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8/26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The exclusive -- TV and AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy tonight with a shower or thunderstorm across parts of the regional low as 65. The could be shower or thunderstorm but spots tomorrow morning otherwise tomorrow intervals of clouds and sunshine not as warm and becoming less humidity entity and I 75 partly cloudy cooler too hard on those 55. Thursday partly sunny -- low humidity high said he -- It breaking weather alerts on your cellphone by texting the word weather to 3930. On -- deviant AccuWeather meteorologist. Bob Larson. News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's -- it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. What is it. And repeats Tom hourly. It's -- it's locals have the option. Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being very Tom hourly. Effects. On news radio 930 W. There you know it is probably a news radio 930 WBE. -- sometimes you guys are harder and sometimes I just don't know if you want serious or -- I don't know. But I try my best to up region anyway. You're guilty pleasure food and why I asked this I ask this because dairy queen Mary queen. Guess what I've got my brain there queen anyway Tom -- hit -- -- -- big difference between kings and queens got. And the King of Queens but. Burger king and Tim Hortons are united it. And the financier making it possible is Warren Buffett. Here is the absolutely hilarious part of -- Warren Buffett. Does anybody else remember Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on the. We love so much money we've also we have noted. That Warren Buffett. My secretary. Good news or an accident -- not true. Warren Buffett is making possible this deal between burger king and Tim Morton's. And gas at the new company is going to be located in Canada you know why. Up up. Lower corporate expense. It's so Warren Buffett. A big hypocrite. Why involvement. Let's talk about. Secretary page where objection is that I do. He is behind the deal is money bags make it impossible for burger king and importance that -- for the new company to be. Based in Canada to pay lower corporate tax news. Are -- freaking believable. Today I remind you of course. That his Berkshire Hathaway. They all in the local daily liberal rag. And -- -- if you save some money. You get all the news you need for free here at WB EN dot com. And if you want unsubscribe. From the paper it's easy to do all you do is call 842111184211112. Unsubscribe. Because. This kind of of the believe that when you subscribe. You basically are giving money to Obama and pool ball and Pelosi and Brian Higgins because they act as their media mouth pieces the end buffalo western new York and surrounding areas. So if you -- unsubscribe. From local daily rag. It's easily done 8421111. I think they're open regular business hours anyway. It is -- hourly do you have a guilty food pleasure and if you do what is it -- on asking that question based upon. The situation -- That -- burger king and Tim Hortons there and guilty pleasures Burger King the onion rings. As far as I don't Burger King is the only place that makes an injury McDonald's I don't think as liberators Whitney's I don't think there's an ignorance Burger King. As I -- and race. And there are always perfectly. Circular and generates. They're definitely made from weird onions but. Berger case that it brings rock Tim Hortons. -- ice caps are sensation. Ice caps to me they're like milk shakes -- if you were -- bugs that's ever. But as far as -- go guilty pleasure it's got to be. The Paulus doughnuts. Are poverty you don't but -- feel like -- adult. And the -- -- are phenomenal and the peanut cream. I like -- Not allergic to them. And the -- free -- are like. They're just a little bit of heaven with everybody. Because they're made with -- And that's all. The alternate crypto involved company that has nothing to do with you Paula -- or Burger King or Tim Hortons and its dairy queens Arctic. Rush which used -- as the mr. misty. My theory about the name change is that people got sick and tired -- did anyway of walking up to the counter and saying. Can I have a large mr. mr. Blair is I felt uncomfortable saying and you know open minded guy -- but if it challenged my comfort level. Surely that's a market researcher Gary quick Andy circumference of the straw cannot be undervalued. So you're guilty pleasure food whether it's Tim Hortons whether it's Burger King or some other place. Now we've got a vote here for a Paulus donuts -- sticker got somebody back him up on that Ando Walters bakery. And Evans white chocolate chip cookies frankly. That sounds just a little bit racist to me. Feel just a little bit uncomfortable referring to them as white chocolate chip cookies. Somehow I feel as though that's almost elitism and and and racism especially because it's in that white privilege community of Williams. Now how they can get away with white chocolate chips to the exclusion of black sharply chips for a little uncomfortable with that to be honest with so others that. Also well. -- before. And what can you believe in angels. Most people think of angels as. You know payload beings with wings and white robes that descend upon you and help you out when you are most in need. But. I have a question for you because this actually happen to me last night. And the irony I find delicious. Because I had just gotten through doing the show about bacon and look in Vermont gets offended by assignments is bacon. And the restaurant in what is he Vermont the advertised bacon. Acquiesced and apologized to the woman. So anyway it all the way home last. I realized my car has 78 miles until it runs out of gas. Main street was got a dead so I stopped off of the