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8-25 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Solve this is how this is not a that's probably backstage to have. Misses the big deal. It is -- company and I'm I am reacting to what happened in the Dyer is for Tennessee last week. You're about it on Friday that we've mentioned -- briefly on Friday. But it's just ridiculous. You know go ahead of those children is called the are we living in a world gone mad we really have I think a lot of it has. -- -- fear of lawsuits. When a teacher reprimands a student missing bless you not even god bush just wants you to another student's -- As a disruption in the classroom ridiculous. The teachers almost have more common sense them. But apparently not the lesson while -- there as the teachers the bull that's the lesson to take away from that. And there's still seemed extremely well mannered. It's they're teachers said after the person 11 student -- And them via the purpose. And the teachers who said that she's that I did it and the issues -- why did you do that said. The young -- it was a courtesy. And then the teachers -- told -- was a courtesy she's at my parents and my pastor. Well a teacher -- being disruptive because as she said. Bless you and sent to the principal's office where she was suspended in school for the rest of the period. So I don't know if this was of the beginning of the period in the middle period the end -- period but wherever it was she missed whatever schooling there was to have. God knows from that -- and god knows. Arsenal while we we throw that in I didn't mean the deity -- although probably does. This was no disrespect meant she wasn't trying to recruit anybody she was lecturing anybody it was a simple courtesy. And she had a press conference after the show they were kind of a young lady she is. She said she did not want the teacher who punished -- to beat bashed because that's kind of harmful and disrespectful. So here. The teacher could learn something from the student and this one I can tell you that right -- A vote while we like this -- like this because everybody fears a lawsuit. The school district fear as the losses. People fear individual losses to your employer feels the loss. Anybody -- -- does any kind of business via fears the loss so that's what it's all about we have lawyers don't wait too many lawyers specializing in way too many things. And I'm guessing that they Obi -- For religious though. Whether expression in the class even though I don't think it was particularly religious thought process that -- say bush I think it was like. Reactionary and we all go away most of us do always say bless you you don't know the person. Is it is -- Muslim or Jew or Christian -- you don't know. It's just a simple caring for another person what's -- of that. OK let's go to -- jumpsuit he thinks an anti -- here on WB yeah. Yet -- off that. Young girl it is opt to -- is pretty. A victim of moral cowardice but let me tell you -- I've decided that the -- bottom. And take -- back against that you know Albania we think it's bad for the guest spot you don't like we expect. Well let me tell you what I got in doubt it just so we have been. My army pension should be kicking in an October. But a lot of late -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's true. Books were judo. Exam age I am. We -- -- them it just went away. OK if -- -- Mexico Lola and and when last we left gem he was going it's also within the army pension he was getting a new tattoo. I don't know what I was gonna say about what he calls Beckel put -- -- He must click the button because I didn't touch anything in here I was listening to -- and when -- calls back given my for those of you don't know. Jim as a former paratrooper. And prison guard soul of that. When he talks you better listen earlier in trouble well but when he comes back on the line we will talk to him. Meanwhile -- you see who's next in line and would be -- and Lancaster. All -- on WB. Hi Andy that the totally unreasonable. You -- what are your earlier caller talked about with open worry about you know we're gonna end of rock. Prayer in school noticed at the Supreme Court race that he can do that so we don't have that at the world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- bad hang out dumb stupid and stuff. Okay he writes so OK this better be creative and they will let you earned -- So then we have the -- -- -- yeah and then public crazy OK we're a band -- work -- there and they generally toward the students are gonna talk. And I'm a teacher and I you know you -- -- talking eventually the one of the most useful to the term is discussion and that the student especially at all I'm not same thing because. I can check our list words can say. Yeah exactly I mean it's a speech. It goes to creativity. And free speech goes even more creativity. And a lot of teachers will complain that there's too much. Vials speech so here's somebody who has genteel speech not offensive and she gets punished. I'm with you all I think I think you're made a good boy okay -- has baca got a get a new cell phone marriage are more. The accidentally hit bombard I don't market bubble days so little is left dude you're gonna have some my money with the army -- and are gonna get a -- -- -- Yup and it's going to be at you know era you know a little rap -- image of god or whatever back down. I picked out a 500 dollar hit -- will let the virgin Mary well. That's the closest you've come to a -- in many years semi against it. You'd think that it's. Like a patent it like the most beautiful movie -- you could imagine. Smiling down from happened where over the blue -- surrounded by all the brilliant. Colors that happen it's just gorgeous where where's where's it going to be words I'm gonna put it on my