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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Range instructor Miguel Rivera- Death in Arizona

Range instructor Miguel Rivera- Death in Arizona

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A shooting instructor at an Arizona gun range is dead after being shot in the head by a nine year old girl. Authorities say Charles -- it had been showing the girl how to use an automatic Uzi. Investigators say the weaponry Kyle constitute go over her head shooting -- When firearms safety expert says he would not expect and nine year old to be able to handle an -- Let's welcome Miguel Rivera Miguel as vice president and co owner of remember investigations. He's a ranger instructor for several gun groups on the trends of pollution levels -- is how to use firearms also Miguel good morning thank you for joining us. Aren't proven to order your order we're doing well how do you react to a story like this when you have a nine year old girl was of being try and to fire and losing and in Arizona the UC. Isn't automatic weapons -- a semiautomatic weapon by the an automatic weapons. Yet that again it's it's it's certainly being a mother are you looked at a you know maybe that's something that. And I -- should be. Should should be heralding. For the first time you know that there's a lot of that you -- red -- to -- of course you know like I retired from mop. The local police department -- -- great record on or before a lot and and feeling at all. You know there's a lot of things that are done before they even do it Clark are also not getting into what the situation wasn't on it and I'm really not sure. But maybe that was kind of a big jump especially for somebody who couldn't handle. Usually. You know -- don't fully automatic. Very important right grip wasn't right and and that -- -- is just tragic matter how you look at. The at the weapons and recall oil costs have to go over her head. Is that with the -- common you know with it and nine year old -- -- -- like this. While the first thing is a little better -- mean there are some adult. You know without the proper training and without late certainly wouldn't be able to handle. A fully automatic that the sultan and we're talking about it so. Obvious that it nine year old that it can't they're not used to it. -- haven't or receive proper safety tips and and training and increasing current. They wouldn't be able to handle it either. Yeah the recall oil are from eleven had to be massive on the child you know. Maybe just didn't expectant but don't you think that gun instructor showed him. Well you know -- panic in her I don't know what he was teaching or or how he was struck they get. We're I got a player in the region near here are already. On the other guys I would do a lot of our -- safety brief first. There's a lot of product fire you're coming in and out of old Peter. Seeking your stance and grip before like fighters even groups. The really good to love electorate don't put your hand injured you don't the first underdogs. Good information from you this morning Miguel thank you again for joining us. Who were -- -- -- to the Miguel Rivera as vice president and co owner of Ron Rivera investigations.

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