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8-26 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're talking about maybe starting this -- day at a later time. I'm because your little darling didn't get enough sleep and is not performing at optimum level. For reasons beyond their own control as sister Katie and rhythms that are keeping him from going up. Here we go into a new age fool -- stuff again. Of these people were going to school at an early time since the beginning of of time as best we know. And I've gotten through. All right but it seems like right now we always want to make everything adapt to the child instead of the child adapting to the world. And if your job is to bring up way responsible adult and he contributing adult plug a member -- a member of society. Your child's gonna have to learn that even though they don't wanna get up early in the morning to go to school -- they have to. And we're not gonna sit around and wait a while via. Asleep until later time and some says it is nine. Before they get to school because it changes everything he reminded changes any parents who have a job. And have to get their kids off to school or daycare or whatever I have that a built in now that would all have to change a school bus schedules -- have to change. In any of the drivers who have other jobs would have to make all of those arrangements the domino effect of this would be staggering. And on the other side I've heard some. A school administrator. Types say that we have a lot of us are after school activities now. There would have to be pushed forward which would make it even later by the time they got home. So I'm say if if this is a -- your child has to learn. While still living at home it's a pretty easy lesson to learn. -- now obviously I'm not in the majority when it comes to people whoever -- in front of their name because I'm not a doctor. But here is one darker quoted in this Wall Street. Journal article. Yet that is now I want to listen to this. The timing system for sleep and adolescence is involuntary. It's a system they can't control and we can't control and it can't be trained. Oh really. Really. -- as far as as far as I'm concerned we -- train our bodies our minds to do almost anything. We certainly. Can't can constrain ourselves from staying up late if we know we're not getting enough sleep. And we go to bed early especially since even if you're hooked on something like. Some television show or movie or whatever. Winner of the ability to record it and play it back later that argument goes out the window. I would I would say. You know you look at a cost benefit analysis on this. What is the costs while they can't stay up -- to a 3 in the morning on line. What is the benefit well they can't stay up -- two or 3 in the morning on line. If you're terrific about it the benefit is. Getting more sleep being more restful being more productive in school so what's more important being productive and school are being clever on line. Until the wee hours or maybe playing video games till the wee hours. Where even listening to your music and whatever. You can certainly train yourself to have enough discipline to get the things and you wanna do. Before. The you know after the midnight hour the witching hour. I'm thinking that that's not really a big step to do now biffle food tonight parents that I like to refer to -- missile flew. Who wanna be their kids best friend and are going to do everything. To upset little junior little Mets that's not gonna happen. So it indeed -- expect the world. To adapt. To their kids however here's here's that your sobering fact you're not going to be here forever okay odds arm. Statistically you're going to be gone before they are and then what are they gonna do. While the bus. Era Visio person in charge of a -- of livelihood for your kid is not going to make the same concessions you're willing to make -- was apparent. So -- better of it may be made early and -- learn to deal with them and this is a life lesson. Think about it like this of all the things taught in school. There aren't a lot of things more important than being prepared to do the job that would give you. A salary and a future and be able to. They have an enjoyable life. If you if you look at it like that. That's a very valuable lesson it's a school lesson it's not on the curriculum. Is not taught by the teachers it's time by -- And your kit. That's -- was stopped by a you have to be to school on time and be ready to go and you have to be at work on time and -- ago. Neither one of them should have to wait for you and neither one of them should and probably won't. A -- for you because with the competition. In in the marketplace today. I guarantee you that we're not hearing this and the more productive vote areas of society. A people who take their of their futures seriously and wants to have the best living they can and provide for their family as best they can. Does this say that well we just can't do -- it's impossible as that doctors said I find would be utterly amusing to be honest -- Sleep experts also in this article says biological changes associated with puberty. Lead adolescence to get tired later at night because the changes are linked to puberty and not chronological age they affect children at different times. There but this started an early you know middle school that's when they generally start so what they're saying his middle school in high school. I you've got to give a more slack because they and they're not tired. -- if I gotta get on to ask about this John -- John Rosemont is that