left shoulder but we're about sure. All the time after I get might get to. And then I'm gonna wait for some idiot. Buy your ticket but I'm not let them or they're -- it's legal Catholic. I'll carry out a whole idea that they had to I would born. I would. Well examined its at its is that we love your dolls because it's an exciting -- life you're leading so good -- -- that that. Version merited exit to pick out the design or did you -- the -- artist that. But I'll pick it -- I may have this black guy do it don't need. Show it to me. OK -- thank you good luck I hope nobody got challenges you -- -- he's going to shipments there's anger chip I would miss them. -- it was a moment ago about tattoos assimilate. I thought I thought this would be another thing that kind of died out and a couple of years but -- is it has legs people are still getting them including. A woman that I would have bet every penny I have been every penny I've ever earned in every penny I ever would learn. We're never gonna tattoo and that was my sister Beverly. And -- suddenly got one -- years ago just totally out of character for its small its discrete. And that's that so I use is just never know who has -- two not Christian don't have any -- I do not Ivan I don't mind tattoos but I had a problem with permanence now sounding like. If it's stuck dominate -- they don't just get restless and they're expensive to have remote as Brian do you -- that true. -- -- -- that is. And he tattoos are big problem. Achieved my mind every week about things. That add to weigh in in two years absolutely -- I called water soluble jobs that you take a shower and it goes way -- is America okay so we have a tax free show right. -- -- that will be back tomorrow breaching company under the freedom and 930 WB. You know I thinking yes asylum. Some expressions and some sayings started as religious things but they've become almost generic. And certainly bless you. -- it's harder with god bless shoe and so you mentioning god but. Given another example of something I think is generic are about if you were -- if you're seeking someone's approval for something. And you said of them may I have your blessing witness -- project. Maybe you wanna marry your daughter may I have there may have your blessing on this. It just means men have your approval. May I have your good wishes your goodwill your stamp. I mean there's so. Would you get upset over that I mean seriously. And end -- if you start parsing every word we said you know Parse his words. People like Bill Clinton the other Parse words because there they're used legally but I'm saying most people. With a free expression that we have use what we're comfortable. And and look at -- times one. When we borrow words that obviously at one time. Were were derived from religion. -- crucifixion toward crucifixion. I mean that's a word that has a meaning but it can have an alternative meeting. Which obviously and you know what the meaning and the alternative and that but I'm so I'm saying it they do I have your blessing to do that. Your approval would do would you get banned because that's a religious expression thinks that most people who. But they're the ones who are under the gun the ones who. The ones who fear a loss sued or some ridiculous standard by which nobody practices. The ones that there are picky about that but for a teacher. To pick out a seventeen year old young woman. Who was obviously mature. Who would use the the words -- bless you for somebody loose and eased. Witches I'm surprised only one person says something. I'm sure -- others might is that god bless -- are goods on -- something like that. It's it's just I think we've we're getting way too picky picky picky and it's just not reasonable. So let me ask about -- whether the teacher was reasonable but sending the student out of class missing a class for this and disrupting our class by the way by doing it. She accused stone of disruption by saying bless your meanwhile the teacher doesn't pageant not a I'm in it's it's silly is what it is a service when his -- silly -- in buffalo you're on WB again. Back to the fireworks that 2014. Cincinnati Bell WBBM fireworks at PG river -- Go retro eighties on Sunday August 31. So now again that's our problem maybe we'll get back to they'd let alone. Eyes I'm sure is gonna get to a point eventually. Let's go to bill and it's not -- -- north I want them here on WBN. The board has to be held -- war. These -- the rhetorically. Do this curry. Can't portion. It does reach. Church retreat yeah it'll say one nation under -- there would come over the -- My question is served all the hit businesses. Student. -- -- -- Oh yeah yeah I Obama's done a great job bless you President Obama yeah it's a good point and the -- -- spiritual leader now. Your right. As Supreme Court opens with a prayer you know this isn't about prayer in school is a generic term I mean it's become a generic term meaning you know the best that you -- -- good wishes after you just amazed. I've made it -- set the it's beyond my comprehension. I think Youkilis and where ago. Yeah failure it was very it's a played down the the gates they've done it all started with a UC LU. With a Christmas -- yeah -- -- can't really bad -- you can't say one nation under god. Are now and then just go about -- -- Andy and saying why is. A high you look for a kid can -- And its not like kids you know. Oh okay well burning ring Manning very Merry Christmas -- yeah I have it's it's not like for instance. The the law says that you can't into the government can endorse a religion you think that's endorsement of religion by saying bless you. I don't makes up -- -- -- I think you'd be hard pressed if you didn't Novo a girl the woman. What religion is just about. I mean everybody refers December and a higher being done or