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8-25 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All on his major governor announced at the beach I was worried I was are at this morning as I was having breakfast that looked at the milk carton and -- -- picture was. It's amazing he's missing from time to time one wonder worries wandering around high. I think the last those department you work that it was headed by Moses. But anyway he's here. I -- Chris is there riots here at the prayer. Yes had a great day you know over the would have -- Greg is only -- -- yesterday went through -- analysts lake I like it's beautiful on the Finger Lakes and a is very nice and peaceful and quiet minutes. They're good they're good food there. In it's it's denies these records next couple hours ago there but once you're there it is good. And then on Saturday I forgot that the bills were playing on Saturday. In the afternoon and I got home -- twenty minutes into the game. And as soon as I turned it on I realized that I should have just not remembered to forget I mean I was and I'm memorable game Chris. Big coach says he's got a quarterback situation and he's got a hold team situationally -- You have the team was her. Horrible. Game planning too much but you know I mean were what three turnovers in the first step that I can remember that time I had manual fumble that was picked off and even the interceptor wasn't released all the receivers just fell down. They got booed him and I guess that I used to getting or not they don't wanna get used to getting Bode Miller show today. But some of them seem sensitive about getting booed Libya today I saw that I am not one to get too wrapped up and -- -- certain people -- buffalo seems to love that when people complain dinning room and you hear about it now because there's Twitter. But I don't know I talented guy how angry about it aren't. Reacting react -- it shows pride -- -- -- I'd rather have that and not say anything at all you -- -- argue this is maximize your famous letter. Years ago when I was them as program an average of VW when we have an opening for -- arguing -- 400 replies. Easy easy as they all sent tapes and -- -- or whatever so what we did is we made up five letters five. And we would put I would pick the individual -- that we put the person's name and address on the top and I would I would -- at the bottom but there are five basically form letters but you'd never know they were Foreman has ever. That is one guy applied for a job and it was a really good book but I cinema in nice form letter signed by -- boom boom boom. Couple years later. I didn't know this obviously by the applied for job again and and as luck would have it the odds are five to one right. As like whenever he got the similar. So he sent me that's the latter -- Immediately colors like to work no small markets that you have Bob Bob -- you ought to be ashamed of yourself. So I -- simple replies. The replies simply said send me a better tape I'll send you a -- latter. And I think if the bills auto battery a reaction from the crowd got to do a better job on the field as is the way it works -- -- one more game right now -- signal -- ago. What more is one too many of -- -- for these -- because hall of fame game Rihanna Thursday. There's every team -- next Thursday's if you really love terrible pre season for border and -- Thursday right yeah I watched it last night Cincinnati game. I can't get in the pre season I really just can't. Just -- Tony loves that I just don't get it I'll watch a couple series but even with the opera's doing terrible like the bills are horrible on on Saturday. But mean it's you know it really game planning -- You know why Tony La -- haven't you figured that out yet. You know watch most of the games that's not yet. He loves loves pre season because he's not getting any milky. And if you are having rookie wells on Saturday night you know I'm calling him organized and -- what he would -- watch football you watch everything. He watches games that have already been played and he knows he knows who won. I mean that's really those arms are I think more Nokia let's football was football more and rookie I mean that's just a way ago. So I decided to your room. You made out of gas that simple but now Ryan knows as well which I'm glad that he knew that before Ryan can pass the word among among everybody on the staff. And they're working on -- hold on hold onto a system on all of the Entercom stations. A four computers. Yeah the the engineers were in here at 9 o'clock and I said that it would prefer reported -- new outlook rushes and there's a slow rollout though they may come in here -- -- some miners around I don't know how crazy they're gonna get. During our during the show today bought as a right now our ideals and tomorrow that we won't be so -- -- -- all bets are off to -- Learned well and in my many years and broadcasts that is