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8-26 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back with -- Ken Hamilton as all of -- have a little a little bit right now. Yeah Joseph Biden deadline is just just don't wanna go they really don't but I that you're ready to take on the day can actually I came into work today. In the time stamp on a voicemail left that might -- as was. It was for her from McCain and voice from -- 6:0 wait this morning now I know you were up that early on there like this. On you know I liked it and might have currently sixth morning oh military talks with -- however I rarely get up at that time of the day but last night flawlessly with the television. OK welcome chair and an -- And it was Roseanne on in his -- god I hope this is it this is the dramas yeah that is shut that off. McKenna as well as. We're talking about the federal government now of President Obama ordering a comprehensive review of the government's. Decade old strategy of outfitting local police departments -- military grade. Equipment armor holding whatever. And I think it's good ideas already paid for and I think that if if the police. I have a more enhanced ability to protect conserve lets Gulfport. Those who don't like to look too bad. I don't like the looks they went in the place. Iowa Iowa would hope it's not intimidating for general free speech but if -- -- -- of Europe and throwing Molotov cocktails. And shooting I think that basically. You know get the pick the wardrobe of the police who are trying to stop you from doing that. Can good to have you back Cuban got a couple weeks and they give me your thoughts on on whether there is a program is serving a purpose whether it's. Overly you lose whether the yeah it's appropriate now or whether the president. Decided to finally make a decision about something. -- Got us out of question -- what he's the but the president's -- -- This is about things unfortunately in many exams -- -- -- they're not correct absolutely. A -- do you think that. I as I said the caller. He was afraid that the military garb. Might it kind of suppress. Free speech and if it did I would I would be look very carefully at that. But if you think about it when when all of this started in Fergus and those were policemen dressed as policemen for the Ferguson apartment in the county department. And we had Molotov cocktails and rioting. Once the state police -- Well looking more militaristic. That sort of stopped. So I think that served a purpose. You know one of the saddest sights I've seen in my life insight economics I was stationed down in and the Tidewater area Virginia and Virginia Beach Hampton roads area. And there was area what they -- a Greek riot when quality fraternities had met down there in the in the eighty colleges -- and I went down to see in my guts. As 910 years ago. And we're driving down Atlantic. Atlantic avenue. Clinton boulevard. And on every corner. You know I mean there was no people -- And almost on every corner you have the National Guard standing there with. With -- M fourteens and and and me in the dogs and everything that was one of the saddest place I've ever seen. And in this country where we had. Protection military protection along the street it was necessary because the rights again and and it turned out to be rights of Pakistan adjustment. Went crazy. I don't like to see that but those things as you have pointed out there are we are responsive. Not reactionary in the air response. So what had just previously happened in the degree of control over which they had to take the situation. And so when it comes to having the military surplus military gear turned over to. The civilian police force I would much much rather have that than to have the military on the streets so. Absolutely and I don't think because somebody might be dressed him in that fashion it changes their minds that these have policeman. -- took an oath to protect -- -- a -- -- road they've worked as policemen I don't think suddenly changing their -- Would -- would make him more militaristic. So I I I think that's a bogus claim -- you know so. Thing I guess in my FaceBook page that clinical picture of -- -- -- actually was a video for young men and young African American. Who had challenged other young African Americans. To pull up their pants stop the sagging pants. A lot of the response that I get by these freedom of expression people laws. That we shouldn't be judging people based on on their clothing. And now we have this conversation now while we you shouldn't be judging us we should be able to judge. We can judge the cops by their clothing what you shouldn't judge just because our -- ago and now believe it believe me it's -- most urban people Wear pants. Pants I think -- recognize under your -- That's going too far the other way -- we gotta get down to the naval area and your naval -- -- -- night -- man -- Happening this brand which now I hope I hope. Did you. Agree I I hope I don't lose that. That sound bite of -- many many months ago a thousand miles I was here -- the years ago we've