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8-26 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I mean I just I've finished the last but I can't give a show at 9 o'clock I'm sleep deprived. I need to establish -- 1111. -- -- -- Because I have a leisurely breakfast and -- Hamilton you're a man and I did I can do an hour my eyes well -- note. My good work and it won't work now is reaching companies. He has says yes that is a major governor announced and a big Israel wants to talk about today including some things that might. Might actually impact your life think about it like that. -- meanwhile you know the morning team does a great job of covering the news but they can't get through all the stories. And sometimes the important stories slip through the cracks -- idea ought to be critical but. That they didn't give -- a story out of this right out of buffalo. John Jones. 62 years old charge by the buffalo police after 7 PM Saturday with petty larceny. For allegedly. Trying to leave and -- -- avenue grocery store. With five bags of shrimp in his pocket. And so why nobody said Obama is that shrimp in your pocket. Or you're just happy to it's as they may they're valued at 9995. But I'm thinking and how we should take the positive side -- sure the guys still trying to. But -- a step of club upward mobility in the old days what are they steal cigarettes maybe but who's now others' feelings shrimp. So I think that's what's next I mean lobster. You could you know lobsters usually sold at market price and whenever you see anything on menus as market price. Grab your wallet and run because that means expensive but the guys yeah they got up with 505 bags of shrimp. I'll never forget I was doing any remote broadcasts of the opening of a supermarket because I've done -- everywhere everywhere. Dad V host. Decided to put out a very nice spread. For the listeners that people would come by. And among the things he put out were shrimp now you don't see that because shrimps expensive okay. But as we put our shrimp and in a lot of other good stuff and it was very guys. And I'm watching this one guy as he's taking shrimp and putting shrimp in his pocket. And I am thinking. Is home he's gonna have to take a shrimp out of his pocket now want shrimp that's in somebody's pocket -- -- he wants us on you don't want -- But there that we had to ask him to please refrain from doing that. A but -- I stole far I -- her room I was adamantly five bags trip I guess they -- -- shrimp and ended. What else is going I've never heard of anybody giving up a job for this reason is lot of reasons why people give -- jobs but this one is new to me. -- and then neverland and -- are -- and the Colorado. The town Marshal says. He is resigning after just six months because he can't take the altitude. Jim with the -- a former police captain in Detroit. Says that he left because he could not acclimate. Two of the 8400. Foot altitude. That that's remarkably 400 feet keep in my Mount McKinley is 20000. Feet. -- I know these things one trip to Alaska and they stick in -- actually it's 1200. And something. But that's it's always leaving because he can't take the altitude. I've left jobs because I can't take the attitude but never. Job because of the altitude. I'm Mary Poppins bouquet when Walt Disney bought the rights to Mary Poppins that. That was a big deal on the time -- if you look at it now. He paid a 100000 dollars advance. And of 5% of the earnings also went through the author. And 500000. And is equal to 779000. Now. 5% was a better deal because the movie has grossed a 102. Million dollars 272727. Dollars so everybody's happy with Mary province and they're not. I see a lot of movies I've never -- Mary Poppins I have no interest is emeritus and Bob I. Efforts to use in America I saw on I was a kid in Europe don't even bother you outline -- -- not seeing him century -- two dads who freedom that sit just a kid movie that it's posted movies a lot times in your kid you watch stuff that you look back it up it is ridiculous -- that was something allies is a kid and I thought it was ridiculous that. I mean I like a good friend die and certainly Julie Andrews is great but I just had no interest in a flying mammy. Are invited to flying their -- go to the manager's office I'd now let's start about today something that everybody's been talking about all morning. And something that I think is bowl. So Motley bowl. Any -- child rearing experts are saying if volley that Shelden didn't have to be as school imam aren't paying. You know they're learning curve is steeper in the morning. 'cause they need at least nine and a half hours away. And then not programmed to go to sleep until 11 o'clock at night. So why don't we got to do while while oh please give me a break Leo. And that's what they're saying now I have -- an article in the video Wall Street Journal. By so Matheny as you ME TH guy ready. -- is related to Helen elements of monthly ready. But it we're talking about exactly that. And you know this goes along with the same thought process as remember. Where and a bit famed author came into town and said that the buffalo school system they are really getting as high grades as they should get. Because they have too many white teachers. In the white teachers don't understand black culture and seeing that the majority of students in buffalo are black. Therefore we need more black teachers and that will result of higher grades that's the same thought process is best. Where experts alleged experts are saying kids are ready go lower and -- a 7:30 or even 8 o'clock it should be pushed at 830. So that they yet they can get enough sleep and in these studies say that you need nine and a half hours of sleep however did something out. Is something stopping you from going to bed earlier he had forgotten somebody is stopping you from going to better social