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Aug 26, 2014|

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It's time for buffalo means business with a -- Shula. -- news radio 930 WBE. And that brought to you by the law office of Ralph -- re going on your side and in your court Steve -- -- Ford and Steve called Lowe's Chevy Buick Cadillac. Drive assured under the scheme although umbrella. And by the Amherst chamber of commerce health insurance resource for small business if if you wanna business featured contact buddy Ed but he sure -- dot com. Now buffalo old radio veteran and local business advocate. -- -- -- Welcome back to another edition of -- means business on news radio 930 WB -- my name is forty Shula. And I'll tell you we feature -- local businesses every week here on news radio 930 WEB yen if you would like business featured. You can contact me -- body -- at that -- just tell me who you'd like the hero and and I'll try to pitcher request and it's always great to hear about local businesses and the successes that we are seen. In Western New York today we're gonna talk. For the entire -- were up till 7 o'clock. About wind though it's everybody's thinking about last winter and in all the weather problems we have -- heating bills. While winter's not far away right now so what we're here with the window world. Of buffalo window world what Scott Frazier in -- the Anderson first of all -- can -- you both of the show I don't Scott good thanks -- and it spun out just a lot of listeners know a good guy he's seen on TV standing on the windows that is you that's right I can -- here right now do you really stand on -- I mean obviously really stand on the windows and definitely do it took at least fifteen to when he takes -- literally before we finally -- via the -- -- -- -- put Hillary back in the display and usually know for another year and a half. That's opposite so so if you don't you're listening today Scott is a guy -- -- to be standing on the windows and he's the European regional. -- manager of window world here in the region of western new York and even beyond that -- in Serbia if I distillers of buffalo -- town -- sisters Syracuse and now won an umpire. And of course we have another -- we have kept the Anderson here who is with the south thousand patient. The -- some occasion I you don't hit the I'm doing great thank you for your your -- To be here I know you're very upbeat you know you guys are very very upbeat -- it's good to have a preview because our audience. Is gonna -- know a lot about windows obviously they're gonna have questions and things of that nature by the time we don't want to show today. He'll know everything you need to deal about windows for your home 6560100. Is a number two window world against 6560100. -- of them on the radio you -- billboard -- Yemen TV it's window world a buffalo dot com on the Internet simply the best. For a last now when -- world it's America's the largest window replacement company. And home of the original 189. Dollar double hung replacement window. To a lot of people call you guys about a 180 dollar nine dollar windows -- pretty good yep most people call us for that it's a great deal and it's it's any size up to forty inches wide and seven meetings as. And that prices and styles so tell me about when the world about the accompanying. How did -- start because I know you guys are very big not only here in buffalo which are very big nationwide right yeah we currently have a legal. -- 230 stores in 47 states. Palm last five years in a row we've installed over a million dollar million on windows a year. So that gives us great buying power and we passed that price and to the customers should set is that how you can do that is it without buying power that you can get a low low price like that not a replacement -- yes absolutely I mean we get a great quality window for a very fair price in. Most of the other companies aren't doing them many windows so obviously we're gonna get much better price and it would get. So it's it's really about the buying power -- it is and what's awesome is that it started in a garage in North Carolina and it's now. -- billion dollar company so -- window world started in somebody's garage obviously the ordering the owner. Any just open business up down south and and it's grown like that yes and his belief was too like Scott said. I have a quality window and if air price installed. And you know I know you guys -- are growing so much -- -- are actually hiring here in an awful you know everybody asks questions and where other jobs were on -- jobs. When the world. These guys are just growing. Oh if you're successful. Company and your hiring people right. Yeah we're definitely looking for installer is right now on a professional window once dollars. And it definitely could use some new sales people -- also anybody's interest that in. An opportunity working for win the world should give us a call. 656 -- 100 and -- gotten. -- actually saw a billboard that says now hiring yup so that's a good thing again people ask where the jobs are window world. Against such a growing business they are hiring so viewers you know someone who needs -- job -- selling windows 6560100. Is a number. Okay we're gonna talk windows right now as a matter -- you have