gas station at -- an idea mainstream. Right. And I want replica -- and the woman has something in her hand. Now they tell me that in the old days people used to use something called an app. A -- Owed on a map and a -- brighten up that -- -- -- -- -- a map to find their way around the world. Am the woman asked me if I knew where the Thousand Islands were. And if you saw the drawing of New York State on the front of this map. It would be hard even find out where buffalo once you that's how weird to drawing boards. And I said why the US well this family is trying to get to the Thousand -- So I said all right with that map it's not gonna help I've said all I can do is say go to Syracuse. Then go north when you see the sign for -- Iraq. Now I should point out that the fail in question. I thought they were Indy as in subcontinent India maybe Pakistan. That would of course make the Muslim in all probability. So what are they were hopelessly lost -- -- that -- hopelessly lost. Happens to be in Toronto more than I'd like to admit. I go to Toronto. It's like I've entered this black hole. I could probably find my way around Pluto better than I can find a way around Toronto. So I could see the look of absolute flushed ration. On their faces. So they stay in the store. Which is attached to the gas station on main street by the tonight. I brought public. What about myself ball. And I punch ups and APS -- which shows a satellite view of New York State. -- -- -- -- make sure that I had given the family the proper directions. So -- zoo and and it actually looked like new York state of my cellphone it didn't really look like New York State on the paper map. The woman at the counter. So the gentleman walked out of the store I could tell that he was not real satisfied with the directions he'd been given. So I said partly circular. So what are the short of it is I showed him where Watertown ones I said here you go to Syracuse you wanna take that nine deep. You wanna go east you're gonna drive about 22 and a half hours you're going to be in Syracuse would go to Syracuse. You're gonna go north and. 81 you'll see assignments is Watertown. May be Alexandria bay just go north of 81. I showed it to. And that I knew that we are in trouble. Because he said well where am I now. Now I am guessing that they were tourists from out of the country I did not get the feeling that they had moved to the United States I got the sense that they were tourists who would read that a vehicle who were trying to find the thousand pilots. They had no idea where buffalo was on the map of New York State does this give you some idea as to the sense of absolute flushed ration. This family must have been experiencing other good bets. So. I try to explain to them how to get on the night the east for main street in -- Now ladies and gentlemen. What do we know about that particular stretch of the 29. Has there ever been a day ever weather hasn't been an accident. Because people try to get left to go to Albany and other people try to stay right to go to the airport or buffalo Erie. No there's always an accident. And I realized. That there was no way this family. That had already. Got the sense they've been driving around. It was and lost for hours. I realized there was no way and help they were ever gonna figure out how to get to the ninety east from the 290. From main street in Williams. So I said okay. I wrote down the directions I said nine. To Syracuse. Syracuse. 81 north. So Watertown. I gave the got a piece of paper. In that I said. You know I wish I spoke Hindi. And the woman laughed as she said that we don't speak -- either worked a meal. I wanted to say captain and to meal but I felt that would be appropriate at the time so well. I realize. There is no way they're gonna make terror. So I didn't like good deed for the day. I set up they want I don't really have to go this way but. Follow me I will get you to the road you need to be on. So I got them on to the two and I -- Heading east. And then veering off to the left. So they can access the -- heading east going through of course the New York State William bill boots. And then as I got off -- transit they went by me they gave me a friendly way off they work. And I'm sure that with my directions if they followed them. There in the Thousand Islands right now enjoying Alexandria bay or wherever they capital -- news wanted to go in the Thousand Islands. -- I don't know if a you have ever helped people. Just find their -- some. But if you ever done to -- want a solid even though the door -- that person to do absolutely nothing for. How helpful person are you. When somebody is in neat. Do you walk away. Or. Do you. Help them even going above and beyond the call of human ability to help them that's not -- number two. Have you ever yourself in such a position. Because folks I have. Especially in the -- before GPS. And sometimes people do not give directions correctly. In fact Whoopi Goldberg in the movie rat race. She didn't buy a pet squirrel. And she paid the price of being given some very bad directions from the woman selling the squirrels. -- famous scene very funny -- So have you -- somebody as solid or was there a humor Angel there when -- most needed somebody to help you out. And of course. Comfort -- What is your guilty pleasure. 