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8/26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The exclusive -- TV and AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy tonight with a shower or thunderstorm across parts of the regional low as 65. The baby shower thunderstorm but spots tomorrow morning otherwise tomorrow intervals of clouds and sunshine not as warm and becoming less humid in the entity and I 75 partly cloudy and cooler -- -- on -- 55. Thursday partly sunny and pleasant with low humidity high 71. It breaking weather alerts on your cellphone by texting the word weather to 3930. On -- deviant AccuWeather meteorologist. Bob Larson. News radio 930 WBA. And and and then. -- just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set -- world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything October. You don't do. -- -- -- Felt when it's live it's local Applebee's neighborhood and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. It is -- -- news radio 930 WBBM. You know -- angels. I don't a lot of us think well -- Angel girl dressed in white right and and they play harps and their metaphysical beings that help you and your time a desperate struggles. Well not necessarily. I sometimes angels could be flesh and blood people who were just there at exactly the right time you need them to be either. And it I've found myself in position to help a family. Eight a -- speaking family. Last night and I did so. And I feel real I feel real good about -- and basically. Up to the show because -- Watching guys to know what a wonderful person I am 'cause I'm not I mean now I tried but I don't always succeed. But the the thought I kept going through my head and I am totally honest about this was -- the golden rule. The golden rule. And don't laugh at me because I'm not trying to be a hypocrite. But I actually thought what would Jesus and the disciples do. With just give these people directions and drive away. What they make absolutely sure. That these people got on the road. Don't think of myself what life does not give you the opportunity. To help people all the time. In such an easy way. So I show all the how to get to the night the east I have the follow through the night the east for main street Williams battle. I get up -- transit attain New York State the fifteen cents I go up Errol vital. You know what it did a good feel. It really bit. And I also will tell you in this probably I don't make make of this what you will but. I've had some good experiences with people from the Indian subcontinent area in -- -- you're talking with India or Pakistan that a lot of great experience with the pakistanis and with Indians which may sound paradoxical but I have. So I know we have a fondness. Four people from that part of the world. My grandmother did to. My mom's -- always wanted to go to India is -- a collection of little elephants around the house. And I've always wondered if somehow that was passed down to me. And I thought to myself what I'm doing this for a white family yes what I do it for black family yes. I would have done it for eskimos and I would I would've done it for anybody. But it just so happened. And again this is just this is one of those bizarre things I think. These people were Muslim but I don't know what I was gonna ask I think that would have been. But. Given the fact that I had just -- Michelle on the one woman Vermont who would got all upset about bacon on a sign. It was almost like. All right is this -- chance to prove something to myself. Is this a chance to prove something -- It's kind of a bizarre dynamic. That I went through. But. I would look at -- headed by single women. To. Do what I did. I mean a lot of things can -- I can hit myself quite well. Ever since the age of thirty thank you very much so I don't worry about anything bad happening to me. But then ignored and able to -- -- you know what I did get bad vibes from these people the vibe I got was. We have been driving around for hours we are hopelessly lost we don't even know where we are always those that we wanna go to -- thousand violence. And if I played a small part in making their -- better. And and helping them get to their destination well then that's why I was there that's why did that moment I got off. With 78 miles left in my car to gas up. And going to the store. Still blown away by the story the guy told us about breaking down in Georgia by the Florida line. By the way -- front Rus Thompson -- Kia is having some car issues right now two down south. Allocated to it but keep Ross in your thoughts and crackers I told them dude if there's everything you need that I can do appear to help you out you just let me you know. Anyway it is. Now -- roster I would send money. Definitely absolutely. It is not eleven minutes after six news radio 930 WB -- -- hourly have you been helped by an Angel and I had a chance to be one last night and I don't claim to be an Angel please understand this is just. Faye god circumstances put me in a position last night where can actually go above and beyond the call of duty. And really help these