we've managed to save it I'm not asking them to find it now. A ball -- his -- and that. Statement regarding his rank I asked him you know what rank you achieved in them. In the navy and his reply was priceless and so that's -- we have but we just change computers it's the most Obama -- -- opens gone over there let's go to Joseph in Hamburg joke you're on WB and we can Hamilton is sandy beach. All right Andy well I just -- you wanna say that out. In this in the days of leveling the playing field and -- quality and everything. I don't -- this may be weapons distribution we shouldn't rioters also. -- -- -- Caliber for caliber. Might as well as Sharpton and black Panthers would look just fine -- notion of and drivers and an eagle on the but I just want to -- and that who that we should be out. Police and the police armed instead of the military. I'm -- majority Korea go OK would you also agree with me that if we'd leveled the playing field through the education systems in the cities like buffalo Niagara Falls. And cities like Ferguson. Then we wouldn't have to level later on in harming the mops right. I agree when you get a particularly come to school. Absolutely thank -- Doug Murray isn't on the school if you're gonna supplier older ones when they come -- this -- is the big it is a big 800 pound gorilla in the room aren't. We all talk about it we double threat that education's the -- absolutely education is the case -- agree I agree the last caller raised most of our bodies were great. And yet if you look at. At the mad -- Michael Brown. He had graduated. From high school and was scheduled to go to college right and in between. He was robbing. A store so another words it wasn't like he was deprived of education. And he had nowhere to go and no signal outlook. He was scheduled to go to college. And he still robbing a store you know I don't know item followed this case -- closely did. Did they indeed positively identified him on this guy every guy even that he is a companion the guy that was woodham said yeah that was us so there's no question it was him and his companion. Also no question that he graduated from high school good. And he was scheduled to go to college. So it's not like -- his life was destined to be on the street. But apparently. For whatever reason only he knows. He decided to do this in between high school and college so there there's an example where education certainly helps when it's not a kuril. Now you -- I mean you have to take some cultural things. And any consideration to people like to fill empowered. And I think this is the issue with the mops and -- they like to fill empowered. But I think who they need to be. Pro testing against are the politicians and they keep putting into office this creating the system in which they filled in some power. Rather than challenging the police for what may or may not be a bad shoot. I would be back though a moral Ken Hamilton we wanna hear from you -- whether. The government is now investigating whether the military gear should be handed down the police departments is already paid for. The original thought so after 9/11 was this would be our first line of defense against terrorism. And I have no problem whether they're not rolling tanks. And so these rates. I think that the the police should be given every opportunity to protect and serve us. And be able to be as safe as possible in a very hazardous job will be back with more with -- company. Let's go to would Diana and buffalo -- here on WB again. Yeah I -- well I don't know about giving not the police I that the military. Equipment. The -- confident and I don't even know they would make a good decision and for the -- -- the kind of tanked because can more or. You know I think. And -- -- kind of brought in your in your attacks here first -- and honor those innocent Nazis did the woman you say they're incompetent well even before -- hold hold a second hole. Just even before. Before Ferguson. Before anybody knew about this program police carry a gun. They carry -- some -- area. The tonne they have a whole bell worth of equipment and so did the think that if they weren't dressed in militaristic style. That even the incompetent police would would not be harmful I don't get your point. I don't think a lot of on the rooftop with are highly agitated. I think you know they. In the country and they get tired stopped -- -- favoritism in helping people all and you look at this somebody's gone you know. I'm thinking that you're describing politicians morning -- try to police. Haven't no end up -- our school system. Now you can -- that had been I you know -- -- they -- have been waiting regarding the point but pat. Just pack up and moving get out of the -- and lived a rock and a collapse around. There are very sorry. Diane I am I understand from where you are coming -- coming from a position. That you're not familiar enough. With to it to say something like that in Dale Carnegie we learned that. The way use you common argument as to tell people. That I I understand how you feel because if I were you I would feel the