media. And movies and target your friends and hanging out somewhere else besides your house and all those other things you got time for that and you're ready for that -- -- early -- that. I think I would be in favor. Of a moving via the morning classes to a later time if indeed social media was shut off at 9 o'clock at night. You just hit a switch in every house and forget it even on battery your run your iPad your iPod your iPhone nothing works. So that you have basically. -- keeping yourself immune hosed until the wee hours. A lot of people let's stay up until 4:5 in the morning. On line and things like that it and so there there is schedule a lot of kilter. And because of that I think that if you're thinking that the kids should -- later because. They are program or wired to go to sleep at eleven while rewire it reprogram it change it. Because I I don't think that that's a good idea because guess why I don't think it's good idea. Okay well tell you after the break on newsroom at 930 WB yet. All right I want to do this -- -- news. It's not in my hands clapping for Chris Johnson. I added this is a lot of those gratuity as hey my guys doing a great job I can't believe how good Chris Johnson is that his job. The easiest part of a show today will be me I'm talking to you that's the easiest part. The hard part is they put a new system in our computer system and everything you hear on the air is is a starts on it would make computer aren't. Except they didn't take the -- one totally out yet. As some from some computer that dropped -- -- those guys so basically he's working on two computers most of his time and maybe even if one occasionally. Mix and match at -- together at the same time has gone through sports and interact with the end. Like now. You need a mental health holiday when we get through with eucharist it's been wearily most days -- have been doing a show and -- seven years you -- -- I know or every minute of the morning's yours but that when you drop some like this and you're going I don't know which computer Amman. I was sweating at the end -- -- elegant and America. Was discussed but my first -- on the -- -- idea I was sweating and I haven't got a sense that that was -- time ago but -- doing your job today I'd be sweating bullets -- called Randy is off this week Tony's job is because of the worst time for the things I wanted to colleague guests so -- -- -- here to show I don't take anything for granted because we have people behind the scenes I mean -- over -- handling that end of -- -- -- over the -- and I get via the least heavy lifting today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now if you are listening to John -- and you heard the guest. The last yes that they have aren't talking about sleep deprivation. And -- grades that kids are getting in school. And that kids our program to go to bed around 11 o'clock whatever that means the program for their body clocks. And they're not getting enough sleep so. The suggestion strangely enough is not to have them go to bed earlier. And forget the social media till 2 in the morning the suggestion is start school later I mean that's always the answer is that. Our goal the goal of the easy route but in this case the easy route is not easy. And the -- that I think it's a lousy idea. And though I heard a couple of psychologists. Ago weigh in on this. The reason I think it's allows ideas and reason they think excellent idea we can't change the world. To -- to assume a a whim or just a habit. Because when these kids get out of school market and mine company size that we said. The job of education is what. To prepare your child to be an adult and that's the job -- of apparent as well. So -- and together on this one the parents job responsibility. The school's job responsibility. Prepared that kids for the real world now when -- gets out of school. All right you get a diploma you just graduated from high school and I got to make some decisions. You think the world is going to run to their feet to suggest what time they might like to come into work. I'd think -- the military is going to suggests it's a good wake up time for the bugle. You know it's just good for you I know you're out late last night partying at the bar in town. About you know we're on maneuvers that about can wait wait and wait yes that I'm not gonna do that. Yeah of the jobs aren't going to symptoms are going to him adjust themselves to your Childs. Playbook and neither -- neither will the military and eagle everybody -- so why started now. A one thing that used to happen with my wife and I raising my daughter. Is that my daughter. Was not as -- the deal early in the morning. And issue would take a long time to care rolling. In my might -- referred to as she's not a morning person. And I tried to explain and tried to make a point that a lot of people -- morning persons but they have to adapt to become a morning person. Because the world begins in the morning. A would be like it or not that's the way and as I -- and rose. Yahoo! gets up at 3 AM time. When I want guys to do morning's ice to get up at area as well now I get up at five. And she gets a victory and I asked her just a few minutes ago. Have you ever gotten used to it she said no you never get used to it. You've probably never liked it but you gotta do it it's it's what you do it's your job. And seeing that most jobs start in the morning if elicits a shift job where you have a different ship. But most of them start in the morning and bias is not going to want -- care. Whether you had the amount of sleep you needed to get the job done because if you look at the job done. He or she is going to fire you and get somebody who can get the job. And that's the name of that soon so you have to adapt to the world can expect the world to adapt to you know and I will say in in our business. I spent seventeen years as a program