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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8/27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

8/27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And and -- them. Who -- system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here to wasn't going several world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything October. If you don't do. -- -- -- Yourself it's live it's local Mini Cooper and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 AW. I think it is up our land Israel 930 WBE. And and back. Were with you here you're getting your car that we've been talking about love you know work but yet and yet the AC you open up the windows may -- that -- there maybe you don't have AC whatever maybe got a convertible whatever. And everything is cool cope -- senate now earlier we talked about to have. We talk about the shooting it in loss well not Las Vegas but the shooting in the Arizona Nevada border area at a joint call hold bullets and burgers burgers and bullets. And basically this. Ms. man and woman took a nine year old girl to displays release her embers of what you shoot guns. And I capital like Amber's house your burger and I also happen to enjoyed guns and -- little girl picked up an Uzi and after a very preliminary instruction. Featuring a single shot -- from the -- The instructor thought would be K okay to let it go on fully auto. And it is a machine and not to be confused with a semi automatic it was a machine gun. And this little girl could not control it and ended up shooting instructor in the head. And the instructor ultimately died of news that injuries. They were not survivable injuries and this little girl has to live with this for the rest -- life of a rescue people questioned how old were you when you started to shoot. And would you let your eight or nine year old fighter a Michigan now keep in mind you can't do New York State. There are states you -- vacation in Florida and you see these ranges that are open. Advertised in a try out of machine gun try woozy. And you can. She put away your heart's content. Of course you will pay for their -- all annual rent their weapons. But if you ever want issued a machine -- you can at least in Florida and the last time I was there. Is a thriller rented but it was at a range at a good time. It was over with and a few seconds. Not the first time something elect was over a few seconds. For example. Overtime hockey games sometimes then after a few seconds. But anyway. What you have to some other stuff here. On WB EN and I do also well what do reiterate something and I've got an email to David just totally. Made my whole day in a way that I can possibly explain to you from a woman who's 22. Years old. What it too and she heard me reference that a lot of doctors. I could play -- but a lot of doctor. And I referenced the fact that people with blond hair blue eyes and fair skin are especially susceptible to skin cancer I mean bad skin cancer melanoma. Not basal cell while basal cell yes but melanoma in particular which is a really really nasty one. And this young lady heard me say that several months ago. She's 22 years old blond hair blue eyes fair skin and guess what. She had her -- look at. And every one of the biopsies that were done indicated that every area of the skin doctors saw. Featured precursors to melanoma and she was told in no uncertain terms that had she waited. She would have developed melanoma which is a totally different animal than basal cell. So that email this kind of made my older and I do want to reiterate. That. I don't care -- your twenties. Not a doctor but I don't care for your twenties. There's never a bad time. To at least see a dermatologist. You don't wanna see a GP. C a dermatologist. And make sure. That York Od. It is not hosting areas on your -- That will put you at higher risk for melanoma. I get this done once a year literally every square inch of my body is examined. And there are some suspicious spots which are. Regularly look at to make sure that they're not doing anything funky. If they start doing something funky that will obviously take the appropriate measures but. Fair skinned blonde hair blue eyes a lot of sunburns. These are all. Risk factors for skin cancer big risk factors for skin cancer so please. Consider making your appointment as this 22 year old woman. After hearing -- mention it on the show and she basically set I may have saved your life and that really gave me a very good feeling and opposed to her story on my FaceBook page. Now and by the way she's not a liberal so I knew it was twice a good feet. Our -- humor there and definitely kind of sick it's okay. Questions for Erica a couple of questions. Then the ice bucket challenge. As you know -- use. Every day. There are probably hundreds of thousands of videos that have been posted now. To raise money for a LS. The ice bucket challenge. Where people polar. Ice cold water over themselves. To raise money. For the people studying and researching a LSI. Will not -- -- I am not going to do. And I will not do it for several reasons. None of which have anything to do with ALS. Number one. The charitable stuff I do. With only some exceptions. Is done. In darkness. It is done with the express understanding. That nobody is to speak of yet. And I am very much a stickler over that. In all one situation very much a sticker over the so. I don't want people