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8/27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. I did each Karen and her parents. Why -- so run for president. I got hit in the head with a rock. What woke up that I've made my announcement that it. And then -- to make sure. Tom hourly. Here qualified to figure it. We talked about elevated work without it help. Where possibly it's life and its local. Outlook but he's great. I think he's a real winner -- RU we need protection on news radio 930 W. Things are hiding your day's events for the first time as you do that for the first time. That arose yesterday whether it is a lot of -- I guess it doesn't listen -- are. But -- have been I don't know figures and -- it is up hourly a majority of my thirty WB at my question is real simple. How young is too young to shoot a gun and when did you start shoot it and I am one. You know what I ask you this question today I got like I should now pressure on China well that's because. This girl. Out west. By the Arizona. Nevada border. Her parents decided and he. Let's stop -- put the gun range and let's do EO of our little girl little wish but the thing should an Uzi machine gun. Well the instructor. I'm sorry to say this was complete and total instructor. Error. Bad bad bad judgment. This girl should not have had this weapon. The instructor should have sex you are not ready for this sorry mom and dad we can do without the money. And unfortunately the instructor paid for his one bad decision. With his life. When did you start shooter. Or what did you start up with I'm telling me about two didn't start off with a nine millimeter but it didn't start off with a but it didn't start off with a 44. -- but there -- 222 triple. Still -- it. Still for the greatest weapons ever -- It's accurate. It's cheap it's easy to maintain. It's poll. Pants and Peter from -- tree house. 803 over thirty start at 3180616. WB the end hot dog is too young to shoot. You know I I. Last. The guy who showed another first about range accidents for a specific reason and I wanna pay a special tribute to some. You ever heard of but he. Was one of my teachers -- Ben Franklin junior high school back in the nineteen late 1970s his name was Timothy. -- Mr. Donald. He got a couple of fingers of one of his hands. Missing. And you know why he had the fingers missing. Because he is an instructor in the army I think in Korea. But don't quote me could -- World War II but I think it was Korea. And one of the recruits during grenade live fire training. Dropped the freaking grenade pulled the pin dropped the freaking grenade. Tim ran to the grenade. And it picked it up and justice was chuck it down range it blew up took off to his fingers. And you know what. Heated bitch about it. He didn't complain about it. And that's just how he went through life. And tragically mr. Donovan died. I think in 1979. And there were two of us who went to his wake here's myself. And Scott Michael Schmidt who is very active now in -- county politics at one point was the Orleans county coroner. And who himself was involved in a very nasty car in about fifteen years ago. But anyway. I've always been cognizant of the dangers. Of instructing people with firearms and anything that can blow up. I've always thought I've always wondered if anybody -- -- -- Stanley ever listened to the show. And ever could fill in the blanks of that story. Because do you thirteen fourteen years -- you hear things. In medicine ball you'll look back let me thank our it was a World War II was a career. Was it a grenade. Or was it something else but that's the story that I have in my mind about mr. Donovan. Anyway. I would like it upset me an email -- don't wanna call and you're. It is family. I'd like to know more about that story if you feel like -- out of my business but. I always like to pay tribute to our veterans when and where I am my email Thomas WB EN dot com. They are real quickly. Before I get back to your calls. I if you following my FaceBook posts today you may be aware that I awakened that. In a very philosophical. Mood. And I have always. -- and the kind of person. To ponder the whys of life WH YS the wives of life. Why are we here. What is -- purpose who put this year. Are we just some carbon -- creation freaked lottery winning accident of the universe. Divinely inspired. Aliens. Ancient aliens -- why why did we end up here. And I've come to a conclusion that there is a god there's a creator there is a divide and the exact nature of bat I do not know and I think it is unknowable. And I received an email today. I really appreciated. I want to share with you. It will take long. And I will share with you in the hopes that somebody else listening. Will learn something from -- email. -- -- I wanna start off by saying I love your show and try to listen as much as I can between working in school. It is refreshing to know it's already people listen to your show and shared the same beliefs that I do was a college student I often feel like an outcast for not worshiping our current dictator. Secondly. I