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8-25 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward vision company I don't know about you know but I'm not going through life each and every day waiting to be offended I mean I can hardly wait somebody you'll say something or maybe give you a glass that law I'm offended by that and there's got there is how the pay now. I don't know what the Davis school is in -- is berg Tennessee about a Muslim Mary Poppins high school. Because of the kids are not allowed to say my bad -- Hang out and a dumb stupid and stop those are those that are awards a George Carlin and say but they while not now use them. And they care however when they drop a line that black issue one student sneezed. -- and other students are black -- and it was like god bless you just said let's shoe and that was enough to get her sense of -- principal's office. And miss a period of school. So I'd like to know of the if the educators down there. Think that that was a more important lesson for her to miss what was being taught on the rest of that period. In exchange for the fact that she's a black -- she wasn't trying to convert anybody to her religion. It wasn't even necessarily. A religious expression it could be a taken as a generic expression. And like when you say yeah my goodness though what's happened here. Are you are you saying my god what's happened here. It's just -- -- -- to -- lawyers around with us. I'm so I'm asking you are they overreacting. Is a world gone mad as the world looking. For reasons to be offended it seems like we we want that because you know we ever met offended by anything today maybe we didn't matter. However. We can whip out the offensive playbook anytime somebody does something that we think is counter to what we personally believe. And I think it's ridiculous that you know as -- I'm live let live kind of -- am also. A person that believes -- intent. If her intent was not through. To proselytize there her intent was this short courtesy. And I'm surprised. The only one person that bush who I usually is that goes on line. Which is basically the same thing in German. Blood I just don't yet I really don't get -- I don't think the -- is going to be there let's go to Brian in buffalo grind on WB yeah. -- -- -- I'm offended by that it. We'll ensure that got -- bill will do via the as the but a dictionary of offensive words like that. What are they -- that was your daughter. I would be they took last. It's who you are you know I that it people who do. Which are REIT I remember what person. And put it released. It is it -- -- -- people get walked out about little things like troops alone which was about country look at all those court opened. If you actually slowed -- There's nobody -- -- risk sensitive skin. -- yeah. And there's not there's no leeway either. There is no there's no stepping back everybody's got to getting your face they got to tell you what the rules are what the laws are. I get a lawyer involved get get a school board involved. Let it always didn't offend anybody what I I would gather that nobody else in the class was offended but the teacher. But the teachers should know better the other as the students teachers supposed procedure. -- -- well. Oh boy -- gonna get. Two people here cure the problem with some teachers is that they are extremely. Liberal. And what what area is so it would be pretty error. Social teacher. -- -- year quick we. -- -- -- it's too bad it's too bad you're missing a lot of life from because I think -- has a lot to do with any situation. If it's like bumping into someone if you go and bumping into him intentionally that's different if you accidentally bumping into him it wasn't your intent. To cause a problem or anything else -- they -- is that common sense -- a classroom. Exactly. Computer you'll you'll look longer cute cute cute. You got that right your hair longer -- is early -- -- event thank you Brian thank you very much. It's all about intent. It's all violence and now some people. Say things provocative things. Of that they hope to get a reaction from people like. Al Sharpton for instance okay. I don't wanna get into that specifically but there are people with -- region hope to get a reaction. I don't think that there's this of force seventeen year old girl can return term. Seventeen year old young lady who said bless you after somebody sneezed. Was looking to get a reaction. And Indonesia media thank you from the from the person -- if they want to do that that's fine if they didn't that will be on the -- and -- have to. But I can't see somebody sneezing is say bush when they get offended by it. And the still be honest I wasn't offended by but the teacher. Called -- -- Who said that. Said that we want wanna get to the bottom of that as they slept very very. What's the word I'm looking for perfect existence down there and -- super Tennessee for this to be a problem. If this is a problem. This is of the least of their worries but I'm just asking effective -- was your daughter. Would you have been very pleased that she missed a period of of of work. In order to sit in the principal's office because she says blushing. Now. That it did their job is to educate him part of education. Is -- is understanding. And the understanding is that she wasn't trying to convert anybody to her religion if she even thought of it as a religious. A gesture certainly -- -- sure is. Is short for god bless you we understand that but it's it's it's used all the time. And it's used by I would say that's it. The somebody. It -- that I didn't know that I didn't know if they had any