chartering. Person that is truly an expert because he is so common sense he's so real world. He's not fu -- at all I'd be very interested in hearing John rose -- column car comments about this but one would guess. You gotta be there ready to go as I said. But why -- say about my daughter she's not a morning person and as a home now well it was a lot of people mourning for instance but they got to train themselves. To via. The negotiable at least as far as getting the job done and an early time. And that's that's what we have to do if whether your jobs at a plant or at a school. It doesn't matter it's your job the kids jobs education they don't get paid for it but they get a big payment for it in the end it prepares them. To leave a good life rather than just being on the public dole -- hand -- government cheese. -- you know who sleeps late in the exact legalize a -- All right so if you want your kid that. To make something of themselves this is up for -- I think a pretty easy first up a lot of all of you favor or don't favorite. Did you have problems getting to school how did you do it. They don't 309301061692. Through six are 930 and what time do you think classes should begin right now they're anywhere from 7738. They want it 830 or possibly 9 AM some of the experts in this article suggests it thirty or -- is that too late what would it studio. -- oh what would you still be able to go to your job on time would you have to make some special arrangements. They say good to have children the date may have -- and a half -- shot off the games shut off the social media and an earlier time and all of your problems are over -- be back with -- -- company under -- -- at 930 WB yet. And now we're talking about something that -- is the part most argue about this morning with John -- and it's on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Where all of the alleged. Experts. All -- know how to raise your child betterment you do. And they understand that if your child is is that not up to par. In the classroom in the early morning it's because. It's not because of them is not because they rather stay up and play video games -- talk to their friends online. Or on their cell phones or stuff like that. It's simply because its internal and it can't be corrected it has to do was -- Canadian rhythms that's what it's about. So I guess it says it can't become corrected that I guess the thought of actually going to bed earlier. Without all of the electronic. -- dads that you have operating. And allowing yourself to get more sleep that way I guess it can't be done this is impossible why don't believe it's impossible. I think it's it's a not only possible I think it's advisable. To give your kid a life's lesson. And the lesson is this. You have so many hours -- a day for those who went to -- Less progressive school is 24 hours that's the answer. Is only 24 hours in the day. No matter how how rich you are no matter how talented you are you're 24 hours how you use that is really up TO. But part of it is to be prepared for the important things in your life now one of the important things of your life is making a good living. Or doing a good job whatever you're doing what -- in the service would be your work for a company whether you're traveling salesman you gotta be ready to go and ready to go to work. Whether that work involves a computer a rifle or anything else. You must be ready and part of that is is being arrested and restful. And part of that is allowing yourself enough sleep if you want to burn the candle at that end and you stay up late late by the -- I generally go to bed at 1030 because they said and -- up -- on opera five but I wake up sometimes around four. And I that's obviously for me and I'm feeling ready to go like to do my show right then. But to a lot of people are fixable while to get going and get traction. And that they have to have been a little bit more time and then they're dragging. Well if they're dragging along the lesson is this you wouldn't have been dragging had you gotten more sleep. And what did you have to put off maybe some of that online time was that absolutely critical probably not. Maybe some of the iPod and iPad stuff was a critical probably not. Talking your friends on your phone. Probably not just staying up for an amusing yourself instead of trying to get some rest. Now the doctors in this article say that. It's though it's -- kind of thing that hits after puberty. Because you're not ready to go to sleep well I think you can train your mind to do anything. Any thing. Ever see people I have a better males and have somebody step. Welcome it if it doesn't tell you -- vessels and a good idea that tells me you can trade your mind to do almost everything. On a more serious note. I think that that is a great lesson it's as important as almost any lesson learned in school. Is that you have to be control of the B control of yourself and your own destiny. And be willing to make adjustments necessary to be successful. And if you do then you'll have the world by the tail otherwise you're always going to find out. That the reason you're not succeeding is somebody else's fault. And in this case it's yours or Canadian rhythms -- not -- -- your fault it's never your choices it's. Somebody else is responsible for so don't wanna get into that -- And spend your time while waiting for the government changed to arrive that I suggest you go to bed earlier it's not hard -- adds -- to do you didn't know you can do it. But mom and dad don't coddle kids because if you -- -- pay for a long run. Because they're going