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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8/27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

8/27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. That player. This is a strong friend of incidents. By the Obama -- and -- -- it's just he's restarting your dominant during the people say you know this is just one of the brightest presidents one of the most definitely had wrapped in a lifetime. Tom -- -- -- LA that's it for the Jonas Brothers. Quick -- week after. Only time it's flies -- -- these local the so called addressing. Hey guys you're not -- but do work. But the dogs you know who let the dog that. Who brought to start. -- news radio 930 double. I'll play John Sherman. I accidentally -- joke beamer at the -- yesterday shod ball horrible about it ever since then so I have to redeem myself make up for myself and beg. For his forgiveness and throw myself. Crossed. Straight at his feet and beg for his. Benediction and his acceptance of elect kind of stuff are thank you thank you remarks John German snack purse back as your calls trainer and outlets plugs right into it a news radio 930 WB eat and a story. We've been reporting on -- WB at this time it happened in the well evidently a lot of now happened a few years ago and Westfield Massachusetts I don't know but it but it remembers this idea out would just remind them by somebody NL. And a few years ago in Westfield Massachusetts. -- boy 89 years old he was actually eight. And he'd died that after accidentally shooting himself ahead while firing an Uzi submachine gun. Under adult supervision at a gun -- -- now that case criminal charges were filed. And I believe the disposition was not guilty at least criminally I don't know about the civil aspect of the case but. Bottom line is this is not the first time where somebody under the age of ten. Has. Well been given an -- to shoot and they were ready to shoot and Rosie. And this most recent case that just happened is from but Nevada. And this time the girl did not shoot herself in the head she shot. The range master. And -- master died. As her parents fill it everything presumably for a video they can upload to YouTube or whatever file sharing site and they happen to use a horrible horrible story. The questions are how young is too young to fire or god how young is too young to fighter and who's the now before we get into it would be my guest the all -- the president of scope. And -- An organization I would suggest you join instead of the NRA which in my opinion could give a damn about New York State they basically written off New York State plus they have that fraud Ted Nugent on their board of directors. But in any event. I'll tell -- a funny little story. I as many of you know I'm an excellent shot with a pistol. Very very good ideas don't miss -- like Apple's rivals like that's scholarship. They're just a few things like if I do well and that is one of them. However. I have like many of you have I have my favorite weapons. My all time favorite. Is -- model fifteen Smith at less than thirty. Might know our favorite is a 45 camber. And for a shorter barrel weapon is the most accurate weapon I've ever fired and it's just magnificent knocking -- but it is a 45. It's very manageable and even the Ricoh is not that bad. Now many years ago when -- first guns was a 44 Magnum. When I say 44 Magnum it was the exact gone. The exact specifications of the gun used by Clint Eastwood as dirty Harry in the movie dirty Harry. And I just wanted to say something even as a guy with some decent upper body strength. IA had an issue controlling the -- oil that gone to the point I was almost scared to shoot it. I couldn't hit anything whether it. And I basically. Well. I traded it in. Because it was injurious to my ego to possess a weapon with which I can hit absolutely nothing and it was very impractical as the carry weapons -- I'm not Clint Eastwood about built like levees -- there's no way I can pull that off. So what are -- I want it now that. Like everything. In fact that would steal a phrase for equities were. A man has got to know his limitations. And joining us right now is the president of scope -- that is the shooters committee. On political education and his name is Steve all -- and he of course is the New York president of the group Steve thanks very much for joining us. Who start trying to get a better connection on -- to try that again that take Q good afternoon Steve. -- OK. First of all. Do you see a problem with an eight or nine year old firing an -- under adult supervision. You know I think it's less about that age. Should the person has the experience you know you could -- Thirty year old woman example. Who never got it done before didn't know what she was doing lesson ready to handle the recall that weapon and he's an excellent type of -- I think it's it's really more about the structure. Knowing their capabilities and person that is working. Now when I saw the video of this girl. She obviously was very timid with the weapons number one she looked scared of the -- I don't know how to quantify that but she did not look comfortable with. The gun. And I wanted to is something that if I was supervising somebody and a lot of qualified ranger instructor or you know what firearms instructor but. If I was teaching somebody how to shoot and I saw that they were that uncomfortable I would say you know what let's try something else have you seen the video. I do I -- the sport and