the 189. Dollar window and -- over 289. Dollar double -- replacement window. So what is the price difference between those window. So when he gets the the two -- nine window it tends to -- you most people go with because of the climate we're in so. With the two reading pane window -- beginning it will we are again and high Energy Star window so you get in the window that is. More efficient than the 189 window. Along with that you're also giving me lifetime. -- -- and both windows but if he gets to -- main window you lost a lifetime class breakage. Lifetime seal failure. Thick foam. That goes around the frame so when we install the window compresses -- -- tight even seal. And it comes with a thirty year transferable warranty and that's the most popular window. That we Solomon that's the one that the TV commercial. So. With the winter like we just had. How does that affect your business when we get long winters like that's -- president G uses the better it is it does it just. In -- people to. To get an energy efficient window. As I always tell them 80% of your windows collapse in if you don't have that -- we coating our -- and -- your heating is just going right out the window -- just physics for. Yet you that you guys are but can he can you can you feel the heat like a -- my house and I put my hand. I mean a fair enough I put my hand by the window in my house I can feel draft. -- I can feel holds and it's coming in is -- talking about. When when you're saying when -- -- is that when somebody knows they need to have a -- -- replaced off the -- definitely. Definitely but what I was speaking out. Is the coding just on the window in the Arab -- between the panes of glass. Which the coding -- is reflected so it's gonna reflect that he said he going -- to an ischemic it reflected back inside. To keep your -- -- much warmer in the winter -- also like that in the summer it's easier to cool. So we always -- former and the winner. And cooler in the summer for what leading nine. It would see the biggest misconception with windows but he is that when people think that they are feeling any drafts and home. That they have an efficient window and it's really that he's dressed as part of it like when you have slowly and tired and -- stopping the trains for earns a -- coal. And that's that your major loss of energy that took me about the -- hunting for a listeners who don't know what that is what's that lol we are again are damaged it's an inner cast that's in the air and it's heavier than air excellent -- is a better. Block so to speak to stop the transference of heat and cold. And we actually also had triple encrypt on windows. And the Krypton gas is much heavier than Erica so. Most people go with a double pane -- but. If you're gonna senior home and you don't have a plane and moving. Or year and extreme conditions may be vitally -- bunny hill. We also offer the the triple encrypt and windows. And again you can get a free -- and it also free and home demonstration recant these guys it's correct amount to a customer's house and demonstrate where -- talked about with the heating element of it. Just say do they bring heat lamp redemption to demonstrate that. -- samples all have unique. -- -- Is -- nominees Darren and I campaign news is Energy Star so that we can dish -- either with the differences. Just fine by bringing one -- in your home could say it's that was in the showroom and you know you have that that what is at that lamp that he. And it's absolutely amazing. That this heat lamp. You put it through one window and you can feel the heat through it okay. You put it through another window he can't feel anything. It's -- weirdest thing. And literature talked about it that's and is and it's much easier. -- shell than to try to explain over the air and to show if you are considering replacement windows right now which so many people are. Especially with what I hear. My friends who have -- farmer's almanac. They say that is going to be bad winter. What do we -- good weather around here it's it's I mean they had winter than bad summer than bad winter we are -- But I don't think it's gonna happen it's I think it's not look at -- -- -- -- the -- -- BB COLT in the -- -- snow from what from what I'm hearing and -- -- -- -- -- -- and are you likes I -- now. But even I get tired of its last spring but it's it it's just small -- an incentive for people to just energize your home look pitcher. On not only your windows you know we -- for some dollars so but the numbers 656 year 100 tickets are free. That's the minute and demonstration from window world -- in 656 year old 100. -- -- that WB and buffalo means business listener and I'm sure you get you know some kind of some kind of great service because somebody -- -- -- Does anybody century gadgets they put us. Say -- -- -- 6560100. Again for window world online at window world -- buffalo dot com they are simply. The best -- or less number one reason people want new windows what is it. Energy savings. Especially in our area. Energy savings is is definitely number one. Did you east did you TV talk a lot of people from last winter who just had enormous bills energy bills. And people's over thousand dollars heating bills collings the springs in them I'm. I'm sick of paying via. The gas company and