to be living with the and so there -- 665 years old. Equipment. And -- that they government to take a dirt nap as just the way it works. It and I just think is better off to have an independent thinking child somebody who's ready to go to war. If you have to be merit 8 o'clock. That will serve you well because oftentimes. People who have good work habits. Advanced further in their lives than people who have may be less talent -- -- worst work habits. I employers like to see people who oh can do the job and are willing and ready to do this job. Let's go to Linda -- Olympic things liberty -- WB yeah. Hey -- -- England captain along carrying one ledger what do you think about this this is gonna do what I want -- to work. I worked night OK it is a good that you don't go early. -- Wanna tell everybody something. They are about like a good my appearance in a blank line. Hanging the free in the west that we -- to go to school that tree every day I'm sure yeah let's go to our. Grammar school and and when you you know you get all of their. Work day I got to my appointment factors important early. -- been late late in the estate owned and a global look at I -- a ninth person. Parent committee get -- I got up early today at. Had at the price you know I got to the. -- you -- it would get up late though don't you feel like the world is started without you. -- Parents and -- and then I wouldn't wouldn't hit a school -- went at me. -- you know regarding appointments I mean that's important to be a ligature medical appointments your car service all that other stuff that you'd you'd get creative depending on what you work schedule is like. I have this shift that I'm working now I really like it for that reason. Is because I can get things done. But it you know I do love -- ideal you know -- Its ruling on boxes around Italian wrongdoing -- -- yeah. Should work here there's no bosses Romberg. Yeah. I don't blame my parents. And he grilled a bit -- You shouldn't be angry they were good enough to have you. It always seemed like to know. Without your parents you wouldn't have any job because you wouldn't be here so roll my -- look at the bright side on the bench you know to -- Yeah we're asking if you think it's good idea to -- school. This isn't just our idea this it's from a Denver medical groups as. 8:30 to 9 o'clock in the morning. To accommodate your chiles -- Canadian -- if you're. Then like I feel like I'm working in Seattle and I gotta offer a lot say during the news breaks. So hopeful. Yet ovaries. Got to bed early get up early take on The Today Show me -- sink him. Extended hours will -- -- -- -- company understood him at thirty obviously. -- back whereas these governing. The over under on the last -- were 64. Call now. And -- available in the ointment or depository. -- open to miss from the last commercial stuff that it is their base -- governing and are up. And I'm fun loving sandy -- -- very much. I'd now we're gonna move on from that -- because obviously a lot of it was still sleeping because you stayed up last night listening to Michael Savage and now you're paying a price but. Ken Hamilton that I mentioned will be joining us today in about 21 minutes so look -- can have meant mom and a couple of weeks. Now one of the things is going on in the wide world of news. Is the president's getting involved so we have one aspect. Of some of the conversation. Around what's going on in Ferguson Illinois. And that is the federal government. Is now looking at and having second thoughts about outfitting police we have military gear with surplus a year. Basically the way this started was after nine eleven after 911. The we were. Concern as we still are about terrorists and there are that is the odds that you know terrorism were not immune here at home we could have been here as well. And so it was necessary for the first line of defense. To be law enforcement. And so. Washington thought it's good idea and I still think it's arguably. To take. Extra surplus military gear and filtered down to law enforcement to make sure that they have all the tools necessary. To fight that kind of a battle which would be different than of their normal duties so good idea and it's been in effect or. -- decorator show okay. And everybody thought it was a good idea of course until they actually arrived on the streets of Ferguson Illinois. And and suddenly people were saying. Well you know life. We don't like the looks of these policemen. They're dressed in military garb this is that a military exercise meanwhile did anybody tell those people -- critical that. There were lobbing Molotov cocktails at them. And some shots were fired here there and it was basically a mob that anybody's. Think the mentioned that I mean it's just an afterthought I'm sure. Bug or what happens now is the president has decided. It's two words -- go for Maria a thorough investigation to find out if this is still a good idea. -- I have some dueling editorials here. In the USA today and on this side of the issue is -- -- -- chuck is president of the fraternal order of police. It is the nation's oldest and largest law enforcement labor organization. Before we ordered checks point of view my point of view is this. I think that when people are asks. To protect and serve. Which policeman are. You have to allow them to protect and -- and you have to do your best and a conscientious effort. To make sure that they have the equipment necessary. To protect and serve. My thoughts are not somebody who is in the middle of a rise in part of a mob should be able to dictate. What the police though