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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Ann Gallagher- Start School Later

Ann Gallagher- Start School Later

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just in time for back to school the nation's largest pediatricians group is urging school districts to push back start times for teen agers. The grass roots organization that is leading the effort is start school later ink. And Gallagher is research and development chair and she's with us on the WB and my plan. And good morning. And carried a bag great -- -- time is all about sleep. This all about sleep and at all and the health and development of children. Are. Leave a child and fluctuate depending on -- -- -- -- target age group and rich. Our school hours are not aligned with they're actually he would go. Fairway -- all -- actually but at the implication that electorate will air in the Blackberry out. Am a later school start to that we hear might even mean fewer car. Accidents in the morning tell us about that. -- that remarkable about -- and why don't how different investigators have been studying different. At the start time on automobile accident and one investigator discovered in -- -- yet in the state of Virginia Eric Eric. And the only -- and let that one county had a different. Delayed compared to the other school start time and -- -- related accident rate and more Lee Anthony need. Study out of the university at minute chat at captured in an area where the change in culture and went over a remarkable. 70% reduction -- accident rate or. He's got a great job by delaying -- I'm a -- -- Do know though what percentage of schools. Do you start later because of these reasons. Well the question and whether they collectively -- -- they never changed or are they didn't have the until we -- -- it's not clear -- -- in theory that about 85. And Goldman the United States and school districts -- in the United States. Are out of the alliance with the -- pediatricians and -- -- American academy of the recommendations. For books start until earlier than eight part he said. Out of compliance. 85. Out. Yeah well you know a lot of our local superintendents around here are sort of resisting -- change -- saying that you know lit classes started it thirty -- -- -- -- the -- later in a lot of kids are involved and after school activities. Like sports and other things and that means you know they could relate for -- Don't seem to be that there are still the number of hours and today but what is odd is it. The anchor it has made -- change for the read and the help and they they -- When mark that they're not binding problem with children -- and there are other areas that are so actually improved that their afternoons. Are why productive. Or equally productive and they are now so for example. Are. Coach can report their practice -- a war and and children are getting more out of there and I'm Clinton that even reports that as a result of having well rested actually thirteen particularly. I don't have research on how it's something to think about more. Interestingly -- How mark time is reduced tremendously. To the -- -- attacked and can you give memorization skills all of that and you would make you expect a student. That there are improved in the amount of undeclared until. I'll market and private studies in your your work outside the school. Working and here -- -- and people are taking up time to -- the public can't. You've been gauging how parents are reacting to a change like this. Well it's remarkable and my area we did kill the second year did your parents are out what they're seeing and what aspect. Apparently not informed or Italian or -- territory the MacBook recommendation just like each change and the student that parent and student and -- -- were overwhelmingly in favor of changing it looks like I'm glad thinking what is done to their children. Clearly and an -- on home. Vacancy did -- Well it really is an interesting argument. And we appreciate you bringing this to us thank you very much her for being our gas. Well I'm that I didn't speak about the topic any time I think you know. That's -- Gallagher. Research and development chair with start school later ink.

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