religious affiliation. Or there or no religious affiliation. And I don't I wouldn't expect India feedback on that. But that's what you get the -- and I'm overly sensitive time in American history. Where in less were offended by something we are day wasn't complete so I like to know for -- don't. A few -- easily get offended would you have approved what the teacher did to Kendra. Or should they just let it go and and enjoyed effective they have a young lady who was -- extremely polite. And showed courtesy I think she should become evidence that a condemned will be back -- mortgage company under is greater and I'm thirty W via. We're asking about the the alleged distraction. In the classroom. Down in a dire is berg Tennessee. A young seventeen year old girl named -- turner when a fellow students sneezed -- have -- The teacher immediately wanted to know who said that is that. Stand up. Why did you say that there was a courtesy well you're going to have to be suspended senator down to the principal's office where she was suspended for the rest of the period. I who is this asinine that's the best way to describe it is asinine. And I think we all were overreacting to everything. We can hardly wait to be offended as she was not pushing a religions wasn't pushing god -- Extended a courtesy. And I would guess the teacher cause morbid distraction and I classroom and the stone dead. So I don't know what the teacher. Expected to learn from doing that. And there they have both some. Things are not allowed to say in that class and that's fine I have no problem with a and setting a standard. My bad hangout dumb stupid and stuff. All right that's fine you know I'm not gonna quibble with that what I'm saying -- -- some common sense -- grown up here. The teacher or in this case the student -- with a student on this. Let's go to. Joey and -- -- on their job or you're on W via. -- candy. Goal at the key turn this one for a couple of reasons and that. First she might be under -- in -- school district. And into. Eliminate all religious references armor class so that might not be -- fault. But -- is -- -- cholesterol it like he kept her leadership her quest for her rules. Byrd is she thought the sign on the wall. There's houses specifically what you can't say and let you know. At no bones about it is short for god bless you okay election light -- where -- -- regular album religious references. It's. You know the slippery slope -- these are allowable little are a lot it and next thing you know OK can't -- your head start -- -- to tighten the purse. And water is she seventeen it's not -- lighter twelve and actual balloting that was like eight. Like -- -- jerk reaction or reflux where is that what you is I'm sure. Does X seventeen this -- that happened on several times blog throughout the course of the year. It's important that this option because. Personable sort it's like speeder you know get over it happens of violations but -- that -- you. At that point that forced -- the world becomes meaningless actual school rules. Say that the teacher can said the rules you're right about that as long as they're reasonable so that's the word I would hang -- on. Joseph is you think that's a reasonable request. I executed because it is that whole thing is it's not just the one I'm making up and it's if you allow one kindly turned your every cancel once he is everytime -- cops. Think you know it's like everybody here about the the person that you were shaking hands with your neighbor. And they're not -- -- Is that people -- you and thank you you're welcome every time that some mutant that turns adorable five well is our personal well. If you if you talk to teachers are also a lot of complaints that are most teachers have especially in some school districts. Is the fact that there's too much rudeness too much SaaS -- wide shut. Of of unwanted vulgarity. If you have somebody who says bless you -- another student who just sneeze to me that's a breath of fresh air don't take it as a threat to any religious. And no doubt it indicate church. A nice city park in. Our school system that you're gonna maintain that separation of church and state and just focus on reading writing and arithmetic. And and she's not a doctor she doesn't have to say what you should appear to take. -- it amateur record against Turkey human nature people are brought up and out over everybody says bless you and thank you look at the salt. But -- let them. I well well first off I think you -- I can disagree on what reasonable as I I don't think it's a reasonable request. I I you know she was having a prayer service there it would understand it if -- whipped out across and a or holy water or somebody. I think that's the charm is its generic. And I think the term is really almost non religious thank you -- -- you very much. Almost non religious. But there -- the FCC. When the FCC deals with the broadcasts. Problems if it's a language problem or some other problem. Visit because of term that they use called the zone of reasonableness. And other words and they're using this it's a Supreme Court ruling to -- regarding us a zone of resembles what reasonable people can expect. Course the term reasonable can be debated but for the sake of today's argument will just assume that reason we all understand what reasonableness. I I think it's it was on the reasonable for the teacher to send the students of the principals office. Really do because by that by doing that she actually makes a bigger deal out of it that it was intended to. And if -- if if the purpose. Of education. And as far as I'm concerned there's only one purpose