want to thank you for possibly saving my life. A month or two ago. You were doing a show on serendipity. As a result of listening to the show I experienced my old serendipity Amanda called and saying that he'd gone to the dermatologist. All that affect only to find out -- thanks to our lovely president. The dermatologist no longer accepted his insurance and as who's walking out the door he got a call from a dermatologist office asking him. To come work for them. And it turns out they did take his insurance. You then mentioned that anyone over a certain age. Should go to the dermatologist. Yearly. And that anyone would want to hear lies and fair skin. Should go no matter what age. I am 22 years old. -- With blue eyes. And very fear skin. I'd thought about going to the dermatologist before but I'd never followed through. After hearing you say this. I called first thing the next morning and made by first appointment for a -- inject. Over the past month I've had several biopsies. Yesterday I received a call that all of my biopsies had come back positive. For the precursors. For melanoma. I was told it if I had waited even a few weeks to make my appointment. I would -- sure have developed melanoma. This morning -- started the process to completely remove the surrounding tissue -- we eliminate the risk of melanoma in the future. If you had not mentioned going to the dermatologist on your show I don't know how long it would have waited to make an appointment. So again and I just wanted to thank you signed him. You love. Cannot possibly. You wanna talk about serendipity. You cannot possibly know. How much. This email. Meant to me. And will. Mean. To me. Because. Like anybody. Sometimes you wonders what should you. Really matters. If what you do makes a difference. And this email was terrorist. I I read this email after all the posts are put up about waking up this morning pondering. The meaning of life the power of prayer. And all that kind of stuff. In the and I get this email. And it was jest serendipity within serendipity within serendipity. And to make it even better an email I also received one today from a gentleman with whom we spoke during the show what Harold. And he's a recovering addict. And he is now out of the halfway house he is into an Oxford residents and so far a year clean. So out of the blue. When I most. When it really meant a lot to. I received these two emails. That just. Chrysler. Just made. Just made -- ID. I re posted both of those are withheld names. Out of privacy concerns. But the one about skin cancer. Melanoma. I hope you share this around the Internet. Because especially for those of us -- blond hair blue eyes fair skin who had a number of serious sunburns over the years. We are walking time bombs when it comes to developing melanoma. Which is serious. You know it's real serious. Soul I -- thank the young lady who wrote me and I I honestly don't have the words. I know that you're grateful to me. I have to reciprocate my -- -- to you could -- about a comment more propitious time. Let's go to traffic right now on a man who's always on the spot with great timing about serendipity here's Alan Paris. And partly cloudy tonight says AccuWeather the overnight low 56 tomorrow partly sunny and nice 72 Friday a blend of sun and clouds usually they say it's a mix. Today are for private they caught a bland what's the difference between a mix in a bland. The high temperature 77 right now it is 77 news radio 930 WB EM OK question how young is too young to shoot. And when you watch the video. Is there any doubt in your mind the instructor used solely to blame for the tragedy which claimed his life. It's obvious that that young girl had no business will be fully automatic lose. And I really wonder if you've ever shot any thing before even a BB gun I don't know her back story. And I probably wolf because she's younger probably not to release her name. Here is I hope they -- by the way I hope they don't I hope they keep it secret because this does not need to be following are on the -- at the rest for two life. Here's Paul and -- Wanda on WB yeah hi Paul. -- -- -- -- I'm. Of a morbid subject here aren't. I would I would an army infantry. And top -- wired every manner of fully automatic weapon it's probably name all familiar with them they're Rico characteristics. Mom yet somebody -- stature of a nine year old I don't care adult child. A calm -- really had no business side and only a weapon of that magnitude. She didn't even look barely competent to hold that much less sure. There nature or nurture right -- and radio. And just brought chills up my spine to just yet bomb I started shooting when I was twelve years -- -- -- opposite when he too much salt. On and it was funny -- might my daughter right pattern of the shootings -- she was ordered all. On first fighter and she tried to revert and on until. And -- you know what what my schooling. I do -- destruction. And she yeah. He started getting a little scared away with the I got an actor terrific -- it so why are quickly yacht reverted to a