people -- that it is blowing a -- operatives do this do this do this degree is in they go to on the hill and read the signs saying you should have bought a squirrel. You know. That's from rat race the movie by the way. Our let's get back to the calls on WBE and the who is next its mark in Boston on WB on mark. In an era of racial tension you have a story. That. Will be back some minutes talk. It's such -- oriented and it's always great and really lands. That. Yeah possibly. We're on our way we use my parents let mother father and me. Where the Mount Clemens which again and that summer 68 years after. The ride at the twelfth street riots in Detroit. Then we got off for whatever reason ridiculous whatever I'll Peterson I don't know what the main highway was there. If we're trying to -- and it's summer and what those are dollar -- figures and have air conditioning not too many didn't. We're driving along and it's like there's like a war zone still a year later this they're like Bert character for bill. And so we're we're traveled long and it yet no clue to -- an interstate. There was an affront and abet -- We pull up they get -- to start. Look like it's 62. Old convert electric -- remember our street it is old paradigm of they're nursery black -- Two guys and throw -- quarterback. And they ordered an old. Oak street records the capsule so. Brothers and a little off in the public you know they look like I should go wanna talk to a -- like fourteen of the -- -- black -- you know. -- -- I pulled up while you guys we'll talk to anybody does in here who are. He pulled up alongside piece of paper because it on the other you know on interstates. These two and so much lower Albert others as sort of strategic it we're gonna die or gonna title. I'm sorry okay go ahead. In an unlikely that would actually an epic you know -- the stick guide from the there's two guys in the front or going to be actually stands up. Is the -- overly maybe should think twice about dark and they slowed down a stroke or did it SA. There the guys that aren't by all of us follow us -- We welcome you earlier might -- radical stances you can just do without tiger guerrillas were more extolled or or Ireland. And so it's a search on these guys who were driving along and I don't know half mile or mile later right it is wherever that this as well as they deploy up. Excellent entrance to the interstate they pull over again it's -- look that is there any point. Don't know brought sit there you go there you weren't there there. It's my mother's like it's probably the dark earlier should be killed they're cheap they can work though it. That but this -- reporting thanks that the suspect -- might well appreciate it well there we are back and interstate that you know order. Well I think I find that interest thing given the timeframe involved and you know what they were your angels three black men turned out to be or angels the summer after 1960 sevens riots. -- -- there was tell -- it was like the riots were over religious center the week before because. We were ever and that there was -- -- say -- just looking up but it is -- and their effects and -- spread over 400. Some buildings 7000 people are such a forty treat people died they've. They sent in the the army -- sit -- -- National Guard wouldn't go up but really really. It was a mess I mean not just west of Detroit it was Newark. It was and we had a little buffalo not add to the scale they have them in Detroit but that it was a bloody -- And thank god. We have not had a re Pete abet and a national scale since then. But -- -- black angels on vacation once in Mexico and of course frequently in in Jamaica in -- people watching my back. It's it's always good. All right thank you very much. Not told the story before but this guy and that's what I love about travel. Is this one guy was -- at the same place I was in Mexico not the Jamaica. And you know the guy looked like a hip hop rapper. -- In this case the term thug has no racial connotation it's just like and in ordinary buffalo conversation we probably wouldn't -- two words to each other. But. He had -- back in downtown. Wasn't Cancun. He said that -- -- that the place in Mexico Cancun. And here's a good guy. But anyway. Here is John Kerry. Though I'm sorry I beg you pardon -- -- I'd I'd jump ahead as I frequently deal with women here's -- on a cell phone on WB Ian Tony you're on hello. Don. Back -- 1990 coming back from Atlantic City. I'm -- seventeen you know seventeen and that 86 -- six. Our breakdown where -- three or become network a 390. Topic trucker editor traveling back. -- You know sure govern our sanctuary -- and are on the Mount Vernon. OK great he had just dropped upload New York City and you elaborate later mile -- if you look at a map -- -- still is a on the -- A Lake -- arm despite number each. It's her in the section called mild or serious. And it kind of rapid Mount Vernon. Arm by this -- it was -- still have been going to -- birdie which -- up 35 or thirty miles -- from New York City. Not and there's also looked like actually park there's a number little hamlets along