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8-27 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- well -- -- governor I'm sending beach yet so it's Time -- having a problem nationwide. I know it there because some of the problems with the the computer at home early this morning. Let me to believe that but look at him -- what's going on here we -- a lot of things including a dumb ass -- -- -- UB I mean I do believe it's time. Coming to this conclusion hang in there it's region. I can't they show by saying this okay. If you don't tell me but from -- the radio you've ever seen me in person you know that I put out kinda like buys. You know on target about. I'm 64. Way yeah over three maybe 350 pounds. And I haven't. I -- that would knock the statue of liberty off of its base are right so I put out -- A lot of a lot of -- usually I'm happy and friendly and nice but sometimes sometimes not and -- because of that because of that. I'm very seldom. If ever called out on anything aren't. And -- because people recognize it if you call sandy beach. You better be ready to handle what -- going to get in return I mean that's just go. Through. Well this morning I turn on my computer at 5 AM and what I see them the very first email I have. It's Dominick Ortiz. Yeah as before you pick up the hammer before you appeared to -- before you -- up hooker. You know I love is opening rounds organized. But Dominic Ortiz is Dominic cork tees like we know -- Usually he's very Natalie dressed in whatever. And up and it's very professional. If he's ready for work looks like a man they can get the job done Melo and all this is Dominic Ortiz. Without -- sure Iran. I certainly hope that's went flying through my mind. As -- embraced an alternate lifestyle that I'm not familiar with because my first -- -- looking at -- Ortiz without a shirt on was. -- have you been working out. -- pretty buff to may. It is as as taxing as abs of steel I didn't check out his -- but he is and where -- He's here in the front of -- calm he's got to the and it comes steps shirtless and I'm thinking that's well. Those of us who work for a newcomer -- and up but that's not -- -- in time. He's is that he is taking BLS challenge. Am before he gets doused. He wants to call while three other people. One person was. I know with one of his clients. The second person I know was one of his clients and the third person was. Blocked. Me Dominic Ortiz has called me out. Well let me tell us -- muscle -- boy I don't back away from a challenge I will do -- I would -- it won't be ready but I'll do it. Trouble is I can't do it today I have actually am not making -- -- -- have things that I really just can't change today. But I will -- tomorrow and I'll posted on them on the web page and you'll see that I've done it at all I can say is this if you know me. I get to pick three people to call Obama. And if you now my mind works you know that that might be three people worth Watson in -- talking about this isn't going to be our hey I'm a businessman. Dump some ice and water on May. This is going to be. Volvo problem time that's all I can say it against anymore. Up was even write a check -- mail us -- I am I thrilled about getting doused with water and ice cubes now not relate. But how do it I would do it because it's a good cause and they're going very well with a and I will write project to write the check -- so weak and doesn't get wet. But then the good part I get the -- -- people so if you know me I wouldn't be laughing right. Quite lucky you. -- on the line. AA -- court today's first of all I have a question have you been working out you look pretty bluff -- -- video. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I well I did it between my hours so I ran down at 1055. -- wiped. Might help him and held him back upstairs right back out what I expect -- there. But it. -- would chargers are gonna have to do it tomorrow because I really can't go today but I will do it tomorrow but yeah I was surprised because. I I saw it on the steps -- usually people don't come into our building just wearing you know like -- a boxer trunks or bathing suit -- whatever that was you have done. Exactly and I thought maybe that you would also backed down because you know -- parallel. Yes remember Dominic you're Italian and I'm Italian -- are known for revenge. So. Just when you don't believe what you're. In any kind of trouble it'll show up but thank you for thinking of me Dominic right after I noticed the pecking order you do to clients first and then me. Are -- work -- out there. Well it's a good video work and people see it -- -- posted you know. It's my FaceBook page indictment that the -- like. -- and the quality and do whatever you want I will close in on -- to love that thank you for thinking about me I think. Are OK okay order hearings if I go the day. That's a good cause it's a good cause and -- idea in my mind works a little differently. And as you'll see you'll see that when you see glycol allowed -- I will do it but I can't do it until tomorrow but that's. That's that that's when I'll do it now there is they go study out from the university of buffalo. And here's what they found out so well. When you study you'll expect to move on earth things that were never known to mankind before. You're expected to -- are kind of bring new information to our life here is the headline. Of the story from the Buffalo News. Regarding the study done by Phillip Bates Smith. A resident doctoral candidate at UB a school of public health and health professionals okay. Pot smoking couples less likely to fight. -- Shocker. Guess as mom and dad are -- -- out of