single shot 22. And school there and that and so you know. What is your -- carried away with it didn't at the -- -- -- -- -- magazine comes with -- in the old days Paul did you buy the thirty shot banana clip. All you know and I did caught a clip because that's what we call expect them. -- absolutely. Our home. But yeah I watchers that assists started on you know this young girl -- -- -- that magnitude are made and actually. When I left service there -- phasing in the eight who -- Evolution of the up. Sixteen which shocked it went from a full article. Firearm to a -- shut burst fire underneath in the man they saw that the utility about -- Ottawa and now. A weapon that tight well it -- you know it. Very little uses charge that's -- I -- probability and other factors and we have been edition yeah exactly. So on. You know but you know we we have a lot though we were schooled in its use that. All -- -- to talk further with you and I made and if you wanna hold on the would be great and if you don't I understand but I do wanna make sure that I thank you for serving be happy to talk you further after the news at 430 on WB yeah. WB yeah. W or being. EE eight. -- -- All right it is up more than it usually it usually get my thirty WBE and -- -- and -- that master and for all his love and new computer system anything you hear there's not going right -- you gotta believe -- the computer system any job. Packers back -- call screener today and I have basically instructed job. Not to worry about any errors whatsoever. With the computer system because it's all out of his control. It's all in the hands of the brain trust here at the -- Rob boy. Are right it is up hourly for 34. And enlighten me accidental shooting death of these instructor. At the Arizona Nevada border -- over a simple question. How young were your kids what you started teaches them how to -- how old were you know what you started teaching them how to shoot. Now my daughter is. Started to make noise about wanting to get a pistol permit. My son has yet to make noise about getting a pistol permit we'll see how that works out but. I think. Irrespective of whether you have a pistol a pistol permit or a lone gunman. I think that it's they can be a great sport and it can be an awful lot of fun. But you also have to have common sense. And what what's the ball starts says it's not the fact that the girl was eight. Tiger was nine years old and by the way few years back in west. Field -- not to be confused with the Westfield New York. And by the way I'm -- the Westfield cop -- the troopers down in that area are okay after Viet chase. I got pulled over once and Westfield cops I was doing ridiculous. I was speeding -- I was aggravated speeding in Westfield. New York and basically. The big guy just said you know what -- of your break you seem like bigger guy. I was like thank you god is it would have been aggravated it wouldn't even have been spewed in that absurd that goes back 25 years ago at least. So anyway long story short I'm glad everybody in Westfield New York is okay. But. Getting back to. Westfield Massachusetts. There's an eight year old boy at a gun -- and just like this kid he's shooting an -- unlike this kid. The boy shoots himself and -- and dies. So there are two incidents. In the past several years. Involving kids shooting machine guns. And killing people in one case himself in the other case the person who should have known better on the range. And I don't think it is a function of age. I think it is a function of common sense. And all I can say see I I cannot say that it eight or nine year old. Simply by being eight or nine should not ever be allowed to fire an -- I can't say. Because it. Nine year olds are all built differently with different levels of experience with firearms. And if some kid has been shooting. And again this this does not apply so much in New York State I'm just applying this as general rules. By which to live. If a kid has been shooting since she was seven years -- You know and you trade about a 22. And that you moved up the line a little bit may begin to experience with a four tan which most people would report it was a bird shot gone. Maybe a 357. -- rifle -- you to 357 round that's great. You know what if the kid has demonstrated proficiency. Responsibility. And the ability to handle. Then. I'd be willing to say okay I'm -- to fire the -- a single shot for awhile. And then you let the can fire at the museum single shot to let the kid adjust to figure out you know how much tickets got. And only then what I even consider saying OK you wanna do a five round bursts fully automatic all right great. Let's put five rounds of the magazine and get a feel for what it's like on fully automatic. Well you don't see that in this video. I hate to say anything but good of the dead but this is a case where the guy who should have been the adult who should have the expert in the room on the range. Was totally 100%. Responsible for his own debt. And you don't have to know anything about guns. -- gun safety to watch the video. Just to see