misinterpret and think well. That's partly why -- cheap shot but he is he he does it give to charity he's not gonna support the ice bucket challenge. Well -- marketed to myself -- -- gonna make a contribution. Again. I have my own securities or shall we say. People. That are the beneficiaries. Whatever generosity I have. That's number one. Number tell I'm just not a real big fad that person are right. Would streaking and it was the -- Back about 197374. And people would take their clothes off an eight story. And ray Stevens actually put out a sought yes they call him this three. John Sherman if he's actually listen to the show already is on that and will probably try to get me the audio of race -- doing the story. It was a fat. And I probably feds have come and gone. It reminds me of a -- version. Of the pink ribbon campaign. For breast cancer which I absolutely. Low. And thank god my audience is Smart enough understand the I despise breast cancer I think it's a horrible thing. But I also in my life. Know a disproportionate. Number of women who are breast cancer survivors. Each and every one of those women despises. Pink ribbons. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. And -- whispered into her ear and it will not give her name I whispered into her ear. Don't worry I will never give you a pink ribbon object and she looked at me and she smiled and she said. Thank you. And it's not just that. It's the people left behind. You know nurseries are top. When you've lost somebody. The day of their debt. Is just awful the whole week leading up to the anniversary of sometimes the -- leading up to the anniversary is now. Now if you've lost somebody the breast cancer. I've heard this from more than one guy who has lost a beloved wife to breast cancer -- This thing they want is to be reminded day in and day out. The entire month of breast cancer because they've lived it they know what. They know firsthand they know it better than -- Any of -- And for them it is a horrible reminder it's like torture. It's like Chinese water torture. So I'm moderately for another -- So here's my question. Have you done the ice bucket challenge. And would you do the ice -- challenge. Now again please understand. My natural inclination. When the heard goes one way is to go the other I've always been that way. I've told you I did not by Michael Jackson's thriller in 1983. I only came to appreciate it ten years later. Because at one point it was a fat. Same thing with Peter Frampton Frampton comes alive and by 197770. I waited until like 2000 true. Because I don't like running with the hurt. And I am not going to put a video of myself. Going through the ice -- challenge. Nor am I going to do the guys market challenge nor am I going to contribute to the ice bucket challenge. And I have to tell you. The more videos -- of the ice bucket challenge. Less interest that I. Now I realize that it's raised gives billions of dollars for ALS and here's something to consider. The other charities now are they gonna wanna. One up the ice bucket challenge. Think about this. We already less light -- video posted of a guy who lit himself on fire here. Before dousing the flames with ice water in the ice -- challenge. Seriously. What are your thoughts and charity. And these kinds of things especially in the era of social media all by the way I do not use the local liberal rag as prep for my show. I do look through it. In much the same way as JFK and looked at aerial maps of Cuba to figure out where to bomb. Just in case but there's a front page story about how sake the Internet news. Gee I wonder why a daily newspaper would put a piece on the front page trashing -- FaceBook Twitter social media and the Internet. Well probably because it realizes its days are numbered and I would remind you that if you wish to cancel your subscription. You can Calder subscription office at 8421111. And then get your news free at WB -- that count. Let's check it with traffic here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather fortunate -- Colombian nice night really partly cloudy and overnight low 56 pay that should be good sleeping whether that's got to -- The AccuWeather forecast that's obligatory in August good sleeping weather tomorrow it will be partly sunny and nice 72. And Friday a blend of sun and clouds and 77 it's 77 degrees right now WBM. Will you be doing the ice bucket challenge. Do you run with the herd or do you run against that I'd always run against the hurt. It's my nature it's my personality. I don't like to be with the crowd I like to be my own person doing my own thing that's why everybody in America every man has short here. I have longer. When people travel they were crappy clothes and sweatshirts. I know where finely tailored Italian suits I like to go against the crowd. It's just my nature you wouldn't want it any other way. Here's Jane and in Sanborn. On WB and hello. I don't I don't I 99% of the -- agree with you but this time I don't see how well they want. Well because. When you look deeper into it and it's you ever watch somebody died from the disease. You'll take any way you can to get money for research. I've lost people to a lot of diseases Betsy -- this cancer heart disease. Diseases all suck. Anything kills people Sox. And how does -- standing under -- bucket of water help that at all. Attention so what. It brings detection it's how many people do you think don't know HLS exists. Well a lot like