of education to prepare you to be a productive human being. You're start very young. And they teach the basics and then later on you learn and learn and you absorbing whatever. But if that's the purpose of education this -- set education back aways in her classroom. Because one of the students learn. The students learned that a sign that the authority figure in that case the teacher can be unreasonable in their mind. And still be in charge now maybe that's a lesson to be -- that you may go to work for a boss that's unreasonable but you want your paycheck analysts right. You -- you may get an order in the service that you think is unreasonable budget analyst -- A but the book that's the only lesson I think the student to take out of that I think -- talk about intolerance all the time. A lot intolerance for that I mean we have -- where it went so we have -- tolerance for everybody and everything under any circumstances. And every situation. But the teacher didn't have enough tolerance. To. It's a thing in her mind that issue is not a you know are called through religion. It simply doesn't it I think the the student was right when -- -- as a courtesy. -- -- He can't work both sides of the -- he can't be complaining that your kids are our rollout involved and -- -- not paying attention and all this. And then you take a student who's using courtesy. And you send her down the principal's office and she misses what ever it was taught in the rest of that period. So I'd like to -- from -- is that a reasonable decision by via. By the teacher the reason I'm I'm well aware of the result of reasonableness is because of the FCC but also. There is -- I have a column. On on and reasonableness as far as the Supreme Court is concerned that has to do with Ferguson. Soul I mean news is -- it implies some things that have happened in for hours. -- so I'd like an overview it a 30930106696. That I thirty was the teacher reasonable. Let's go to Franken a lot of frank you're on WB yeah. Me good morning be no I don't think particularly reasonable or not like cheap it's all in the clients and inept -- thought that if the -- that ruptured. You are they're ordered the air required should figure at all. -- you know Syrian god bless you it's my -- and maybe your future I would appreciate it -- who wouldn't. Say god. She only said unless you should -- neighbors say god also. All okay what you are dull maybe you're hurting my it was a disruption iiroc already tired it was. Or whatever black you know it and critic society. There are so -- don't have already. There I think that the teacher should applaud this stupid. Will be simple -- William and and and and and hold up as somebody who is -- is under writes I don't think. You know -- the other -- -- -- -- we're we're we're out about how it. We're LD electable that we're going aren't Eric. And -- We're out. People out they can't get to a dollar back into an -- not that that's one woman she didn't care who are her arm and whatnot are young woman Guttenberg an elderly woman hired -- that the elderly achieve what I would straight. In her -- late or early this. All of a -- all you could tell us what does that -- says on the other side because I'm interest is in hearing is -- -- frank we will hold right there will be back Lamar. What does the elderly woman have on her arm. And via a tattoo that says something frank wants the show goes on news radio I'm thirty. I hope he's not disrupting the class I'll be reasonable about it will be back after this. Back twin engine company has -- talking about the world gone bad we really have gone over the top we can hardly wait to be offended every day. We overreact to everything we Colin lawyers and mention. Nobody considers intent wasn't the intent of this student. To round up new candidates for her god I mean it's ridiculous. You very. -- shall we say very courteous young seventeen year old girl saying bless you after after your classmates sneezes. Is not what I would call a reasonable act. To send her to the principal's office to be discipline as ridiculous and stupid all the shots are stupid as one of the -- a Kenya knows. Probably because it will be a very applicable to move this to the teacher's decision to do that. Meanwhile let's get back to frank who sought elderly woman with a tattoo frank we can hardly wait to see with the jets who said. -- -- Harper and her -- -- include an older woman for crying out but I mean. In -- I would have never been. That would be young guy yeah I'm sure when you're our young guys on. I mean you want your grandma. Arm as they're there. Ultimately -- everybody is on its -- and my wife present. Would you have ever in your lights seeing something like -- -- kilometre -- every -- -- Dollars a -- agree elderly woman's detectives that bitch. Oh my word. I'm here I'm by modern great I looked up. All. Of our society now where everything went out there are people you're born. I know. But she did what. It's like there are no basic rules of decorum and a good taste -- commons and sort of sensitivity. With that were overly sensitive. So lonely and here I know people can do whatever they want. There all the people wanted to party that might. There -- grandchild you either grow probable that I'm her army -- -- -- I've seen her oh it's grandma wearing T shirts that are very. Explicit let's put it that way and -- should absolutely bored children that young that young from their homes in quiet. The question -- approachable -- exactly been so important that Putin yourself in court that a lot right the World Cup right now. -- Of everybody's worried about some kind of lost sold