same way. And the reason for that is is because I would feel the same way about him all of your life's experiences the parents that you have the education. The friends and all of those things lead to them that. But when we start to look at the suburbs around Saint Louis east Saint Louis all the -- -- twenty years ago always they had a fourteen story office building sold for 25000. Dollars I mean the -- just desolate. And until you come from something like that and an environment like that growing up and plays like that that it would be difficult for you to understand -- -- -- -- to help them get out of debt compared to Chicago then -- people need to get out of a potent -- either and that's good living embodiment. So -- these people who are many of them are indigent many of them on public assistance and things like that. How do they get out as to where do they go the only other place that they can. I don't know how to hunt and a second I got -- go out now a go go where who will welcome them and anyplace where they could live past their own president does this hour. So you know there's other appliances that isn't good good job to make it. Maybe have a better life. But once you just brought up now wondering just brought up which is very practicing because a couple of years ago I mentioned it. I said for those -- you are complaining about living in buffalo. And they're not not having the opportunity when's the last time you even applied for a job outside of awful. -- got I made a great program if you think about it the pioneers in the in the beginning our country did exactly that they came from very easy to live places that Boston New York whatever. Out west where they didn't know what they're gonna get from mother nature. Or welcome or anything like that so that will undertake a chance but now it seems like he get comfortable and cozy but you just -- a bitch about month announced sandy hello sandy and I am I he's gonna he's got a jump on me that I am not jump onion does that give you little night. They left I always want to be at the my dream. Hamilton acknowledged. At the end it didn't. I diameter rebel. The people who left. The city's. Except for those who -- very very wealthy adventurism. Partner interest rather. They were not comfortable where they were they were most with a gorgeous landed -- well basically gets -- get -- they were willing to take a chance was my point some places they -- -- land if -- if you don't feel we're having fun and -- homes and a balanced as some -- somewhere out looking for treasure. There -- goals strikes things like that -- on -- -- -- -- -- -- Why you don't have to go out of -- for that. -- You -- on the front. Now watch your arm ha -- I know -- -- my point was this. And I really meant it if people aren't happy in their environment. It seemed to lack. What's so -- -- before the fortitude to go on try something new and something different because they don't know what to expect but they're not comfortable where they are. And in -- was -- I was realistically with the computers now we can find out where jobs are anywhere. And so you -- -- the jobs argument presentation get a job and relational when he -- you gonna have a job. But nobody does that they they apply within average a small radius of home and that's where they're comfortable. So -- what makes you think that those people are not comfortable well I didn't think I didn't say that warrant a -- and brought it up as to. If they didn't like the conditions in Ferguson wired they still there because they like the conditions and Ferguson and a lot of those were outside as the media in the -- absolutely. I was over -- and I've been to some very desolate place as the Philippines hades you know Senegal. Well I've walked the Alley isn't well Valencia Spain and I think you'll have -- Niagara Falls that's of them. While I did it was acclamation. But the people that I met there the even though they may not have like their conditions. They were very very comfortable there because they were aware they -- wherever they where they made themselves happy. The issue in places like Ferguson and another. Well we got everything that we need this is America you're not gonna start patient care colder and English you know you're really -- the extremes. You mean that you may not have the perfect conditions in the cells which are fighting for you know justice and I'm acting above anything is big they're looking for love. But the issue still comes down to your right. If they were uncomfortable. Enough. Where they are remotely will move but by virtue of the fact that they have -- -- is an indication that they are indeed come. Now one thing that kept coming out of the story of Ferguson is what percentage of the population is minority. And what a high percentage of non minority public officeholders they have so obviously the public office officeholders are -- Minority votes as well as non minority votes and so I don't know why was an issue. Where they Democrats I don't know. Maybe -- -- Antoine Thompson is you leave my body and love it and tax advisor a business