you know I I have quite a bit of experience teaching. What -- various types of social terms. And teaching young people as well and put -- I would think is starting them out and fully automatic. Currently accept. That's. You know. That person may have been. Fully able to handle that little little bit of experience. But it looks like. I don't know the situation completely but it looked like it was searched can't -- over how to -- that's true and that was a fatal error in judgment should at least. You know my -- up my take on it is it's like they gave a tank to somebody who should have been driving a go cart. Yeah to a single people should keep in mind though is. Haven't industries and this is such cute story is that it is so rare. -- sports are actually among the -- -- So while the sports that our young people and get involved in you know many more people are error kills. Or seriously injured in skiing accident example. In any simpler shooting sports so it is a letter of thanks. Again I'll go back to enter that instructor. Cheers -- seriously -- excuse. And I would like to know more information about this -- background with guns I. I have been unable to find -- thing. Explaining or detailing whether or not this was in fact the first time she tried to use a firearm or whether she'd had experience with something we all I think started out with Steve. And by the way I. Well I have to say I agree with you. I cannot agree -- people who say that just because somebody is eight or nine they should not be using a machine gun like and -- -- If they have had experience with a 22. If they've had experience with a 357 Magnum if they've had experience with 838. Or 845. I -- don't think it bear using and woozy with proper training and instruction is the fact though a stupid thing to do. But I started out. -- Hampshire Steve you can relate to miss. I hope you can or at least if you can't just lie about a -- me I started out with a Ruger 1022 rifle like so many other American young man. Yeah and I was actually about to start out with. I extra people on a single trapped place and 480 we've taken to area. Really Peter -- automatically and potentially to. -- and you know it's less about the age this could have been an adult who had no experience whatsoever and we can end. -- OK tell me what the situation is in New York State vs other states -- regarding. Machine gun a column rentals. That are available when I was in Florida you can go to -- range and actually rent an -- You can -- it is and I know that the situation is the same in the Nevada. It's not that way in New York State as far as I know. No matter -- not walk federally. Pushing them we regulated and you have to have from the Obama will -- registered. They have 200 dollar text -- Fordham. But in new York state fair number of other states they are strictly forbidden less sure military or law enforcement. Europe Europeans only just the position. I'm in addition of New York State there. -- After the age of people and she. That are much higher than most -- and yet he at least slow day so. Actually. That incident did not illegally into the New York State certain number of reasons. -- you have to be at least twelve to shoot a firearm and we're talking about a long gone only. Your lives of -- somebody once said that you're not even supposed to allow somebody to touch. A pistol unless they've got paid pistol permit true or false. Well at tour school rules in New York State are a little strange. You're 21 -- over. You cannot handle it at all so ask these little patience. If you were fourteen to twenty years old you actually -- Handled -- -- Under certified instructor -- bridge so -- wish list instructional guidance you're working what you can what you try to want and need lectures. Gosh so I -- might might late uncle was a chronic law breaker because I used to think my cousins that camping all the time and they used to playing -- you know tin cans. Oh well he's he's dead now I guess the state can go after him up for that one. Okay soul. Some states it is okay. To rent a machine -- it is that the majority of states are we an anomaly in the 57 state union Barack Obama series. I'm not sure that number the. Or an emotional but as this I think it's probably about fifty dependent and let's say you're number eight that. Have no laws for that so that would just fought for the federal regulators. And federally again you have to have certain. Well the 200 dollar tax you've got to pay plus you've got to have the special license to even own a spare a machine gun. Yeah and we like that registers under the financial firms act of 1934 they're very specific regulation where. If you if you want to do that generally across the recorder -- an attorney two. -- -- whether these -- -- but you can't do that at all in New York State other than poor law enforcement military. Steve as you may or may not be aware my dream in life is to own both a fully automatic Browning automatic rifle Andy Thompson submachine gun with the 100 round cylinder. That is my dream in life and realize the chances of that happening are probably slim and -- and actually none in New York State we're talking with -- Go ahead. We're talking with Steve all studies with scope and wide and it's not about the watch Scopes stands for shooters committee. On political education. And I put the website up on my FaceBook page and just so I get this right you don't have an issue. Where it is legal with somebody who is eight or nine years old firing. A machine yeah. They'll. Not