that stance of this girl and her obvious discomfort holding this weapon -- all. That she should not have had that weapon. I don't know what this guy was thinking the guy it was a better the guy was a veteran with firearms. And he's did something stupid and it in the cost of his life. And it cost his family a husband. -- a -- I believe. And then I looked down volleyed at the subsequent tragedies that will follow from this this little girl and I hope her man. Aid is never released -- once your name gets out and it's on the Internet. Every time from now until she's eight -- she does anything shall always be the little girl who killed that guy at the shooting range. So I'm hoping authorities suppress her name and it never gets out and nobody ever knows who this little girl once. Because she does -- need this little girl folks. Look we have enough people now. We're back from Afghanistan and backed Barack. And we of people that audience who know what it's like to -- And I have to admit there are some people for whom it is no big deal. Because. That's what they were trained to do they did it and they do it all over again if they had to. They're fighting for their country and they killed terrorist scum bags. And they don't feel the slightest bit of regret. And that's cool I'm totally Taliban believe. There are other people who despite the ruthlessness of the enemy. Even in a firefight where it was a do or be killed situation. They have a hard time. Adjusting to the fact that they've taken another human beings life. Now. I would like to believe. That I would fall into the first category. That in a genuine situation. Of dealing with a terrorist scum bag I'd like to think that I with the idea cold hearted bastard. I don't think I'd be a person that would have regrets about it at all. It's you know we go through -- completed -- a lot of things in life. And if killing the bad guys is one of those things you do. Then that's what you do and you did so to defend your country. And that's an honorable kill. But what I'm trying to get -- here folks is people have different responses to taking a human life. And I heard sandy beach reference something this morning and I just I I would say amen. Like sandy. I know hole with three people who have been involved in fatal car accidents none of which were bigger fault. I'm -- stress none of which were their fault. And one in particular I don't think I ever got over. Despite the fact that he was absolutely not a fault. Yet. He ever was quite able to get over the fact. That he had taken another human beings life. Even though there's nothing the person did wrong except wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong other driver. So. This little girl. At nine years old. Does not have even an adult back -- she can't say OK I killed a guy for crisis. Who was trying to kill always killing a guy from al-Qaeda is little girl knows that she killed -- -- And she's gonna have to live with that. For the rest of her life. And the kind of therapies. That she really needs to get to deal witness. Is going to be vital to her future. And it's not like we're talking about a three year old -- for her world. At nine years old she's fully cognizant of what she did. She's fully cognizant of what death is. -- hope their parents are Smart enough. Figured the hell out of where she lives if she lives anywhere near that range. To keep the TV off to keep the radio off to keep newspapers away from her because she does not need to be reminded of what a big deal this story has become I'm concerned about the little girl. And it's not horror fault the grownups around this nine year old girl failed error. The parents I think failed her because. Gay anybody with half a freaking brain could see she was not ready for what she was shooting. So parents bad move. Most of the blame has got to go with the so called expert at the scene now. The instructor. He's the guy who paid with his life. Ultimately though he is the one who bears the weight. The brunt of responsibility. For what happened. The little girl. I'm worried about her. And depending on from where she comes. She she come from a town of 300 people in the bottom Arizona. And everybody is I don't know if you know what. Kids are idiots sometimes much like the Specter adorable. The minute anybody realizes who this little girl is. She goes back to school -- killer. What was it like to blow it off. You -- guy. She is going to be in hell. And I they just can't imagine. What her adolescence is going to be like. And I hope that she's got the power the strength of faith. And hopefully. Parents are Smart enough to deal with it. In the best possible way for her long term adult mental health. Because. Without being graphic folks have you seen as a promoter film. Of the Kennedy assassination. Your head is a highly vascular -- area. And head shots are very bloody. And well usually they're very bloody I have to take that back. -- I saw a guy in Saint Louis who got clipped right ahead. Very little -- because it why because the round hit whatever part of the brain controls