let's get it taken care pluses and witness a good investment house in general. It's an excellent investment in it it it's just it makes your house look better on the outside. And with -- expert and scholars we have. And counsel -- emphasizing energy and it really does improve the looks in the efficiency of your home it also increases the value when you're ready for resale. And re different magazine articles but they've seen anywhere from 55 to 75%. Of which pays for the windows. You should expect to get back -- sale so that so not only is -- a good good investment for resale standpoint. -- from our refining and standpoint but on top of those savings. -- than saving more with your every day bills and this includes the Summers all right. I would think it works both ways that people are saving money in the winter. They're saving winning an air conditioning and I think yeah friend of my father actually put in the windows and Cassie. -- to -- with a thermometer before and after we were in the room and I guess it was fifteen degree difference. Fifteen degrees cooler we put in -- we have our panel and she had a big picture window who's basically green hoax and she saw -- improvements now I don't know if everybody would get fifteen degrees -- she did so. While that is -- so so and again I think people maybe think of you know just the wintertime you know you know staying warm. But there is that summer element to that if you have air conditioning. Keeping your room school is very very important not that we -- scorcher of a summer but we've had -- days that are that are. Pretty war. And I can get a comfortable here and hot house and when do you ever see your electric rate or your gas gas bill which are paying for her cubic foot down on ovals and there happens. Again window world's 656. Year old 106560100. You can call now you can call tomorrow Sunday column Monday leave -- mess of whatever you have to do. And you guys out will take very very good care of them are open on Saturdays we are open Saturdays from 92. In them needed a couple of other things to mention too but he is. -- the window was -- much safer typically. Then what people have in their home. And also there's that much better for fighters also and -- they're also. Reduce the sound. Coming from the outside and those are three things that. A lot of times people think rights of those are just again added benefits of new replacement windows and that's true because just yesterday I had a custom atomic. He called me right actors and stop us. -- my word the traffic nice is really dead. And he was thrilled with it and say nothing about it inning on an energy bill yet but he was thrilled. Win -- being able to and not half as much noise. So not only do people get a great price. Window for hundred -- yanked -- dollars double Hong replacement Wendell white. Final right and he's the and -- do they get -- can't -- all these other savings that we're not thinking of from -- -- world that you really should and your website is pretty comprehensive to you couldn't SE all the questions there again window world. Of buffalo dot com we will be back with segment number two were with the window world simply the best for a lesser listening. To buffalo means business on news radio 930 WP yen. 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If there's a business he would like featured contact buddy Ed buddy Shula dot com. Welcome back to buffalo means business -- news radio 930 WB yen my name is putting issue I'm here with Scott Frazier and Kathy Anderson from window world simply the best for less if you're looking for replacement windows I would recommend to call my friends. Any time because winter is a common 6560100. Again it's 6560100. For window world you see Scott on TV all the time standing at windows. If you're in Jamestown EC can't see all the time at the window world down there. And if you wanna go to the website its window world of buffalo. Dot com okay also. Something that people may not know when something that's very needed in homes. Are things like patio doors are right. When you think a win the world you think a windows but you also do half of patio doors entry doors things of that nature. Cracked yet we have up Eddie -- she can do double -- triple pain in the nineteen -- in the wood grain. Upgrades different colors. Anything that we either like it sets -- a really really nice patio door and probably via. The last one you never need to people usually get that done together like patio doors and windows resists so I think quite a bit hit quite a bit or. Or namely to the house with windows -- of the windows and say one now that let's get the patio door. To match the windows and that happens quite a bit too but a lot of people do everything at once. We're also talking about. A windows hole window was garden windows send. Kathy I know that you in your home have fuel window world window -- we're talking about off the air. How. Easy they -- clean. Just there with the double hung windows they eat -- to not be told them in both top and bottom. The class is actually high grade optical glass just like -- glasses and so just a square wind acts and it and it's really quick and easy to clean and and in -- none of the streaking you don't have to just keep looking your window to see if it's