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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8/26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

8/26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thirty W. It's -- -- what is it about three and a other candidates on how you're going to run up -- because of that on the beach -- the -- screener and all of their respect your heart breaking and bet. I -- who loves this place bitch. I'm convinced of it anyway. Yeah I'll totally convinced that -- -- McNabb back don't feel bad. Everybody have to start somewhere and you're doomed to starting with me OK and I'll make it easy for it was easy to -- and today's. Well but it's just Ryan and I have a special relationship that he can -- off the year. Anyway. Jack -- back -- your calls reader John German is a technical control and right and it is a hell yeah a year. Is not enough many years -- eight and Ryan and enjoy the sunshine you're going to be why. -- then. Nobody knows how is it obvious and -- tied -- bless you. They -- aren't. Anyway. I don't know exactly what we're gonna do today -- authority does. Having the time of my life. And I'm so glad you could join date piracy in the very nice email from somebody that it. I don't wanna read it word for word because I'll probably start to cry but basically what are my listeners was in a very very nasty accident and one of my listeners. Basically listen to me every day during the convalescence period. And wrote me a very very very very nice email. To basically thanked me for being a pick me up to him. In his time of convalescence and you know a lot. Sometimes is just little things in life like that that just make it worthwhile because everybody calls to bitch. You know everybody calls to complain Everett and alcohol might lost they'll send me email us and -- hate mail. You know that newspaper will just you know savaged me which is great by the way because. It was one of the old one but anyway. Today they had just been. Get a lot of crap it's fine you know what goes on calloused. I am utterly. Unbeatable. -- -- Like they keep shoot forty fives and they keep on going well if they keep -- bounce at all. Then like -- man anyway. I want to thank the guy -- particular time to write a nice email. Thank you got a lot united -- -- that. Now ladies and gentlemen. I have got to just say a couple of things here about Tim Hortons and burger here. At what a phony fraud that Warren Buffett use it you know I -- sent them. Paul Harvey and Warren Buffett used to be really close I don't know if you know you're -- Paul Harvey good -- Paul our -- mr. conservative radio commentator. I'm -- wonder how much of Paul Harvey's spiel which -- and how much he really believed. Because if he was Warren Buffett's best friends. They must got to talk politics an awful lot which I thought it conceivable. Or Paul Harvey most ahead an amazing tolerance for BS. Because Warren Buffett folks. Whose company owns the local daily regressive liberal rag which wishes all talk radio would go away. Okay it's about me please understand them. If you think that the local daily liberal rag. Thinks that it's only -- That everything is gonna be better you're nuts. Because they want stop. They want rush off the year they won Hannity off the year they once -- throughout the year -- won each of the year -- David Olivia get -- job here full time they'll want to Olivia off the year -- want anybody who doesn't tow their line off the year. And I strongly encourage anybody listening to this show. A few questions. Would you give money to Barack Obama. Would you donate money to Andrew Cuomo. Would you donate money to Brian Higgins or Nancy Pelosi would you write them checks every month now so then why are you subscribing to the local daily regressive -- to have your intelligence consulted on a daily basis. And when you think about how much money you can save and then you go to WB EN dot com -- you get the news for free. Why not unsubscribe. From the newspaper right now. These subscription office is 84211118421111. Call the local daily regressive brag and say. Tom -- -- right I don't need your damn newspaper anymore Bob -- 8421111. I encourage you to unsubscribe. From the Buffalo News. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. Owns the Buffalo News and this is work it's absolutely hilarious folks and why Warren Buffett is such a freaking fraud. I don't think we'll see the editorials in via local regressive brag about this one what are we remember about Warren Buffett and the 2012 campaign -- what are we remember. Modest secretary pays more in taxes but I do how many times that we are that. My secretary pays more taxes that I don't. Well just want. Your case is -- Tim Hortons. Bastard all the gig is behind Tim Hortons. Well where is the new Burger King Tim Hortons headquarters going to be Canada. And -- going to be in Canada. Doesn't lower corporate tax rates who is the money bags making. The deal possible. Fraud walk up. Can't make this stuff -- -- this I. Know we've always complaining about. Nice secretary pays more in taxes than I do. He is financing the deal is gonna put American jobs in Canada because of lower corporate. Actually it's hard. You talk about. This week once citing your mouth and then talk about the other side your mouth he is he's a liberal pet -- shouldn't. Seriously it is just to me it's absolutely hilarious. Warren Buffett. My secretary pays more in taxes than I do is financing the deal. -- gonna take burger king and Tim Hortons corporate headquarters to Canada because of lower corporate tax rates. Absolutely hilarious you can't make it up. It's honest to god it's the true. There's an article of the Wall Street Journal about it and -- suffered -- Warren Buffett's good friend Barack Hussein Obama. The golfer and resident in chief at 16100 president presidential 6800. Yet avenues by the way any resemblance between Obama and an -- president is Q purely. Coincidentally has nothing at all to do with reality. But I wanted to just point that out and -- I don't think I could be wrong. But BR editorial board at the local regressive daily rag. The third right appears about there's about how deplorable owners that partner gaining. Buying -- to importance will move its headquarters to Canada to pay lower tax rates. Lower corporate tax rights. I'm not gonna hold my breath for editorial. On the editorial page of the local regressive brag because the company that owns it Berkshire Hathaway is big baby -- Warren Buffett's. Folks it's just that funny it's pathetic. It's -- so -- think but that it's a Larry if they do. This is the left is equivalent. Ted -- talking -- great supporter of the Second Amendment here is at the same time as he has an endorsement deal with a -- maker that gives money to gun grabbing politicians like Andrew Cuomo and -- refuses to disassociate himself from the endorsement deal refuses -- to disassociate himself from the money. And this this guy Nugent who is a fraud by the way a charlatan and a forty of the first order. He passed -- as the as the opens today for constitution for a Second Amendment okay Ted. -- allotted 50000. Dollars plus to be epic gun rally. You -- at 61 class tickets you'll want a luxury hotel accommodation at the same time his gun clubs across -- they were -- their treasuries to put together the February 28 when he thirteen rally against almost a motorist and why straight. So basically folks hypocrites come on the right like Ted Nugent. They come on the left like Warren Buffett and I call I call up. What you wanted to say. I have a blast doing it. Because basically I don't hear. -- that's the thing I don't care. There is nothing anybody can do to say about me or -- or -- to injure me more than probably been through in my life. So everything else is just like a little trick. I mean you know an -- explain myself it's like just you know it's like how you have -- -- lives in your garden. What is he being dirty again now -- -- OK how many of you have cat -- where if you if you -- them they feel like putts and that you -- your finger away. Any real -- about a million little records in your finger. So basically got everything else. Other than what my life has been through is just like it's just like rubbing against a secular with those little brokers like. Whatever seriously. Because if you don't have a fixed and you have no business being in this business and you have no business being in politics and my life is an open book and I don't lie to you about it I don't hide anything about it it is what it is. And I just am ecstatic. At the fraud that Warren Buffett and his folks it's just hilarious to. My secretary pays more in taxes than I do. But I'm gonna provide the money so we had PK and Tim Hortons can be together and we're gonna move make -- able to Canada where they pay less corporate taxes. -- -- I was all the Brothers there I got some wrong. Well mad at doesn't get better news I'm just seriously was a break against him when I saw that story that I I just laugh. Because I remember Warren let. We need to pay more taxes in this country we need our tax rates. -- He's financing deal that's gonna put Tim Morton's and they're getting into the proper access. Yes it really adds. Again it's like Ted -- Our mr. Second Amendment. Of course I'm gonna put my name and image. On boxes and in -- sold by