look like and their -- they're a fashion look in their choice of weaponry in whatever. I think that if you become part of a mob you can lose that bad boys meanwhile. I think the police are hard to be. I'd given the best opportunity to come home ignited the end of a shift basically. All right so -- art category. Obviously. Likes the fact that they have this at their disposal. To help protect the officers who will help protect and serve you. The foremost responsibility. Of government. Is to protect the citizens. We rely on law enforcement officers to keep our schools streets and neighborhoods safe. These brave -- put themselves in harm's way every day and we -- to them to see that they can do their jobs and so go home with their families. So basically chuck and I -- on the exact same way of -- here. A patrol officer on traffic -- needs different equipment. That a tactical officers serving a high risk warrant as part of a drug trafficking task force. A bicycle officer needs different equipment that officers on crowd control or providing security for large public events. Access to equipment that assist law enforcement in carrying out their mission does not militarized. Them. Most of the equipment is transferred to law enforcement. Through the partnership. Designed and administered by the Defense Department. It's equipment already bought and paid for by the American taxpayer. And -- purpose for public safety is now I'd like this for the reasons he brought up first of all the reason. To allow them to be safer in their job to protect us -- like that. The equipment is already been paid for. So it's not like they're there expenditures are going through the roof because they want this the newer equipment or fancy Nancy. Getting back the equipment is primarily defensive in nature. Soft body armor armored vehicles aircraft. And it used to protect offices armored vehicles are used for rescue operations to protect officers securing the perimeter of hostage situations. More than 8000. Law enforcement agencies. Have benefited from this program which was created specifically to increase the public safety capabilities of law enforcement. And -- everything we as law enforcement to do how can we limit the tools let him do the job. This is especially true for counter drug anti gang or counter terror operations. If police are -- And out armored by gangs or cartels there are less able to protect the lives of the public. State and local law enforcement agencies are not militarized and they are protecting the communities -- every available resource. And that's signed off by chartered Canterbury president of the fraternal order of police the nation's oldest and largest law enforcement labor organization. And I went from a 100% on that no question in my mind. This does not make them. And that gives them an opportunity to do their job anybody that suggests that they don't like the looks of the police you know. If you like the looks of -- police here's some advice don't I don't tangle with them. Don't be throwing Molotov cocktails -- Don't be. Don't be a part of a mob and out of control mob. Don't break angry front windows of businesses and streaming in -- out of control people. And then strip and stripping the shelves bare. You don't want the cops aware that kind of announcement well don't get involved government. Stay home and watch television have a dinner go roller skating I don't care what you do but don't be part of a mob and you won't worry about what the police where to the event. Got it. And that's my attitude toward I'd like yours are you okay with a police using this military. Puerto. Paraphernalia is the best way to describe it because a lot of it as as chuck says in the in the article. Is defensive in nature is not like they're coming in would machine guns and -- is. The they're coming in with things necessary to control mobs and and various other activities. A wanna know if you're copper especially if your department has received anything like this that it's been beneficial. And I'd like to know specifically if you don't like it what you don't like about it. You know like the looks above radio policemen. -- military you know it's dial outfit is that what it is I don't get it. And do you think you have a legitimate beef because I don't would you do industrial 9301806. On 6926 start 930. Whether indeed the federal government should stop the program which filters down a military. Hardware and their clothing things like that. Vests or whatever to local police departments. Whether that the program is still viable and took it took effect after 9/11. When the federal government thought our first line of defense against terrorism. Is law enforcement so let's. Make sure that they get military gear and -- keep reminds some of the military -- It's all been paid for and it's time whatever and I see no problem with -- overall I think you have to give the police have tools needed. And anybody who's who doesn't like effective there are Koppel looks more like a soldier. On the streets of Ferguson well guess what the I'm telling you the a Molotov cocktails and look like a Tea Party. When -- throwing gasoline lighted and things like that. And to add people alive I have no problem all the way to address I don't think this is a via a fashion outlet moments. This is about having the tools necessary get the job done so I have no problem without involvement naturally the president. Who is a spending so much time on the golf course took enough time out. To order a federal investigation. In through this program. And -- so that's where we're gonna go