if it's plea Internap because you know that the it's nice black glass so you're gonna get a good. Could clean. So I I mentioned you didn't celebrate if you install all -- dollars and Stalin. I didn't. So again we're talking about the 189. Dollar double hung window for folks are just joining us on the air right now that is what when the world is famous for. That 189 dollars you go to mistreat you see the billboards. -- you know males you know 189 dollar and then you have the a window nets to a waiting name is well. A little bit of a difference as quickly again what is the difference between those who windows the main difference but he is it that two leading -- plane window is an Energy -- window with Slowey and paragon. They both carry the lifetime warranties but the 289 window also has lifetime class for acute and seal failure. And a thirty year transferable warranty. Oh with that -- And the most. The most popular is that two babies and what do -- to say yes it is because of the efficiency of obviously with the weather's like here. And also it's it's the best warranty encounter in my opinion because. When the world never pro reach the warranty. Meaning it's the same warranty in year one as it is in the near ten is that it is in your twenties and resale lifetime warranty that means as long as you want them home. So off of their twenty years she -- twenty year warranty then if you sold a house the next person would pick up. Thirty year warranty and top of that on the transferable warranty. Also we'd never will charge you for service charged Kamal. And also never charge for the labor so if you do get that to 89 window or -- in any Energy Star window. Other than the screen everything is guaranteed and if we come up CU it's not gonna cost him. Against 656. Year old 100. For window world. Let me ask you this and I was kind of curious about this as well do you install any sheep window we talk about the pay window was in the -- windows. -- what kind of shapes is there anything you don't install and another thing a lot of talk about is the customization. All of the windows that you actually Costin do every orders are correct that or -- or not. You don't have windows just sitting around somewhere that somebody can buy you actually howdy do go to a home and then want. And then we we place the orders and if you came to our warehouse every single window hesitate. With the name of the customs everyone that we make is great down to the eighth that -- that the insulin is custom made. We -- actually no stock windows everything's custom made for the homeowner to give them a proper fit. You can of the Basque 12 in the world and if it's that measure heart failure snap in the opening properly. It's can we around it and that's not -- You know -- I can help the customer that's very interesting that it's now with the cash carry. Business and Allen in -- nodded off so you when somebody calls. You'll come out you'll do the measurements and then when they -- -- go ahead to do the replacement windows. That is when you order him right them when they sign their contract. Then they're ordered to Wear the windows me. The minute associate materials and in Akron Ohio. OK so and again we get back to. You know that you are right -- very big companies and you have. You know you were saying -- first segment how many how many locations nationwide it is over 230 locations in 47 states and to date we are over ten million windows and stuff. Do what I regard windows. And as a rolling. -- window they ate there may mix basically for people who want to have plants. And it it it projects out it's not as -- as a -- a -- one -- ballwind but it gives that has a shelf. And most the time people put plants and actually have a lady -- the story yesterday on an offer active -- up. That are active Saddam. The shelf and I said no that was glasses were in a hole to plant an -- yeah. -- -- Questions in our business so where would we are aware with a room be that somebody would put a garden went and kitchen over the sink. Really yes and it's a nice view it and it has on ventilation has -- the windows on each side. And it just makes just make sure -- attractive. So it's. So really could add a whole new look to with getting new windows you don't have to have that same thing you have right now no right if somebody says boy got a flat window in my way. Living room and -- but I like to have bow -- window Europe they would date and that's something that you can go up to the house and say. You got it yes we definitely can do now. Again 6560100. Is a phone number 656 year old 104. Win dole world. And we want to talk again just to reinforce. The great war -- which would -- world. You've talked about a before but I think it's worth mentioning again because people are so concerned about warranties nowadays what does that -- -- that you offer. If you do get an -- well everyone -- we have has a lifetime warranty but if you agree to an Energy Star windows you also get. Lifetime glass breakage -- -- seal failure and a thirty year transferable warranty. And like I mentioned earlier the biggest part about the warranties if you do get that Energy Star package is there's never going to be a labor charge. There's never going to be a service charge and it's never going to be a pro rated warranty