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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Back to School Shopping with Kathy Grannis, National Retail Fedrt'n.

Back to School Shopping with Kathy Grannis, National Retail Fedrt'n.

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome our next guest on the live line Kathy Graham those -- The National Retail Federation -- good morning. Is that a good idea or. Is that a bad idea to wait until the last minute thinking in my gets some bargains looking for school supplies. It really depends turn on your rule that the -- -- it you know that your child is Crowley Lou. That's pathetic ones we're learning and -- in love -- after that and repaired or any wire. Those popular item and could go early who achieved it and move. Don't you risk losing out on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- easily if you don't have. -- -- -- Yahoo! it's gentle and try to open at eight are. Nothing that technical term you know latest action and you can head out in the latter part of the -- and actually seeing a lot more money -- back when we Killinger is -- a little bit more at. It's a 75 billion dollar industry we understand. Shopping strategies changed over the years. Back -- actually really good question am I feel the colonel. Has. Lynch flew -- lie in terms of how people are chat there and copilot seat at the holiday season you aware. -- -- longer lift by anti neat I -- against. Gift for the holidays or. We -- laundry list of items for school. Parents he's seen actually do check out a little earlier. Just start there and they're strapping we're seeking spread out there and won't receive. -- -- -- -- If you are out there walking on the grocery store while they're in the -- order in our post or should they take a break there at all and then at the end of rampant back happen. And we have picked up that -- an item but yet -- set -- and -- are spending and acts. I think the biggest change it would be -- out. Can't they do people wanna do it in one place if they can. Get it all done. I'm thinking that some parents and again you don't have the younger children who you are at each -- your Q. Really wanna go to Ramallah -- it hurts their secret -- grand. And don't have a lot to worry about each and probably -- -- -- you know and one. -- -- but in view of the -- young children who really -- you wanna eat your money might -- it only fair to figure out action at the department store. The -- you -- you can definitely get these Carol by. You'll wait your actions between -- for life story at its outdoor and Laura -- it grocery store for ten temple and capers. And on the subject of research -- These stores that -- all these people to shop for school supplies. They must do some heavy researched -- to handle what schools are going to be requiring students to him. Absolutely and actually I think that's why a lot of recount as mayor even partnering with school districts around the country to help them. You know help parents. Figure out exactly what flew in terms of the list -- you go to -- calmer immigrant that comes to hit a leash and political district and eat your exact requirements re air on your web site and do that let retailers take. A lot of time a lot of time on me as they have. Just click here and we'll get back to school. Kathleen good to talk with -- it's always fun. You're welcome Kathy Graham -- -- The National Retail Federation.

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