necessarily per say -- I edition lists. An instructor who's gonna put. -- -- weapons leave here and whether that are. Young or old. It's still not capable those alias it. And you know Steve I encourage people watched the video which actually is a little bit screwy on my FaceBook page -- -- put up an article from a newspaper early don't like the New York Daily News to get the full video. As opposed -- partial video the video will show you up until the point where the shooting -- actually takes place of the instructor actually the instructor was wounded that died later officially. In a hospital. But I think when you watch said video. To me it was just patently obvious. That that particular. Girl had no. Business with that particular weapon it looked like and I can't verify this and if you can send me the link -- WBN dot com. It looks like it's the first time she ever held a firearm in her hands. And I can't imagine how traumatized at an annual gross -- after something like that happened. Well you operate the nine year old especially the family of the guy who made the fatal error who was a veteran had a family a result. And the parents have got to be asking themselves questions like -- -- leadership are going to go carting. -- or. You know start develop some more reasonable like -- 22 hour or so and until she could really national fundamentals in the group up. To something more a little bit more challenging. Yeah and folks I've tried to find this information for myself I have failed in doing as to the girls level of experience prior to firing the lazy. At the range and losing control a bit. Because a machine gun is not like other weapons and don't ever get and Steve you know this is a good opportunity to do a little bit of education. Because idiots who would vote for and all ball -- follow his or Kool Aid drinking cult. They tend to think that a semi automatic weapon is the same thing as a machine gun and despite our repeated attempts and efforts to educate people. There is a wide gap between a semi automatic rifle and a fully automatic machine -- would you like to explain. Oh -- major difference and I think a lot of people who are trying to pushed these rules. They Candice CDs so he misperceptions of people who think that you know by dealing with the -- assault weapon. Weapons now they're gonna kick machine grounds -- -- -- got into the sort of went to the these types well rifles are so we're talking about the most common. Actually not -- are formed they are not play any. That stretched a machine machine guns or. The trigger and they will continue to shoot at Portland minority perpetrators. Well -- -- semi automatic. You know it automatic about understood it rebuilds itself using energy tax people portrait once. And it's it's. So that it isn't a major difference function. To. And you started off the show by saying more people die in skiing accidents I guess we can -- Sonny Bono. And add them die in. Firearms accidents at -- Rangers. And a lot of hold onto that thought and keep you obviously. Well we missed some people wanna speak with you I certainly have some questions for Steve -- -- with sculptures committee a political education and why my phone number is 803 on 930 start at 930 and 180616. WB -- 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBE. 33 -- his radio 930 WBM's -- were talking with Steve alt dot Stephen. And we're talking about the case of the girl who shot. Her instructor. To death in the head bit. With an easy answer parents videotapes. The entire year it. And needless to say. The police released the video not live leak so it only goes up to a certain points -- you do not see the actual moment of impact. It's kind of like they did with that bad. That guy in Pennsylvania who killed himself a few years ago. They basically show of putting it was mile then freeze frame but he during the boom them screeners. But it's just are horrible video and it -- is an entirely preventable tragedy. And which Steve all status saying is. It's not a question of the girl being nine years old. And this happened in Arizona by the Nevada border. And mapped to -- area of America which if you've ever driven through it is. Well it's rather desolate and -- it is very sick and not a sandy beach there's there's not a lot of water around. But in any event it just it's it's a tragedy so forget Stephens you're probably girl eight or nine years old. -- -- But clearly this young girl was incapable of handling the weapon Steve have you shot. A fully automatic machine gun weapon. Only simulate. Effect. Let up -- -- essentially at Fort Drum. Just recently -- leadership -- the army's new simulators this particular machine that's sort of got assault on that. -- like him. I see it. And did it stimulate the recoil you'd experience from 850 -- It didn't stimulate. Intel is something the next day after you were just in the simulator did you find that you had muscles in your shoulders you did not realize you have. Okay all right so it was it was a -- -- open it wasn't the kind of recall that there was gonna knock you what your -- but -- your big guy you're not a nine year old girl. The perpetual and you know from a lot of people were inexperienced we're shooting. This year to require our current. They will have a problem the club because their experience in Omaha are adequate which. And issue them a shot properly. Are cute too heavily on so that you can -- recoiled doesn't. Detect potential annual and had a problem but clearly in this case sure that wasn't the