most companies out there will come in and say you're gonna get a pro lifetime warranty. But they typically we'll pro rate the warranty. So in other words when you need it the most on the road is typically when it's worth the least like we are talking earlier about chipper try to. Take a tire warranty and in the -- Measuring pro rate the warranty right -- -- -- ours is a full replacement as long as the customer owns the home. Whether than their five years or 25 years the warranty doesn't change yet these its amended it. Is the best thing I think about it is that the manufacturer actually puts a serial number on each window. So you don't get to know what's I sure when the dust is is the the serial number will top the manufacture exactly how to remake that senate seat in another perfect that. On. How awesome and I would think fit to people -- Finance correct. There are -- financing options of over so most gruesome and it was a really big project yes we -- typically use our Wells Fargo financing. And what are what are they offer in terms the idea customer most of the time people use the six months on no interception. -- so no no real interest at a cost driver six months exactly no down payment and no down payment and an X six equal payments. And the next month starts when the windows installed that in the country -- insular usually getting. You know anywhere between six to eight months or seven to eight months of free free financing. And refining can't beat 0% healthy now we can't. Cohen also the the people like it because it's no hassle there it's it's very done right in your home you can actually go our website. In pre qualify yourself. What would they do just type in some information and then yells yes it'll it'll take you right to them now spiral. Application process they just fill in the information. And and they can have their proven right in front of him so when we come out. They're already forests. You know what it's and -- -- dredges of the winter and it's twenty below zero in the snow was falling and in Western New York. He and I look at people -- were doing rude officer outside you know anyone doing outside stuff. And I wonder plan must be tough do you guy is installed the windows during the winter. Yes we do it is next to be above a certain temperature and obviously we can't be in the middle of blizzard but for the most part we we do. And sell year round. Well how do you prepare. A house for installation. Went to people wonder you know -- when you know -- have. You know error coming through. People don't realize well the first thing we'll do is will let's they were in a bedrooms are gonna close it -- Somalia the coldest in the coming through the whole house. But people more for the most part think the window takes longer to install -- it does because. Guys are professionals -- typically. That when they take that old when no -- and put our new window Wayne it's typically only about a 510 minutes that that. That all really is open and now they're they have to. Seal it up and -- in and that type of thing but they actual window is not out of the opening. That line so this is this is a really easy and the homeowners really to get the series again it's almost almost never we've not done and one that really in an. And again your average you know person calls up average windows that they normally -- it is one efforts. And quantity once again yes there averaged normally summoned eight we announced. And and everybody is a suspect simply viewing and also fast. Really and in Sicily and you have a total transformation and a total increase in value. With just that a monitor in just a very charm and you -- 0% financing it just doesn't work any better again window world if you would like a free estimate. And a demonstration as well if you're thinking about replacement windows you have to talk to win the world no doubt about that 656. 0100. Against 6560100. -- -- world of buffalo dot com simply the best for last and win a world of course America's largest window replacement company and home. Of the original 189. Dollar double hung replacement window. Here's the -- question for you guys. Do you install windows from the inside or is it from the outset I always wonder when people clean my windows statements that are clean the windows. I don't like it -- about the outside the insider. How'd he do that how is that done. Well typically probably about now. Indeed in 95% of the time it's it's done from the inside. We use drop cloths and make sure you vacuum when we're done. I'm sold but it's it's typically. The best way to do it it's from the inside and then a lot of our customers like to do. What we call exterior capping. That would have aluminum. PVC coated aluminum that would -- the outside framed so that their green and trees are typically. One thing people are trying to achieve is to be maintenance for you never have to paint. There windows against so -- most people like to get the wrapping them. Deputy get a lot of culture people afterwards and saying phew boy. I am so glad I did this yes and most people that that put in saint seven -- dwindles we'll come back the next year. I want things that didn't blows my mind is much ever -- and lead analyst Scott the billboards eccentric when we look at our statistics at the end of the