company that gives federal mobile I'm mr. Second Amendment. That is a fraud. I still think that the people finally awakened in his COLT. Which I I think you guys -- finally awakened and is expected to get a lot more anti about released out from the Ted Nugent -- that I've gotten. But you guys are a lot smarter frankly that I gave -- credit for being. It once basically the emperor was revealed. And once it was revealed that Ted Nugent was unscrupulous -- fraud and a charlatan. You guys did the right thing that you're actually sent a -- you're right about this guy all along. He is a fraud he is a charlatan and he's a phony. So up and up about that for right now. What else is happening here eleven a blast by the way now. Something that is not a blast. It is well. It's a story about. An interracial. Police shooting. It did not happen in Ferguson Missouri ago. Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton black Panthers are you listening. Are you listening. -- Because. It happened in Utah. Where a white. Young man. Well was he why or what he George Zimmerman what was he white Hispanic whatever the hell -- -- Anyway he was shot. By an officer who was not -- Were there riots in Salt Lake City that I missed. Were there riots that took place. That I just wasn't privy Phil. Mean no. Did the media descend upon south Salt Lake to cover the story no. And the story deals with a non white police officer. Gunning down. A white or is he white Hispanic. Young met with a sketchy criminal background by the way. Now I don't have all the facts at my disposal. Nobody -- But. The similarities. Are very very interest between Michael Brown the so called gentle giant and Dylan Taylor. Two young unarmed man. They were shot to death two days apart by police who were of different races then date the victim. One victim or answer it one shooting. Generates riots and national publicity the black kid Michael Brown. The white. Or white Hispanic whatever the -- is Dylan Taylor. I have put that story up on my FaceBook. For your viewing pleasure. Because I just can't stand hypocrisy I can't stand double standards I can't stand it when the same rules don't apply across the board. I just don't get it I think it is well it's evil it's onerous it is. Against everything I'd stand for. We have so many places week ago today a WB yet. So all. Paul wants to be heavy. The other parties and top. It's a holiday week for a lot of people. Lot of people are already play their four day weekends -- a five day week for me. I don't really want -- -- it and what are my head if we started out heavy and then we got in to stuff that wasn't so heavy because believe it or not. For as evil an individual as I am and I've seen that in print so it's got to be true. I hope to families in distress list. I helped the family and you know what I think they were Muslim. Yep I think they were Muslim and help them last night. I'm almost a -- at my own -- it's all right stay where -- -- thrilled I'm thirtieth in his radio led thirty WB yeah. -- Barley for a cure all ideology you're familiar with Helen Keller right is basically she was born without any of the senses you and I probably enjoy. Of course only a few people enjoy common sense but that's another story altogether Helen Keller had a great amount of common sense even though she did not. Here's the issue is Butte. And she was up against a lot but she was absolutely brilliant and she did not communicate as many of you know you've -- the miracle worker and Helen Keller was asked. -- If you had a choice between being able here and being able to see which would you choose if she said oh I'd rather I'd rather hear -- connection people's seeing connection to things. Wow talk about sage advice from -- great inspirational woman. Helen Keller so happy you're here -- -- to make sure -- a year at a cure audio -- on board are hearing test on Friday on -- full results later on on Friday during Friday show. Why you have to do is make the call to our. Cure ought Realogy 63307216330721. A cure that's what to -- ACC -- eight Acura on Realogy dot -- The great talk continues in the evening H Sean Hannity join me weeknight seven oaks and on WBA and. -- -- -- This is the 1973 version president. Okay it's pathetic Tony. That is just that's that that's that's just wrong you should just -- immediately -- -- version. Of real and years and no. Oh from which show it came. Anyway it is at 330 story and there's ready at 930 WB yeah actually you know what -- I was gonna go with an emotion obsession or especially at what -- -- -- activate or maybe some cocoa. As musical bricks. -- -- We sell city. Our folks are yesterday. Late in the game and I don't know if you were