the way. But I mean you look like -- our bottom wearing a good heavens. Yeah you're you're well -- Crockett -- where 7390. Armored bat. You're dramatic New York City got morning. -- where he followed my Margaret outside and he worked out well sir you are you stood -- the right way. Yak got to turn Mario -- nature -- all all Watergate and target turnaround in. Inspired it'll start at. All of it. Yeah see there was an error before GPS before we all have little man in little women in our cars saying. Follow 9423. Point two miles then go left. You were basically GPS before GPS. -- -- Network. A white daughter on. Well. Partner. Or are you look at. All. Soccer ball and it would work yeah see it or else. So yeah low poll. I'll eight I'll meet you. Out and feel it could have been illegally. -- -- Don't. -- know. He. Actually yeah actually yeah -- do it probably. Bakery now because that was -- way. When it looked like the next day was like minus. Did she agree that thermometer and we -- we try to walk a mile recorder on -- Before we got that actually. Why Barry I got this idea that you just a local guy I don't -- The street. You know sell out but there is no -- Japanese. -- -- -- Well you know -- -- finally thank you very much see these stories are great. Because seat sometimes in the media and I'm guilty of us and we do focus on the bigger -- the -- -- does it just doesn't make who's in a plane lands safely details that'll have a and this is a good reminder that we do have people out there were pretty cool. Now people can be real jerks don't get me wrong but sometimes when you least expect it. People will do things. That really do demonstrate -- willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. And make sure you were -- And if you can help somebody in that kind of a situation. Why not why would -- let's find out about traffic years ago helps is every day it's paid for -- here's Alan Harris. AccuWeather partly cloudy tonight a shower or thunderstorm around overnight low 65 tomorrow expect to shower or thunderstorm in spots in the morning if you're listening to John's back and Susan Rosen and sandy beach from my mind until noon not us warm tomorrow. -- son and some clouds less humid day. Tomorrow afternoon 75 right now 83 at news radio 930 WBM. Now we have Buffalo's early news for every weekday from 5 AM until line. And it said he beach with live local talk nine until noon Rush Limbaugh new industry some idiot from three to seven Sean Hannity from seven until ten Michael Savage -- -- one and then George -- over night the best talk lineup of any radio station in America just happens to be in a medium sized market. -- -- All right let's get back to the calls on WB -- have you been helped by an Angel a human being in the right place at the right time or if you somebody's Angel. -- got an interest the email from a police officer. I have to edited because I don't want anybody to know who he is or what department he's associated with but I want to see if I can't there's sneak -- Ian. On the year before the end of the show here is scary in ransom bill on WB and Karrie thank you for holding that your turn finally -- Hello I went on my husband who is the Angel in the situation we have the property out of here we -- camping in the front of buyers. -- hug and a a couple of the friends they have -- And arm but he like you know I'd be normal I do normal things that much about it but in the end it was about and we all went for a walk. My husband stayed behind cam. On that block a different husband fell. On it would've spent in normal -- in -- -- for -- I would. Her pick for him and this Ginn being so sensitive because their feet on his blade just basically burst open like out -- -- -- -- each aspect. He was bleeding profusely and he was his knee and his white of them stayed out. And we obviously need to get into the hospital but he could not get up on all -- His wife and I -- couldn't get him either so I went Big Apple might prop up my husband met -- -- is ATP. And managed to pick the guy up who outweighed him by under house. And -- hearing him often inclined but over her real Smart trucked to seek and they are -- -- I'm the gentleman did not want an ambulance call for various reasons he wants try to get in the room. -- the way out of an ambulance site of that. You know like it -- carried him opening Klein. And over air rail or truck and it was it was like. Peek at what you pick up the piece of paper I think the adrenaline kicked. And brought. And plus I'm sure the guy he was carrying did was like it was like curing a limp -- Well I mean like -- said I outweighed him by a cougar in the Caribbean they're worried yet we can't I at least on your -- ball and. We talk. On the right place at the right time where you least able to stop the bleeding before you were able to carry him -- they hell were you able to do the tourniquet thing. I grabbed a towel from the -- in my truck. And tried the best -- could -- but that he was a much keynote trying to hurt him I think I'm out trying to -- his leg. Om and it you know the -- that there was dirt and gravel and