the bit -- far. Because what my company had a and I talked to my old family members -- -- out. Are pretty educated and I would say that he hit a lot they didn't know what it was until side. Lou Gehrig's disease and then they realize oh it's something that kill you. And -- I still has to explain what it actually. And standing under a bucket of cold water like tens of thousands of other people have already done is going to do what exactly. Which does one which does what people know about cancer how would standing under a pocket of cold water do anything to bring attention to cancer and what does bringing attention to something have to do with -- -- Do people donate to something that they have no clue what it. Surely do. Really all the -- -- that other people put money in boxes just to feel better about themselves. Well I think that minority to be on the subject of I think most people that donate. They may even if they are actually they're getting taken advantage they believe they're giving a to a cause that they know something. This this is okay but here's a thing how many videos. Is it gonna take before. People are -- number one number two. What makes de LS Lou Gehrig's disease anymore painful to lose somebody to then does lupus or brain tumors heart attacks. They all -- But I think it's relative to what is. What has -- you. OR a gag gift that but. Tell me why I might ultimately got hold up. Under -- I do not like -- clock on the -- -- -- got to deal -- a stand back. It's bipolar when it pentagon because I wanna. Let's say give me back my bullets and on the other hand they say about mr. Saturday night special let's -- into the bottom of the state like our network which was at -- It should have been more concerned about the plane -- chartered. Too soon it's 533 it was ready at 930 WBD. And I may be the only person in America who will not take part in the ice bucket challenge a woman do. I will not be pressured into doing it and I will not do it. Home. You know a disease. Let the -- you could possibly think yeah I will guarantee that you. And your humble host a -- affected by that disease. Of what use is dumping cold water on one's self. To ameliorate the suffering. Of that disease. Of what use. Will it raises awareness. Oh -- it rate I thought Lou Gehrig did a pretty good job raising awareness for a LS it's called Lou Gehrig's disease. Mean is there anybody who hasn't heard of Lou Gehrig's disease. -- just -- curmudgeonly. But. Isn't that kind of didn't that kind of give the disease a name and a personality. And yet it's still up year. And I I tell you one thing -- and this is something that nobody is gonna talk about cares nobody gears go against the crowd. Well I Wilkens dominating. Do you think the other charities are looking at this wondering. How much of a hit this is gonna give to their budget. I just want you think about this for people for moment people. I guarantee the heart association. The long association the lupus foundation. And fill in the blank here. Our kicking themselves. Aid they wish they thought of it. Beat they're wondering how many of the dollars that are now going to -- us are gonna go oh. Would have gone to them had it not been for the ice -- challenged and if you think these charities don't compete with each other for dollars you are sadly mistaken because they do. Mean that's the reality of life in fund raising Lance. People compete with -- each other for dollars just like radio stations compete with each other for advertising revenue. On. Is just something a market that. The charitable aspects. -- -- They have explained this before. But. What I do is between me and those. Who are the recipients. I don't put videos of it online. Because there's a big part of me that honestly just bases -- but this case. Something about. Putting a trumpet before you. Sorry don't way to get all can immediately biblical on you. Back. I always like you wanna see anonymous donors. Are anonymous gave one million dollars. Anonymous. That's interest anonymous. Quick somebody give a million dollars to something they didn't want a pat on the back. -- -- event. All right. Of course every time you see anonymous just you know the -- me let me get back to that's the palaces Geneva again and I've Sanborn. It is it -- or Jane hand. -- -- -- I'm just a little bit confused here as far as the -- market challenge and again it gets it gets down to efficacy. And what exactly. The purpose of this all its. -- -- -- Last year. An -- one point three million dollars donation or around there. And I impressed I checked it was about thirty million so I think I'd spot to children Erica it's true what the purpose should be. And how that money again we. Are tired of that it. What are weren't done right pocket challenge. You don't know what sort -- heart when they're doing. As some people of course it's like -- -- and are gonna do that I mean I'm sure they do at the she called. Don't act I will support the Coleman earlier by the way. But I won't support that run either. What -- -- part -- it because that's -- and you have so many people -- Well it is another disease is called abortion which kills millions of babies every year and I don't think I wanna go there at this point. OK but what. Eight but the creature that I do -- I took a toll from the heart. And an -- I thought to be on the I am. I didn't have a lot of time passionately but I haven't seen. Shot up a -- Way to go. You're tortured. Talent everybody