case. What do you think is more at blame and I'm asking you for subjective opinion the parrots for thinking this was a good idea. Or the instructor for allowing this to happen. Put it on the instructors -- you know little extra extra responsibility for a -- course -- arranged and blunders as a raindrops. Yeah I have to -- view as tragic edit as it is in as much as I hate to blame the victim in this case I think he was a victim of his own and I hate to say it but his own stupidity because just as a knob is -- just as a shooter watching the videotape it's obvious this girl had no business with that -- And you know what the parents I'm sorry I don't know what their level of that expertise is with firearms but they should -- That the girl had no business with the machine got with this girl could kill herself the instructor -- parents would want. And it's just took me this is the select one of those unbelievable stories so. Should we support. As people who support gun rights and the Second Amendment. Should we support the right of ranges. To allow all eight in my year olds in states where it is legal to fire uzis. Well -- -- yeah well you know what -- with the caveat that. You know that. That can structure. What was running their range. They are -- And they have to take full responsibility for what it was -- if it doesn't matter that's it's a young person. Or it's just an inexperienced person or personal physical disabilities. Where those rescue and if you don't counsel. Whether it's actually age or Israelis and they you have to. Aren't vets are very interesting insight into this with that thought. And not emotion a logical. Rational response which all too often what we talk to a firearms is very very debacle to work to find. Especially with that the anti gun crowd in -- -- and had never heard along with anybody ever shooting an ego whatsoever but then for people who are pro gun. When we see somebody doing something that makes us look bad and we've got to call them out however tragic their deaths are. As being responsible for their own demise through some very bad judgment. Yeah on this case and as it suits your purpose that's illustrated saying relax and that's what sort of that aluminum and in this family. She she -- -- -- -- definitely. Hit thank you very much now -- a normal by the something else as you know Steve. There's a race for governor this year in New York State featuring your friend and -- Andrew Cuomo. Going up against rob -- Reno as the two major party candidates. And Steve I wanted to know if we have an epidemic. Going on in Western New York repeal and why safe signs which are distributed in part by your organization. Being vandalized and or stolen. In New York State. Well it's epidemic that is certainly not just in New York State. I don't know I know you talked about -- -- the people who were stealing signs that the North Carolina insult or granite and it just last week we had. Another tournament out in the -- East Aurora is actually a -- swung around and peddlers and people's sanctions Britney and a couple of. Well we put the picture of the alleged perpetrators are up on my FaceBook page at the guy wearing short shorts. If you don't see it Christian thing about that is last November. There was such honesty and stolen on the Putnam county -- turned out to be somewhere police. That we're taking them they got caught on the trail here. That same trail here and we're sent by the gentleman -- and certainly a a geeky story so that was the -- camera that caught this -- revelation the year assigned to these sort. Targets which -- saying there's the trail cam was better than the police. Look at -- Police and this is simply follow -- well immediately took photos that -- -- and and based on all the laws -- Some at least police that's. As July. And the perpetrators. In the east -- case. About what do we know about the alleged perpetrators to -- have a history of be active in the anti gun movement are you aware are you privy to any details about this guy. I have enough. I respect I don't -- haven't even gotten. You know associate gentleman that person's name. I don't know I. Do know that he's been charged with malicious notched just and I'm actually work -- he just -- that case at this point but I don't know whether it's history now. -- we talked about the situation in north tunnel -- on south meadow drive -- nine or ten signs were stolen you guys actually offered -- reward I believe. Four -- capture. Of the individuals responsible has there been any movement any information phoned -- to the end TPD. I'm not that I am aware outlook or don't at least you know that they geekspeak directly within their power analog. Yeah and she slept that can pitch and he wants to us she used to experiment -- this much we can't catch the person. But it's far and no. Nobody has one. Do you think these are so -- -- it again I'm asking you for conjecture. Do you think that these are solo actors or do you think that they're following orders to get these signs awful long because they look bad for -- -- I suspect they're only collectors. Like London Upton what do you what we county. It was actually a key local pediatrician was caught stealing people's science. -- rest of the world respond. Eight tiles science and -- -- She is still living large it's individuals. I transferred cases where it will almost going to want that and that's the -- street please call eight downsides. A group that he didn't look at them but. And it just ridiculous to listen to the situation that