listening but it was a huge hit with you guys and when something is huge hit. Not stupid. Well -- a whip it out again one day letter to a different -- of the shelf. -- I have a new take on it it's. And this time -- actually be able to go into some greater detail about said it take. Now first call may wheat first of all differentiate between. Islam and and is wobble fascist. If you don't get the difference. I can't help -- If you do not understand the difference between a Muslim and ms. -- fascist between a Muslim any member of crisis or al-Qaeda I can't help you. I really can't. There's a difference. And it's a big difference if I have to explain -- other ways too much time. But one thing I absolutely deplore. The -- haven't you ever got a bit about it. I don't think you can be in the public guy and -- cheaper and not be a victim. Political correctness or people trying to be politically correct. And used -- ridiculous and false moral superiority. To try to make you look like -- some kind of a knuckle dragging Neanderthal. This is from the national review and I whipped it out yesterday. And books I talked about ex wife about it last night my ex wife used to live in when -- Vermont. Back in her younger days average number two. My ex wife. Was ATV reporter. It -- television station in Burlington Vermont and she lived in -- -- Vermont which is very close to exert its entity in immediate first ring suburb if you will Burlington and -- this -- suburb in Burlington just kind of makes me laugh just because Burlington is like small town America. But anyway it is Vermont's largest city the second largest is Rutland. Now. Montpelier the State Capitol and even close. While -- might be close but popular leaders like OK here's the State Capitol perfect wow anyway. Vermont. A sign advertising the weekend. BC ON -- done. At a Vermont Dieter has been taken. Wow after a Muslim residents complained about the sign on the Internet and sparked a massive backlash against the restaurant known. As sneakers beach pro. Now I'm gonna interrupt myself. Because. I don't know this woman's back story. I don't know she was born in the USA. I don't know if she was -- of the USA as a Muslim if she was born in the US and converted to Islam I don't know her back story. I don't know she was from Yemen or Saudi Arabia. And and came here and expected the world to revolve around her I don't know her back story. So if you call -- -- -- wants -- to go back to from wherever it is she came I don't know from where it is she came maybe somebody else does I don't. Anyway she saw this shot and it's at Yale force makers make sneakers being the name of the -- As she -- get offended by the word bacon I'm not making this up folks. This is as easy this is like this is as easy a target as Warren Buffett. Anyway in June well back in the springtime. In return for taking part in a local volunteer initiative and went -- Vermont to plant flower beds in the city's traffic mediums. This diner known as sneakers. Got to put a sign model post and it said. Yielded four sneaker is vacant. Because. It took part in a volunteer initiative. The people -- when riske said okay. If they're gonna do this big get to basically put a free sign on a lamp post advertising. -- ballot. Advertising restaurant look quickly broke a one per -- So. The walk run. Who is Muslim. Got offended by the sign that said year old a four sneakers bacon she called insensitive. To those who do not eat. Now not only -- okay at first the ball. I I don't even know how. To deal with this kind of mentality. It's America's sweetheart. People eat bacon in America. I know Jews who eat bacon they're not Kosher Jews they identify with being Jews but they eat bacon. Maybe the ham sandwiches. Not all Jews do some Jews are more observer and the others just as some Catholics are more observance and others. You wanna tell me there has never been a Catholic who mistake on -- Friday without papal dispensation. Well so anyway. The woman's objection. Not only wish you personally offended but she put. And a whole bunch of FaceBook. And Yelp comments called on sneakers beast wrote to take down the sign with the controversial message. -- sold for sneakers. Bay again. And here's where the story becomes even more absurd. So it just tracked the absurdity so far woman she's a sign with the word bacon on it and becomes offenders. Then the woman goes out why and and start basically AG hut. Against. Sneakers. For using the word bacon and -- To further complicate. The insanity. People actually got to hide. FaceBook. And are specious argument that the very word -- at that sign is up that's it. And they went -- -- restaurant. Not to make it even there's