from there in fact here's the story from the New York Times. President Obama has ordered a comprehensive review. Of the government's decades old strategy a decade old strategy of outfitting local police departments. With the military grade body armor mine resistant trucks. Silence there is an automatic rifles. The White House led review -- Well -- consider whether the government should consider providing such equipment and if so whether local authorities have sufficient training. To use them a prop up appropriately well I would hope that they would be trained to use them appropriately. They're also gonna consider whether keeping a close enough watch on equipment inventories and how the weapons and other you're used a so they're gonna second guess the cops. The the the mob they believe. As we believe the mob. Right this is a little too insensitive to be on the streets dressed as a member member of the military. But they don't believe that they are the cops that's basically what this -- you really need that equipment. Well when they want the cops go back to caring a 38 special is that where is that where we are is that is that a mindset that stuff. It's code to load Jon and hammers and -- Johns says -- John -- on WB yeah. Yeah the problem that the police and the equipment -- the -- I think it's the mentality. Of the police when they're using this equipment. Figure. -- -- military fatigue and a military equipment. They're gonna start to think what the military. Instead of a -- out there. Does not necessarily. The fact that they're using equipment are that -- protect them and other great job doing that it's -- with a police out of date change. When you're using the equipment. -- give me an example let's Solis talked about Ferguson. Give me an example of what the police would have done differently if they were dressed in -- traditional policeman's outfit as opposed to. The -- some of the military garb there. I think we're talking about riots looting stuff like battening down the necessary and appropriate response. For me it's how does that -- other Beckett used during a regular protests but you know military. -- -- military officers. Ending their bonds of protesters are using out against protesters during the day and the close at night and looting rioting. Today and intimidating. Yeah let's let's let's look at time stamp on this at the beginning when they were doing what you just said. They were facing police the Ferguson employees and the state police. Who were dressed essentially light of the county police they were dressed essentially light coat a policeman. And later as it got better as one they were dressed in a more military's. -- -- Personally I believe that if you -- with a military using military equipment and the people protesters. It's intimidating. And then you can suspect maybe not it's not being is that what about five years now it can be used for political intimidation -- -- But certain dates back and hesitate to punish you with military police might -- intimidated and not go -- protests. Well they use -- -- protests and I I whether it's intimidator and on I guess is up to an individual person. I obviously don't wanna see free speech intimidated either but I think that as I said in the timeline it worked out exactly. The right way but is that what you're saying though we may not agree on -- but I -- -- thank you. I think about it. Where -- problems first started it was them the Ferguson police and the county. Police were there that's with a Molotov cocktails the rating of the stars the looting and pillaging all that stuff. Then as today or withdrawn as the agencies and the state police -- This state police were in no more militaristic -- that's when things -- better. And as far as being intimidating. We don't want it to be intimidating for somebody who was just expressing free speech certainly I think we -- agree with that. We haven't seen examples where was. However I I think it's supposed to be intimidating. If you're thinking of hurling Molotov cocktail or are you thinking of of rioting and looting. Might I remind you that in war time. In is in the in the in the field of battle looting you can be shot for loading obviously nobody was shot. For the loading -- did and Ferguson. So as far as intimidating by the very look a bit. I think that's by design how many swat teams have you seen the dress like the regular section of their police force not Manny. A lot of swat -- effective in most of them on an expert on this are dressed totally in black. How many special. Sections of police departments like especially drug raids. They Wear -- like Bob Lewis struggles of the things recover most of your your face they Wear those they were combat tonight boots. They were black outfits it's designed. It's designed to two of the a little scary looking so maybe you'll think twice before your break the law. As far as as I said as far as your free speech. Writes we don't wanna see those infringed upon certainly. And neither of them -- the police but as far as the violence is concerned. If since one as a percent of the police have a radio more sinister -- better weapons we want them to be subservient -- we -- -- and as I said with a halt police have 38 special. Is that while we want to -- wanna go back to that and if so what the hell would sign up as a cop they're designed. These forces are designed to protect and serve the public that's what they've been doing. The public is not being -- serve by rioting and looting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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