their gourd and they're not likely to fight. Thank you for that I wonder how many dollars were spent on this one. The couple who smoked marijuana together have fewer incidents of domestic violence according to this UB study. They took 634. Pot smoking couples which. Doesn't even cover the staff at UB over the first nine years of marriage found that the more often the husbands and wives smoke pot. The less likely they were to engage in spousal abuse is so what lessons learned there aren't that mores on your marvelous likely terrified and secondly you probably need plot to have nine years of marriage. In order to get through it so thank you for that -- what other things they Prada phone market. Husbands marijuana use predictive less frequent intimate partner violence. For frustration by wives. Couples in which both spouses use marijuana frequently reported the least frequent intimate partner violence. And the relationship between -- autumn air reduce partner violence was most evident among women. Some of the women get a stoned out of there Gordon it was like living Agile development frying -- so thank you for that really important information coming from. UB we'll take a break will be -- more would be huge company a newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah. Congratulations. One of my favorite people in the world. Is to be congratulated today and that is candy Johnson. Doctor Candice Johnson in a more formal setting from Roswell park. She apparently it has been named the deputy director -- the deputy director but she's been named the interim president and CEO. A starting January 1 she's made it known that. She can do more where she is in her present job she will not be a candidate for the top job but -- border is founded in their wisdom and I think it is wise. To appoint her interim presidency are starting January 1. When doctor trump retires his the article by dale Anderson. Says she's been named to what I just told -- The appointment is effective January 1 doctor Johnson will work with the executive committee. Of the board of directors along with the key group of institutional and and consult the consultants. To maintain strategic momentum as well as the operation. And financial integrity of a hundred plus year old organization. She said she will not be a candidate for the top job I can do more -- I am. A once the CEO arrive she will take the title of cancer senator director. And will oversee clinical care and scientific research reporting directly to the board let me just say this a wise choice. The first time I've met her I met her way of them. A doctor trump. The -- home had a brought them both then as successors. To him doctor -- and a great job and doctor trump for his serve. I admirably. And a great job but the first time I met her -- ever have one of those times when you meet somebody instantly. That you like them because it doesn't happen it may very often I can tell you that. She's just she's just a wonderful person very very good at what she does. And that they can say all the things they want in this offense -- from NC press release let me just say this she is. A doll that's the nicest compliment. -- Or nobody ever calls -- that you're bracelet. She is she's just a wonderful person and I couldn't be happier and -- walls and in good hands -- going forward. Now I guess who makes a lot of money on the all night talk show circuit. Well if I ask you who makes the most money Chris if you let me guess out of the late night post tool widget thing makes the most money. My guess would be Letterman just because of -- -- along well. Geron. Jon Stewart makes thirty million dollars a year. Keep that in mind is the king of the paychecks Letterman makes twenty million. Now keep in mind Letterman's been on for a long time and it's proven successful over both networks and whatever store's been on less time but very successful obviously but he makes them. He makes 25 to thirty million nobody's exactly sure of the number Judge Judy is after that actually she makes more than he goes. Judge Judy makes 47. Million dollars a year. And she still wears a little -- around her neck I can't believe anything she can afford like a real role. Much Matt Lauer despite the fact that we think Jesus you know not worth the appraising. 22 million to 25 million according TV guide so there's big money in them there late night shows and then their judge that's the way goes. If you're planning. On going to wings' best this weekend. Check out our Brenda only sees a column it's Albright is by it's it's on WB and dot com. And she asks some -- and trivia questions regarding Bill Murray. Angie she mentions that the Don has been. Is the guy who relate everything rolling through sailors and now as the wing king has really taken that and done a great job with a lot of things going on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. And there's going to be Wednesday while. Since 2002. Over four million. Wings have been sold. At the festival I mean that man that's a lot of -- 700 big festival has drawn more than 795000. People. Served four point two million wings during the last decade so. I'm sure will be another great weekend for this. And if you would like to check out more information go to Brenda is by its. I'll also you can hear on a 1520 between 103011 o'clock on Sunday mornings but that's -- -- -- -- I've awaiting fans. His -- wings I've had okay. Guess about who had two points all right it's still much work. I mean it's like a pork -- okay. I want I want the pork chop without the bones I don't wanna have to work for I want. I want the meat to challenge the plate for space -- talking about. These things that you have to really work to eat path as suffer -- But people what mornings and and always buffalo wings and wing press is fabulous and a lot of people go to work and a lot of people enjoyed so you might want to check that out. Wing best and that's that is some here's some of things going on Saturday. They have be creative sauce off. O'clock that is George the quiz master is gonna be there at 230. The -- zone. Recipe challenge at 3 o'clock I'm wondering how healthy this Israeli. 