didn't help either -- of course we're trying Q is the best we could. I my dear I have to break Paul hold on wanna finish the story here on WB -- coming up on 645 it -- hourly news with mr. pocket is just ahead including the latest on the sentencing of a child killer. They sing. Now we're talking about angels but yeah -- Not the metaphysical world although that does not preclude -- metaphysical origin of thought or the circumstances that put the Angel in your way. Have to stop at a gas station last night -- 78 miles usually I run that tank down. But for whatever reason I said I think I'll stop often get some gas and get a car washed. And as it turned out -- put me in a spot where is it would help create a meal family that -- that's TA MIL by the way that was just hopelessly lost. And very. You know it's like they were angry but I I know that look of floss to ration your frustrated your flustered it's like -- Why did get to -- trying to -- well. And folks they didn't even know where they were on a map of New York State does that explain how lost they work yeah -- So anyway I was able -- good news and all as well so I was there Angel so for once in my life I got to be a good guy. Now I received the email here from a. A law enforcement person and cure them and you're right back to your. Tom I believe in angels several years ago my patrol partner and I responded to a violent domestic. Guy with a bat we get there we have a female crying on the porch the guy is cracked out swinging up. We approach -- I had my cap spray ready at that he's talking about caps on their chemicals -- I have my cap spray ready. -- is now threatening us with about. Now decision is make an arrest but he barricades himself to vestibule. We converts them to give us the bat he complied but he's still inside the whole way. Then he says I don't want to go to jail so I might as well fight. He charges us knocks our radio to the floor I try to discredit him. Which bounced off the door. My partner got this sprayed in his size so we're now struggling with this guy on the porch he ended up spinning around. And pushing me off the -- I felt ten feet. Knocking me out in a driveway. My partner continued the fight they ended up fighting now off the porch on the front -- An elderly couple next -- -- what was going on the lady called 911 to get his help. The elderly man goes outside. -- begins to help my partner the elderly guy was kicking the bad guy at the crack head was trying to get my partners done. If it wasn't for these angels the senior citizens it could've been worse like. Being shot by this -- I believe in angels. Wow. And by the way a brilliant just the email on my FaceBook page from somebody who saw a potential. -- -- in distress. Yesterday on the 400. And you can go to my FaceBook page and read the letter. And I think there's some good advice on this page. In terms of what you should and should not do as a citizen. And the best advice I can give you is if you are not trained. The best thing you can do is use your cell phone if you art trade the best thing you can do is use your cell phone and you know -- let's put it this way you know what to do next. You know the words to say so the -- in trouble or potentially in trouble knows he's got reliable back. You know the lingo you know cop speak and you don't need me to tell you what to do. And I would do the same. I always. I always make sure if I'm going by a vehicle stop. That everything is under control. And and I hope it always is but if it isn't. You know I don't wanna -- some bystander when I couldn't help. It is 637 'cause I speak I do speak top of sarcasm with some fluency. It is 637 a news radio 930 -- that that Kerry in ransom but also the -- of the southern tier. And very Carrie and her husband basically help this guy who is on key row. He is basically filled with fluid adding to his body weight. He had fallen and his leg which is gushing blood it. And her husband -- this guy who most of outweighed him by a hundred pounds. Up a ravine basically. And -- 28 truck or an ATV to get him to the hospital work obviously he's gonna have be stitched up probably ought to rise first. End you wanna pick up the story carry. Yet he can you pick them up and he'd like if -- carried him out at incline former guard rail. And into our truck and then I -- or Wheeler and -- took off with C. Husband and the wife accused armed hospital -- and I -- -- some -- Wheeler went back to camp and grab their vehicle and meet them at you ever -- -- I mean it would definitely help. We could call an ambulance he was very comfortable at the ambulance being called. On defense in the hot goalie that you -- -- brain surgery at an all -- and he was just over ambulance transportation and. Not only that but that regularly transports a -- -- 1000 bucks. Right exactly and he declined to keep hospitals but it but I think the adrenaline kicked in and he -- pick them up and put them in the truck and very gingerly -- can -- -- miracle at play. I'm white and I hit eight at towel wrapped like previous. -- It said that mr. -- at this point she's worried about action. You