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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dr. Judith Owens MD- Late School Start needed

Dr. Judith Owens MD- Late School Start needed

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WBM live line let's welcome doctor Judith Owens director of sleep medicine at children's national health system in Washington DC. The -- or third of the story that we've been telling you about beginning -- and then again this morning that. School should start at 8:30 AM a little -- serve him well we've all been used to around here. Doctor urge you to Bruins welcome. And -- Tell us about the benefits to students of a change like this. No the average teenager -- I say it's. Severely sleep deprived and as a result there are a number of help -- and the format consequence. Like eating creature that he'd be trick apple and increase script could throw -- driving accident. And lower performance in school and try to create and standardized have court. Delayed -- start on the middle school and high school level. -- -- positive impact all of those things that I just mentioned. So we see improvement in attendance trade. He creek and as -- great improvement parade. Lower percentage of car then. Crude lewd and even less. Depression. In these students felt it has -- important public health. But with all that's said. Wire schools resistant. Including the tradition since the late 1969. In these. For a high school. Earlier and that really collected of transportation has their baby boomers I came to. They report student at each each and Wear it to school and so many district adopted that cold but here are so big drop off one group the student comes out and another group and bring them. And at that I'm. You know -- lower than any kind evident to. You. Starting running high school should start earlier. So rather than younger student waiting in the dark. -- -- -- I'm old school district as to -- high -- start early and that tradition that kind of continue. -- doctor arms don't you think that kids who know that they don't have to be in school until -- thirty. Will simply stay up later and we're essentially back to square one. Absolutely not every single study that has looked at edition and -- theory. Common questions that we can't. Has found that student but the bad at in time after the high school start on changing it. And get that additional amount of sleep and Shaq and wanted to study we conducted. On average student actually went to had a twenty minute earlier. And we will look at. Try that but I think they'll believe that didn't told us that they -- a much better getting that extra hour of sleep in the morning. That they -- look at it to go to bed earlier and we were also more efficient and getting their homework and because they were more alert and awake and they could go to definitely. Do you think now on the American academy of that pediatrics is now on board with us that we're gonna slowly start to see this change. I certainly hope so in that -- to acknowledge there are about seven B school districts across the country. -- a one out and that old that has. Already implemented this change and it certainly is our -- this will initiate dialogue. In the district that has not yet that doing you know and a little -- Initiative and scientific rationale triple school districts that are already. Doctor -- good to talk where this morning all very very interest and thanks. It's very well that's not Judith Owen Wilson director of sleep medicine at children's national health system in Washington DC.

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