330 bobbing for wings as a public fun. The amateur weighing eating championship is at four on Saturday. The buffalo -- bowl eating -- that sixth the -- chilled Billy's blues bands playing at seven. So that's Oprah -- regular lineup on Saturday Sunday. The baby weighing competition at 1230. The college wing eating competition at 230. -- -- -- -- the effort to right there. And we get at 5 o'clock now we're getting to the heavy stuff. The United States. The United States chicken -- eating championship will commence. Closing ceremonies at 7 o'clock after an hour set with the heavenly. She'll abilities so that's it you wanna -- -- -- -- and Chris have you ever been the of the wing you know when pressed the event. I have not. -- our boy Tony did the judging last year I did them I think -- my went. I would go it's something that I all its always on my radar and I always think I'd enjoy it. I think of I want to spend a ton of money and wanna try everything and your alarm -- be burned out by the time to go through because -- -- make it's a stumbling so hot. Some people like really hot stuff never likes hot peppers I know that. Brando -- you very much and a hot sauce and supplant. I find the hotter you make it the last taste there is -- I agree I highlights key. -- you can taste one time we were given wings and a -- we want cowlings and my body was immediate. Said make them as hot as you can make all man -- -- -- -- some guy indicates that spent over twenty years is waiting for those words are we could Needham there were so hot like they just. They burn my time to stick my head of the faucet. Well never told me one time there was some kinds of Beano pepper something that was supposed to be almost an inevitable. And one of his sons -- challenged them to do it and he took a bite out of it in the he was nearly hospitalized I mean can't. That's because sends a fall is supposed to be enjoyable and nutritious. Is not supposed to burn your throat out. So I will say I'm in it's it's they're going on this weekend producers is not a great job this it's really put buffalo on the wing map. So thanks to drew and and get out there and support it. I will be back with beach company 930 that Libya. They do on the actual merits of these companies have sandy beach. And air warm warm warm. I anyway. Yeah I got a plan I've been called up by Dominic Cortese for the -- ice bucket challenge. I will do it I can't I can't possibly go today but I will go tomorrow. And I will lobby preparing my analyst for I guess I guess call up three other people. So I will I'll do it I'll take on the challenge I don't step away from a challenge and -- the boy from this one. And we'll post it as as soon as the the event is over half a fund fund. Now I'm listening to the radio this morning. And it's one of those times when you know my hearing -- have shot -- -- a former district when you spend your whole career. Of the human ears were not designed to Wear headphones. 345 hours a day for your entire life they just weren't so my hearing is not great. And I thought I didn't hear it correctly. And the story was about a nine year old girl and I thought especially since we've been having some technical problems with. Cutting off -- of the and the commercials someone got. I thought it -- been and 29. Or 39. So I didn't and put together that this was about a nine Euro. And the story goes back to Arizona. And this something that happened on a gun range and while we get into the meat of today's subject. I definitely want us all remember that a person. Has been killed because -- is so we certainly mourn the death of of an innocent person. However there are some things that are unavoidable and there are somethings that are totally avoidable and his death was absolutely. Not needed nor necessary. And that's sort of talk about today. Nine year old girl on a gun range in Arizona. First of follow. Before I give you my position on what's going on there let me give you a little background for those of -- or knew -- regarding me and guns. I have I started shooting guns in 1965. All right in Hartford Connecticut when I was at WD RC my friend on the gun shop. And John Wade who as a former a disc -- there and later went on to. Payment Philadelphia whatever. And I were good friends with the owner of a gunshot. So over a period of time we that we went to a place that he owned and fired Birtley every gun he had. And that's it was great enjoyment to a in the winter we reloaded so in the spring we were ready to go but we love -- Patio. A permanent in every state I've ever I've ever worked in the required permit in order to carry. Our club myself included. Were instructed on how to use the 45 Lotto by colonel Jeff Cooper Jeff Cooper. Until his passing was known as the year before most authority on the -- 45 ago. And he taught us over to date period on how to handle it properly and how to use it effectively sold. Since then every state I've ever worked in I've had guns I get all the permits a follow all the rules by you Obey all the laws. Off I am a member of the NRA. And have been most of my life another -- for -- known Clinton administration took over