year. The referrals in prior customers are always our biggest. Our biggest leads is because people buy you know I even know people my coworkers seemingly did win two world cannot and they love it. I mean and and you know that you know we talked about that before people here. Has infused her company in just can't say enough about it so get if you think about replacement windows you know window world make sure to call them. They are simply the best for last 6560100. A can 656 or 100 that could be free estimate. Free everything when you you don't talk to them it's no charge for them to come out your -- -- would score and see what you need tell you what you don't need. And also do demonstrations. Of the act kind of heeding that will be affected -- mechanic cooling. And the energy savings that you will receive 606 or 100 or what in the world the buffalo. Dot com we'll be right back with segment number three with when the world I buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen. You're listening to buffalo means business with -- -- a lot powered by a blue rock energy stop. 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Is go to my website at forty Shula dot com submit your request and I'll try to get the local business you would like and the year. Featured on this very show and thank you for being a loyal buffalo means business listener. Today we have the honor of being with a great folks at window world Scott Frazier the guy -- TV standing on the windows. And Kathy Anderson who came. Today from the Jamestown location following in the south towns to -- say -- to us as well but it's all under one umbrella with when the world 656. 0100. For your free estimate now is the time do now wait you watch your windows replaced by the time all us. Snow and cold says a farmer's almanac it's here again called for your free estimates 6560100. We're talking off the air and we are looking at the web site. And it is a great website or a lot of advantages in camp you brought up the virtual. -- Yes the commercial -- It is an application designed by owner. That will lie UT actually go on the air in pick which kind of windows it'll Ali depict whether you want a double -- at casement. Morning. Bay window technology this side which kind of design for your group -- It'll lunch you even change the fork out there in the room color so that it looks just like your home. So that you can actually visualize. On our website what's your interior home will look like at the end of them at the end of the install. There's also a tab on here called nine windows yes my windows is is also a great application. You can actually put your information and you -- follow our process from the time we keep your order for the time we scheduled it for you stop. Really so people could actually see the customization of the windows -- in India many processes would go to. Go through to get your windows -- you. In the can follow that line but you can't do anything that people don't -- -- the belly and another thing also as if saying. And years from now. -- CO Farrow a I've broken piece of trash can actually go to our website and request that information also and we'll have made for you you -- any negatives. Just. On because it's all there where you're making is -- -- you brought up good points before everybody every window its purchase has a different serial number it exactly so if I was a customer and I said. They can't be I got a problem with the wind -- here something. Corrected that -- serial numbers euros -- one he'd be able to operate away exactly and say okay but here's here's what you mean we'll get a -- -- for early. Exactly and in most of the manufacturing process also. But things like broken locks or I'm. -- keep her anything about -- think it's broken we have them right there in the store and can just in the military and put him on yourself. Like with the with the blacks in the keepers are just to screw -- -- me Bruno and. What happens to the old windows and screens that people have gotten currently what do we what do you do with them and do you -- -- You know how about it -- take those away to haul it away it's yes we we do have. Disposal systems through the normally there's a charge to dispose of it through the financial system so I mean do people actually want a key. People -- -- -- -- the people literally into the arts and they used them to draw on them in paint pictures on them and sell them. It's amazing. I people that are artistic it just common dumpster dive so I would I would I would think. Even if they do. They do they have a lot of -- in in the southern -- we have a lot of arts and shelves. And that's all people come in just like the old friends you would you would probably you probably let the installer at all. Don't read at the time there installing the windows but they wanna do with the classroom I would think actually that's down at the time of the sale. Okay and when Aniston dispose of them or which like to dispose of yourself where it might keep them. If if people have a problem with windows what is the actions that happens you know if they do it windows install from when the world. And they have a problem service -- -- key issue. Is it an easy process or is it you know bogged down at a place like some people. -- forward talked about it's