director. Hiring air personalities and disc jockeys and firing air personalities in this -- he's now this is the true. There are some very talented people. On the air they can't do mornings they simply can't they are just not wired that way they may be super talented in in any other shift. And you -- really want us in the government and it really wanna do a great show where it. But in the mornings they aged they don't fire for some reason they can't get it going so if you know that. Then you don't apply for morning jobs. You're you applied for a ship that's not morning's. But it's -- senator and radio perfectly talented people who just can't get it together on an early morning shift. Which you never get used to it. In my suggestion is to read wire the body to go to bed earlier. I'm so you get the amount of -- puny but if you want to -- Burma candle at both ends there adjustment and a and you wanna stay up till 2 in the morning on social media and you don't wanna get up in the morning or something's gotta give. Something's got to give and it's going to be you know because -- going to be your employer and it's not going to be the military. It's not going to be anybody that's coming on you're paying you to be there at an early morning hours they don't wanna hear that. Now most people. Needs something big a kick start their day like coffee slight every Tim -- you ever seen has -- line -- of the road. Because of that. People have their copy and and get rolling so I'm asking it was a good idea to start school later say at 8:30 in the morning. Keep in mind. What else is gonna affect affect you know if you have young kids and you'll work. So I don't think it's good idea at all we're going to be a New York Times story about it -- trio wanted hundred's it was a -- to reserves are 930 is that a good idea to start school later. In the in the morning will be back up. Your wireless -- qualify implantable devices may also purchase Smartphone via AT&T next attorney should be -- the charges are restrictions apply visit ATP dot com slash LG GP AD 99 cents or -- or property tales. Hi this is Brian from always warm so mentioned. How weather could be ending but it deals are just starting to heat up we're running our fair day's end of summer sales. Hurry in to our show room -- itself transit road like say now I'm brands like lol I -- line in fireplace extraordinary. We specializing great prices service and installation. Always warm is the north pounds fastest growing fireplace star with all the affordable for. We -- the best products in the operate with inexpensive natural gas after all natural gas it's your best energy bill. 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The number one and number two volume Toyota dealers in buffalo the options are tremendous. -- and get 0% for sixteen months plus a 500 dollar Toyota manufacturer rebate. -- and get 2000 in Toyota manufactures lease bonus cash towards your release but hurry these deals won't last 0% ADRs for sixteen month on approved credit through TFS at sixteen point 66 per month on -- thousand dollars financed qualifiers who. Who qualified advertised prices excludes tax title registration and 75 dollar -- -- -- -- must take delivery by September. -- -- There are. Two or not to be the cameras everywhere there is a big ego whatever I'm sandy beach and we're talking about this. Here again as I've said many many times the job of education. And the job of parenting is to prepare. The children to become adults successful. Are contributing adults independent thinkers. That's that's what we all want and if you're just going to give in and take the easy route all the time. Are you may be willing to do it. OK as a parent. Some school may be -- to to have but -- -- was not willing to do -- the rest of the world is ready to do it. You for prospective employers are not going to care. Whether -- you stayed up too late the night before all of it or to care. Is what they can do the job and are doing the -- same with the military saying with any any kind of vote. Career path you're gonna take you've got to be able to be ready to work when they tell you to -- you can certainly train yourself to do it all the years. That that I -- mornings which is most of my career. I had to get up between 2:33 in the morning and you never like it you don't get used to -- as -- But you gotta do it the same with John. You've got to do it and you prepare yourself for but now we have all kinds of and I said. The worst things in the world as far as parenting your concern is when so called experts got involved with parenting. Now when they told you that the way you're raising your children which is throw away your mother and father ratio. It's not the best way you know you can do better than that he started questioning yourself and question your parents are pretty soon. You're in new agent new wave parenting and it's not working out as well as traditional parent and we've seen it many many times. So here is video here's the scoop this is out of today's Wall Street Journal actually front page of held the wellness section and an article by -- my face a ready. At a pediatric sleep disorders that are in Seattle's Children's Hospital. Amid a Chan said many teen aged patients have a common problem. Easily 90%. Of them part of their problem is insufficient sleep and not having problems sleeping they're not getting enough sleep. So first of all right there right in that first paragraph. If you're not having trouble sleeping there when you go to bed you fall asleep. Then all you have to do and this is suppose. If you go to bed earlier I know it'll kill you not to be on what your friends -- 234 in the morning on line. Blood you'll have to learn to deal with the a doctor -- said early school start times are leading cause of insufficient -- And you know I love lists -- right now they're the doctor's name is made -- MA