that is that. -- -- -- a clip and it sure is better dividends that will be the best of our would be using company under threat tonight third of Arabia. -- Beijing nobody can now there's two of us. Okay. Good term news Bloomberg run. Well -- asked him a question about the federal officials. Are now. It's the -- initiative a probe. About outfitting police were military -- of a starter right after the terrorist attack. On the Twin Towers. Where the minute of the first responders would perhaps be police. In -- federal government one of them that have the proper year. To be able to deal with -- -- and and so this has been distributed to many many different departments. And it wasn't until we get the Ferguson where they thought the look was too militaristic. To may have if you're throwing Molotov cocktails I don't know what did you expect dinner jackets and doubles seven to show up. So I have no problem -- that were asking if -- You'd think you're okay with a two a bone to -- with Ken Campbell then. Bob Malone and he has not know that I was gonna bring this up. Every time we've mentioned. Leaders in the minority community primarily black community and and Al sharpton's name is brought up. I have no respect -- none at all I think a lot of people don't. And you'll always a reprimand people like Tony and I saying you know a lot. The committee he didn't make Al Sharpton. Under its depressed. As we go to place that they go to Al Sharpton and thousands easy to get something from highly accessible he's waiting for you but I haven't even finished my accusation. -- so you're telling me. That -- the grassroots the not the organization but the grassroots side is that not a leader. Has the authority early. Okay now he's in for its. Follow on where you anyway. Let me get on there I'm allowed to speak of this card yes since I have been presented documentation. And that this defendant is. Yeah celebrate today's step down as an old joke goes directly -- -- So anyway so there could be your thought process is. He's only a person that the press goes through because they can get good sound bites and he's always available but he's really a leader in the black community okay. Now weigh in Ferguson. At that the role of Michael Brown the -- girl the centerpiece of all of this turmoil. Al -- as speaker he speaks at its world. So obviously must be held in regard but you don't invite people who speak at your funeral if you -- -- -- regard one would assume a -- Quite simply. -- Another home run hitter and a part. I actually is is quite simple it's what are they looking for looking for property eulogy for this young man aren't looking for the most publicity that they could possibly get. If it was reverend Fred Jones of the first Baptist church of Ferguson. Then you would not be talking about reverend Jones takes. Asset Michael Brown's -- -- OK -- Mike Gravel and -- asked for com. Adoring yesterday. As yesterday it was a -- he said the he asked the protesters in the press and everybody for com. So that he could various on properly which I think it was a perfectly legitimate request. And so if you're asking for come. Maybe. Maybe via Sharpton has the tone it way down to be -- speak at the world but he didn't seem like he wanted to inflamed and. Well in there again you know we were talking earlier about if I'm comfortable where you are invited to go someplace else. If you're looking for calm then why do you let Al Sharpton do the eulogy. Are you saying one thing -- doing something that's totally contrary. To what it is that you say Al sharpton's -- there to calm the audience. Are the rioters. You have this the father saying we're looking for one thing. But we're doing something that is totally the opposite of what it is that we say that we're looking for. And so you have to listen to the messages and -- You have made the career he's been successful career vacuum of doing exactly that why is it that you don't get this one point must I to -- Yeah out of that chair senate might -- young man and -- and grabs my hand I computers in just went blank. I didn't grabbed the pebbles from your hand grass that is computer screen went black -- -- tell me because my computer screen is just one blind tried to get it back our -- That long ago. So just tell me have things. At that think bush it was your engineer we've very seldom see -- English O Jim Jones my kind of guy because he's -- -- Obama wasn't any and then definitely traffic in those events such -- thing. Nothing is just went. I mean it's it's got there is a boxer in this manner which is always there but the screen is gone and it's as well zone so. Maybe your recess hammer hammer please -- that -- rob thank you very much. Broken into that. See -- we do we like Jim because Jim knows what he's doing and he actually tutors just so you know and we get to see things on the screen we've never seen before which is of these. -- don't tell Carlos thought that was in the goodness and filmed only right way our guys thank you thank you very much. All right so you are -- -- by his father by Michael Ron's father asking