the -- -- just. To -- and got down flat on the ground. I so they trespassed on private property the state police trespassed on private property. Without any warrant or any reason to do so what's -- are whatsoever other than they were ordered by either -- boss -- -- to do it. You know what we wouldn't let it was you -- comfortable. Could welcome week can we pro effectively prove that it was state troopers who did it. Is there any video evidence any -- him evidence and in home security camera evidence of course anybody with a home security system is delusional paranoid I realized that. Well he actually actually -- perfect indeed she had clearly already look inward you know. Well absolutely that's signed one that you may have a tin foil -- in her closet. Com Steve aware of some people to talk do you feel like talking -- people are you busy. It's a few minutes. A few are also. Our only go to mark in met Cheektowaga. WB unmarked area your thoughts force Stephen. NY shooters committee on political education and why ago. I can catch it -- it is entirely the instructors fault he -- and -- -- -- there are the natural ergonomic from the body. Plus the recoil. He will go up into the lab instructor should have been standing on the like a -- while talking here have a good day. Eric thank you Steve. I'm just gonna go one step beyond it whether he was standing to the right where the left it was obvious this girl had no business with that done. Yeah and I don't -- view is that there and I. That was well first and then those what I -- the video of Italy standing there right to left. Keep children then likely anger and and and not read deep into the right or. Maybe behind her with her arm with his arms very very close to the stock of the weapon in case things went bad fast. Only right that it really would be smaller steps into the cheese pickles you know it gently. The -- And I -- -- or you hate the blame the dead you know of the dead say nothing but good good Dan. I'll let's go to Rick in Dunkirk on WB and which Steve and all stop also wanna get to one other thing with Steve we've got time but Rick your time ago. Okay I'm. Vietnam -- 101 airborne division and an expert with all of automatic weapons. -- -- -- -- -- -- When that fully automatic social. And may have a natural tendency. To. Kick up what -- Now this is struck there -- -- cool. -- it for responsible for being so. Are you should not have anymore than I am wrong. One ending a number of weapons someone. As an instructor Rick and by the way thank you overwork or were the uniform during Vietnam and I really appreciate them and all my -- stores as well. But as an instructor. Did you see some things happen in the military training. That you said -- but for the grace of god go live. Well. I have not seen that happen. Not what the weapons we were issued and how we were taught. Got -- aren't they thank you have very much Steve your thoughts. I don't disagree. And said -- in new shooter and that everything was still that we don't know this assure that certainly was first and she and her -- I would give it more than one round. In the gun at least you can start now. Well let's say he started out with one shot that he -- it over fully automatic and that's when the tragedy took place stayed on one of my least favorite people of the world is Ted Nugent. I have long thought Aristide Ted Nugent to be a fraud who basically branded himself as a champion of the Second Amendment. Because his rock and roll corner of dried up the royalty checks went down he needed to reinvent himself. And we have recently learned that Ted Nugent who -- by the way -- wanted. 50000 dollars to speak at the February 28 rally along with 61 class air tickets and luxury hotel accommodations. Bet he allows his name and image to be used by pierce munitions which them. Issues donations to gun grabbing candidates like Andrew Cuomo and others your thoughts on the Ted Nugent scandal. And it seemed. The record of the donations struck about having disclosed in note 171002. Andrew Cuomo. Most seemed to donate donations. -- senator. Tim Kennedy. -- was so it is over in favor of the same exact. Trying to honestly I don't know what to make it that you know you know a number of people who tried to contact him and he -- not. They anti. Statements. At least at least. Sort of error but I am nowhere else. Well I mean I don't know what to make. I don't see how and union mission manufacturer. Can be. Donating money to candidates step works correctly against -- sort of our customers. Well that is right -- their First Amendment right to do so might as she was with Ted Nugent for being a phony and a fraud and Steve if I'm often my numbers about Ted Nugent you'd say so right. That is certainly know your numbers are correct. And I entered we slow were contacted to. Sam and tell -- that we got sort of holds. Thank you just just so by audience knows that I do my homework and I know of what I speak. Well Steve I hope that they generate Weis is up then kicks that buffoon clown Ted Nugent office board of directors he does nothing. To benefit -- organization. Especially by accepting money from am sorry John companies is just -- -- at an anti an anti gun munitions maker has just step beyond me. Steve thanks for your time. As always thank you for your time we'll talk -- Up by the way those of you who are in favor of your Second Amendment Rights I suggest you join scope shooters committee -- political education scope NY dot org website on my FaceBook page. Syrian -- horrible