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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>SCOPE's Steven Altstadt- Gun Range death

SCOPE's Steven Altstadt- Gun Range death

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tragic go to London Arizona. A shooting range of 39 year old instructor showing a young child nine years old how to use them usually. Which is I assume a semiautomatic rifle let's talk about this on the WBBM -- to -- and I'll step with the every county chapter of school shooters committee on political education Steve good morning thank you for joining us. What are what are some I I guess what seems to be unusual here is that a nine year old child a girl. Was allowed to handle a weapon like this known as a gun guys. Do you find this a little bit unusual or maybe you don't. Well clearly she made a tragic ever. And whatever solution in -- go to that because those are pretty terrible weapons like that. And dunks and it was fatal error. Because so what -- -- total them. It what are we quote finish in the shooting in the. -- know what what did you think when it when he heard the story over the first things that they crossed your mind. -- well obviously you know that you used to also -- So that the victims in this Bill Clinton and it especially the girl -- -- annual -- was traumatized by the senate. And obviously the instructor their -- mr. -- and there. Single -- error in judgment and allowing her Sheila -- ultimately should get. When you know Lou -- that was -- instructor. Now he was probably assigned to work with this girl with this weapon. But wouldn't and other people you assume be involved emotionally like the management of the -- of this gun range I mean let's say you know mom and dad -- little nine year old girl and say look. Here's our daughter would like her to learn how to use the firearms. Wouldn't. They have to go through some kind of a process before she will actually get to an instructor. What are. Well it wouldn't -- younger with wouldn't wouldn't the whole family have to go through some kind of process you know before the girl went. Before the instructor. And why it was an Uzi chosen for this rather than something. Yeah that's great question oh well I mean this. It's with it's that was source Earl Stewart Campbell it was clearly have an error in judgment she should have them -- Checked out of something -- last week or over there and make sure that she was sort of capable of slow. Assailant slam whether it's sort of like editor and now losing. Mine though you know even though there's this there's a tragic accident when -- -- talk about because it's so rare. Which in sports and beat. Of assistance of the sports. Or simple skiing firewall people who are injured or killed in exodus over every year on record in her excellence. Not a losing users semi automatic weapons and -- correct -- this sort of automatic assumption okay would are are fully automatic weapons like got a lot of blue state like Arizona. They. -- They have to register. With the certain government they're not out of New York State and I Novo New York State went up you know. To handle any weapon -- stronger so to New York State so that could not have happened we believe in New York State. There are states just know. Restrictions on sort of automatic weapons and little -- to the federal regulations. Okay those are great for my question of for the first in -- in my mind was a nine year old -- -- with an -- But it couldn't happen here because you said twelve -- than the economic change. Well certainly not lately. You don't end up with an annual. Could be very capable channeling that -- welcome -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stephen thank you for all the information we appreciate your time this morning and as a tragic accident. Thank you Steve and all steadily Erie county chapter of scope to shooters Tripoli on political education.

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