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8-27 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The -- on the business of defending people who enjoyed the shooting sports. And enjoy target shooting and some hunting and some just for protection. Have have lost a great deal for so we we've lost that a human being a needlessly as far as I'm concerned. The person teaching the girls. How to shoot at the range there was no need for that instructor died girls should not have been handling an automatic Uzi I had nine years old are no question about that. But there but it it kinda takes the air out of anything we have the state to defend ourselves because the other side will will demagogue this thing. A forever and ever and ever and they'll have the emotion club on high ground on us. Because there's no way you can defendant now you can certainly say it's an isolated incident which is what we are saying and what it is actually. And the people do stupid things and bed but first of all. Not only did he allow her to handle an Uzi automatic but her parents were they are by taping off of their telephones. Now tell us something -- of about guns this isn't that taping the school play. That your daughter is in this isn't taping a soccer game. As of firearms are pretty serious thing now maybe they wanted to document her her progress in shooting and that's fine. A but the bottom line is that the safety issue which everybody I know that shoots that's their top top concern is safety. -- would middle of this advertisement that it says that the range allows them from eight years old up. If I five made a firearms instructor I -- that range. And my boss tells me I have to Hammond an automatic Uzi to a nine year old girl I say I want bill. I will not do it because it's irresponsible. Let's go to Fred in Lewiston Fred you're on WB -- -- I just wanted to say that I believe it's it's. It's more than just stupidity. It's it's really. Criminal. Com. The parents could have gotten killed for -- -- allow anybody and when the -- -- -- she and her. But besides that I just -- give -- my experience with my girls I have to. I have -- taught them bowl -- issue and we started with 22 rifle good. And we lived down in an area where there were large sand dunes beautiful. So it's it's a perfect back up over its earlier target you know. That's -- Because they're -- -- actually there's no kick out of wanted to have his no recoil and is not even allowed and you can see that -- making progress as you do written. And do what's behind the target is obvious you've got sand so bad that -- -- -- at the right way there for a. -- and I told them to start with that there was only going to be one bullet in the chamber right. I did not use -- seven. Seven shot clip. Put one unit at times so he you know they could shoot it -- waiting hand. Com also warmed warned -- of that. Kept right he held it to death 22. Bullet can go full mine. And I wouldn't wanna get shot livid when he threw no matter how -- how smaller caliber at this now. My brother was soothing. Campaign outside. Having dinner with the family. And all of a sudden he felt the pain is. And. He looks down do you believe in what someone. Somewhere. China in the year. -- the murder whatever. And it came down and went right through -- All I mean he EU EU got a T that's why I believe Indiana are a teaching program. You know like the Eddie -- stuff there I mean they're always safety oriented with the NRA and you see on television like you see these Middle Eastern countries where they're firing a semi automatics are automatic in the air. You're right any bullet comes down from the sky -- it's -- -- -- -- -- record your -- -- Always. So people don't realize that well Fred you dead at the right way you're the kind of guy I want my team we're trying to defend ourselves. Against people who will call is gone nuts thank you Fred. That's exactly the right way to do it. The 22. Single shot or put a single shot in the magazine or you know just load one round. And it that way it's slow it's deliberate. Problem is we get bored -- -- period now where were bored we just in -- and we just see a movie where they have those cool weapons in the there goes a magazine as a banana clip thirty rounds you know we we want to just jump ahead that we don't want to bother with the basics. Well the basics are safety safety safety as Fred said 22 rifle. Rifles -- -- -- it's not gonna have any anti record at all Marco make a lot of noise like a scare anybody -- good way to start and to you get really proficient than you move up to other things. But the key is slow and steady. And always professional. Handing a machine -- 219 year old. I can't even fathom this that's why I thought when I heard it. That I didn't hear it correctly. And now this the person that died. Wednesday a member of the armed forces I mean he had been military and a bit of the range of New -- And it may be this girl is something we don't know. Maybe she had been training of for a while and they thought she was ready for this but obviously she wasn't. Because for the gun to rise up and in goal over her head that means she's going to go on here -- on television now. And she obviously kept her finger on the trigger my question is how many rounds were loaded. Because one round wouldn't have done that because she's aiming at the target the instructors decider. They've -- wouldn't have had time to by the time ago over her head to shoot the instructor one -- would have already been spent would have been gone. So there was more than one round. And she had a finger on the trigger and and take off. So that's -- I mean it's just sat. It's the it's sad it makes me angry. Both. It's sad because somebody died that didn't have to die it's sad because a lot