030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start at 38 and 180616. WB EN there's comfort food for the -- forgetting your home safely here's Alan Harris. -- Call her little white van up open admitted safely. Partly cloudy tonight a shower or thunderstorm 65 the -- tomorrow shower or thunderstorm in spots otherwise not as warm sun and clouds. WS -- tomorrow afternoon 75 was still at 83 degrees at news radio 930 WB the end. All right so have you done somebody as solid as an Angel been there when you most needed that maybe had a flat tires. Maybe it was a situation where you were at a hospital parking lot and you could market your husband -- wife out of the car you needed -- extra hand and suddenly an Angel appears last I actually had a chance to be an Angel. And yes that's what five miles out of my way and it went through -- I didn't have to go through but. You know what it did a good field. And basically it was one of those golden rule things if that was me what would I want somebody to do for me. I would want somebody to do exactly what I did is there was no way they were gonna hit the ninety east getting the 290s. At main street. Even buffalo audience screw it. So days were already beyond flustered my job was get them on the night the east of Syracuse as painlessly as possible. -- let's go to our Gary in Boston on WBE and Gary talked him. Hey come our way -- my wife and I back in 1979. We are into the car and we had a three month belittle our trip since you were okay. So we wanted it ultimately go to Poland we don't know anything about it we're just doing this sort of thing on flights had been out. Can't down all but two nights is that would have much that we -- there OK so anyways who wanted to -- As someone said go to Berlin you have to look at some transit visas at the embassy so. We've got to Berlin around 2 in the morning. Looking at their camping book -- a campground right in the heart of Barbara when they're supposed victory at home right. Also -- the cup car pulls up to a little green light on the proper tires or red and green. That site. It's that's what I said. So anyways police it gets out and you know real friendly guy and he spoke a little bit English and so he says follow me so we follow him and our little car Renault we. Brand new Rob Reynolds and he took his right to the game -- the campground in the heart of the win. And it's like 2 in the morning I say the gates locked what do we do -- Put yourself over the gate op Ed -- and -- the people in the morning and you know. Everything that was pretty cool. We talked him for a while he was planning the trip next year -- his family to go to -- Out west in the United States is a great game or so you know. Well if there's one thing Germans know it's how to get into Poland. And I tell you one more quick. You know what I've I've got a break but I'd be I'd love to hear your story so don't get -- uncle and it works and that's so you don't -- a public service. You know. You lost in Berlin you rented Renault which may have been your first mystic but your -- a Renault. And then the -- get a recap crowds at throw your stuff over settle up in the morning. So that's kind of cool. All right have you been the beneficiary. Of an Angel on two legs. Or have you done somebody as solid as I had the pleasure of doing last night and what did me good feeling about myself. Seriously -- that I felt you know some -- And it had to drive by the strip clubs on the way home under. I didn't Poland. So there's that 525 W via. -- river is they're gonna went through that program on Sunday evening -- -- tonight here. It's 534 news radio 930 WBBM. It it is our relate with you John tourism master control and -- -- back. What we only hire people would germanic last names here -- the ball early show I mean we had that -- you also beat. Who is a log of a bus you have John -- Once we have -- back. My gosh but just next uniforms we -- things -- to bust. Up. All right -- anyway so little historical reference were and probably in very bad it's OK let's. Let's get the call -- Does that ever laughs at anything -- -- anything seriously. I mean I can basically do a tap to its and he would just sit there are still -- stone fixed. He has not yet lost the part of his mind that learns to dismissed. Are let's say get back to Geary in that Boston New York talking about. -- people -- that you solids as I did forward the time Neal family last night. The capital to real well -- to meal is a region of the sub continent area of India and associated areas. And a lot of -- -- our Muslim. So see I don't really hate Muslims are so you know. Islamic fascist yes Muslims now -- It and I haven't even though they were not she was not wearing a job or anything that would indicate that they could have been Christian the government jabbing another. She is what I did the I guided them through the -- Because I knew they would never. Ever figure out getting on to the nine. 209 -- main street in the Williams bill. Now Gary in Boston rented a Renault which tells us a lot about your -- when he was in Europe and basically told was the story about how in Berlin cop. Helped him find a campground in the middle of Berlin. In the middle of the night and carry just our curiosity was this before or after the fall of the east German government in the hired -- That was in 79 before the fall we're can't break the -- outside the Berlin Wall and that -- -- -- all the you know what was some east Germans are doing maneuvers and came miserable and often you know. Everybody around it nothing open but we are sort of like a flat text going manner -- -- should we dig trenches open. Well not the first time southern -- been heard in Berlin you can asks marshals who go off our right now the second situation lies. Before we you know I don't know what to do. We were in Germany. And we went to abate the normally it to capture a -- was actually are so we figure we'll get some information somebody must speak English here torture or not somebody who -- Said -- you -- you know we told the situation is just all. Made a phone call and then. Does that happen to be the mayor the little town that we're in so we've followed her and we matter at the house. And -- not he gave us further direction that's you know we -- go to Berlin all of the embassy there and you know set it up. Which is