in the in their lives or something but it seemed at first all. I'm surprised we don't have a lawyer are already doing a commercial. Saying that if you're a teacher has offended you by sending your principals office. For saying was show we can get you the money you deserve so -- that wouldn't surprise me. But man that's what people are so sensitive and overly sensitive to anything. Well absolutely it's what people wake up every day waiting to be under I don't think it's like I liked. You're afraid to open tomorrow the paper and you aren't that you -- that are being here especially in talk radio occasionally you have to -- -- word from parent because. You're all -- all. Who are out there were recorded the fact that I what you say you know we are we are one word away from unemployment I mean the only -- -- So they don't want to work -- -- -- -- up the original I. Like the dog that died and the back and irrigate the radio when I first started. God I remembered the -- -- remember there are all of our. Tyler Moore yes our -- you know Bob Dylan are -- -- rhetoric they're -- they're. But still -- -- it was like everybody there and he ran with it were logging on his party are -- to Reggie or something like -- now. -- Always as you said we're looking for something to be offended by gives also a moment on on the stage a moment in the sun thank you frank thank you very much. We have I mean if it's really sad in some asking is it reasonable. For the teacher. 27 that students of the principal and the reason I use reasonable not only as a date it's a you have a term that's used. To define things. But it says in this article that the teacher is allowed to set the classroom roles as long as they are quote reasonable. And I would guess. That if you took a cross section. Of the people who live in -- -- berg Tennessee to a really good survey. And find if if they were offended or thought that there's a student needed discipline for saying bless you to another student's amazing. I think you'd find the teacher is way out of whack. On this one. It 030930106169236. 930. Let's go to Tom in Hamburg Tom there on WB yen. You it I think since it's my. Taxpayer money. My ungodly. That they're gonna but it mainly have. They're teachers undergo. Sensibility training. I like that. Stability -- that a sensitivity sensibility don't like that. But yet it exactly that well but that that -- yet there in. What was your voice down but he. All I gotta fight yeah I was Spencer Tracy Spencer Tracy. Yeah that's right. And look what the young kid who lived lives that so many at all. I'm not sure it was him or cool dim but he said they remember the famous line is I've never met a boy. No he says I've that there's no such thing as a bad boy. Well what I do what I think going forward is that. Look it was a cockpit from the Bronx and the and that's perpetrated picked up the nervous you know Irish accent. And the -- -- -- out and and and the and that other said that he said. Well questioned my child and that it looked at it goes back to butter. -- that's a are you that you might be right it might have been many might have been Jackie -- minutes of cinema Bob was here he could tell us. Yet but I got a I got picked up like it. My wife and I picked up that routine it will do -- -- -- -- -- just thought at all until he's out of a -- well we switch to the public -- And and we -- at Wal-Mart and over a couple of people in the -- in the late eighties and I did that you know it. She replied -- LA and it is that a single look that a. Well -- about 80000 spandex are jiggling I'm sure -- It was the main thing I mean that would that weight and looked at one guys in classic you look at people without the head glad that -- -- looked at me like -- back. You -- that's beautiful I love stuff like catch catch people off guard like that thank you thank you Tom. We'll take a break -- back Lamar Beijing company -- Ritter and I thirty WB via. When it all this stuff begin and in a lot of it began with lawsuits. And liability situations I think a lot of our lives have changed. Because of that basic concept of either of the school district being sued or -- being saluted your employer being smoother. I mean there and and because of that people are afraid to do almost anything. To react in any way shape reform. But I guess they take the attack that better to be safe than sorry but in this case. I don't think we have the right call was made I think it was not reasonable for the teacher to send the student. To the principal and and got -- in school. Disciplinary. Measure by missing the rest of the period -- is allowed to go to the next the next class. A budget was that reasonable was a reasonable by the teacher. Or the principal or the school board or the school system to say if you say bless you you're disrupting the class. And -- -- mindless and having a sneezing festival. How many times -- you sneeze and an average classroom probably not very often. Let's go to my friend -- in Pennsylvania we went to school together on what if thing is this -- are unreasonable are reasonable. Extremely unreasonable -- Because the expression bless you. In my opinion has religious connotation. And I think education today is trying to destroy our constitutional. Rights that it served this country quite well. -- in approximately 240 years. Well they definitely don't want any religion in the classroom we Novak gonna. And now an act and and these educators. Are badly informed. And they're trying to convert our freedom of religion. In -- freedom from religion. But that is not what the -- history books palace. They get their colonists came to