of people now are going to be. What's the word on public analysts say bullied because that's that's who too trendy a word but they're going to be hammered by the other side. Who think world gone nuts anyway even though or not they know nothing about shooting and this to that will be red -- You'll see watch the talk shows tonight. On television you'll see you brought up and you'll see both sides there once idol trying to explain that it was an isolated incidents. And the other side will say world morons and in this case they'll probably -- right. Will be back what more -- beach and company. Joining in the -- A nine year old girl nine. Was handed in lousy automatic. On a gun range in Arizona. When she fired at. It it rolled up over her head which meant she fired more than one shot and obviously kept her finger on the trigger I don't know how many rounds were in the magazine. But it it killed her instructor. The thought of a nine year old -- automatic weapon. In most states that I've lived in -- class three license of federal license that happen automatically but this was in her hands as an eight year old. We heard other guests say is in New York you can even handle an economic on your twelve. And this certainly you can buy -- and -- Nodded and not a mistake I find hemming and nine year old an -- automatic is insanity. And I know he I will be the the final one to defend the Second Amendment which can't defend this. It's been indefensible. And most people ought not most everybody that I know. That is around guns handles them with great care and would great the thoughts of safety. Give an example. Even even when it's over the top and this is an example of something happened a few months ago. I was and he holes -- manufacturer. On a Niagara Falls boulevard every some coffee with a -- very nice group of people current. And I'm getting into holes there. Now they have mock up guns because they don't put real guns and holes is that it out of material like wood. I don't know exactly what the manager will call it would aren't so they have a wooden gun that they can put in the -- there to see how it -- in CO draws in all that sort of thing. So I had the wooden gun. In my hand to try it out with the holes there when I took it out of holes there. And I laid it on the table. I did not let the barrel face anybody. This is a one doesn't. It's may double it it's not a gun is not all in the barrel is no ammunition and it it's made of war would it just looks like a gun and is the size of a gun. I know that. When I put it down I made sure the barrel was not facing any one. Now is that over the top of course that is. But I've ensuring for a long time and luckily for me and very thankfully really appreciated I had not had any incidents and I don't want me. But the bottom line is you're going to be thinking like that you just hand machine and to a child. Let's go to Sheila in Hamburg she earlier on WB yeah. Why can't edit it and I think Obama got. Her. Parents aren't on the parents to let that grow at a already 30 -- -- -- -- in -- a little -- and -- hero -- -- yeah. -- what you know and then this. This piece says that they allow people eight years old enough to handle guns. I'm thinking how in advance would you have to be for anybody to get to an -- let alone a nine year old there's no way that she should've been handed that gun under any circumstances. And it if you aren't aren't about I don't know. Break. And it doesn't help us those of us who enjoy shooting having to try and defend this because I think it's indefensible thank you Sheila. I wanna try and defend it is going to defend this. I I you could get the best lawyer in the world to try and defend us and them that are going to be able to make any rational sense out of it. If if for eight years -- if you could show from eight years all on this range. You might say well maybe she's been shooting for a full year. She started off with twenty to lose and -- suddenly she's. More proficient. But -- that argument doesn't wash and I'll tell you why because if she had been shooting for a year for the -- she was obviously unprepared. For the recall oil. Otherwise the gun wouldn't have risen the way to describe it uses it grows straight up now you go to WB and -- dot com and and you see our web page. They have video of the first part obviously not the shooting. Of her being handed the -- So if she had been shooting for a year she'd have been used to the sound. If she's seen other people's. Shoot guns like this org or this gun. She just seeing what's necessary and that would have had to sink in when she was eight years over rhino but she's a nine year old what does that third or fourth grade. Our fourth grade. Does anybody think that that has any sense of of rationally isn't what I when I training terrorists in this country. We're training recreational shooters. And -- machinery for a year. And did not recognize a bit in the Rosie is going to be more than she can handle cause she's a bad letting go up overhead. In order for that several rounds had to have been shot ninety -- of one. And for the instructor to be killed. The way they describe it as instructors always -- hold ago who put their hand down and stop the go on but if if it's that if the I'm thinking you just stay away from and meanwhile her parents were recording. Now. The best thing I can say about that. Is they were proud of the fact that she's made progress and they wanted to document but that's about the only fair to say about that. This isn't a look at my cute little daughter she's only nine and can handle a -- And so bay should've. Said no. The B range -- should've said no the instructor should've said no. The girl herself. Is only nine so maybe. Maybe she has the wisdom of an older girl and she should've