blood draw early man I present -- man. There are still some men and Vermont -- pole. But they're mostly in the northeast kingdom. And you don't wanna break down later -- Distrust. But anyway. Right now -- people as a lever to people are listening to Vermont left of their asses off because they know exactly what a bargain about other. The woman's objections which she posted online prompted several FaceBook and Yelp comments calling -- -- -- -- to take down the side. And here's -- to becomes absolutely ridiculous the diners orders. Contacted the woman. To apologize. And tell her assignment has been removed. We're here to serve people breakfast. Not politics the owners wrote in a separate FaceBook post over the weekend we removed this time. That was located on public property as a gesture of respect for our diverse community. OK. These. Voters need to the beast -- These owners are people of the most foul cowardly. All this disposition. In the world. One woman it would -- Vermont. Is offended by your sign that says bait and and you take down the science and you apologize. For even putting it up in the first place. And you actually buy the argument that they -- is apolitical were. Like -- is code for black or -- is code for young black man you actually that hard. Now keep in mind Vermont is an extremely. Liberal state. Extremely. Liberal I mean it is uber blue. It is as blue is -- recount. Now there are pockets of rural Vermont which are sparsely populated. Where you'll find out -- -- -- count. Beauty got. Erie county start driving Attica -- legacy the repeal -- -- signs sprouting up all the place the more cows the more anti NY safe side juicy. -- just and that's a great point adjustment but you do have places like that in Vermont and I've been all over the state of Vermont on many occasions. But the concentrated. Areas of Vermont tend to be exceedingly. Liberal. Places like -- Which is in the south west part of Vermont places like Rutland. And Burlington and would -- -- which is outside of Burlington and Montpelier the capital. All uber liberal in Kuwait and have to mention Woodstock Vermont. I just by virtue of its name Woodstock Vermont even though predated the festival by many many years. You just know. The kind of people you're likely to encounter in Woodstock Vermont right -- So all these people if you call him. Actually how to. To this woman being offended by the use of the word bacon and -- Now this leads to an interest in question folks. Will supermarkets. In Vermont. Stop selling bacon and other pork products. Will supermarkets in Vermont there are some supermarkets in Vermont folks. Usually go to a smaller grocery in Vermont. There are some supermarkets and some of the bigger places like Rutland or. Burlington. Adopters. You know I could name other places -- that as I mentioned before. But. There are places where people go to buy groceries in Vermont so if she's going to be cooler section. And she sees a sign on sale big hit. Hasn't the president been set now for her to get all pissed off. They are advertising something that is offensive to viral and this is insane. Now -- happens to be ladies and gentlemen Vermont. A fairly. -- large. But I would say statistically above average Jewish community. In Vermont particularly in places like Manchester. -- your -- at the top of the aqueduct in Vermont you look down on Manchester. And there's beautiful are Jewish Center and synagogue in Manchester. And specifies that the say. Jews there are Jews in Vermont I I'd hate to break the news. In fact Bernie Sanders. Who is a member of congress from Vermont he is a Jewish heritage the former governor of Vermont. A woman named Madeleine children survived the Holocaust sheet with Jewish and even though she was uber liberal I had the chance to talk -- few times and you I I like -- organizer. I know I I like the issues are nice lady. Anyway. Tom. -- talking with the governor of Vermont don't -- anyway. You don't believe readers well my ex wife could witness for thank you anyway she knew both Sanders and cute quite well. Anyway long story short year. There are Jews in Vermont. Jews. Are also religiously not supposed to. -- If they keep Kosher. I don't remember every Jew in Vermont ever objecting to the word bacon on any sign. I don't recall any -- in Vermont driving by any way birdies in Vermont. Which serves up editor Evan going and to -- it took -- It took all. These anti Semitic. Really. So I don't get it. Jews like Muslims observance are not supposed to eat pork. One woman complains bacon is offensive. -- you would think that the moon had just fallen into Lake Champlain. -- reference. Thank you -- And very timely and most geographically