that engineers. Don't care what's on the -- they're gonna do their job when they do their job you've got me -- led today's guests ladies and gentlemen the president and the whole. And their appearance -- are going to debate each other -- there and sharing equipment down billion -- all the way and all kinds of as a sort it's as. As this or were also saying. It's a grasshopper I've given new tool bits of radio wisdom Tony gets -- -- and the engineers don't care what -- work on the equipment. How about for monologue has no information not it's the size of bowling balls falling off the table in the first five minutes nobody. -- -- Thanks -- parliament for not describing my show is -- name. I appreciate that. -- I go back a long way. If -- above undergoes. I saved all the departments ever written about me. They could do it by and newspaper. -- luckily I was included in the name column. I will take a break or come back about a name. I think we're living in a world got mad really truly. It is it's like you know Dylan have us on what's the first now later last of the times there are changing. It's not even it's even more bizarre than that then that you heard about this over the weekend we'll kind of get -- the speed on it. On news -- 930 Libya. -- the reason I said that I think we're living in a very strange time because these things happen in the news and that is so different than anything were used to. And how many of these that well in in the day or it was better follow -- or are but now you go to a normal day and things that happened you don't even believe happened. Of this happened. We had a story on Friday is -- -- -- made a quick reference to amendment whose department used that as a legitimate news story. When -- service. -- the world's gone I think the world has gone mad person all were all overly sensitive about everything. Were overly sensitive about being offended. Were overly sensitive. It's it's. We we have a sensory -- -- -- high. We don't -- offend anybody we lock on eggshells nobody wants to -- -- we live in La La land well when news today. God bless you after somebody sneezes pretty it's a knee -- thing right I usually say is on the night which is the same thing in German. And I've always go to my whole life and usually people say thank you -- already can't say god bless you in school. We can't bring god into the school even -- somebody. Who is it's amazing a you know -- comes from the have been sneezing and a deal. Is they say that's the closest you come to dying. Neitzel was Larry honor. In your life. And so. You'll say god pressure because god guide you through that. I'll speak of god all. Is double the devils shields up. At the end never what you loitering around there. -- -- -- -- -- -- From Vermont to sing this song if you wanna -- and don't Obama loan. He went to Alaska and everybody had a great time congressman -- you did you sing to any of the people not to do I'm not saying I talked amendment union chuck Amato wrote about. I don't know -- you may have put Joplin globe when you took it back. Evaluate the job now you're you're leaving -- to Ireland Ireland right as my home you know actually my ancestors came from -- -- yes Sean you and Kathleen -- left Ireland because of the well you've probably heard this it's historic and after -- terrible -- it was the great. French writer for him oh yeah where you couldn't get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- mashed potatoes you can get Michigan inmate Robert Fries remember and they were compressed dirt Ryan exactly it was a it was a tough time -- never know if you've been in Ireland and yes my sister loves all is there a month every year. I I mean it's beautiful yeah but the foods. I don't know -- that's what you do. And even if your world traveler if you go to England. -- go to Ireland you only eat in Chinese or Indians. Universal outlet but don't eat any food of any. -- -- -- come on these jobs are you alone no real low and I'll be I'll be alone and lonely that means -- and on many of the and -- we -- -- president George livid or hard meaty part of the problem I have done this really upset wide. You actually suspend them. On them -- -- -- I'm I'm angry with the success that these -- so many things at me while we really out -- football yeah right okay first of all I'm a Catholic OK okay I watched the kicker who's gonna kick try to kick a field now he blessed and so blessed themselves. Doesn't care -- football. Doesn't care about -- right level. And and yeah exactly god likes tennis. The moment. -- All the material that he was on the -- and well that's. -- -- yes tougher than making me because. They didn't like Irish people of the that he did not like Irish people and had a script app and save every penny. That carnival cruise ship to come here. And storage. Did you did you nerds Dallas I was urged yeah. You'll get the helps low water lines. -- -- -- And because my great great