said no. But certainly it shouldn't have happened. So are there accidents -- farms of course. Because there are accidents everywhere there's accidents in the supermarket parking lot there's accidents on the road there's accidents everywhere. But you go to -- you got to know safety he gotta you gotta have a healthy respect for guns. And what's gonna happen now is people who aren't they normally go tool. To ask about questions about guns are our people like myself. And a lot of people are gonna dance around it. It because they don't wanna be seen as a traitor to the cause but this isn't the cause this has nothing to do because this is stupidity. Which happens to involve guns. There's stupidity happens to involve what you feed your kids. Some people give their kids liquor. As a kid has some peers and parents -- shared drugs with their kids. There -- all kinds of stupid things that happened. And bad things that happened there cause real problems that aren't related to guns this one happens to be a gun issue but it's an issue that. Is is resounding all the time. It -- we -- it's going to give us a vulnerability that we don't really go to deserve nor do we want. Because I think that people should the speak plainly. If if radio or TV or newspaper or you know whoever interviews people around guns that the -- teaching -- whatever they should be very honest. And say it was an idiotic move I know we're reluctant to. To criticize those of us who enjoy the same things but I think you have to do. You have to because if you trying and and gloss it over they're gonna know your dancing. If you're trying to explain that they're gonna know that you don't have good solid ground to stand done. So are you gonna do is hurt the cause even further. I think the best way to deal within this head on rationally. Take the emotion out of it and just rationally say there's no way. A nine year old girl should be handling an automatic weapon under any and all circumstances. She if she was driving a car. She would be -- over immediately. If she was smoking a cigarette. She wouldn't be allowed to do that. If she wanted to -- too she couldn't do that. If in some states and I don't know what the law is in Arizona in some states like. New York if she wanted to go I get a suntan at a tanning salon she couldn't feel it. So she can't drive a car she can have a cigarette she can have -- she can have via a -- can have that -- -- -- could have an automatic weapon. -- thinks that's a good idea. Not -- mean really -- and so while that's human beings our senses just leave us and this is one of them 80309301806169236. Start I'm thirty. So if you enjoy the series. Because your hands Rebecca. Thank you Bob Ryan Perry yes I heard the good news this morning and I thought I did not hear correctly. I heard nine I thought -- has the B 29. 33940. McNamee nine but it was nine year old girl accidentally shooting her instructor at a gun range. You're saying well what coming on -- 1009 Euro known -- range they're allowing girls. In -- in Arizona. The operator says that allows supervise children all that's good at least they have -- supervisor as a step in the right direction. Age eight and up to handle weapons now. The most charitable we can -- is because it's enough this there was nine. Even if she was shooting before the year before she became nine. I don't know what kind -- issue is you know -- wonder child what kind of progress you would make that would allow you to shoot in an automatic -- And so that's what happened that letter issued an opposing the instructor standing there. She was not prepared for. The kickback. The recoil. Because he knows he's a short on there's not a lot of natural balance to a you have to hold it down all automatics like that they'll rise up. On and you have to be prepared for that and their loud and noisy. And she's begun -- -- over head is the way it was described in order to do that had to -- more than one round -- for sure schedule one round. And should judge instructor and kill them so this. You know obviously the tragic loss of a person. That is that's bad enough and it would be effect you'll have on this girl that's bad enough with the effect have on the rest of us. Now we know well minorities feel. When so when one member of a minority group does something really stupid an awful. And attend a pin it on everybody while that's what's happening to us and that's what will happen to us. We are safety minded. Rule following oriented people. Who who enjoy what we do an -- going to be labeled gun nuts again and this is one we can't put the gloves on we really can't we can't defendant. Let's go to Mary and the fuel merrier on WB again. I can't even Mary. I am not a concern here and -- says ban around quite a while. My -- out -- here are not absolutely valid point absolutely it out point and I think it was actually here it is like and one victim here. This child out at the age of 89. It's about mentally and psychologically able. Understand consequences ever -- it that are all well but she's gonna be living with this sort of liked it our parents and am. See you then -- you going to school college in the labeled. And you re at society have a right protect children. Not to. Complain about omni people using it on good judgment on this point go to the people on the odd place. And unfortunately it all apparent capture are really upset about the decisions -- until they decided we should reflect on. Who do you discount that -- we used on. -- a good point and it is well taken and it's out there again it's a good intellectual point. One middle score points with people who are thinking intellectually unfortunately an issue like this is very emotional -- but you bring up good points Mary thank you. -- she's absolutely right. This