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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Financial Guy Glenn Wiggle- Time Warner and Tim Horton's

Financial Guy Glenn Wiggle- Time Warner and Tim Horton's

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome our next guest on the W being analyzed line he's a guy we know very well -- went over the financial guys. LS LLC -- -- the Saturday afternoon here on news radio 930 WB and Glenn good morning hi dawn this morning thank you for joining. You know what we're doing great important -- -- we're talking about all these big mega mergers of the Burger King here. Tim Hortons deal I mean anyone who looks like a ton of bricks this week. What do you think about the thing -- mainly about moving the entire company to Canada. There's there's no way congress is going to approve lowering of the corporate tax it like 15% to be competitive. Market. I took a -- I mean obviously I think that we're the most aren't writing answers to try to make America more -- is. For businesses to relocate here to require that appeared here. And we don't they have the political will do that so. I don't know that in this case that murder in Italy doing it right back at you look at their returns last year. What -- thirteen at a a -- is actually about one summer camp where some percent don't know what carrier they're going to be about 26 point side by back in the provincial and federal and -- and unleashing a tax savings I think for the most part they're doing -- Really because it's a great opportunity for growth for both companies yeah I think each. Brings something different to the table are working together I think that the growth potential of these two companies combined is really like that are. What -- put this order together. Wolf for the consumer. Is this not a bad thing we never really noticed it. Or will -- No I don't think you'll notice it at all I mean don't forget -- -- important back in the mid ninety's ought not lost in the mid 2000. You know I didn't notice any difference that would be important guys so. -- I don't see any difference are all the food but what this does to triple franchise that isn't opportunity. The book it is and it remarked I mean Tim Hortons has been largely confined to Ontario and northern US. We're at Burger King has you know stores now under countries around the world and so against him or it was a great opportunity to. Celebrate their franchise and to take a lot more locations. Number Americans respect there's been getting killed by the battles in the morning with the records images and copy that'll be great high and copy at a market. Burger king of guerrilla struggle to matter so from a perspective -- -- kind of brings that morning breakfast potential back. Gives an opportunity for growth and that that backs up I think there'd be probably in the other really for the future growth the more so. Bruno -- I have a nephew who lose in the city of Detroit and he's been telling me that Tim Hortons. Never had any locations there and they are spreading like wildfire -- Detroit Windsor Ontario area right now. Giving Burger King goes looking up the -- long term potential. Of Tim Hortons I -- like being virtually everywhere. Oh I think so I mean I think. Burger King recognizes the opportunity to put him or don't block the last but to the world. You know China and I'll sort of -- up. I think there's into the opportunity to really accelerate the franchise of importance I think orbiting recognizes that. And I think by putting together with the location that Burger King has at least the ability to identify locations overseas. I think both companies really can benefit tremendously merger and I think he'll -- up. Okay what are you thinking about -- -- Comcast took Time Warner Cable merger does it mean it's like it's like a done deal it's not a done deal -- and everybody seems to think it will be. I hope that's not how they look much different scenario right. This I think is a bad. Because. I mean obviously about seeing some recent headlines in regards serviced by. You know I don't see any benefit here I mean you get the cable companies I bet you bet we do the same ball up high speed cable and I policy here has increased prices and lower service I don't see any kind of -- The consumer in the case of these companies getting the other. You know from a company standpoint I mean certainly there are benefits of these two companies getting together from a corporate standpoint but I think the consumer ultimately suffers I think the big concern with Time Warner Cable. Is really when it comes to the broadband access this merger is gonna give them control over 35%. No 35 and at 36%. Of the broadband access in the United States and -- The other fears is that. May be in the news you know. Got some feed prices. Preferential treatment. You know maybe they give you know certain preferred carriers are higher the you know -- Internet waned when. Others have slower lanes and I think it can potentially change. The worldwide web and that it stands in the architecture that is so. I think that congress you look very very carefully I think -- you look -- a very accurately and really consider the implications of consumer does because. I'm like Burger King -- import -- you know they screw up a copy. Okay -- what about in -- sore you know burger king of medal -- or are we somewhere else. But if the year in the area that. And for your cable -- -- your -- your broadband. A choice and so -- predicted of those -- different scenario what if I were Comcast verses or. You know despite all this vocal opposition. It still likely to be approved right. Well unfortunately is likely to be approved because Comcast has done a tremendous job of really greasing the skids and providing millions and millions and our local attributes of both parties. You know which is brilliance that thing hopefully. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail in congress and able. Consider their constituents and the and and the client of Time Warner Comcast. And consumers more so that their political contributions. Tehran like this morning that the Time Warner Cable according to a lot of tweets we've been receiving. As a major. Internet outage this morning -- thank you for there trying to -- up. Banks are getting it -- will go with the financial guys LLC.

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