grandfather was so it's hurting him in a wrong turn and Iceland also went and he -- -- -- well that's an obvious after -- on this for a trip. All right roll roll roll that when he going to wire. In maintenance may oh -- Where. Insurance unreasonable is that. Any Wednesday. Things Edmondson. Players you know they get that you pay a million dollars a year they make a tackle and everybody comes over and he beat their chest yeah DeVito made a big deal about. And an concussions what happens is that you could play. Guys come over its -- and on the too much. Not that visiting run with no no don't you -- guys slapping him to -- of football club march oh. A lot of success. -- -- I'm taking Maria on the today which you meet a young guy in there when it to a young guys. -- -- -- does he drive like this. I just came back from long trip. And you see these young guys they too -- recliner. And a actually I like that that could -- that what you drive for public. The opposite I like the TVs and are you already available if you -- re really -- Over immigrant would have a vote on right. All right so if we give people low wanna go to Ireland would you have they announced the and the improved president announcing its soon and social play a lot of extra time limit that is -- on the oil that we'll have come to a -- vision partner. -- OK now when -- stays home and and you go on and -- -- achieve unity you're all wearing your view. Bring electric companion view of traveling companion Janice told him Hussein deeper partnered -- partners and traveling companion. Now don't have your dollar your easily belong. -- what usually belong to -- law. And here. -- and and that upsetting retain. Our rights don't know what we're -- on. Is it a name we know open and and playing all of those -- to Ireland. On the way. Are you love airplanes my knees hit the scene from a made him and you take an eight hour drive -- -- and they give -- a Pepsi. And at -- -- and I hope that's. -- -- -- But can -- -- small glass with ice. Laden magic out of Boca -- -- now that was Greg can I have another. This money -- did go to when we went to Hawaii. It's from -- it's twelve and a half hours. In a plane now in nonstop -- twelve and have the loss so it will TV screens and part of you can watch and television or movies okay it was really nice so they end. She falls asleep Anderson there's a channel where you can see where the plane on the ideas that okay all right let's step she wakes up. And should not she hates the fly indoors too late seventies at how much further as a visual -- actually press the button as it. Nine hours and that's. The TV and we get up walk around in the island you know try to keep active. Now she falls asleep again wakes up ha ha much further as it. Seven hours and we'll have -- Think you should have asked me for advice because the way to pass the time and I know you you're you're cheap you don't join close -- been called mile high club that I met. At that time go -- like this but you know. Seriously yeah. Well it's it's obviously you're single member and yeah. I didn't know that Iowa -- will will be looking for those commercials and hopefully I'm running them here. On the root for your time. And -- have another thing on the senate -- -- -- All the people who made a big deal out of going to smell that plant artist I'm glad. Decaying flesh Gloria. Macapagal of the amid the botanical gardens are beautiful you should go there but Gordon smiles and play at its most horrible wanna do that ought to -- few. Right along the railroad tracks there we have the Harvard street. -- come to a it's not that come to a management meeting here that are. Well thanks sandbags -- bring some joy -- -- lives. While I don't you know and I'll join Baltimore's are awfully high you're up. Side will be back after this without an eruption -- Roberts thing in this. Back with a -- company and he -- expansion ever for dropping by always brightening our day. So long way he misses him hey are we -- our world gone mad right now that's basically a subject of today's show we really are. Everybody super sensitive everybody has an attitude everybody's been put upon everybody's been discriminated began. Everybody doesn't get a fair shake. Bob blah blah blah blah and some of these things are right some of them are fair statement that some of them are just ridiculous and I think this is one of them. -- we have as I said we have this story briefly we just mentioned it briefly on Friday and that is apartment units that whomever over the weekend but a I would just like to get my arms around this thing and try and figure it out this is not a good at Tennessee tires bird Tennessee game. Keep in mind when somebody sneezes in music is on site or god bless you. The -- the story I was always told and that's the ones that he would is that. When you sneeze that's the closest you've come to dying outside of actual dying and so music publisher