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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8/26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

8/26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can take felt without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Com hourly and that's what's -- -- -- -- of the school. Or that he's. It's life. Yeah. It's local -- that this -- it's Tom hourly ask another question -- -- get this much this isn't the real -- knows -- wouldn't. He's Olympia. Now -- them on news radio 930. Here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. Think just how Boston public -- And assistant intervention. I -- is that -- -- -- four adult lap -- a lot closer to intervention that you might realize. I may be the subject of the world for Steely Dan intervention Dan. Anyway I don't it's Thursday and if you see traffic happening and we're not telling you about it. You have a moral responsibility. To call our traffic -- an 803. 03218030321. That is our traffic command hotline. We do a great job with traffic here and when problems spring up and we've had some issues already today we like to know about them. So I show yesterday with this story out of wood rescue Vermont which is. It's a bedroom community of Burlington. Which is finally -- slowed as the bedroom community of the pew. -- but anyway. It is. A story about a Muslim woman. Who got upset over the use of the word bacon on a sign advertising a -- And she goes on FaceBook don't let -- people get behind her. General. Dare I say crusade. Against. The use of the word bacon on a side. And -- I sit here and I'm -- myself what is the end game. What is the end game because this is insane. Do you understand this is an irrational reaction not just by the woman. But also by the people who joined the woman ever by a restaurant owners who actually. Not only that they take out the side. Take this walk. Well -- -- to apologize. For using the word bacon on aside. Granted we are talking about Vermont. And -- talking northeast kingdom it takes a special kind of fell to live in Vermont I am generalize and but just think. Spandex. Six feet -- 120 pounds gray beard John Lennon glasses bicycle all the like a banana riding a bike to work things. I've just they'll be typical Vermont mail. Now you start getting to the rural Vermont that you talk plaid shirts shotguns hunting rifles and tents but short of that. My previous description of the Vermont mail is very apt. I know I spent a lot of time in Vermont. Primary job. Anyway it's 8030930. Start ninth thirty and 180616. WB EM. Not what is the end game in all of -- of it if they Vermont television station. -- -- -- -- That's -- that John do you have before he breaks on all lined up warming. I know that you have ADH but you have up Porky Pig also get what do they Vermont television station. Airs the cartoon with which many of us grew up. Think Porky Pig Panthers are affected and I was offended. Now this woman -- this on TV. And then launches a national campaign to do away with Porky Pig as a television show Obama come on TV and say up Porky Pig. It could be it buys time. I'm just asking the question it's a rhetorical one. Anyway I wanna read to you -- job. A -- daily email I got today about the end game up all of this crap. Again folks this goes hand. In hand with so many other things that have already mentioned today if you haven't figured it out. The hypocrisy. All of war and my secretary. Is more taxes but I do Buffett. Who is the financier. Behind a Burger King -- And Tim -- getting together and then moving. The headquarters of Burger King general Canada for a lower corporate tax rates. A lot of -- a guy who all campaigning for his body. Barack Obama. As his local paper did. Being. Talks about. How we need to pay more taxes. Ever both Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. They've got this successful beyond where the success guilt. And he talks about the need to pay more taxes. So what does he do he finance is a deal that is gonna result in -- Burger King. Making its corporate headquarters in a country with lower corporate taxes. It's it's. It is just so all blatantly. Hypocritical. -- three year old with basic logic could shoot holes that it. The size of a desert eagle round. Gonna throw in desert eagle around just to keep you wonder are also. Hypocrisy. Pop up -- democracy out of salt like. Where a white teenager our -- -- story and un armed white teenager. Was gunned down. By and other than white police officer in Utah. They write it. Did the crowd burst into the Mormon genealogical library and -- -- microfilm. Exactly what was the reaction how come you didn't you're -- You didn't hear about it. Because it doesn't fit. What the media. Which is mostly made up of people like the folks who work downtown at a certain newspaper bank. The media does not want you to believe. That's such a thing could possibly happen. Because all it cares about. Is a white cop killing a black kid. Irrespective. Of the facts or non facts of the case. You didn't hear about the shoot in -- did you. Unless you listen to rush earlier or less you've been on Drudge. Or -- you have been all -- in touch with what's going on in the state of Utah. -- there are two. Realities. There is the reality that issues. And then there is the artificial reality. That is created by. Most of the people in the media. Who I can best described as being like the six foot tall 130 pound male bicycle is what the John Lennon glasses and the white beard. Peddling along and has banana helmet on. On a highway in Vermont that represents most of the media. Okay. That is emblematic. Of most of the people in my line of work. Not talk radio perhaps but print journalists. And people who write for certain weeklies. And people who write for. A certain -- not just in buffalo but all over the country. There's the reality that they want you to believe the reality to which they pay attention. And the reality that really issues. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know the more young blacks were killed by young blacks this past weekend in Chicago. Deadly cop in Ferguson Missouri killed a couple of weekends ago. In the show respect. What you see. That reality. Is a reality certain people don't want you to realize. Actually. Exists. That actually is real. Why. Why what is the end game I told you that. I received an email bit. Made me wanna put it up on my FaceBook page. Up by the way the -- -- show to wanna give in on this what is the end game. The constant -- of the media. And the constant portrayal in the media of certain people as victims and other people as oppressors. Irrespective of the larger statistical facts of racial crime. In America. Tom you're getting dangerously close to racism well you know what. My fax my statistics come from the United States Department of Justice specifically the FBI which is -- of -- and Eric Holder is the big man. So if you wanna call number is racist then you know what the number four is racist. But anyway. The letter I received the email nobody gets letters anymore well except I do mr. -- your payment on XXX was overdue with the amount of anyway and I don't know what you -- but I getting sick and tired -- running from creditors anyway here's the letter. Email I really enjoyed your. Show especially about the bacon sign although the issue may seem petty and laughable. I said laughable just to relate to liberals. It heralds something far more serious. It seems to me that the request to take down -- and the subsequent compliance. Of the Delhi. Is suggestive of the end product of an effort to transform America in -- and Islam -- regressive fascist state. Media led and government sanctioned political correctness forced tolerance and pressured empathy. Appears to have successfully laid the psychological basis. For the acceptability. Of at least some aspects of this new -- that. The -- issue illustrates the State's desire for the supremacy of one particular religion. And how the public has been manipulated into acceptance of the same even to the exclusion. Of the free exercise of its rights. Now in fairness I have this I have to say the government had nothing to do. -- this sign coming down. Just so you know. This was not Barack Obama or Eric Holder. Or the governor of Vermont. Where the mayor of when -- This was a decision made by the deli owners who seriously. Need testosterone injections a biweekly basis. Anyway continuing the email. The same I believe holds true with the right to bear arms. The -- erupts and the -- -- on Martin's. Are there -- start fires. And the horse vessels of this new fascist state. If you don't know what the reichstag fire was I don't have time to get into it. But I best the right start fighter. The right shot was the German parliament bill. And early in the Nazis seizure of power it was burned down a fire which started under the Nazis blamed a Communist conspiracy. What actually was probably one guy who did it. But they used the important thing is the Nazis used the -- start fire. To get through the enabling acts which basically gave Hitler dictatorial powers. In other words like Andrew Cuomo they pass a message of necessity. Indeed German government that gave Hitler dictatorial powers to deal with this crisis that resulted in the burning down other rights are building. Which actually was probably the work of one guy named pondered -- but I don't wanna go there but anyway when people say reichstag fire. That's what they're talking about. -- talked basically a false flag or if false flag they're talking about. Then basically never letting a crisis go to waste. I wanna get more in two this email. Because it's -- very interesting. -- wanna find out if you think the writer is not something or if you think he's -- do I I happen to think he makes more sense then -- Plus he gave -- a funny line I used earlier. 803 all right thirty start at 93180616. WB Ian let's get the very latest in the world traffic here's Alan Paris. And AccuWeather for the rest of today embassy evening partly cloudy tonight and we mission to shower or thunderstorm. The overnight low 65 tomorrow all boarding spotty shower or thunderstorm. Why is it won't be a war there will -- some -- but there will be some clouds it will be less humid in the afternoon the high 75 right now it is 83. At news radio 930 WB EN what is the job is Ryan gates hold right now in the sun or do you think you sleep what do you think. Yeah yankees passed out due to John -- -- -- master control -- refugee call -- it is about early -- now back to the letter I received relative to this diner in wood rescue Vermont taking down the sign because it contained the offensive word bacon. Out of problems -- what does keep Vermont who drove by that sign -- and pitched who was a Muslim and you would think. That an asteroid had just plunged at the Lake Champlain. And that should have picked crawled out of the murky waters of Champlain. And -- taken a mosque in its mouth and dragged it into the murky waters of that lake. I may be using hyperbole to make a point but anyway what is the end game you know what is is all about. The same I believe back to the