case of insert foot disease that are on its way thank you for the buffalo dental group kids -- back -- -- They will be soon college kids are eager to forget about them and -- they'll handle those themselves but as far as the little ones -- WS apparently have an obligation your responsibility you want to inculcate -- very early age your children with the knowledge that twice a year they need to have their teeth professionally cleaned and then examined by a real dentist. And I am a patient at the buffalo dental group -- my patient at the buffalo battle group it's real simple. They provide an atmosphere that is welcoming that is friendly and it's very it's a stress free as a dental office can be. And I used to say that I would apple coward and I think I can finally sorry I no longer in the dental coward. I have this deal with doctor Bernie Kohlberg. Bet if you asked to do something -- -- he doesn't have to tell me what he's doing because chances are the dread of it will be worse than the actual procedure and that's what happened -- I -- -- with -- with an abscess. Basically he was working -- work and work I didn't feel anything that he was -- he said congratulations nice that he said you just have 40% erupted -- And I said are you birdie. Doctor birdie Colbert doctor -- doctor Eric Bob buffalo dental group dot com call 63412346341234. Bob buffalo dental group dot com. Let's find out about traffic here is mr. Allen Harris. And AccuWeather for today it'll be a partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 56 tomorrow it'll be third. Good and sunny and nice 72. And -- Friday. Well recent years so a blend of sun and clouds and a 77. The high. Right now it is 77 at news radio 930 WB and so what it feels like right now will be higher on Friday. And heavy humidity is less than it has been as well. Now. We have been talking a boot the case. Outs in the wild wild west and you know I lay out ever greater respect for my esteemed colleague sandy beach. We have a difference of opinion. On this particular issue I do not believe that just because somebody is eight or nine they should not be able to fire. An automatic weapon AKA game machine gun in every day vernacular but and here's the major -- via. You don't give a 108. Or somebody who has yet to prove themselves with a -- art. Seriously. Would you let your daughter learn how to drive on your brand new Porsche 9/11 career asks the answer would be only if -- You don't give somebody something they can not handle. And I have to tell you. I think the parents. May be forgiven because. Of their ignorance presumed ignorance about firearms are presumed they car. Because when you watched the videotape at either WB EN dot com or my FaceBook page. Folks this girl. In no way shape or form. Appear even remotely. Ready to fire anything more than 822. Single shot. Rifle okay. That's -- the fire or instructor at the outrage who tragically lost his life. Did so because of stupidity. As one of our experts who called and said he should not have standing to the left. And -- it's obvious is just patently obvious watching the video this girl had no business with that weapon. I would think nothing of firing an Uzi a BAR or any fully automatic weapons. I'm experienced. I have upper body strength it's not a big deal. This little girl probably weighs about eighty pounds she had no business with that weapon the firearms instructor and the firearms instructor alone is responsible for his depth and a poor little girl's gonna have to live with -- the rest of her life. And that's socks how would you like to be 89 years old knowing the -- -- somebody's brains out killed. That's hell I can't even imagine that I meet folks if I ran over a squirrel I would cry and be wrecked for a day and I'm serious. So I can't imagine this poor little girl I want your thoughts on this and again I guess -- -- he's a pro gun guy -- program guys we differ. A little bit on this issue I don't think it's an age thing I think it's an experience thing and I think it also is a capability that. And this girl is just so happened the week. I mean she's gotten up and for oranges and have the upper body for God's sick. 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB -- Sandy's a manly man maybe you have a problem with the who's I wouldn't. Were BAR Browning automatic rifle -- Thompson submachine -- underground -- and that's what I want. That's a -- by the way. -- abruptly coming up. Anyway it's buy hourly for a cure -- -- and I celebrated my birthday this Friday before work I am going to get myself. My hearing tested I keep telling you guys to do it and it's about time I've lived up to what I told you guys to do and when you have a hearing test done at a cure -- analogy you are having the most comprehensive hearing test available in Western New York -- you go to ever Cheektowaga where the block -- offices of Acura audio -- And win and you had your hearing tests done if the results come back and say. Well well. -- hearing aid don't panic. All you do is you sit down you talk to doctor Stephen furlough in eagle over options and folks today's hearing gates. Like those big long key pseudo flesh colored hearing aids we all remember the seventies and eighties today's hearing -- you got us. Like practically impossible. A cure ought Realogy call 6330721. His idea to schedule your appointment. 6330721. Out -- audio elegy dot com and it's felt like the car except that extra CA. CC. You are a audio -- dot --

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