for -- about this does anybody remember the story out of Tennessee. I share with you earlier this week and nobody cared about the teacher. Blue. Suspended a student. For using the phrase black -- not pleasure. But bless you in a classroom. Okay. Now this was in -- high school situation. I wanna tell you that this disease has spread. The cranial rectal inversion syndrome were actually a term I phrase I coined -- I call cerebral and broker -- Those of you with some medical training will recognize. -- cerebral and doctor racist is a fancy way of saying. That one's. Skull is not filled with a brain matter but rather fecal matter. Cerebral and -- priestess. I made that -- open. But anyway this is a story out of. Georgia professor bans college students from saying bless you in class. Brunswick Georgia one professor at the college of coastal Georgia has banned students from saying bless you in his class. Campus reform reports but doctor Leon -- assistant professor of chemistry at the college of coastal Georgia. What about his six rules on behavior on his introductory physics class syllabus. According to numbers 600 behavioral. Deduction. Borders into one behavioral. Deduction. Students grades will be lowered. For saying that blast you. We are taught that it is polite to say. Bless you when someone sneezes however if you save this well I am talking it is not polite it is very root. Real. -- states. Any student. May be deduct up to 15%. Of their final grade for any student that disrupts his class. He goes on the second the syllabus that's saying bless you. May result in an immediate 1%. Grade deduction for each occurrence. Especially egregious behavior could result in expulsion from a class. Withdraw all from the course. And disciplinary action from the college. His syllabus warns students. Folks this -- It is in -- OK can we agree that this man has a severe mental issue. He is willing to deduct 1% of a student grade and actually have a student expelled. For saying bless you in his class. Now what do you think this comes for do you think this is really about disrupting him. Or is it really about another agenda. Here's a hint it's college. It's about another agenda. And this guy has a high hard one. Forgot. For religion. And what's really interesting here is. It doesn't even say god bless you simply -- you. Now we can make these semantic or rhetorical argument that simply the saying a blessing in birds or implies it religious connotation. But it's immaterial. The professor is soul. Out of line. I wanna find out for you guys. If you take this professor ought to be fired. Very seldom do -- say somebody should lose his livelihood. But I think this very reference on the syllabus and you can check it out of my FaceBook page FaceBook dot com Tom dot hourly. BA UERLEBAUERLE. It's the 01 were wearing a tuxedo it's one with a 101000 plus likes for those who keep track of such things. I wanna find out if you think you ought to be fired very seldom -- -- call for somebody to lose their head this is an example where the college needs to step in and say. This man clearly is out of the temperament to teach students this man clearly. Has lost his mind impact this guy needs to go for counseling. And then and only then. When he appreciates that saying bless you. Is just an ordinary part of the human experience. Can he re teach well can -- teaching got a router do you. Seriously folks you don't think it's gonna stop and high schools and colleges do your. You do realize that somebody is going to make a cause. All of this at your job at some point. Are we in agreement on that. That somebody is going to be offended some wire. And is gonna get their name in the paper. Because they're gonna file a lawsuit against an employer because they coworkers says bless you after a sneeze. It's a stoppage schools. That's stupid are not. This is gonna go at every facet of American society in fact the shopping mall. I dare say that somebody is gonna say you know what I was so offended. Because there was in front of the -- and I was gonna a pretzel and somebody sneezed and somebody said bless you and you know what. My heart just cracked it was zillion pieces my emotions were simply. They were shattered and discover that I could not go on the rest of the day. Yeah it is gonna stop and schools to you you answer me that. Answer me that. -- know three on diaper. Start on third. 180616. WB Ian and now I will not take part in the ice bucket yeah I knew this was gonna happen. No I won't. And I'll give to maturities of my choice and male -- is one of sorry 2008030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB. All right here is Carol. -- -- war on WBN Carolina and welcome to the program you're upset about this professor in Georgia who will actually deduct points -- -- student's grade if they say bless you in his class. That's correct. -- the most ridiculous thing that ever heard hurt at all. What he's trying to get away with it again I student First Amendment right to free speech freedom of religion number one free speech predominantly. And I don't know how he could get away with -- -- good student and you earned a grade no matter what you behavior if you can be punished errant pass but. I I think this whole thing the -- probably -- the -- with god with related issues that before. But what I need to get Q is it -- -- -- politics getting away with that the people not the principle of the universe that. Or you meet the president of the university. Actually he is and assistant professor saw me in the giant pecking order this -- this ball packer. -- problem abstract is the only way to put it he's not exactly the top of the food chain here. This -- an assistant professor of chemistry at the college of coastal Georgia. April security now. Does anybody other than your current period made a complaint about this is that -- didn't -- anything. Well there are web sites that monitored this kind of idiocy in colleges such as campus reform. Which has been calling out this time of pig headed liberal agenda for years. And it's getting worse -- -- now it's getting more publicity because of course of the Internet. I I get double play armed. Is there a way I have an organization and that might be able to help this are student is there a way -- can email you an entry and half. Well there isn't one student yet who has been punished there's not one student yet who has been as far as I know disciplined. This is a rule on the professor's syllabus at this point which is the best of my knowledge has yet to be put into practice. You Jeremy you I don't know what to organization as you certainly feel free to send it to me. A link to it on at WB Ian dot com -- at WB Ian dot com pricing your email through the never ending parade of spam with the various Indonesian Filipino North Korean South Korean Rahal and -- -- developing autism Colombian women who want. Or tear gas in. Up. Well I would say gorgeous but we are entitled worst two disagreement -- commitment but I think better. But I think I think that. -- the -- the college itself. Has got to be called out. End the people in charge of the college have got to sit this guy down and say hey Jewish Greg you have given us a bad reputation. You change that. You change your attitude or you're gone we exist for the students are college is made -- lot of desks and walls a college is made up of the students inside and if you can't handle somebody saying bless you and your classroom you need to reconsider your career Al. Death and again it's that it's -- it is finally going to do propel. I went up it's Aaron WB and -- time. WB America. -- -- that's my email address Tom I can see your organization's computer burst out -- Such a -- at WBM dot com Thomas WB and back. I -- thank you all look forward to check -- out -- -- I thank you. I'm sorry I just beat sarcasm as a second language and sometimes it just does come off right I think everything that with a smile I think the -- -- Amanda -- great job after control and -- Specter calls straighter heavily used two words no yourself. --

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