accurate. One Muslim woman complains. That you would think. You would think. That. The sea creature who inhabits Lake Champlain like a lot this monster. You would think that it it crawled out of the earth and had taken a mosque drag it buyer's foundation and taken it in the Champlain. So you've got Joseph -- hoops some well for many many years. Had been apart and an essential part of life in Vermont. The culture. Politics. A Vermont. Nary a word of protest over the use of the word -- One Muslim woman gets upset and there's a Jihad on FaceBook against this now. Folks this is insane. But here's my question. Two where is this road take it in us. Because this is outrageous to me. It defies common sense it defies logic. And the owners acquiescing. Ever apologize. Is just earlier man. You know I can almost imagine them they probably looked exactly like the guy. Allegedly defacing the anti NY safe side in Vermont captured on the trail camp. On my FaceBook page the owners probably let something like Barack. Whom Wear short shorts. Anyway you go to my FaceBook page to scroll around you'll know of what I speak. You know 30930. What road are we on here -- one woman is upset at the word -- yen. And all hell breaks loose. Because she's Muslim and offended. What's the end game here. What is the end game. By the way there are seven Wendy's franchises in Vermont and one of Wendy's big sellers is the -- can enter. So what -- -- puts the beta later on aside in Essex junction outside of Burlington. Or South Burlington. Will there will be hell to pay on FaceBook with -- other Jihad but this is not it's. It is up hourly my friends at universal windows directed at him in windows this is that time. -- universal windows direct right now while you're thinking about a 681. 9806819800. Get your free in home estimate on equality windows at reasonable prices you know what. Quality is so important anytime you're doing a home improvement and universal windows direct knows it. And you universal windows direct has the best quality windows folks they've got something nobody else there's it was developed by NASA it's called super space -- technology I wish I would -- about it. All -- I wish I would have known about it because if I told you. That you can get windows that are much better quality than the brand names you know the you know the big brand names of windows guess what. Universal windows direct windows are so much better and just about half the -- little more than half the price of those. Big -- named windows. Folks. This is. Something you need to check out. You're gonna be doing your replacement windows they've got great deals basically the more you buy them where you say. Call 6819806819800. They also -- storm doors to see you know. They also deciding just so you know call 6819800. Six they won 9800. Universal windows buffalo dot com universal windows buffalo dot com. Are right it and say it is about time we -- it traffic here is Allan Harris. And AccuWeather forward to night it'll be partly cloudy but shower or thunderstorm or -- the overnight low 65 by the way the -- wrap up their regular season with Fan Appreciation Night and fireworks. First -- 605 against the -- Red Sox. Hit a -- you name it I will be deprived the joy of giving it hasn't worked yet every day really. And at a home in Iowa. Tomorrow shower. Or thunderstorm in spots. Otherwise not as war with sudden end. Let's. Start with some of some clouds have become less you in the afternoon 75 right now. It's 820 and there's radio thirty WV EN so. It is. Is the end game. Because logically folks this makes no sense insult anyways. One Muslim woman in Vermont I presume there are more than one Muslim. It Vermont. I think that's a fair assumption. Out of Muslims in Vermont one. Auburn goes on a Jihad against a deli. Our restaurant joint called sneakers because of a sign that there's yield for sneakers make it up next. If they TV station out of Burlington runs Porky Pig. Is that good to be grounds for Jihad the against the TV station. What if what -- these advertisers. Can later on one of its big signs. Will -- Jihad then follow. Up by the way I don't assume you know the meaning of the word Jihad unless you looked it up. Jihad is actually quite common theme not just in Islam but in other religions under different names. Sometimes it is Jihad can be you against evil world sometimes it can be internal the evil you -- -- -- -- it's an interesting concept that does not always mean hey let's blow something up just say you know. 355. At news radio 930 WB and it is -- hourly tried to make sense out of a world that is gone absolutely freaking crazy.

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