deity or god or something similar to that. So by saying bless you -- is not the direct. Relationship to god. I guess 11 person could last another person with good health. That doesn't mean it's God's doing it that's another person. Is a lot of easy outs honest but that you talk about lack of education. The most ignorant person in the classroom there was a teacher. Because of these the school district said teachers can set their own classroom rules as long as they're reasonable. Well the other side of that is they can't set them if their unreasonable. And I think it's absolutely unreasonable unless -- having a sneeze -- And everybody is sneezing every five seconds and and and getting blessed by their fellow students. I mean if this is an isolated -- let it at all as the low point and I find it more art than ironic. In a little bit dumb using the words they don't like dumb. Stuff. Stupid my bad and hang out are also expressions they can -- I find it. Very interest thing. That the student -- -- you which took bless them but two seconds. Was Q I was accused of disruption. Meanwhile the teacher who didn't want disruption in the classroom disrupted her own classroom. By Mayo who said that. Okay having -- stanza. I did -- why did you say that it was just the courtesy. -- told you it was a courtesy. My -- my parents always. As others to serve was doing the thing that she accused us of doing this one out relative. Because sometimes things are just dumb and and it's just amazing. That we are all creatures though vote. We we don't think things through. Rules are rules laws laws whatever but there have to be some flexibility. You know if somebody's chasing down the street wooden knife and you cross the street while the light is still read in the pedestrian. A -- wasn't on. Did you did you break the law via. Is that acceptable now because of -- because of the exceptional circumstances. Well I think it's the same thing here. There was no intent and I think intent is so important there was no intent to sign anybody up to her religion. If you didn't know her did know her religion and have no idea what they were expecting she was simply passing on a courtesy. Which started as a religious expression wedges now religious -- gas and it's also just generic it's a generic thing. And if you Wear old fashioned and you fall in love with the perfect girl in your life and and you go to her parents and asked me I have your blessing. Because I'm going to propose to your daughter. Is that a religious expression. Well it's dual I have your permission to have your good will do our best wish. So I get we gotta get away from this dumb stuff is not only down. It is stuff that has dome and stuff that is stupid. I haven't figured out how to use my dad and hang out yet and Robertson that's what I'm using them as many times like yeah. Under Israeli and I'm 35 for those of you listening today to -- companies like -- off. We'll be back after. We have aggravating dominated many phrases. That we yes safe. I started off as religious phrases and we -- problem -- -- them for this young seventeen year old girl in high school's English once somebody's -- As no need to make a big deal about that and -- some ways I I gave me expression. To have your blessing. Which means -- your approval you'll okay -- about as somebody who is -- it's something as a natural talent. Maybe an instrument or -- great Netflix. Is -- -- blessed with athletic ability or they're blessed with musical ability. Is that is that via a religious. A source compliment or you're expressing a general thought process. Of the habit. Inherent in them to do this. So I mean what we're gonna stop. If we have black issue -- simple words black issue. Are considered over Bolton. In -- in -- is berg Tennessee where do you draw the line. You draw the line in the examples budget issue as I mean it's it's silly. It's plain and simply silly -- -- teacher to claim that this girl was disrupting the class she said two words let's shoot the teacher went on non. And expelled student from a classroom senator to have the principals -- was a good teacher was the one that's -- was on the line on this one. Let's go to Alison in Rochester -- run WB yeah. Then at noon with a lot brought him or. Okay that's and that's Allison. The same guy ahead before personals not -- Alison as best I know is that is old female name I mean I guess is that Bobby Allison and anybody else is entered through. I love the fact when I -- -- -- fight with kale Yarborough the famous NASCAR fight. And I remember a few years ago at the -- ago when Allison was in town -- his book. And we interviewed on the air and I asked them about the kale Yarborough flight that that -- they had which rarely kind of put NASCAR on the map. He said that he really did a good job he's talking about himself now he said striking -- stress with his own face. -- that. All right let's code to. Let's go to evidence alone at -- on WB again. Or hello. Are basically agree with your opinion and I personally. Have eliminated that story sure my artwork are. The record for many years now. Error or since I knew our lives -- I lipped -- out for the most part various species such as originated from each and superstars. So he will -- just these causes that. -- to escape body issue that goes shape but virtue would stop the -- proclaiming the -- -- soul. Others believe the opposite. That you post here use this piece there's an opportunity -- error or since party. The result so this conception that well. Are all the surely stir up -- -- -- it. And let's -- or she was aware of war but of course back to life. Pay particular district houses years -- -- first day every every country in the world so -- approached prospect. That Erik Prince who aren't you were caught. -- free speech. BI is now -- I'm glad that