out there to get out of retirement and don't look any part of your body or even trying to swallow that you have a lot. Don't need to protect what -- There are a lot of really really really horrible ways to check out. AL OS is one of them another one lupus 10% of the people who develop bloopers it is fatal and at the end stages basically your entire body eats itself. And we can target what brain tumors. We can talk about -- art cardiac situations but there are a lot of horrible diseases out there and I know. You. Don't want -- patients are because a lot I feel like looking at the price at the amount. While they are pretty low amount that they get one point three million in the year comparatively. Extra -- You know what you're right up on that front and by the way I did some searching and it's up to about ninety million I doubt it raised by -- -- market challenged. But here but I have to ask your question and Jane and please understand I'm not trying to be a wise -- But do you think that people are going to give now equally to what they used to give to like the heart association. The -- association. Though lupus foundation. Did you know that the other charities are wondering what this is gonna do to their bottom lines right. Well I will -- the same because that's how other people may not but to be honest with you know what I I look at it it's a bad. But you know what you know about why did you say all people are. Why why why the next big thing that comes along and make it happen and it right and I'm glad they did because while they needed the money. Well all right I can I can definitely say yes they needed the money -- LS was -- fully underfunded under publicized and under donated to now my question to -- -- is realistically what are your realistic goals hopes and expectations. For all of this money which. I'm sure is gonna exceed 100 billion dollars by the time this -- runs itself out. What's going to be done with that money who's gonna account for it and what what is the best possible outcome that we reasonably can hope for. That we reasonably could hope for because to be honest with my daughter -- she works such an -- What we can reasonably hope for -- they're gonna figure out. How to take -- deactivate. That I'm hoping it's gonna come from the. Well I hope so but could you just give me -- favor. Could -- figure out which gene causes liberalism. You know. Just ask him -- Judy thank you I appreciate your call I definitely understand from where your country. I'm I've seen people die from a number of different horrible diseases not -- OS I will play not a alas but other diseases that are debilitating. Humiliating embarrassing agonizing. And I honestly sincerely hope that wins. That they should ever come for me that my doctor will be Smart enough to at least give me a giant injection of repeated sent him away. It. -- I have to thank you very much I'm I'm glad you call thanks so -- all right thank you brought -- up -- she makes a good point. I guess it kind of depends and your family background. It to me for whatever reason ALS. It was my parents who knew somebody that really matter but Lou Gehrig's disease a LS. I thought it would but he knew about it. Now this may be a presumption of knowledge on my part that I thought to a patent. May -- I hate to references but even as the products. Eight LS comes up because Christopher makes a stupid joke at a funeral. And you know what the joke Lars hey. How ironic was it that Lou Gehrig -- Lou Gehrig's disease and that he's chastised by Tony Soprano is as you say the same damn thing every time somebody dies. Which is absolutely correct. But. -- -- Lou Gehrig's disease they had you not heard of it uninteresting head you're not heard of that before the guy's pocket challenge. Because I've heard of Lou Gehrig's disease or a LS for as long as I can remember. And -- Parkinson's disease. If you wanna talk about horrible diseases parkinson's all -- -- I know people who would buy an. Old depths from parkinson's. I don't people -- horrible deaths of and that's. You've heard about the strike multiple sclerosis. I know people for whom it became such agony. That they committed suicide. So argued doing the ice bucket challenge. Did you do it why did you why won't she. And I won't do it for the reasons I've outlined our previous. Let's go to fill out a cell phone on WB EM hello. Is sort of settle it comment definitely caller and pick it had to call up in late August. I've been challenged twice cellular market challenge. And both -- -- argument that it. Really for the great either when I give to charity before acting that I look at their financial. An eight LS right now there's such a small amount of money is going to do research -- of the the disease. But I would just rather walk for the scientists and hand them my donations that we had no that money would go -- curiosity. Okay I'm gonna go to a site called Charity Navigator right now hold that is a site which basically rates charities. And I'm really doing security search for a LS and see what pops up. The de LS association. I'm sorry but the -- LS association gets the highest rating from my Charity Navigator four starts. Better still when you look at this stuff like. Fundraising about it. And all that. My brother are used to do laundry search for a small part. And you know he would he would tell us about how minuscule budget -- just researching cancer. I don't think these organizations that. You know look