our eyes Ria -- and I intend to forever and ever and ever. I'm an NRA member. I will be the. I'll I'll read the story -- and give you my opinion. A nine year old girl nine. -- accidentally shot and killed a shooting range instructor and Arizona. Charles Barca 39 years -- was instruct him a girl on how do you lose. And automatic. -- Automatic. Machine -- Automatic -- on Monday when a girl who was accompanied by her parents pulled the trigger. And that lost control of a weapon the Mojave county sheriff's office said in that statement Ibaka was shot in the head and died of his injuries. Sam's a scar -- the operator of the shooting range last stop where the accident occurred said the range allows children. Age eight and older. To handle weapons. He said Rocco longtime military veteran and a working at the range for about two years. He said the range had not had an accident since it was opened more than a decade ago the girl's parents were recording the tutorial on their cell phones. When the incident occurred. And handed the footage over to the authorities and and there's a clear statement of exactly what happened. What led up to it and let me just say this I'll say it and I'll say it over and over I have to do. Ending an easy to a nine year old girl. Is insanity. All right this is -- about gun rights. This isn't about your right to bear arms is as -- about the constitution. This is about some common sense you don't hand. And woozy to a nine year old girl you just don't do it. And what happened is where when I -- the copies is automatic I thought that's got to be a mistake. In most states you need a class three license which is a federal license they have way an automatic and the difference for those of you who are not initiated through via. Should -- between an automatic and semi automatic OK you put a magazine into the in that weapon. A semi automatic you have to pull the trigger each time you want a shot OK boom boom boom -- home. Within automatic you pull the trigger once and the if you hold that you'll -- the whole magazine. It'll fire one after another after another you only have to pull a trigger once on an automatic if it's on full Lotto. All right now what happens if you if you are not equipped and don't know old and you've got that in your hand first of all it -- is not a very long done. And what's going to happen is the gun is going to ride up it's going to go straight up and for a -- goal all her head and shoot the instructor. It's remarkable but she obviously never took her finger off the trigger. This is a nine year old girl. Now bill be some out there some neanderthals out there who will say hey. We shouldn't have any rules regarding guns there shouldn't be the constant judge and argue that. We should be up by whatever we want to buy whenever we wanna buy it showed it wherever we shoot it. Get whatever -- we -- there should be no. No regulations and rules on firearms or animal. I say to them. That's an ignorant position because this is the kind of situation. That here's what his what happens not only do we lose a human being which is bad enough. But we've lost credibility. To those who call Los gun nuts. Those of us who enjoy guns don't don't like being called gun nuts of the late clips refused to do that. He used to call anybody in George shooting a gun not -- I tried to convince them that that wasn't the case. That we are responsible shooters. That we are -- of people who and admired the shooting sports whether -- hunting. It's a target practicing or just for protection. And it's something that we cannot led government infringe on that that's a whole premise of those of us who are pro gun. Where -- not pro ignorant however as a whole different ball game. And threw hand -- weapon like that. 219 year old is unconscionable. And it's sad in this release that that they might have ended a weapon like that to an eight year old and meanwhile mom and dad had a recording. This is an a lesson on ballet or a lesson on how to how to Roger bicycle. You're handling a very deadly weapon. So what happens now is how you going to defend that the next time somebody says hey Europe bunch of gun nuts -- defended. You say well -- we're not oh while the same mindset most people wouldn't even think -- -- Uzi. Two -- -- nine year old girl. Is that how is that now we lose all of our credibility we really do. And all of it goes down the drain and all it does is feed the other side the other side it's you're just handing them the issue. Of Second Amendment Rights. And the enjoyment of the shooting sports. You take all the wind out of everybody's sales all the good things all the positive things that we we know about shooting sports all the all of our feelings we have about the Second Amendment in the constitution go right out vote right out the window because we have no defense -- there is no defense for this. Period. So. I don't know about you want to think about your kid. When your kid was nine years old I started shooting will -- my uncle Grunow was a navy veteran. Who took me to weigh Bob wooded lot that he owned. Oh with a single shot 22 rifle which has baby the basically no recoil. And not loud or any thing he taught me about gun safety he he showed me how to do that later my first real gun was of the begun. A BB gun which I loved and shot it all the time. And then I graduated when I beat -- old enough to real guns and I've had a member cents still haven't and Tuesday. Blood this is unconscionable and indefensible. It really is so if you if you get somebody if you hear somebody standing up and saying. There shouldn't be any regulations for firearms here's why they're doing it they're