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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Beloit's Ron Nief- The 2014 Mindset List

Beloit's Ron Nief- The 2014 Mindset List

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Beloit College mindset list is out for the class of 2018. These are kids entering college as freshman. The list highly anticipated every year joining us on the WB a lifeline is Ryan -- who compiled the list for Beloit is a spokesman and run good morning. Nice to hear you again and we we do this every year and it it's always fun to panel. I guess in I'll find out why kids -- entering talent just accumulating are today. You know let's just connect with. Buffalo took. Yeah and I don't know it's also a chance that make you feel old -- fear. Seen -- some of these guys. Behind it actually. And so is he told you look you feel at the end of it. Ever -- still Beloit College -- would do this mindset list how far back doesn't go how many years. This is the sixteen here we started 98. -- wasn't -- a lot of lists coming out of the relatively new Internet and a lot of them network focused on. Kids don't know anything anymore and our feeling was. It's their experiences the community college that's where they're gonna gain a lot of knowledge. But to have. They ought to be given. Given. A pass on the on this until late. That they haven't had a lot of these experiences but it was to -- faculty know that. Going into the classroom when using their traditional. Framework of they've Vietnam -- Clinton and Nixon or whatever. They don't have to do some explain it. You know before we get to us some of the things these new college freshman are thinking now. Do you have any recollection of what some of the -- -- think he was back in 1990 it from a real weird runs. You know I think -- I haven't really had a chance to look back much -- do I do remember. So that the technology you know technology plays a lot of but there is a major role a lot of these lists and that I remember back then talking about. You know fascinating things about felt well and so on which have long -- become part of our culture. And you know that it was really every year we have elements little distant. Deal with new new status and that level of involvement by you -- equipment back then we're talking about first women's. Doing things and today. Today it's you know that it is nobody should not be too concerned about first women that it's not a wild thing anymore charitable why. Okay well I know there's lots of things on the list. And he's there for college freshman born in 1996 what a -- your favorite Ron. Well I think what I clearly think is the fact that they're given the political polarization that we. Live win today they corners 96. That was the year that. News MSNBC. And The Daily Show all came on the air so they've also been able to go to find there're there -- news. Knowing knowing the attitude of the of the source. As she when you're talking about the blessings of digital technology. These kids have never had to hide they're dirty magazines under their beds. And it resolve and digital. They've made it may have had to hide their passwords that's. But yeah they're community is -- Okay what else. Then noticed -- a lot of fun ones. Well you know I I think what what are true of most critical one here two's servers. Element behind the -- in the west this is that they get. You know they're they're they were just starting in kindergarten and second or third week when when they were. Equity images of the planes blasting into the World Trade Center. And there was a lot of discussion at that point about the dramatic effect. That there was having on. Our young children who didn't realize these were repeated. As screams of the same. You know the same news event -- thought that these were each individual planes going -- -- more and more buildings. That. That's one I can also leave -- they were born here that. Dolly the sheep was cloned so. Silent -- and cloning has has never been science fiction for the haven't been reality. And the water cooler it's not a place where people gather to talk about stuff it's only go to cooler water bottle actually here. -- that feeds right into that whole idea of community offline it's you know at Stillwater Obama got back here. Go back to your computer go back to your -- You're Smart on and so on and and develop the communities there parents no longer looked out the window and and see what bed companion you're paying around well no clue here. And the tiny Tim has always been dead. Yeah I'm now has has to faction court which it is that's -- that's part of the what do I feel old. Element that go to it really eighteen years ago. While -- ground nice talking about this with you thanks for the time this morning. We can't we do to an and the list the Beloit College annual mindset list. Is available for you on WB EN dot com that is run beef with Beloit College.

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