because god must have been there and got you through to sneeze essentially. And it's it's harmless. It's harmless and it's not about any one god it's about you know a greater a greater power than all of us an opening. Most analysts to believe in that certainly. But here's a story out of tires berg Tennessee a Dyer county high school students sent to the principal's office. After saying bless you and music publishers that bless you to another student who was an east. Yeah out now -- mine. Issue is that offensive to somebody. It's almost a generic term -- -- means but it's almost you know a good thing for you happiness to you its success to you issue. You know a reward a pat on the back I mean it's certainly not offensive to anybody except of course the Dyer county school. And book which says they're not supposed to do that in school. So -- the cat was sent who has seen the principal seventeen year old Kendra. Charm told police state gazette the phrase was Alyssa things students were not allowed to say in that class. OK here -- things they can't say we're gonna say you know George Carlin edwards' cancer Mario. These words you couldn't -- they had -- berg Tennessee school system my bad. And hang out. Dumb. Stupid. And stuff that's it I mean if you look at that sort of thing. As -- sesame about the assistant principal -- garner. Said that he could not disguise Bristol is gonna woman's name but his name is -- But said that he could not discuss the specifics of what happened but he said there are two sides to every story. Are also said teachers can set their own classroom rules as long as -- reasonable now when you about what goes on school. Our teachers getting beaten up by the students. Some schools known as heroin high school. Are you here all kinds of vote physical attacks on teachers by stones. He really thinks thing bullish news is that much -- line I mean come on. If a teacher asks his or her students to do is on the reasonable to avoid a distraction. In the classroom. And we expect the students still follow our roles that garner. It's a ring if it's not a reasonable request will sit down and talk about it will get -- right. According -- -- after she said bless you the teacher stood up and asked to outspoken in his now I -- -- that flick fast times at Richmond high. It's there are those voters were -- jumps up from his desk right. Okay RK -- I bet now it's as in the company. It says the teacher stood up and asked who outspoken that that sounds you know benign right but it was probably. And it's a must and bridge and thank you you'll see the authorities. She asked why I said it and I told is being courteous. She asked me who told me it was courtesy. According to turner I told my pastor my parents Communists. So you think I'm pretty solid -- right to say the word god. That issue. Warner. Turner then instructed. Issues instructive and. Go to the principal's office where she was placed in a school suspension. For the remainder of the period as a matter of rule change was allowed to attend -- -- class well thank heaven -- -- -- the call are priced lawyer. -- also said she did not want the teacher upon assured of being bashed because that's kind of harmful and disrespectful. So it seems to me like a student -- show more class and as the them via. Teacher M and the teachers on class but that's where it is and I wanna go our our way. A real world gone -- we're so careful. Where every word could bring down the universe. Everything can cause -- buildings to ignite and burn and things exploded in the night because of the kind of world we're -- now. I mean no harm no follow -- You know I live in the real world where people's use real language I have to edit myself sometimes doing. A radio show but basically try -- -- is as real and normal as you can. And saying bless you certainly. Is not disruptive it seems to me like from what we've heard described by teachers. On the show -- It's always -- -- -- we will look at our breath of fresh air because they swear at the teacher. I was talking to a teacher. A couple of weeks ago. Those suggested there was a female to a teacher or student -- has suggested that -- maybe some activity take place in the classroom that obviously shouldn't take place anywhere so these are the kinds of conversations -- goal on all the time. And to think that it -- is berg Tennessee must be one fewer. Our school system if if that indeed gets you sent to the principal's office and the ability nasty list them keep in mind. I was got a got suspended in the third grade for the first time. Got suspended three times altogether but the first time was the third grade so I know all about the stuff. And I'm just telling you hang out dumb stupid and stuff. Are not allowed. To be said in the classroom down there so one would wonder what planet this is from its nice to set standards. It's nice to try and keep things genteel. Of blood you got to be realistic too