girl is going to be. Labels like this in her own -- by others forever ago way -- -- even though it was an accident. About people who drive cars and get into accidents and other in their fatalities they carry the same thing. The rain should carry some kind of -- conscience and change that policy. I have no problem at all. With the younger people learning the shooting sports under the proper conditions. And all legal of course. You start with something varies with safety before even put alive around in anything. And -- handling in -- feeling what these with these things are alike and you start very small might start with a BB gun. I started with a 22 most a single shot rifle in my local Bono took me out shooting former navy guy. Went to a -- went to a BB gun and they got into into guns but always with safety in mind always. And certainly not at that age I'm trying to think what age it was. I've I was probably twelve or something like that when I started that's that's suggests I really don't remember exactly. But it was I remember him emphasizing how important was. The safety aspect of shooting and it's -- would be mumble like when I see this totally responsible. It's just clouds this all paints solvents and brush and that's that's that's that. Let's go to my got Mike on a cell phone Mike here on WB yen. In the I was gonna talk about what Larry just brought up a -- -- girl who's going to be emotionally scarred -- red light. Room and I watched I mean it is orange no relation to -- I mean just that he ever for capitalism. You know. You know. -- and a few minutes and I used to on their loud and or any automatic just spits out the -- -- you've got to be ready for that stuff. There and you know what did you -- up about it all all in all these rather at the -- that during the sub absolute. Utley and any any anti gun people this is going to be part of her speech for a long long time because. If they got a free reign on this they know that are going to be countered on it because they can't. -- that they are true he's going to be the news conference he's got no luck summoned under achieved as working on the new law right now. Well -- as sad as it is my -- afraid you could be right thank you very much the it's just the matter. Like as I mentioned earlier I was always a member of the NRA and have a little lapse and then the Clinton administration when when they were there every time a gun was fired they set up a card table. And start with the anti gun rhetoric so I rejoin the NRA and I'll probably -- forever. But the bottom line is all the good work. All of the common sense stuff. All of the fun aspect of recreational shooting whether your target shooting what your hunting. Whether it's social protection. That that a bond you have therefore it is enjoying the civic issued exports. It has to be put on hold while we defend ourselves against them erotic act I'm sorry the instructor died. The instructor however -- even if even if there is -- employer. Required it should not have handed that gun to that girl now we know it but we should adjust that well ahead of time I don't know how. Long this has been in practice that you can shoot at the age of eight and up. At the -- at that range but they ought to reexamine that I guess we're -- it hasn't happened before now will be back with more with -- company. -- is -- governor may end up by the way the video not certainly not of the shooting itself what the video leading up to the shooting. There were talking about today is available at WB and dot com you wanna check that out the -- video shows. Her being handed. The -- This is so beyond the -- for me that it's it's it's tough I mean are rarely as human being is dead. A young woman and her family and a lot of other people probably scarred for life was something like this totally avoidable totally. And what happens this this is what -- what happens -- so. The demagogues of the world they'll be out there beating the drum for more gun control like. Gun control. Is their main issue and they'll use anything to further that issue. And we got to sit back with our hands tied behind our back and listen to it because we know this time under these circumstances. Their right. They're not right about the Second Amendment that I write about our right to bear arms what they're right about this incident. In many people only listen with -- one here and they'll hear this and then the term gun -- will come alive to them and it's it's a very unfortunate. For everybody involved. Let's go to -- Joseph and Cheektowaga -- you're on WB again. Good morning everybody -- I think you have been very good heartwarming. Commentary that is so far this going toward the rest of and gate here. -- distant relative intensity to vote damaged. Indian child. Or it can. Okay thank you. I I think that you don't wanna use the word lucky. When anybody. Dies but I think we're lucky that more people didn't get wounded or died. Because if that gun was eyes out of control as that I'm -- envisioning and I haven't seen it actually. The mother and father were were recording it on their cellphones they make a big -- anybody. In the vicinity could have been shot. It's one person that died and that's one too many but it could have been more. So I guess if you're looking at the half full jar that would be yet. There were lucky that more people than dive a boy that's a lousy scenario to have to gain any any comfort way of let's go to Randy in the east Pembroke Iran the Iran WB yen. We are fairly -- or shrink them thanks for supporting sort of what we really appreciate it though -- my pleasure outside. -- -- wanted to call earlier that there are either side and so -- -- -- all sites standard curbing all Munich are being election more trust but with a start and and they -- blatantly postal. It was a stark all the old beat the regular. -- being very grateful. And I suspect that somebody younger on the with a start older all of -- -- for my usual. You. It's all the beauties here slicker rituals but -- -- Between -- summer auto import. Equipment so it's all over. Yeah you know I was thinking about that I was if it was in semi -- instead of full auto. She would have had to continue to pull the trigger and former governor goal over her head that would require more than one round I don't know of tool would have done it or three but. It sounded like kind of accident that happens if it's -- -- I don't know I can't. Imagine them having her any -- but let alone won the set for -- law. And who coached currently curbing mentioned are particularly all welcome. Well most people etiquette are sure won't hurt being controlled burn all your -- before the curbing their old one or more errant. Yeah edit but for it to go over her -- picture her at the range for it to go over her head. I think you know if she was shooting a pistol type I guess it could be one hand. But it's I I envision and I could be wrong on this there was both hands and as it came up the rhythm -- right up over the had a minute you've seen him movies where they do they do look for comedic effect or somebody don't have a gun. And and showed that they'll be knocked on their rear end. -- I think it's the same basic thing. But it's usually from -- -- but if it's a small caliber the -- may be the noises as much as anything else in his -- right up there. Are burned Serb leadership in the space but this current situation Arctic Ocean where executions. Regular young boy article which -- huge but he was very yard -- in -- something like parity in the when you trust or forward deployed and shooting range true. There are people that trigger and unfortunately it went in with certain restrictions building. And the computer researcher or Gloria it's you know -- -- who are nonchalant approach which. Short there didn't hear about that they brokered the ring of honor our urgent rethink their -- there and aren't repeated it determined that it was unfortunate that. It does set the cause back and alternative. And certainly don't I wrote it. That's better info. OK thank you Randy as far as breaking up thank you very much. I was not aware that there were different models like that I've I've ever owned -- -- actually. Blood that was certainly familiar with them. It's I think about it like this. Part of being on the range the his skill. Part of it is judgment part of its maturity they all go together and -- one of those things is missing. In an experience always helps if one of those things is missing. Got a problem I mean think about somebody's younger is that now let's let's put it in perspective if she's nine which was if she's nine. It's probably third or fourth grade. Depending when she started third or fourth relative thing to what you like and third fourth grade I'll tell you one thing -- Yeah as I recall grade was about the first year that I can really remember vividly. In third -- is where -- at my friend Tom Landry that calls from time to time. I was in no way shape or form ready to handle firearm in third grade or even fourth grade. It was much later that I eyes started and a bit of the judgment part the skill part. Mean what happens if -- on the range and you have a misfire. Or you have a jam. Most people when there is a miss our jam that don't have experience will instantly turned toward the instructor with a pistol in their hand. Or the rifle in their hand pointing at the instructor I mean that's just normal hey what's wrong with a gun. Absolutely don't know. What it takes judgment it takes a maturity. To recognize that. In the of the instructor who died we don't want to be critical of him because he's passed. But he shouldn't have under any circumstances and have her gun. Not a not not done. -- maybe if they were on the range with a 22 long rifle that's different. It's it's it's it's got longer barrel obviously -- chronic -- and -- -- gonna make a lot of noise. And I could still be fatal lobby -- wanting to regain your skills. But the bottom line is there was so many things that went wrong all of the same time was almost like a perfect storm the parents. Allowing the girl to handle USC. The parents. A recording it on their cell phones as I said the nicest thing magazine about that is maybe they're proud of horror progress. And water show be able to show her the progress she's made it that's the nicest form. The worst form is he wants to show up that their little girl is handling and nosy that's the absolute worse. The parents selecting -- -- bed and get shot depending on where you war. But I I have not seen the actual shooting nor to Y 120 but if you wanna see the run up to what we do have that. On WB and calm so we're asking some questions. A nine year old at a shooting range -- automatic lose a machine gun. It is that -- anyway defensible hours and insanity. And do we have a right to act stupidly. We have a right to the Second Amendment privileges but we have to guard -- we have to make sure they're not taken away from us. And people see incidents like this is just for me is there cause that anybody that ever handles a gun as the gun. Doesn't matter that the cops who saved their bacon many times and guns doesn't have the military says the country's bacon many times handles guns. Were all gone nuts according to people who don't like guns and this is indefensible. Our on our part we can't defend it. Don't trade on -- 30180616926. Unanswered -- started shooting at what age you remember and who -- you. What about safety the big issue around farm -- back after this.

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