for. A quiet and peace or whatever to. Various some very appropriate and Sharpton obviously it toned it down because we're all sound -- -- one another thing of it is is that -- you're saying you want one thing. And then you who set it up for something that it that you say that you know. Well I think basically we always thought there were tool Sharpton and Jesse Jackson but yes he's been cared to -- ever since the mentioned that. Maybe he would like to remove surgically. But some things that the president allegedly as well when are you nuts. I am tired I'm not. So. Cause he's in the power rotation anymore he's been kicked -- -- but here is this is this. -- booed down there who didn't show that Jesse Jackson Jesse Jackson was on stage trying to raise money. He made an appeal to raise money got booed by the people who -- there. And so I think that's a breath of fracture instead of being the opportunist that he is. -- mean that she wouldn't opportunity what you try to raise money for one who -- always heard was that he was onstage. Asking for money and the crowd booed him. Now how money would -- fix the or even alleviate some of the problems. -- and he in Ferguson is beyond me but looked like an opportunity we've got to gathering of angry people now less than the region of their wallets from. From where business it's been all over the nationals who runs an -- lose again. Reporters. What cool idea whose editors who would do they look like again and -- a little -- -- that it is now that you white folks created just -- to. Well he's big she's got -- I have yours half hours at the Asia built in the match. Hello back. As you know all kidding aside my number one hero and in the world -- both McCain and he was -- him. Win and he was a follower and he was -- when the when he was shot. So -- I don't waste as far as I'm concerned. A person who would have had great rabbits are simply by being we have Martin Luther King. And eastern and you know doing and again you know mark of the opening. The heir apparent to Martin Luther King was Ralph Abernethy. You know Jesse Jackson had my opportunity to earn an awful lot because I was younger absolutely. But that was not Jesse's. Place -- it was in his ambition if we wanna go back to the Bible. Satan was what got at one time. Composite and say it was the epitome of -- it was at one time he was glorious and everything like Jackson was. -- you husband and the image of America. And you happily ever after Ernie and solve his computer system today it would take a brow while on walk. Hundreds later and I blurted out Libya. OK boys and girls the buys them wrap up a regular season with Fan Appreciation Night to tonight and fireworks for experts 605 against the Pawtucket. Red Sox partly cloudy tonight with a shower or thunderstorm -- six before sun and clouds though with a shower at. I can handle that as well as the ones joining a Pete in Ontario Peter on WB -- Page circuit start again you know. It happened a week is it a lot of the album by. The UT TV and such and you know which articulate it -- a state got. You don't would be a -- should. But you know. -- -- wasn't the only one you know -- employer caught up -- and -- -- about it we are not being. I think the police you don't really opted crucial -- this gentleman is part about the -- -- what can -- Indy and and it could talk pretty -- -- to appear with group about it talk about that we truly believe this is what could happen this. We need guys that the president is behind. A lot of speed the strength that appealing coming out of these European group. And I really think it's. Quite good that is our top and it can become -- unwrap it. Only. You really paid 7% of population about America but probably. 7% will be the only one that -- that could go -- You know. -- -- start -- -- quote yeah they're they're not American that it could opt out. That group or -- so low that it could start in either houses and want to protect. And you don't opt out. -- in the -- right in the thick of it. Court population. Peters Beers if there's more Washington promoting it. So we currently -- note that it okay. If it's true at the community organizer. And it is that the game the great country. In the world. Law. Is to put up with it. Our big thank you very much now I need to be careful because what you're saying in the United States today looking at the mass immigration and and in tennis there is from Canada and that's and that is gonna give us about average but it's as if I'm thinking broadly enough on this this was about our alleged. Police problem in this town. Is that a big enough platform to spread to other areas that they -- while this happened and Fergus and -- now it's also happen in our town and so we're going to join in. Or was is seen as a localized situation. And not necessarily wonder what's. From community to community as well saint louis' AM the big town but yes there's always -- a major American city you know. In addition to that when you start to look at the population of minority population clearly. Identifiable. Underclassmen minority population of 