the homework had. What happened at that -- sure bush particular ship was way out of it's it's the whole country in Europe bought a little world. All right I say god bless resolve thank you very much obviously being facetious there while not in in -- is -- and just even saying it why his right. Right now we are so waging. To be offended when. Because I don't comment or -- the jackpot if we're offended while police were -- expect they were offended as a an apology. The most regular affected we could have expected of were a friend that is a lawsuit. Maybe while those lawyers that advertises on TV with a special telephone numbers maybe they'll come to our raid. And they'll give us the money we deserve for being offended. A -- hope that somebody you know crosses the line breaks the rules. So that we super sensitive us care and can be offended I find it almost amusing takes a lot to offend me. I think the a go of the worst things somebody can do to me. Is to talk down that's the absolute worst is coming -- But to a to a lot of people. The apparently can't see anything that might have some religious or urgent. Is out of out of bounds it's as simple as that and keep in mind when you talk about the separation of church and state. What remains. Is that the government cannot endorse a religion. And other words no religion can be the official religion of the United States that's what it is. And they don't you know there's a gentler take a prayer at a school and that's not what this show is about today at all this show is about a simple. A gesture of goodwill from one student to another and a teacher not using enough common sense as a grown up. To figure out there was no harm no foul. Now what did the teacher have a media alternatives of course. Because according to this story the teacher can set their own classroom rules as long as they are reasonable but that's the -- The key is the word reasonable and I don't think this was reasonable all let's go to David West Seneca a debut on WB AM. I don't see any kind of jumped right in there with what we can talk about but yes separation of church estates. A lot of people maybe you included don't know that they came from. Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptist Church where you pick and I know treat a proposal yeah right and and but I -- -- and ready you can Google -- and read. End up. When you read that you find out that we're not protecting the church or the state from the church we expect -- church from the states that the total the letter. All right well you remember it was. Religious persecution and things like that besides the taxation troubles but we've we've tried to get a free country that you were allowed to worship but go wherever you like without the government interfering sure. And there's no law there's no statutory they're written. Legal and a -- -- any sort that separates church from state and listen to shift from that letter that was taken and it's kind of taken off from. I do think that in this case with this. The situation. That the simple blush fuel as a religious and advance or you think it was a courteous. You don't want to religious -- no problem with this I mean it's a goodwill gesture. And and a woman the teacher actually violated what Jefferson wrote his letter because -- imposing a man who would that girl's freedom of religion. To express yourself in -- public way. Also on the court of of of common sense she was that charging the girl with the disruption when indeed the girl -- towards there was a teacher that was doing -- thank you. Teacher was disrupting her own class. We'll take a break will be back with more with -- -- company on newsreader and -- thirty WB yeah. It is basic governing. And we're talking about a thing that happened last act actually happened last Monday. In Tennessee. We heard about it last Friday we just mentioned that as something that we've we found very interesting and heard on the news over the weekend and it's true. In and desires berg Tennessee. I high school student seventeen year old girl was -- to the principal's office was saying bless shoe to another student whose name is now. -- Davis -- god bless you should just that Russia. Which to me is no harm no foul. And apparently they have very strict code down their regarding disruption of the classroom. In terms you can't use my bad hang out dumb stupid. Stuff. All of those words are not allowed and who knows is probably more but Kendrick charter. Said that's all she was doing was you know just as saying bless you were just somebody -- while the teacher calls -- -- cause -- who said that. And Kendra says I did she's there why did you say it's and she said it was a via a courtesy symbol courtesy. And the teachers said quote hold -- as a courtesies and our getting through. The origin of that and she's that I told I was told that -- is courtesy by my pastor and and my parents. While she was sent to the principal's office where she was suspended for the rest of the period Scioscia miss the educational enrichment. If that's possible and necklace from. Of the rest of the class -- their may have been something important at the class was learning and she was sitting in the principal's office. -- letter resume normal classes at the end of -- period but I'm thinking that's assessing current. That's the best word I can -- as ignorant. Because it's not reasonable to suggest that she was trying to recruit anybody to any religion at all let -- her particular religion. So it was a symbols as saying that we all say our most of us do. Bless you for something. There's generic terms that we use that include that word there have your blessing doesn't mean your garage and your blessing me. -- have your -- somebody is blessed with. A great artistic ability of athletic ability. Great personality. Who knows