at take care duties and accurately before we can -- -- -- a floor are much better. Our return on their money to that book to the working and that is that what to do. Fund raising and administrative costs. Well again the Charity Navigator people take all of those things into consideration. And bay give. The ALS. Foundation for stars which is the highest possible ranking a charity can get out of beauty you know give better than four stars. So obvious I don't think your argument is valid based on that. I'll read your quality of -- please don't get me wrong I'm trying to be logical about this I try to be logical about most things. And. Yeah let's say if you look at it take care all these diseases that are out there and god knows there's so many of them right now. You know I always look on the site this sector financial before I even consider giving any organization money. I assure you that the ALS association. Is among the very best of the very best in terms of how it uses its money according to Charity Navigator which you can look at yourself. I don't the other and I'd much rather give it my import. Our world myself. Not yet about OK that thank you very much say yeah here's another question is based on the ice bucket challenge. If you're not going to give to eight LS. Which. Disease. -- say it but which disease charity are you likely to make it should -- -- the number one killer in America no big surprise. Heart disease. Not number one killer in America as heart disease. ALS. The news I don't believe high on the list. Heart disease is way up here cancer is way up here and then of course what the various cancers you get a two. Cancers of the brain cancers belongs cancers skin etc. How you decide to whom to give. And what let's put it this way. Another death leading causes that accidents. Ladies and gentlemen I get I'm hitting you with cold hard reality year. Don't -- don't judgment. But. Accidental that is huge in America. And with traumatic situations. There is something known as the golden hour. That issues the first hour with in a trauma hitting the body. Vera golden hour the goal is to get the patient to a level one trauma center within one hour -- ideally I held a lot faster. Than that. And one of the best ways we have around here to do that is mercy flight. So between heart disease an accidental death. In terms of raw numbers of people who body. It par surpasses. -- LS AKA Lou Gehrig's disease. So how do you decide to whom to give. And again I'm not doing the ice -- challenge will do you call me out I'm -- bill does that happen. And part of that is again I just don't run with a hurt. 8030 my thirty you would like me if I do it -- you really wanna talk show host who just told you what he thought you wanted to hear. Or would you rather have a guy who. Just says look I don't run with a bird I never will just an oil opera is if I ran with the heard guys believed. Best to remove -- could be would be McConnell liberal to -- that now. It 030930. Start -- 3180616. WB and vocal. And AccuWeather fort today partly cloudy to rested it and tonight overnight low 56 tomorrow partly sunny and -- 72 were holding at 77 degrees. That news radio 930. WB. The am sorry I am multitasking. And it never fails the shorter the report -- does the more information and I try to get on my FaceBook page. Then do a minute like I could have Lee Harvey Oswald back from the dead suddenly Allen goes for five minutes and it never fails but anyway. Talking about charities. How. Do you decide. Which charity. To donate to. Can't believe just that sense. Policy. High top. Here's an email I here's somebody who actually agrees with my position numbers. And no I'm not for Lou Gehrig's disease I just don't like the herd mentality. And I don't know. Exactly what the money is going to be used to do or how realistic a cure for a LS is going to be I suspect that ultimately. No matter what disease you have your accessibility of health care is gonna depend upon whether you're Democrat. Because of obamacare. Ultimately. The level of care you receive as a patient is going to be contingent upon your politics. If you're in a highly to vote Democrat group. You are gonna get the best health care if you work in a highly likely to vote conservative -- or Republican group you're gonna get -- First they hit the dead was not put Jews and ovens it was to control the nation's health. Same thing with Stalin and every other totalitarian. State. So it's not about the disease. It's about ultimately who gets the treatment for the disease. Just remember that and it's gonna get worse over time and Sarah Palin was right. Anyway here's an email Tom thank you for doing the show I'm so tired of going on FaceBook. Watching people bumping cold water on themselves it's stupid and I would never do it even have challenged -- to show off people do it. Just for their fifteen minutes of fame but it's dumb and showcasing. People seem to be having too much fun doing it for such a horrible disease -- if you wanna give to charity leave the water in the bucket. -- interesting pick. Will take more calls coming up how do you decide. To which charity to get it will you have you take part -- taken part in the ice -- challenge I won't nor will -- And I wanna tell you about a professor in Georgia who is threatening to lower students' grades if they say bless you. Lower grades. This bastard has to be fired yesterday.

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