doing it for themselves -- certainly not doing it for you and they're not doing it for the cause. They're doing it for look at me I'm different. Okay yes or morons there are different too but it's not something we aspire to be. We'll take a break and will be back wanna hear from you. If this is defensible if it's not if it's idiotic doesn't said the cause back a nine year old in Arizona and that is as an automatic Uzi. Probably kept her finger on if it wasn't follow auto -- the whole magazine I don't know how many they had and there are but. The fact they have -- and -- with any under any circumstances is unbelievable today. I find it pure insanity -- we have a right to act stupidly because that's what this is will be back -- business. And nine year old girl given and automatic I mean an automatic machine. -- to shoot at the range the instructor was though was shot and and killed and died. Apparently the way it was described is as the girl was shooting the -- It it traveled up which is what it would do. But obviously she kept her finger on the trigger -- on many rounds were in the magazine because if there was just one round. And she shot an even though would have -- recoil. It wouldn't take the gun and -- would first like if there was -- the second round in there she couldn't -- the instructor. But one shot. Would give a recoil but not as much as it would take it up over head and shoot like that that had to be several rounds. Totally irresponsible as far as I'm concerned now I have no problems in fact I think it's advisable. Their way any any young people that have an interest in shooting. To get them involved -- that -- on it in a safe manner. -- give them the proper wrote a gun safety. Instructions you show them you start off -- may be something as simple as a BB gun and go to a 22 and whatever. Which is certainly don't give a nine year old and those. That's I mean that's just the way describing his stupidity I'm sorry somebody died but it's stupidity. In no no matter and people within here's another probably find people who are program like myself. Many people won't say anything about this they'll dance around -- simply because it makes the whole group look bad look awful look irresponsible. And gives a gives ammunition of department expression. To the other side the ones who want to ban all guns it gives them a cause celeb like you would not believe I can see this being used -- rallies in literature or all kinds of things and it's indefensible. It's indefensible except by those who would defended under any of seeing circumstances. So what I'm saying is this was a bad day certainly for the instructor but it's also bad day for all of us who enjoy shooting. And there's no way there is no way to defend. Let's go to -- in Cheektowaga chuck here on WB yen. And I and -- I do. Agree with is that the on. The level of stupidity is just off the chart. On the next thing about someone coming up view and saying well -- these different guns that I carrion. And the people that area are on the way you want to defend that is. This is one incidents one level of stupidity and actually showed you are stupid or because someone Bechtel. There is no different than somebody taking a motorcycle. With the right around back in up in Wheeling and threw it. It's not often done but not all motor cycle let's do that. And the two group. All of our users. And is this can you believe that this is happening right the way I would -- a coach say yeah I. I totally agree that you know this level of stupidity. Is topped the chart but it's not all done uses it's not the way I think about done. It's not the people that that I know -- -- done that it's just one incidence and and our guys paid the ultimate price. And that's a good that's a good argument it's a good argument and it's a good intellectual argument. The problem we're gonna have is the other is an emotional argument. Look at these gun nuts they let their nine year old kids handle machine guns. So you'll and I both know it was one incident and if you can think of how many times people were shooting. -- over the course of a year and this is the first story we've had like this. That we understand that intellectually. It's one one out of millions. But emotionally if they want to stir up -- public opinion remember a lot of people don't pay much attention was going on at that would be an easy thing to do and it's sad because. It in almost any time that we're attacked we have a good rational legal argument. But with this one as you said -- we really don't because it's off the charts thank you -- is right it it is one incident. But as I said people. Like perhaps you or me or firearms instructors or policemen or whatever. We're all going to be labeled as though as a responsible even though. We are totally in the safety safety is the first second third fourth and fifth issues regarding shooting totally and safety. I can't believe that this -- says that they they allow via our kids up to from eight years old up. And as I said if you start without BB gun. He worked to a 22 who the year ago level of confidence you know what to expect. And many times people are not are not ready for either of a sound or the recoil of a weapon. The first time I shot and am one. Around the world worked so it doesn't enter my shoulder out and I was totally prepared and I was there shooters -- shooting for some time. So you have got to even if you're prepared you can get a bit more with this but -- machine -- That's what it is a machine gun 219 year old. Why wasn't the chains are available ridiculous we'll be back after this.

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