email. Because. Well. The biggest issue illustrates the State's desire for the supremacy of one particular religion by the way I don't disagree. With that thesis this just isn't an example of this because this had nothing to do with the government this had to do with readers who run a -- This -- I believe holds true with the right to bear arms the Sidney hooks. And the -- -- on Martins are the right start fires and the -- vessels of this new fascist state. And as such. Many Americans seem to view the Second Amendment as an arcane idea. And there are four -- willingly. Surrender their weapons and submit to the new order. The foregoing. Along with the mean usually up political opposition. Hey what's up Rick Perry indictment and a -- up every leading Republican candidate right now is facing the possibility of indictment. It's exactly what Limbaugh has set. And I'm not somebody who agrees with -- rush lock stock and barrel I love rush we have our disagreements but you know what he's spot -- when he says the Democrat. Regressive party wants to eliminate and destroy any and all opposition to it it wishes to become. The only political party in the United States. Before going along with the neutering of political opposition a subjective and prejudicial. Implementation of due process. And the apparent acceptance of the rule by decree policies. The rule by decree policies of the sub. Obama seemingly suggests the march toward this new fascist state has passed its embryonic state. No. You know I talked a few years ago. About an expression you need to hear more and more about and you will hear more and more about called the post constitutional. Republic. Translation that means the end of the America into which you were born. I'll take your thoughts on this. Coming up on WB -- It is -- for the buffalo dental group so the kids are out -- college kids -- in school the other kids in grade school kids are about to go back to school. And a great idea you have a busy schedule for those of you in Canada that -- -- but you have a very very busy time. Trying to put everything together between hockey practice soccer practice wrestling practice music lessons -- -- -- why not put the entire family including you and your spouse on the same teeth cleaning schedule. The whole family can go and in September. And have your teeth cleaned at the buffalo dental group. And -- every six months -- was a family you get your teeth cleaned it saves time it saves gas money it saves Wear and tear on the car. -- buffalo dental group where you're treated like a person not a patient the buffalo dental group a comfortable warm welcoming environment and they cured me of my dental phobia. I now regard -- root canal in the same way in which ever guard a low bar puncture in. Can't hurt me. I don't feel OK thank you doctor Bernie you saved my men latest. The buffalo dental group dot com don't forget the word about THE about buffalo dental group dot com. Call 63412346341234. Buffalo dental group. Actually free to use the same kind of -- base in her there's something going on song but there was from the same Arab I don't feel like going into that right now right -- -- don't wanna be serious that it will. Event. Will lighten things up you know wannabe Sarah stats I'm. I'll listen to what you say. It's all good. I want to -- some more time talking about. What happened in Vermont by the way. I have received several. Tales from Vermont confirmed my assessment up. The typical Vermont mail the except you forgot to mention that the typical Vermont mail in urban centers in Vermont. Has a B -- a lot of user rest of the word that the group that practiced Latin America that the typical Vermont -- Tommy forgot the typical for my mail has AV. All right but -- Yeah well. I'm torn -- actors are so things don't wanna get at the OK I've got two topics here. For a sunny Tuesday drivable. Or they are -- As you know Tim Hortons and Burger King are going to -- And ladies and gentlemen. I actually knew of him were. Before he was a -- Too important for those who don't know. Every time they go to Tim Hortons please keep this month. We need to first Niagara center to watch the sabres play you'll see a giant sabres Jersey with the number two. On. Well. That is for Tim -- Tim -- was a Buffalo Sabres defenseman for -- is a veteran defenseman played for budget teams and ended his career and his life. With the Buffalo Sabres. The Buffalo Sabres had -- it was a Wednesday night game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Two important did not get on the team bus to go home key role instead -- drove like it any. And he wrecked his car on the UAW and he died. And I will never forget it just on Sunday. I just Kabul for lunch from school. I was it was a two minute walk. And I love Campbell's vegetable beef soup which they did not serve at school. Edited -- front so anyway. I'll never forget my mom. Saying. If she knew it was a huge sabres. You know one of Buffalo Sabres died. And I'm I'm thinking to myself you've got to be kidding an economic hit hockey players don't I think people die. And I went through the list. And I finally came to Tim Horton as she said yes. I said what happened. To Kobe is a car accident I was stopped. And that night. Beat Buffalo Sabres took on the Atlanta flames at the dog for being used to play before for senator. And the sabres were trailing the Atlanta flames boys were four to two. And rallied for a 44 high. With the Atlanta flames -- what was a very courageous performance by the Buffalo Sabres which of course followed the moment of silence. Announced by the RPA announcer -- built