17%. Then you start to look at that model and it exists throughout the country. And I think he's right about the president's. Having involvement with this I mean there's a reason he said Eric Holder there there's a reason Eric Holder. To look at the the lawyers from the criminal section of the civil rights division of the Justice Department went -- I I think there are not looking for justice I think they're looking basically for. Evidence. For some kind of indictment and they and a of the accords will take over from. Who knows and we don't know soon. The wallow in it went happily for the -- media details of how -- it. I'll Jesse Jackson got to -- us right after he takes an election that I wanted to pass that hat. Are right now is some things going on him falls who wanted him. They had a few folks remember -- blaming her it was to a slower solidarity -- Russell's. On this day Russell steakhouse and historic. John passed away we're gonna have a dinner for him. Tomorrow tomorrow his birthday was the seventh to seventeenth birthday it was the seventeenth the he has suffered a stroke. These -- and hospitals says it's we we mourn his passing here -- Jones flaming heart. The engine house and in Batavia repair Niagara stockings room while house -- is yet or is huge he had its 33 hotels in Niagara flaws. And here's a guy with an eighth grade education well -- that all of these things people say. He is the epitome of hard work we talked about education being the key. But I tell you -- hard work -- education every time. But you have to be willing to work as hard as John that the other issue up in the losses as that we hired a financial person speaking of finances. To handle the finances for the city and I -- on Johnson and Africa. For the board of education and I were files -- Manning William Hamilton no relation. -- -- and now he's been found why I can't -- has been found guilty he lost his arbitration fighting the charges of financial and for priorities. And a suburb of Syracuse where he ran the school district there the issue comes down is that -- superintendent of school up on hiring this guy says I like -- ethics. And if you like those kinds of epic season -- -- and brightest -- expressed in many of -- -- -- debacles in the city of Niagara -- we -- the -- ninety to a 97 school districts of Western Europe were ranked number 92 of those ninety's than at the worst in Niagara county. And -- -- telling you guys -- -- keep them what you're doing and keep getting -- -- getting. It's amazing I mean you talk about squandering legacies of them -- wonders -- the world right there is sitting in your backyard. Well there's a lot of wonders in the world that yes -- and I agree units. To -- how we got the word yet you ought to give -- your final thoughts on enough Ferguson now that the the funeral was taken place. The Justice Department is up there we we just discussed that briefly. Do you see this getting a better record gets worse or getting worst record it's better life. It should get worse before it gets better that way you have a model by which to follow. And any other cases in the at a subsequent cases that takes place within the United States actually diocese in Canada because as I said. Toronto is destined to have some of these same problems. With them the next five or ten years. There's there are a lot of the protesters were carrying signs that said. And had no justice no peace. -- but I feel they don't they're not looking for justice memo looking for peace. There are looking vigilante justice that's a real or true form of justice. I don't think they're looking for eagle one think they I think they have an issue they wanna run while that all of the signs with pretty much like their manufactured by the same person. Yeah and are you surprised how many people from out of town where we're very this is not a localized uprising. I know I there's some people who were soliciting money from their attitude. To go down there and to do whatever you know about it what do you do I mean why are you going to Ferguson we need. We need help in places like Haiti and we need places you know help and now where the peace corps and -- and volunteers and American and the rest of these organizations go. With an inner cities to open to prevent this guy. And as well I was wondering what the mob wanted that they want a mobile delusion of Mogadishu kind of deal or were dragging the policeman through the streets I don't understand it the investigation. Has just begun the fact finding has just begun and and there are already jumping to the finish line I don't I don't know what they want it and I don't know. Policeman was innocent or guilty I just don't know. And so I'm taking me. You know my hands off on this thing just watching -- Don't know what facts right now salute what you're willing to wait for the factual we won't have you on the show again -- and we -- the are that about wraps it up a very solid -- and we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty thanks Dan Hamels and I've said to --

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