why. But the bottom line is this is the common language that we all speak and I don't think anyone can say. That she was trying to do any religious -- recruitment there but yet the teacher didn't why. Because the teacher doesn't understand that when you're in charge. Of the group you are allowed flexibility. To make sure. That your even handed that didn't seem very even handed to me. -- lessons of the students learn from that they learned that may or may be vidro Libyan the class that we've -- Because it doesn't there is no flexibility when this person I guess it's by the book this is that. But so are you going to be suspended I think it's -- I'd like to use all the words that they use I do think it's stupid. And this kind of stuff. Should be relegated to the top shelf where my allies the cookies and it shouldn't be the way there on the school mr. So that's that meanwhile the girl comes I think comes a smaller roles she's seventeen years old. Obviously polite obviously become a student teachers tell us they want. They want polite students they want students who are thoughtful who are you or sensitive. Instead we always hear about students that come in and totally disrespectful -- the comment at all. -- -- would weapons sometimes a physical alterations with a teacher of verbal harangued just vials speech. These things. That some teachers have to deal with class after class of the class -- got this Carl says -- show -- she's considered. Pariah for the rest of the class does the home. So let's go to John analog -- John on WBN. Good morning candy is simplify well I -- -- can hear me I -- for so I was marimba thank you and I don't have tackles we're glad -- And army I don't want it accurately noted that ergo no longer are now buffalo raise. Irish Catholic by the -- Italian footballer I -- -- particular can imagine. Why. Why it would research on it I was I was conservative. I'm constitutions supporting -- as you are I mean. Like I get a little bit more research when this story first broke the because -- -- I thought was decried you know did it was unreal but. On the other hand we have different forms of religious extremism. In the end we -- the goal that particular teachers fired up I mean we -- that we help pull pranks and stuff my understanding of the situation was. It would and so what you what's the girls that. But the manner in which was delivered. Okay and the end. As I understand that. Couple -- very strict. Bet -- started you know the Bible I know Bible Belt -- -- perished. On. Wait wait -- which he delivered it. The one girl on site classroom. To growing questions stood up and yelled. -- Q. This drop in the class at that point. Possibly. Detained at least between their orders didn't then what are our art our very conservative press. Is it is squat behind it is the very next day. You know the pastor of the church. The girl all showed up at school -- creek and it's short it's that bless you and I am okay army is sometimes. Sometimes it'll even with the best intentions and an effort to get publicity or -- fought or something. Will instigate and an end and or commit that they pay. Was particularly -- but on the other hand if it was just a pure question of disrupting the classroom the manner in which it was delivered. You know the -- buildup -- question what was teacher's back was turned and I'm no defender -- teachers with the union or anything but. You know all I'm saying I think there's more -- this story. Well -- and sell your saying but because obviously Beck and can be it can be conveyed on on an AP story it's it's typed out. But it says it and the next day when she had a press conference. Because of the press was intrusive in this she said she didn't want that teacher punished or -- because that's harmful and disrespectful. The mere fact that somebody's seventeen years old usually if you offend somebody in the seventh and they want your scalp. This this young woman didn't even want the big teacher just respected so that doesn't sound like they would -- -- rattle the cage one day and and not -- this respected the next. But majority justice justice. -- the background element within 24 hours you've got to press conference a range of deputy got a short boarded up you know. -- you've got right up T -- pretty fast -- let's put it this way that we first of all in any kind of a 24 hour news cycle which we have now -- of the kids the adults they all know how this works you can get T shirts made real fast and the press descends on you like a group of -- especially with a story like this. So absolutely not only ordered that one of the rare instances that I think it would be warned -- -- well I disagree with you well. Maybe maybe more Canada actually come out I will let you know about a mobile while John bless you for calling. I jumped -- -- -- guys it doesn't seem to me if if she was just say a rabble Rouse or somebody don't want a stir it up. The -- stir up more. Continuing matter in the next day when at a press conference. And and get it going even further she tamp that down. She said she it would be disrespectful. And harmful if the teacher were bashing she didn't want that so that's good to me there again. It provided it shows me today a sensitive and caring young girls seventeen years all maybe young lady. So book I think we need more of this rather than less of that. And I don't think it was a religious -- Now as it and kind of keep track next time somebody sneezes. And listen to who says is on -- who says god bless -- -- as bush whoever becomes. About wraps it up. Going out this video story in my Ted Nugent concert video. Changing over Gloria hopefully get some of the stuff on there and we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under -- right -- 930 to -- here.

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