so I'd like to hear from you know are we overly sensitive are we a world gone mad get an example. A couple of political correctness. That but you just think is. Is baloney in my favorite is a diversity. Diversity the diversity has secured everything as long as we have the right. Percentage. Of -- people in this case students. Intermingling with -- each other than the world is great if we have 17% blacks -- should be 17% blacks in the class. If we have 2% Asians there should be 2% Asians because then they can blend in meld together maybe roast the marshmallows and single by. The world will be a much better place diversity is the biggest bunch of you know -- -- that I conceit. And it's the only good part about diversity is maybe some of its natural. And that the natural. Diversity is what does that. The artificial one with the quoted is just doesn't cut it. It -- and -- 301806169. To the sixth and I thirty. Sean Hannity is -- here and the government needs to be strong enough to protect the innocent they cannot give in to mob rule of some. It's a small minority but got dozens and and hundreds of people that have been involved in looting and in this disruptive conduct since this event happen trying to take advantage nothing he can't let mob rule which is what we've been watching and ought to be clear as I can hear it's not gonna help Michael Brown. For his family for protesters -- -- Sean Hannity weeknight seven Suzanne news radio 9:30 AM. Yen. There is nothing better go to Western New York summer boy yesterday it was a fabulous -- today's going to be 12 is going to be 82. Make the most of it give the north on -- 99 days of summer sell for unbelievable. 99 dollar lease deals on two of the industry's leading vehicles. What's in our most experienced Toyota dealership is offering the always reliable. Notes -- fourteen camera -- Or the new and stylish funny fourteen corolla -- for incredibly low 99 dollar 24 monthly sales. Now when you buy a Toyota from -- on you know getting a vehicle with consistently high resale value. And award winners and safety of this is a limited time so don't want this 99 dollar at least you'll get away from you. It's -- north town Toyota medalist or highway today of releases like four months on approved credit 101000 miles -- -- -- requires 2699. -- 3199. Down those security deposit first months payment tax title registration acquisition 369257. -- -- dollar -- -- -- with signing payments based on tier one post approval through -- -- financial services must -- by 83114. Yes a student in Tennessee got sent to the principal's office after another student sneezed and the first students said bless you. These teachers said who said that. The students stood up men was sent to the of principals office where she had to sit out the rest of the period she was allowed to go to the next class. And the teacher asked why she said that she's that I was I was taught that it's you know it's the it's the polite thing to say who told Trojan that she said. The students at my idea pastor and my parents so I think there are good solid ground there -- pastor and parents in favor of something. Teacher being overly sensitive -- goodness just my goodness OK what I just said my goodness. When is any -- you think the derivation of that is god obviously. They have a list of things they can't say at that school my bad hang out dumb stupid and stuff. A one would think that it's nice to have standards but let's not get ridiculous about it. And I'm just asking the question. Are we at a world I've met are we in a politically correct society to the nth degree let's go to -- in Grand Island and here on WB -- I think once again. I'm a mother and her religious person but it seemed to me that everybody leaves out the second part of that amendment what has the government shall have established religion. But they'll let me but apart or the -- -- to the free exercise thereof and what do we. Know it's it's -- what do we leave our religious belief that the door public schools at least -- report. That's a good point and I edit the republic. -- I think you've been worries she wasn't trying to look recruit people for her religion it was a pretty general thing that is generally accepted it's almost generic. Yeah I I think about a world -- Kris yeah I mean there are gradually I'm not up skirt or illustrate it but I do believe that that people don't -- me. Go after our rights they're doing themselves image to. They're like I'm single focus like -- declared gun rights freedom of speech. Political correctness gone -- or if they don't realize that there actually harming the health and that's what -- -- -- Talk to people about subjects and that they have every time you wrote one of my right sure -- in your own motion -- You know but but I couldn't believe that it did and got folks and get an air light at that are being mentioned I don't. That's a -- boy that's a good point and and I'm glad