know trade the bleeding to app which -- that local -- Euro. And they handled it from there to lead it in any -- -- allowed to make sure everything okay. How many minister to take how to minister to take to get from the scene where it had happened to the hospital in the southern two year. While it seemed like hours but I think realistically. It's a year. Art is well -- area and we now. We worked to fire from Allentown in the hospital so you like about an eighteen minute but it seemed like hours sure that I want to get important top. Albany for infection you gotta make sure first let me first things first and ensure -- lead out. Right because again. Being he has Kenya is moderate outspent her and he is. More apt to lead more profusely then you're like that. You know that type of -- injury and again the weight eat out where I probably would. Have been an. Our beat up because of the fluid in the give it a delicate beat them in their C it was much march act and somebody else fall -- I know that when my dad had diabetes and other equipment and the amputations and almighty god may never end up that we're. Thank you very much for the call and tell your husband he's all man. Well and you're all woman. Thank you come together you are magic your angels. All right thanks -- 803 don't like thirty let's go to GO intent or WBE and Joseph you also have been an Angel these stories these rock. Well what a great show it's hard up some of stories -- one now. I'm just last night. I would come home for a lot Ford are driving downtrend that night I got to learn from those for highways and and it they're right I see a man about a mile per wrote stand outside heat. That the -- 68. Standing outside and he he looked like a worker now wearing you know shoot or not they need to work it'll take Keener. Eric thank Michael and he looked like he's playing the flag down deeply got a package psyche that is Paramount on any -- and I knew that area of sports but we know for a transit a medical flight sixty mile an hour if. Yeah well and especially once you make the well either the right to left turn but the left turn to go to -- reported dispute. Until they get to drive and then everything comes to a crawl in the right lane but continue. Yeah exactly so it's right in the state and that way electoral pie and I don't normally you'd -- because. If you're experience. I don't trust people and and but until it can mean true public key. -- -- Believe in people like -- why I got and the 990 which it quit -- stone. And I yelled at the Q ninety make it a matter of boulevard and I said. A gun at something telling legal. Go out here -- he's still there. So I turned around what Ali act. You know -- highway in the area. And he -- he. What like a teacher -- -- like there can't look like me and he is like. Like I believe you. And then Mike Holcomb. I can't Q and turn -- he didn't -- -- You know what well I can't believe you did this so -- issue. You wouldn't hurt -- and I only wonder what would not he has the alternate I think that dorm well I can't talk her out picking traffic. I'm that -- -- turned around you know quite dangerous there. And an -- -- walking out -- not what I'm concerned about your your various and the promise you'll injured right that it happened so. I don't charge you and I welcome home. But stream out on the road and he -- yes. I can't believe this man did and -- all right thank -- woods. Forget that part of it. I'm a big believer in. Yes Senator Clinton camp and can I not done yet he would stick it out there. Intrepid but I think in -- only people out there. District it's driving you get your -- yet they kept it. I believe any boast that maybe. That and how horrible words not turn around something so it was the uncle always -- You know it reminds me of a story I told several years ago which by the way -- the last image of the show. Where I had this feeling. That something was not right at all instead go to the river I turned around and I got home just in time to help an elderly alzheimer's patient. That it wandered into my driveway. And you know make sure she sat down -- that she had water. I don't know what prompted me to do it other than a feeling and it's it's all outlaws was appealing if something was amiss at my home. And to this day I have no explanation as to why I was so uncomfortable driving to the river and why I had to turn around. And -- Go ahead. Well last night I got a leak it to write an act oak boulevard in -- count us out time and something told me. He needs help. -- while well again I can definitely relate to that has it was a voice inside of you actually saw the guy. I didn't know there's anything wrong in my house I just got to feel it and it took us there will never understand that. Thank you very much I'm glad you called. -- veers more in heaven and earth Horatio than is dreamt of in your philosophy. But of course some people can't increase. Like fox here's. In freedom New York on WB and Donna high. I won't hold ought to go -- -- you're trying but I here and there are. And experience what I I want to work for company in the and that sort of