pretty nice and then not so you want quick when I'm away. Well you know I got other people need to talk to so thank you very much shared magic called an 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB the end. -- he's been the beneficiary. Of some good people doing the right thing at the right time angels blocking it last night. Every day I can say that here's live -- block port on WB and Lynne hello. -- -- -- -- -- I want there Labor Department about Laporte applied for a job I came out there are likely not not a store. I thought it -- you know out of what we got here -- get out of hand well we don't care what she. And know what calculate at what some barrel and then all of that stuff in a way apple rip but I had never seen it before it will soon -- It's up in the middle and and work on the side where it's great that he doesn't. Gold on the way up by can I help you -- certified. I didn't get certified home while they thought I'd have sporadic all the time but we made it out slowly spectacle it was on a carpet. Actual July says diabetes he -- corporate diabetes medication. And -- a bit I -- -- -- I think what's your name. I think and into -- and have a good day. And I don't think plus or is bomb. I -- -- a different kind of people that we're likely pizza every single today. And -- never come to our poor. Good -- repeat the other. It's an unusual piece of the Stockholm open -- we saw -- That's usually try to block political past -- poor innocent of the calories four bodies popcorn. We all -- Can't say that we haven't -- third better than that but there are solely reported for real lock or well. You don't know if you have never tried -- -- -- -- threats on -- street uphold the right. It's the most the -- -- piece that you -- ever -- and that our offer we got a regular odds. The hole out here we're all sweet talks that -- print what he thought well that a lot but the quality -- -- open until four. Well let's say I have an issue as far as eating dairy products so I have to be very careful with -- what I eat but Arkansas have the occasional slice just as long as I take the appropriate precautions. -- I literally had done all -- you can get flights per dollar. Now get that we're not talking about cost we're talking about one's ability and I am uncertain for. I thank you very much 803 and that again would like to thank the Dominican Republic were just a wonderful time. And all of the wonderful things that happen in the Dominican Republicans beautiful parasites. You know reclaim the your -- Will crawl into your head teacher brain that's absolutely -- but I'm pretty sure the your week -- crawl into line test the lines and -- half of them. I -- paddy in Ottawa on WB and patty where you jolt when somebody most needed somebody to give -- hand. I don't think I know. That aren't on the winner obviously it was horrible. -- and I work in -- I. In -- coming out of work and a Buick eight either potter carrying a budget. Secrecy that. And -- me mother. It looked like grandma there. And cute babies in port one was about probably or one probably not earning out. And trekking through extinction -- And everything else that came out of work. And why go. Currently. And they turnaround on my. I turned around -- and English. Well I eight. Mile -- In my hair. Caught up with the bad. Urged re talking about -- These groceries can I look at their apartment. Do you have any idea of the language they spoke. -- Well. But -- actually -- Women. And be in court at the dirty and teen to agree -- Remember last I remember whom the whether last winter as just absolutely brutal especially at night so you. And -- do that or did they say our grass isn't all that stuff. I get help and -- -- -- my putting out to their apartment. -- bother -- he was just tracking all right and I pulled up along and it. And they work. They were just very very grateful. On the baby we're told that one little one and she kept my goal and you know it's close. It's still gives you a nice feeling all over. And you said that not right at the. It you are feeling. And I'm not a great story. Adding and it -- now what -- -- about ninety. -- he would all. He learned USF early. Which world war killed eight. Of course they don't like that but when my cat cat. Check out I paid his bill. -- well. Gee -- -- me. -- I'll eat it or. All I hate that expression of sorry pay it forward it -- -- just swallow those words and say something else instead. Because they are -- Yeah thank you be an Angel much better than pay it forward thank you very much. So I was just a random act of kindness but I. It shouldn't be random. Look if you could help some. You've got the time to help somebody and you go that extra mile. I have anything pressing last night. So I get -- -- -- -- on main street I get all that transit road and go up arrow. So I spent fifteen cents in New York State united against scenic route all. I was smiling made me feel better about myself. Increased my self esteem. That's dangerous you know thrilled I'm thirty starry -- 3180616. WB EN. And I didn't even get my phone number to the guy's wife so there's that there's an Oscar in East Aurora on WB and Oscar. Well played and yes last. The idea out there and it was kind of a coincidence as well I was -- my weight back from Florida. About. This is almost twenty years ago or fifth wheel I -- piece. Steel and loaded it. Think it should have put that we opened well -- the tires and a passenger side of the that we like to pull over that was bill ball rule and and I -- -- handle it -- now automated this truck pulled up behind this has weighed down -- -- Richard Florida border -- don't -- it like out. We lose a bet with a Spanish moss starts hanging from the trees. Treated separately and that's exactly. -- It was hot as blazes that it was in July I was read a quote to -- he. In