you brought up or get people thinking because you're you're right of first well it doesn't affect it shouldn't offend anybody. You're not saying anything specific about your god is just the generic. Well bless you meaning you know we go through a season. Which is the best thank you I I wish everybody was -- parties is that young woman thank you. In the teacher. Saying though was that all about she said it was a simple courtesy. The teachers said Adam who told you that. And the students that I told her my pastor my parents Communists there. So here you gotta be thankful for what you have here you have a student that showing currency. Is that nice is so what do you billion you're suspended from a class. Because she says bless you see it's via this one of those subjects that. Is so hard to believe that in today's. Lewd rude and crude world where grandma hours of T shirt that you wouldn't even think they wore Woodstock. -- many years ago that there's somebody saying bless you after someone's name is is is this is not to be. You know -- considered a major disruption in the class in fact I would bet that if the teacher didn't make it an issue. That nobody would have said anything about it. But it's you know I don't know whether it's a it's is see who IA -- kind of situation. Or everybody's afraid of getting stoned. Or pick it or put out of business one word idea I said the Gregory was the manager here. So at a few years ago you know all of us talk show most -- borrowing myself. Rush Hannity. We're all one word away from unemployment. And we really are luckily our best friends are the -- buttons which we have four seven's second delays so. Our Chris can dump me. I can -- myself fired seven seconds to do it. But the bottom line is -- so easily offended now. We can hardly wait where where we're almost out there cruising to be offended because then we have a cause then we have a stage. Then we can tell people I'll put upon we have been and how unfair the world is we can talk about all kinds of unfairness that. Whether it's the the difference in the paycheck from person one person through. The difference in the treatment from one the tube but the image of a real world somebody saying blood issue is is is to be considered a courteous person. Not not a disruptive person but that's weren't as. And guess what is a one size fits all. Instead of saying bless your shoes at something little rude and -- which you've gotten the same punishment. And in -- do you really think she's pushing religion by saying bless you. I mean if we were standing out in the hallway here. And there were some people here in there and one from season. I usually -- -- on but if I said bless you would other people recoil in horror. That I'm trying to push my god on somebody. So I don't get this stuff -- firing. Is it just me or is is the world are nuts because we're just super sensitive and waiting to be offended. We are waiting to be offended it. There religious thing I'm not religious at all not at all I don't go to church I don't care about -- -- -- don't pay attention. But the the term blessing was innocuous there are certain terms that are just in the vernacular that you don't think of as a religious terms and I guess of you wanna be offended by the new Camby but it's not. They're not even -- I mean I say bless you -- somebody's knees. I edited the whole point is you're you're trying to push your religion on anybody uniting and really trying to push god it's just that. I think it's a courtesy I think very big girl was student. I had a right when she says it's a courtesy so why I IPO witnesses seventeen year old girl. -- should be patted on the back and not and condemn and via. I don't know if it's if her grades -- targets. Gets affected by this -- to sit down for a you know a period -- to -- a period. And what does went to the next us at the end of the period. A bus so she sat out the rest of that the rest of that period so she did not get the instruction that the other students got because she was in the principal's office. Now if I worthy parent. Of a Kendra I would not be happy. I would have a heart to heart talk with the teacher and the principal and the superintendent and the school board and the oppressive necessary saying loosen up. Loosen up here we hear -- or trying to do is get the -- -- kids to be more respectful. The show more courtesy. And this is what you pick out of a crowd. Teacher shows a severe lack of judgment on this one. I want tiger -- -- be -- -- would -- company would you have been offended by what would you have told your daughter to say to the teacher. And the words we'd like to lose I'll tell you one where like the -- When I hear somebody used the word hash tag. I just want to I just want him to suck my exhaust pipe. While my engines running -- I'm just telling ya ash tag doesn't for me we'll be back after this.

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