Ellis at the old auditorium in buffalo. Is one of the saddest hockey games I ever. Attended and really left a mark. On a young tummy. And really at a very young age cut that was my introduction of the fact of life -- always fair. And that tomorrow and always problems. So. Yes there was it's important was a real guy. Before he was that don't. I like to put it in those terms because. There's too many people today Tim Horton is a thought a couple of property. And he didn't really -- but -- any great hockey put him mature Jim Schoenfeld by the way quite expensive. -- -- at the pleasure being a party within the summaries of what kind of hockey player was important kind of regard defenseman wasn't I said. Just think typical old school NHL old time hockey defenseman. Prototypical. Defensemen. Of the sixties. And Patrick Kane does not deciding exactly what I was talking about. And at a good time by the way -- that pets family. All I did it under our belt they are uncle Bob as a boot. Anyway. And is that a name drop. Out of -- citizen may drop. Now he was lucky to sit with maybe. Anyway it is up for 39 at news radio 930 WB -- Question for it which goes on really so. What are you talking Burger King or whether you're talking to Morton's or whether you're talking dairy queen. Do you have a guilty pleasure -- A food that you know you probably shouldn't be but you can't help yourself. I must confess with all of those restaurants. They all have something going for. Is there anything better. Then a large order of right out of the fire Burger King onion rates. I know what you're thinking you're thinking yes Tom -- onion rings. -- Burger King onion rings are always perfect circles. I don't know what better they use but it must have been developed by NASA is part of the space program. Because it really is extra terrestrial league good. So burger -- onion rings my opinion outstanding public McDonald's Siemens surged onion rings I pick enterprise right. You wanna talk burger king and injuries. You wanna talk. Tim Hortons. First of all. I'm torn here. Because one of our sponsors is -- -- one of our sponsors is Tim Hortons. So. I wanna be real clear here. Bet the greatest one up the greatest drinks ever event. Is the Tim -- ice cap. Now I have to admit that when you look at the calorie count on it to -- and ice -- You basically. Do not want to have one if you're trying to lose weight. Because there are a lot of calories in a Tim Hortons ice cap when you consider the filling factor. Verses the calories you're gonna be taking it. Right it's over fits. Seriously Tim Hortons ice caps I know. That we have local coffee places I know that you know Europe ought to all like you're just all about the big corporations. Well I'm talking about. Guilty food pleasures are -- Burger kings and veterans. Tim -- ice caps. The best doled out by the way. And I again all due respect to Tim Hortons but Paula is peanuts sticks. Quite frankly. May be. The greatest -- ever in the history of donuts. But I caution you won that Paula is doughnut peanuts that. I think provides enough calories for a day. I'm serious I think there about eight or 900 calories. However. They are very dense. There are always fresh. And it's almost like having a meal. Now I have to be careful what I easy. For a couple of reasons but primarily because the calories. But if I'm gonna have a bona. I'll get my ice cap at Tim Hortons. Probably get my -- a Paulus. Now there's one other food. Which actually is a drag. Which is the ultimate drink. That could never ever ever ever be topped by anybody. You know what if god came down and opened up a refreshment stand. God could do no better than something that is only available at -- you Gary quit. It requires an act of extreme. Containment on my part and will pop. Whenever I drive past a dairy queen not to stop. And get the dairy -- Arctic. Oh crap our nose at the Arctic -- -- I wouldn't be a big seller Arctic rush. Arctic blast of Arctic rush being used to call mr. misty. But most men have an awkward times saying I'd like a large -- they're both employers so they changed it to Arctic blast of Arctic rush. They're sharing it version of it I've been drinking since junior high school. Ladies and gentlemen all I can tell you is. If you're ever going to found a religion based upon a drink. It would be based upon the dairy queen Arctic rush last okay. There is nothing better in the world. On a hot day like today. All due respect -- my friends Tim Hortons. All due respect Paul is all due respect to Burger King. DTQ. Arctic. Rush. Should not be -- And an eternal part of the joy of that to it. I want you to consider something. That is considered generally by a well Hollywood types the circumference of the straws at dairy -- Vs the circumference of the straws. There of this at other places. The dairy -- straw. Has a wider circumference. Than most other restaurants. The wider circumference. Adds to the amount of great sugar to crushed ice and water. You get in jest from New York dairy queen Arctic rush. Adding to its -- as my goodness. So these. I feel like I've just done. A confession publicly. But these car. My guilty pleasure. Comfort foods. I felt with Tim Hortons and Burger King in the news. It might actually not be a bad topic. Maybe it sucks. But we all never guilty pleasures. I don't do them a lot because if I did I'd be -- Easily. If you put it Paulo's -- -- stick in front of me -- need. If you put Tim Hortons ice cap in front of me I drink it. If you put Burger King onion rings in front of the I would devour them. And if you had a dairy queen Arctic rush in front I would just go crazy. OK I don't even mind the brain freeze addicts. Even -- the cerebral. Issues I had its work that it will be worth by turning in to eight babbling idiot. Who talks like I have tertiary syphilis just sent a dairy queen Arctic rushed every single day here in studio. Let that's -- Buehrle new contract demands. I don't have the idea how many calories are but yum yum yum yum -- diet. I'd give a guilty pleasure -- liars. We all their own. -- I do. Don't email me call. I'm not get a reading emails on this I will take phone calls a -- read emails allow -- FaceBook posts. 