bought all the way out there and what I got there. To drive throughout -- -- the trainer that I did not get along with. And not. So we're right together it drop -- from Saint Louis. Which I -- them are -- I've never traveled everywhere but I order in the country so they are higher in the city. No idea where a man. Our iPhone remote tall. But I had no I had some cared for they would accept cash. That the idea and democratic -- Sol what I went there. They are they there was an electronic market nightmare rejected that now we cannot we -- heavier. He got a democratic -- Thought I -- walk at all. A guy. At my back. -- -- -- Sever my bag and he just kept go he just took off with a -- but today in my bag that he does look bad news the black gentleman. So here I am nervous I -- 41 years old -- You're never in the city. Oh I well I I guess so all the guy he's got my bag. Story takes my bag. Throw in the back of pickup truck which is old beat up -- -- -- on the road they just don't tell me to get in both of them well all right well. Do with a guy you know which. That my parents older Mario homeboy -- -- bad but I got a truck with a guy it broke overall probably. -- -- -- And all that to another place locked them -- to -- my situation over -- crummy motel but he. -- -- situation probably in my bags -- sediment there. As I heard it my bags that help them reach in my back pocket. Are all very heated -- side but he took my wall. -- -- Well I ever expect to see if he took a law that urge you walk away and actually there was a very sit there and put a dollar bill in my pocket. So I. I just thought that they -- I I thought the worst but at the end that's other really good people out there that you -- expect. So role. The bottom line with your story -- Our in in two sentences. I guess -- your heart. I don't really know why I don't off -- at sing -- again be obsolete now. Well there was log on China's where they what do you do. -- wall I got. I don't know what to do what this guy had a good heart and I don't I'm pretty sure that you almost certain. It was where all strictly close it looked like somebody that was go to rob let's. Aggression so judgmental. Or maybe somebody generated. Hard to tell the difference sometime. Thank you very much I'm glad you called. -- appreciate it all right closer really interest in topic I'm fascinated -- -- 648 news radio 930 WB EN. 650 so let's go to one in buffalo. Pretty awesome show -- angels in human form Ellen your WB Ian welcome. Part -- product here do you think you. Blow hasn't been caught today but I have. -- and Angel and I will never forget it. It's at about thirty years ago I hit. Bullets that depression. Got to a point where LA is extremely. Serious. I -- -- hospital. And I was in the past about trying -- And they've brought from the option it's meant came in he started track enemy you understand that I was saying. He said -- to calm and seeing me think I can help field. I think now nobody can count me I have been so many people on that should at the end nobody could how he said no you come and seen me. So after allow like about Atlanta I call them went see him. You start attacking me and he understood every single word I -- it. He didn't work training Orton taking -- get rented a volatile. Room somewhere. So I was going to him for about a year and a half we turned the leak for a full year and a half. Only charge me what I can afford it wasn't concerned about money. -- after a year and a half I got back and my feet up have a lot of work to do but I did get back and might -- I called him one day I got to see him the phone -- disconnected. There was no -- had nowhere to be out nobody knew where he went nobody knew where he liked it to disappear into thin air. Exit stage I squared the man saved my life is nowhere to be found. Men. And he had no professional credentials of which you're aware wasn't like an MSW were certified count. Now he believed he was to start a counselor know you know another factoring in to -- -- that's what he told me. Since the reason why I went. Everything that I explained to him he get the same thing hit it to him he knew exactly where it's asking about. Had ordered I be happy are honestly can order maybe he. It fell in too deep pit of depression and that's why his phone was disconnected and he fell off the pace of the -- that whatever he was he had been through before I wonder if it reared its ugly head again. -- Believe so I don't think you would have done and I particularly if somehow crawled let me now he's extremely caring always available. I can. Up again and I'm kind of running short on time here but it sounds like an Angel again in human form. And I hope that things worked out OK for a friend thank you very much. While this are really proved to be an outstanding program. Thank you I guess. This one kind of hit a home run. So. Thank you for all the balls but more importantly thank you for which did it help other people just really cool -- -- -- awesome listener. Thanks to Joseph Lieber faced -- -- -- back. And know yourself. Yeah.

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