America because they were persecuted for their religious police and and no religious expression. And that is and that's exactly what this teacher in his system principal at trying to do that Kendrick started out by punishing her for -- blessed. -- okay I think it's almost turned into a generic situation anyway now she had. A press conference and this is Sharia or Connecticut she was and is she said she didn't want the teacher who punished heard of the bashed because it's harmful and disrespectful. So here you have a perfectly mannered young woman at seventeen. We get all of these complaints and we see all of these images of of kids absolutely out of control bio follow miles. And this one gets sent to have a principle because she said bush. -- -- -- that aspect stroke I I honestly believe if that same. Same girl had used the four letter F word in describing. This need you know that you wouldn't he would -- missed the second and -- classroom. You know if you talk to any teachers regarding how difficult it is to teach in a classroom. A lot of them will tell you disrespect from the students they get physically assaulted by the students verbally assault that. The parents -- so they have this war zone going on a lot of classrooms I think -- welcome a class from boulevard Kendra is they would like that respect for young women. We're trying to do the right thing without without organizing a religious service right in the classroom. Exactly if I was a teacher I have a classroom full of people like are I'd be much happier than what I would probably have a classroom full of. You know what I will order tick me off to. I would feel that look they tell us all the time how important it is for us to be in class. -- I don't cut class don't be absent except when absolutely essential and yet she missed that class she sat in the principal's office because of that so I mean the big deprives her. Of some learning that might have been very helpful it is she could learn something that day in class that was pivotal. So for the rest of her life you know how we have moments where moments of brilliance where suddenly something makes sense to us. Big they gave that up because some pricy teacher decided that this year was being disruptive. Absolutely -- now look at yourself in your personal experience. That you were. Thrown out of class that he died in the gray college and you were born probably that you look at handicapping. Of where you're at it. Are you and I went to third grade together. And I was I was expelled because of mrs. Marshall. Now you have mrs. Marshall as teacher I had mrs. Marshall as a teacher and my mother and father had to go back. And to our government's Marshall -- back in the third. Now we won't say -- I was this expel our but it's left a lasting impression it was may and still my friends or commitment to bad. Knowledge it was only trying to help me put. It helped by putting in a martial law it looks. Martial law -- -- our Ed thanks god that it -- much. I am yeah I got them. I got tossed out of school third grade of the why won't tell you why it was an inning it was third grade stuff. Aren't great stuff but you left that impression -- -- When I tell his story off the year people whose. But that third grade are exactly. So I got thrown out three times in -- in Meyer and the money in my academic career. And military on Montreal 106169236. Star and I thirty. Are we in a world gone mad a week trying to -- overly sensitive. We can hardly wait until somebody offends us today and I I bet if you go through a day by keeping a laud the but do it safely if you're driving. You'll find that your offended by -- lot of stuff it seems like none of -- have a thick skin. And all of us have an attitude and Williams junior is on call attitude adjustment. I think a lot of people out there could use and attitude adjustment maybe not on the way Hank sings it. But basically we we are re prioritize our lives because if we find out that. Our day is a rowand. And we have -- send a young girl to the principal toward discipline was seventeen years old because of her dastardly deed. When a fellow classmates -- she said bullish you at all why how could. I mean we can put up -- that kind of lawlessness can wait and this is and desires berg Tennessee. One would assume -- -- guys -- the model. School district where nothing it's like to relate will be gone pro. And nothing's -- -- -- I'm just telling him so I don't know if you think it's reasonable result of reasonableness. Did -- out -- that's an FCC. Uses that. The kind of judge or whether indeed a reasonable person or a reasonable group of people would come to always a conclusion. And it's also in the Supreme Court this -- a little distraction for a second. Areas as Supreme Court justice Rehnquist then an earlier case obviously these past. Said an eighteen year old on our men may not appear to pose a deadly threat but a police -- perspective is different. And that is -- an officer could be judged after should be judge after the fact these -- the words of Chief Justice William Rehnquist. The reasonableness. Of a particular use of force. Must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene rather than the 20/20 hindsight vision. So that's what he's saying he's saying that if if the off for officer acted in any reasonable manner. Then that's -- that explains them. If it's unreasonable that something else I'm asking is this suspension. Even those only for one period. It reasonable punishment should have been punished at all. Eight -- my -- 1060692. Receptions are nine there.

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