the heart and the heart stopped. So the blood did not pumped through the hole like he usually what I'm I'm not trying to be graphic Arabs -- him. What I'm saying though is most times I had shot is very very it's not. It's it's -- I the as a recruiter -- only rarely is it not -- I've seen a number of homicide scenes. Including if you head wounds -- only one of those head wounds was what I would call hey is he really -- Producing area covering them in the news -- while. All right it is up for 45 or phone number is 8030930. Start on a thirty. And 180616. WB -- how young is too young to teach your kids how to shoot. How old were you when you started to shoot. And before I go any further I know of talked about this before but with the exception of my uncle. With whom I was only clothes are in hey -- a logical sense because we're both interested in gambling history. I cannot come from a family were guns were we did not have guns in the buy hourly council. All right that was just interest I developed on my old. So I was the first person and the only person. In the Bauerle family to get a pistol permit the first person the only person in the -- -- to have guts. And it was all self -- originally. And then professional trading later on. And now it's just something and you know for fought. Should just talk. You might not think it's fun. It's relax you know -- relaxing because it challenges. Yourself. It's not a macho thing. It's not a -- on feeling mentally in the sufficient I think I'll buy a 44 Magnum. Well maybe it was most wanted but. At this point it's like OK can I outdo myself from the last time I shoot the bull's -- in the keep shooting through the same ball. Yeah. Anyway it is 447 and news radio 930 WBM it has hourly. How young is too young for god how young is too young for machine gun and who's to blame for this tragedy. I put 90% of it on the instructor who died 10% of -- on the current 0% -- poor little girl. And that few other Ford today partly cloudy the rest of the data overnight low tonight 56 tomorrow partly sunny and nice 72 right now 77 -- news radio 930 WB. EE and so up anyway I I put this post and bad. -- -- following a series of emails that I had and it has nothing to do with guns -- how old you were when -- -- issue which nobody cares about today. But it because like this. You're hanging out. -- email. Or letters from people. Who have master's degrees. Or Ph.D.s. And sometimes AMD's. And you wonder how -- that hell hole they actually earned them. A bachelor's degree. And I'm sorry but. At what. Some people that I have met with masters PH d.s MD's and in some cases water agrees. I I sit back and I think to myself are you serious. Really. You actually. Studied. You actually wrote -- That's not BC's its PCs TH. You were actually awarded a degree. And you could not think their way out of a paper bag are you Syracuse. I am continually amazed. By the disconnect which often arises not always but which often arises between somebody's. Recognized. Intellectual credentials. And the flexibility. Of their arguments or their ability to think and yes that even holds with Andy's. And people who know -- best below my all time favorite story involves an MB. A psychiatrist. Now I just want to consider this question. Okay Eric -- You went outside. With a loaded gun. You -- went outside to whip a loaded done. Okay what is the logical. Answer to that question. You know the logical question is of course of what use is added Dunn how all. I was astonished. I thought to myself. This young lady has an MD after her name. -- she asks. Such a logically baseless question. Are you for real. You went outside with a loaded gun. Yeah 'cause unloaded ones don't really do anything numb nuts. Are right it is back coming up on 455. It it was amazing I I lost a lot of respect for the medical profession that particular very it's been reclaimed cents. 455 news radio 930 WB -- and it has hourly for universal windows direct wanna tell -- about a great local company universal windows director mission. Is to deliver the highest quality product at the absolute best price on the market. Universal windows direct has. Products beautiful energy efficient windows stylish make its free society unique entry doors and more. When you call universal windows direct it's always you schedule an in home consultation. It is not high pressure and universal windows direct has something nobody else ever is gonna have super space or technology developed by NASA now I know what you think it paid hourly. Why should I go with universal windows direct enough that bland name my -- my answers my neighbors net. The answer is why would you pay twice what you have to. For windows that are better than the big name windows that's what I call having a master's degree. What you wanna do is call universal windows direct and wanna give -- the phone number here it is six -- and written this down a bigger. It is 681. Nine 861986198619800. Or universal windows. Buffalo dot com universal windows buffalo dot com.

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