idea I have no idea of the man or woman. But what the doctor what the doctors said his school's getting in the way of your fun. I mean rarely -- and this is holding airlines are kind of a news flash on this one. Doctor Jensen his early school start times are a leading cause of insufficient sleep. Teenager is biologically. Start to fall asleep about up to two hours later. Around the time of puberty due to change and there's -- and -- now hair. Are you. Well mr. Jones weird love Dario. The shift starts at 8 am. Once India. I would love to join your firm but. You know I have changes in -- circadian rhythm and I can't come until later. Males say take your -- Canadian took us and get out of my office. I think -- me aboard the cicada ribbons other 24 hour cycles that your body goes through. And that it's them it's rhythmic that's why -- -- Merom. In some cases she will work with the local schools to get students class schedule altered in order to ensure they get more sleep. So I can see that the music calling the principal or whoever's in charge of the schedule -- saying. Johnny can't come into school earlier like the other kids. Because he's now he's getting insufficient sleep. -- the like many districts across the country the now watch my lips Seattle. Which -- the BB hotbed of this this kind of stuff it's either Seattle San Francisco. These Seattle's the district's. Are currently studying the costs of logistical issues that would come what they later school start time. Most of Seattle secondary schools start at 8 AM or. Earlier. Which is kind of not asking them to be either 3 in the morning even if it started seven. On Monday the American academy of pediatrics released its first policy statement on school start times it urged. Middle and high schools to start school at 830. So that is video that is the start time that the year that group would like. At 830 or later due to the biological changes in sleep affecting adolescence. About 15% of US public high schools start at 830 or later according to the most recent statistics are. You only have 15% into it now so they wanted to convert the other 85%. Two to a later time probably the ideal start time would be 9 o'clock said Joan of -- Lead author of the AP policy statement. And director of sleep medicine at the Children's National Medical Center -- -- -- -- -- not okay. Now keep in mind I heard some interviews this morning. Part of the problem with tried to start school at nine is what time are they gonna get out of school especially with -- afterschool activities. It would it would just change at three thing to accommodate the fact that your kids don't wanna go to bed before 11 o'clock. We know the average analyst and has really challenged the fall asleep much before eleven. Because of changes in circuit idiom biology -- let's get a nice name fancy name so Michael -- We may be harming our children by not allowing them. To stay up later I mean now. She he's s.'s this bowl. We we also know average adolescents need somewhere between eight and half. And nine and a half hours asleep now I go to bed I'd catch the 10 o'clock -- About it and third again up -- five but because they say give up a -- that's what I actually not a bad I'm usually play for. All right so that's five and half hours sleep. Generally Ivan and I even when I was doing mornings I get by on five -- sleep now Chris you're in here real early how many hours you'd generally need of good sleep did get a decent start -- usually. You sleep. About six and a half to eight hours but because of my hours here I don't -- dollar once solid go home and I'll say it may be for five hours and get a around 9 o'clock and -- -- few women -- -- about again it's the only way and I can manager that's -- that's -- -- when you come and are you -- are you -- ago. Yet if you chastity otherwise you'll -- -- result of one. The worst is when you're just learning the job and your -- and it's easy for me to Buick and I'm here every -- but when somebody like Ryan fills an hour. When -- so we're still here and I have to fill in for week. It's an absolute nightmare out of -- them -- your rhythm and when you're tired trying to do the early news and sports you mess up everything you find you can't even talk straight if that makes any sense like. You're reading what you wrote and you can't even read correctly it's not. It's a massive your territory after otherwise I'd drive it shorted -- ground. Yeah and and that's and events are correct so way to look at it because as I said I've I've worked with personalities that. Can't do mornings no matter how talented they are they can't they just can't get rolling. Many like for me when my feet leave the the mattress on the floor I could do the -- then right then. I wake up right away and I'm ready to go in fact -- I I do wish sometimes I don't jokes when I first wake up a lot of people dragon. Dragon I need more coffee and oh woe is me you may drag into traffic and they're doing their eyelashes and Emeka and Emeka bear away in a traffic going five miles an -- I mean. This is what people -- luckily -- on the we also know average adolescents -- somewhere between now for nine hours so they're probably best suited to wake up around 8 in the morning. So here the health care professionals. Are saying. No don't push your kid regardless go to bed earlier they're changing -- -- Canadian rhythms you have to understand that boy if this -- fool fool I don't know what the hell is. Your employer is not gonna wanna hear that your rhythms of screwed up by avenue a -- morning. -- shift that I don't wanna know that. And the the worldly a military and neither will anybody -- dealing -- That are adults that are already in the workplace and I wanted to know where you as a parent. How that would work out because keep in mind a lot of parents give their kids off the school and go to work. Now if your kids a little