pretty easy it is a pretty easy for him away actually go to yes on the web -- on -- was filling your information what you're shoeless. And we give you call right back and take care of it. The one thing that's neat. Eddie is with when the world launcher in the computer you don't even need paperwork. So this is -- nine digit code that's on the window that's the equivalent of a Social Security number for. You know for for me here you. And that's the only when though that -- numbers so if let's say. You -- -- you pick up Iraqi break the bottom -- he'd do was Colin. -- of bloody shoot low my bottom sash broken here's my number. And it's that's how we need and if so and that's the factory in the factory will replicate that sash. Will become how to fix it. And actually takes on -- 21 packet. Than it does them to replace it isn't fair -- -- simple process doesn't take more than. Amend it probably two minutes to replace this -- So again you don't -- you don't look at something has a ticket total. Quarter for some electric customer number you actually look at it I like the we put that that every window and it's like a Social Security number of times it's -- -- makes it unique. That is very comforting thing for someone like me who won the windows knowing that I just have to go to the website or make that call in a given number. That's on -- window. It's very easy it doesn't come any easier does it that it doesn't I don't think so I mean you don't even the paperwork in the with the computers we just -- you while. -- see that you -- -- customers your information is gonna come up after that we need is that 98 coat. And if it's a double on the it would just -- top or bottom that so we need I've -- 6560104. York. Free estimate for replacement windows. Starting at just 189. For double hung replacement window. From window world America's largest window replacement company right here in buffalo. Scott Frazier hit the Andersen window world of buffalo dot com. And the information superhighway. And also. What we didn't talk about -- -- window world's very active in some great charitable organizations. I think that's really worth talking about here for a little but it. Yeah when the world's very proud of four. That when the world hears is the charitable arm of -- new world and they support. To main charities. The first woman saint Jude's. Hospital. I was just fell in Nashville last week at the annual meeting. In this year is the second year in a row we've raised over a million dollars for saint shoots while and that and that hospitals all. Pop a privately funded right there's no and that's all through donations are down almost almost entirely they said it's almost two million dollars -- data on the past. While. In the other one we do we support. As the veterans airlift command. Unfortunately when the soldiers come back from Iraq and Afghanistan. If they're wounded it sometimes it's very hard for them. Two sliding your treatment in Vietnam. You know the regular. Charter planes and -- The that the typical -- off flights so Marshall in the commercial place thanks. I sold what when the world pauses they actually take the corporate jet that's based in the Carolina's. The election fight in the soldier's hometown. -- pick them up fly them for treatment wait for them to get done. And then. Fight them back home and then -- the check back to the Carolinas. Sold the veterans airlift -- that missions. Flying a mission in today's I believe clear how well over forty missions. And it gives the veterans a comfortable way for they have them at their family. To fly and -- the treatments that we need so when the world's very proud of that. On what thing I was gonna ask you is that this time of the year. What are people calling you about right now I -- are they looking at their house and saying. Four winters -- -- got to do some of what he hear from people you're talking definitely definitely there so is there a number one thing it is number one thing and it's. I I left because every year it's the same thing it's like. It gets approaching September and all of a sudden people start to panic this is going to be winner. And not but it doesn't come every year but they do date and then they they want. Ten they're anxious to know about the windows anxious -- about the energy efficiency that they can safe especially like we said. With that just astronomical bills that. We incurred last year with the heating and I think you brought up a good point two -- is something that people shouldn't consider. That if you know they get windows installed not at all before all is hard stuff hits. They can get financing for -- percent may be happy to the spring putting joy way. You know the savings. Of the wintertime now -- permit an energy standpoint. So you know you can buy windows now -- installed at a they're doing financing. You know they have up through six months. -- -- interest free but still in proceedings a lot of people wanna wait till they get to tax return back but some if you time it right. You know you can hopefully have them for -- for the winner -- the when your tax return comes in then and enough. What is as we wind down here we have a few minutes left but what is. A misconception. About windows that you hear all the time what are people surprised about when they buy