803 all right thirty is the phone numbers start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. W via. -- 030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB and in addition to guilty pleasures. I have a heartwarming show. On a very special hour a news radio 930 WB. Today's deal of the from my buffalo perks dot com is a twenty dollar breakfast lunch or dinner certificate for buffalo Joe's cafe and Williams bill. Mr. baker for only ten dollars enjoy fresh wholesome comfort food pop and a casual friendly setting a buffalo Jones can open it. From my buffalo approach dot com brought to you by the museum of disability history. Already then I can tell summary I tell you guys are joined the last few days this summer it is pretend it. Right now let's -- out what's going on in traffic and here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather the advised and wrap up the regular season with Fan Appreciation Night and fireworks burst picked 605 against the Pawtucket Red Sox and it ought to be under decent weather conditions that we might later on -- a shower or thunderstorm 65 but. On my back does not feel like we're gonna get rain imminently so. I'd feel comfortable saying the game should be fun. Want to get a monsoon. And it -- a shower or thunderstorm in spots tomorrow morning otherwise. It it won't be as warm sun and some clouds it won't be so Hewitt in the afternoon in the high temperature 75 right now it is 83. At news radio 930. W the. And that all right we are with you and let's get some calls on here we're talking about to your guilty food pleasure. And in a few minutes I'll introduce another topic which is heartwarming and it's a very special hourly and we'll continue with the guilty pleasure food thing. Because I don't think you guys wanna be serious and whether electors -- get a read the room or get in the my audience. I could just say something gratuitously offensive if you like. I don't like John Sherman. Is that gratuitously offensive were. How about. I don't like myself. And that's why don't late juncture but here's port on WB and Sam -- guilty pleasures here. I do so I would operate to handle. But I limit march toward. And I long. Walter baker. OK when you say Evans you're talking about -- Now I'm talking about have been and a shared. Where. Ordered to -- -- -- dot Q should the rhetoric. Chair and. All of the plot the Georgetown plus. I don't think I have ever seen Walters. -- -- as familiar with -- but I'm not I usually get enough with the liquor store. While sacred or. -- -- -- and all of your guests and Dell our I will look for a white chocolate chip cookie not. I mean I you know basically -- -- so much time at Rite Aid on Evans and got a Stoller. And -- -- -- like the way that sounded a chair there. I didn't over -- a year and a -- -- Yeah like do you have any proprietary interest -- Walters or the future guilty pleasure. Occupies our white chocolate chip let's just got to racists -- -- -- God but I want no one helped make -- Nobody -- all of them. All right I am going to investigate that I'm gonna have to offer a first -- report at some point I'll make a note -- it. Thank you very much during this funny because -- drive -- they're almost every day and I didn't even know there was such a place at bear. Let's go to Steve in Amherst on WBM. Real good Steve real good we were -- this morning we were biting this morning. -- -- A -- article and -- give you my guilty pleasures. Yes and you mentioned about the Paula don't be up pretzel law not a part -- while this is that -- -- -- sometimes you know debated because uncle for the black forest. I don't know it. Or any cream -- -- -- -- -- -- don't have which is definitely a favorite morning. And you met into about the calories well you know Tom in this time and -- date I don't really care about the calories because of I want it I'm gonna get a an ongoing year period. But you know part of the lifestyle. Of a celebrity news I have to look sexy at all times. And fat and sexy just do not go together ergo I must be very careful. And I have close connections with Paulo's doughnuts and can eat their unlimited. Amount of doughnuts I must restrain myself. Tom you and I had to -- it applies I think that. Okay let me let me just offer one OK there you say it's like cream filled gave up. And a peanut butter cream have you tried one yet. Illustrative what I don't like peanuts per say but anything like peanut butter cream you all all the help also get right down in a minute I don't eat with my -- -- -- -- you -- Actually -- OK -- the -- six are great the peanut butter cream. Honest and if if you don't care about calories. It it is. Better than a lot of other sensations on this planet -- can think -- and yes even including that yes keep in mind. Thank you very much thank you all right actual calls I'm not guilty pleasures off that you guys up. One pound at a time. Then again do we really need more muffin tops in buffalo.

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