older you might have little a little bit more flexibility but if they're younger I mean I've seen what happens in the school bus goes by. If you accidentally got caught behind one. People walk their kids out through via curb. The they've set up -- lights and cameras and studio audiences and there is good -- like they're going off to a space shot or something like that. So they're not readily available to just let the kid stands at the end of the driveway and wait for the bus and sometimes kids too young to do that anyway. So I liked it over real good idea or bad. Do you did you have a problem getting up for school that your kids have a problem and Austria on a 3010616926. Start 930. As groups of vote of the people who looked after -- video wise and where -- of childhood. Are saying schools should start later -- starts now some suggesting his -- 9 AM because of the amount of sleep that those children they'd. Because of this or Canadian rhythms and because of that they're not doing their best when they have to be the school early in the morning. I say bull me I say that's fool -- bull -- All of this simple you know there are some. Things that are difficult to cure. But it's real easy to cure this all you do. Is is make sure they get to bed earlier shot off the iPad the iPod via. All of B of electrical gizmos take their phone away secure -- and locked cabinet or whatever you have to do. And that make sure they're in bed earlier get to bed earlier get the amount of sleep in the they say they need -- after nine and a half hours. And then you wake up and nobody has changed the world so that you can stay up late online basically that's the way it is. I can't. Engine if my mother -- father. Said to me hey you're gonna miss the bus you get up now and I -- circadian rhythms are changing. They won't have my father would have care crisis gave him -- out of a curb that's just the way it works but now of course we've got to find reasons to. To pampered children even more than -- -- already. If that's possible. A lot of meanwhile what about the parents who have a job. Let's go to weighed in Cheektowaga wager on WB. At any -- You know problem that I see is that that. Parents now days don't not a parent. There they wanna be their kids' friends and OK so I know well why should I make my -- go to bed at 8 o'clock when -- hit that eleven I mean he won't like me anymore. -- they don't need the Italian friend -- -- other friends they want they need parents some hesitancy to respect. In Johnny's -- Johnny's parents let him stay up until 11 o'clock reckons it's here that now but you're right. If you want what's best for them make sure they get enough sleep because sleep is critical and what's more important a good night's sleep or spending even more time on line on your computer or video games. Well then then and then say can and is now you're here Chapman were -- that that. Maybe -- go to work army go to school at 10 o'clock well that's okay if you don't have a job. Yeah I think. A lot of people that they have to they have -- really work at it now because got to get the kids school got to get off to their own job if you made it later it's going to change everything the bus schedules everything out of kilter. Exactly so be a parent and if you can't inflict you know -- out -- As they get sent him out of Indonesia. And everything we've. And I here until well in the way you and I have solve the problem already thank you -- wattage that's exactly right. You know here's the deal. If you set a rule in your house that says I'm gonna make up -- time now okay. And dole ought to know computer. No I've had no I -- no iPhone no old video games nothing like that after say 10 o'clock. Or he could make a matter -- depending on what you want aren't and that's that. There's no ifs ands or buts that's the end of this story it would be fine they would be getting more sleep. But if you wanna let your kids stay up and and do whatever they wanna do until whatever time they decide that a packet and and then they're dragging in the morning don't expect the schools to change to adapt to their schedule. Because how many times have I said -- we gonna have another generation of people who want their employer to adapt to their schedule. The dog owner of idea. A GM plants column I know of a shift starts today but minimize Acadia rhythm zone while that I'll come in at nine. They'll say you know of the -- are coming in at all is what they would say. And so that's set but there again -- changing. The world to fit your child doesn't make it your child has to fit the world. Not saying there isn't room for individual thinkers who think outside of the norm wants -- outside the box people throw -- -- -- Outside of the norm. They have to adapt that said and everybody doesn't get the -- they want at work everybody -- -- the assignment they want at at work. And a likely trip to Alaska we had to meet and get ready for the trip at 3:30 in the morning you know time I was there. Three. -- I was -- now I don't normally get up to three but I knew it was something special I set two alarm clocks that I couldn't reach from bad. To make sure because I didn't want to hold everybody out of I was late. And so I was there a half hour before I had to be there which is well before I ever get up in the morning and your kid has to learn to make those adjustments. If your kid thinks that no matter what happens the world's gonna -- Just -- -- -- don't have a real tough time they really truly are and you're going to be beset by a lot of parenting problem. They don't trail Montreal wanted to efforts -- towards that tonight who resist Barnard thirty is a good idea to start the start school later maybe his latest 9 AM. And what are you gonna do to correct this if you find it to be a problem will be back with mark -- beach company.

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