from you. He's not a surprise visit more currently. Why you know I can really afford them or foray added noting that look this great you know what do you hear from people what what are what are they saying when he -- windows from you guys. We have all kinds of things like I said adjustments in the gentleman that couldn't believe how good that because of the double strength the last that it -- and some of -- outside sound. Also there are just so happy not to have drafty windows. That because Irish are fit you know they fit to that. Into the opening and their -- and they're nice and they're not drafted off. I went -- also hasn't double -- have a nice interlocking system say -- not only now. The draft free at. Around the perimeter of the -- but also with the locks which really. What is what does it mean mineralized system was an -- actually relaxed with the types ash in the 4000 series they've redesigned so there's also wrote in a lock at the -- And that this sales content will be glad to show you the new design. But at what it does is it tightens up your opening and keeps the -- sound and there's wonderful ball -- weather stripping in their two. And I would say the biggest missed misconception that I can think of is if there's still people out there selling windows for 800 over a thousand dollars an opening. And in unfortunately if they happen to call a couple of these companies for estimates. They think either they can't afford to do it or they think they can only do 234 at a time and I can't tell you how many times you've been in two home. That's had estimates estimates and may end up to a whole house because of so reasonable. While -- they thought there would be calling window world for two or three windows but because it was so affordable for them they do the whole house exactly. I mean it happens all the time really and -- and this guy still out there -- over a thousand dollars to open. So I mean I think the take home message from window world is quality. At affordable prices. In service and service which is so important now and you can -- some 800 numbers you're in foreign countries. Here you know it it's really ridiculous. And the customer service angle is huge the professional installation. I would think that. That's SB which I mean who doesn't want it done right. -- -- the best women in the world if it's -- properly insult what's the Mac and indeed much it right and you have so many great professional crews are on the job. Customer service you know website were on the phone at all times. Against 6560100. We -- here with window world Scott Frazier and Kathy Anderson. 656 year 100. When they did wanted to ask is you have a couple series of double hung windows a thousand series -- visit to the 6000 series. What's the difference between the series. How will lead the 180 main window is their 2000 series. And when you go up to the 4000. For example if you don't get the 4000 window with a low we have now and again you can upgrade for only six -- or Cyrus sixteen dollars and -- Odd to -- 4000 series. You get double strength class you get a much better screen. Ecstatically -- a little -- are looking in this new design and the 4000 is only about 56 months old so that's that's a brand new window. In the 6000 window is mainly made to -- hold the triple -- So somebody's interest in the triple pane window. Whether triple -- argon Krypton. Then they would wanna go with that 6000 series because it's heavier duty frame and and our final seconds talk about awards you -- got plenty of awards one of them being the JD power award. As for the second. Here in a role we were named number one. In the country. So a lot things people say Heidi compared Anderson Heidi compared to Palo. So don't take my war effort to look at the JD powers we're ranked number 12 years and broke. We're also ranked number one by qualified remodeling magazines. And also -- magazine in the last five years and good housekeeping to. Yet there's over 700 companies. When no companies in the US and only three carries a good housekeeping seal. And where one of the three in the US. So it's so very nice. And warned he and top fires. We learn a lot about windows today. So that I can think Scott thanks for being out on the show today thank you buddy appreciate it can't be good luck with the Jamestown wonder world vocation Kenny Anderson. Again 656 or 100 as the number for window world call now don't wait. Quality affordable prices that is when the world simply the best for last 656 or 100. On line at window world buffalo dot com. Home of the original 189. Dollar double -- replacement window. -- name is but he surely you're listening to buffalo means business we'll be back next Saturday at 6 PM on news radio 930 WB yen. You've been listening to buffalo means business with -- -- on news radio 930 WB EN. Brought to you by the law office of Ralph see Hillary go out on your side and in your court. Steve Volvo Ford and Steve called Lowe's Chevy Buick Cadillac drive a short under the Steve -- umbrella. And by the Amherst chamber of commerce the health insurance we resource for small business if if you wanna business featured contact buddy Ed buddy -- -- dot com. Be listening next week at 6 PM for another edition of buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBP end.