his pickup truck at this I've been here for about fifteen minutes I was trying to get somebody coming albeit. He got pulled up behind me it's that truck in the -- he likes subterranean you look at me like I'd know him and it -- -- -- -- I I know and that and the other were part of it is that. It's indeed broken down and got -- in 95 and got back on -- income in the other direction if you get it no matter but it -- aren't going to. Serve in the Serb in the air force the other. Okay what are the chances. Okay this is just get what are the chances you hope -- in Georgia near the floral. When the Spanish moss starts to hang from trees. And and and where the -- come out at night and start to do your spiritual dances over the swamps. But what are the chances that the guy gets off. -- actually knows you because you served together. Did he see your face and that he recognizes just as he was going by this guy who just blown his tigers. I don't think talk about it on the other side that they are the other said the trailer. Squatting down next to -- that they were -- that a passenger side they weren't around to look outside at -- got a little bit and stood out that this incredibly busy 95. Okay so our question. I have a question do you think. That that is more than a coincidence that it -- That is to me so mathematically improbable. -- to defy any logical explanation. If that's me as well I thought about the odds of it happening to any real good friend in the service I had seen him since we report the urgent. What are simple way that I received the foreign effect -- any republic recognize different groups. Yet the figure was twenty some years later you -- change and yet here differently but he recognized immediately. -- -- -- Oscar and it was so surprised that but I hadn't intended I'll -- -- my -- -- -- on my shirt leader. Don't remember being able to restart the -- -- you know and it and they are well. I do now I what can you do wondered what are your editor way and I got often got back again like oh did. I was so speechless I couldn't understand what. I just couldn't accept itself you put the tire with me and I got back in the way and -- stayed in touch your response but what I mean beyond Serb. In -- must be in the millions. Not only know billions billions not only okay. Not only is that a great story for somebody who was an Angel who helped you out. But it also is one of those freaky. Coincidence is that I don't even think we call coincidence because it's just. -- medically statistically it's it's like winning the lottery. I know that somebody's got to win. But the odds are so long that out of 300 million Americans -- that point 240 million Americans. That he would be the one to stop is just amazing to me. Thank. It probably don't know we can stop but he was caught the other direction interest something's clip there's at least it. They've got to keep -- -- their -- if it works for RB company in its past the kind of new. Argued that he scissors and they value more value of that but I pull -- -- You bet that that heart they're really -- me -- it went. It's one he got off at the last perfect all aspects to it then got back out again until all the way down under where I wanna bet that apart their loot quit their right. That is I think the best story efforts so far along time actually thank you very much are right. Have you helped somebody I thank you have you help somebody have you been the recipient of help you know angels and human form I had a rare chance to be an Angel last night. I took advantage of an -- I don't expect. Reward out of it. On the receive these people again they can do nothing for me. But. If I were in their shoes I would have wanted somebody to them the same thing for me. The golden rule 80309 for thirty that's it 030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB the end. Shock value. That he's had tools there's traffic -- Alan Harris. -- every 6051 pitch against the Pawtucket Red Sox and I'll wrap up the regular season with Fan Appreciation Night and fireworks -- ought to be a nice night for a ball game partly cloudy. A shower or thunderstorm around but is looking out the window. It looks like it's a really nice evening out there those are you whipped -- Tuesday night softball games or baseball games that were British you play or whatever it is you do to. Burn calories were to watch that -- and whenever a shower or thunderstorm in spots tomorrow night. Otherwise occur tomorrow rather. I said rather because we might have you vermonters the audience. Not a warm with so out of some clouds becoming less humid in the afternoon 75 behind it's 83 bad news radio 930 WBBM. Well this topic is a winner. So I just think -- -- family help last night actually didn't help me. They get it also topic today yeah. See this is an unintended consequence of doing a good. If you are just joining us and I I don't have time put the call on until after the news break. But look I'm not an Angel. I don't pretend to be but last night there was this very frustrated time Neal family. Trying to get to the Thousand Islands and ran into them at the gas station as -- opportunity -- main street in Williams bill. And basically. Not only did I show them my -- map show them where the Thousand Islands were. They were so lost they didn't even know -- on the map they were. And I figured there's no way they're gonna hit the night the east from the 290 in in Williams bill they're gonna miss the cut off so I said look follow me. And I went through the polls major there happily on the way to Syracuse for the can pick up 81 north the water town Alexandria. And -- very appreciative very nice people you know what if that's my little part in making their lives better then so be it. Just on Everest from -- WB Ian.

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