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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tuesday Politics Chat with Dave Levinthal, Center for Public Integrity

Tuesday Politics Chat with Dave Levinthal, Center for Public Integrity

Aug 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is on the WB a -- senior political reporter with the senate Republican tech gritty Dave good morning. Thanks the -- Obama administration's given the green light for surveillance flights over Syria does this mean that airstrikes may be next. It's entirely possible and we are the ultimate. Absolutely bizarre situation where in a way and it sort of the old habits the air -- enemy of my enemy is my friend horror that. Or -- do it any which way you want here basically the virtue of the but the -- Syria and the United States. Both have an interest and tried to eat Islamic statement and that the courts have been rising but the rock and here it is felt he got all the extreme. Central allegiances or at least. -- -- -- alliances. We it would enemies of each other right now obviously the United States does. No they -- -- sure or the regime in Syria but it's been a larger issue all the problems that are going on. In the Middle East which it never seems to be lacking -- problems that we just overnight at that report says a bombing in Libya. From the United Arab Emirates in the military at Egypt. Of course it has by Israel in Gaza. Extending situations there. And that and I know we outlook -- in Afghanistan is this is just the latest in the string make a major concerns for for US lawmakers. This policy makers and leaders. Let's shift back to those countries David what do you make of all this trouble. That Texas governor Rick Perry isn't this indictment and he still wants to run for president. He sure -- Hewitt here in Washington DC dog it's a few days ago to speak to The Heritage Foundation and then we're veering very bold statement that he NATO is supposed to be a talk about. Border crisis on our southern border part of it really want to also -- And you know first opportunity for him after I'm not only an indictment but is looking. It's speak publicly about it is low on a national aids so precarious then that's just about everywhere trying to tell everyone I'm not going away and I -- going to fight there's. I think it's a lot that this is a political witch hunt caught which you may but. The bottom line for carriers that regardless of what happens with those. He's not going to be going into either a hole somewhere back and be hiding in his ought to that in fact this is going to be very -- -- have been touring around that. To potential battleground states that he appoint sixteen presidential race. You'll become a lot of new entry you'll see a lot and Iowa and thank you think that he can beat their status here that say other politicians apple. Received an indictment and the indictments of special note that happened in this case but it is the possibility of a lot of political thinkers think that. That's exactly what will happen. We're talk with Dave Leventhal from the Center for Public Integrity. -- -- -- we were all pretty surprised yesterday to hear that Burger King wants to buy Tim Hortons and then we heard the recent and very interesting because any tax inversion. Is this something that's going to be legislated to prevent from happening Sony. -- I know every time I come back to buffalo isn't that what I'm glad adventure -- go late as best Burger King the Delaware avenue and goes straight -- it's important. On polar -- itself. -- I know the most awful audience our lives but in -- expert in its Albert does very want to term but. Think it's an issue of corporate -- that apparently Obama administration is not a panel what's going on with other right now. Treasury Department is always perhaps have that down but that Burger -- it's important -- not the first situation where you've had a operation. Want to believe the United States record we operate and another country as a potential corporate tax benefits that they have been going. To another country it's clearly to the dollars and cents this year I think it's been -- a lot of money by operating in acquiring themselves. In another country. There's nothing that indicates that this is. Definitely going to happen although it does seem fairly Yemen and that is not the news reports that involve reading and ensure that that that's something that. Escalate it happened and now that that there's a lot of concern. I would not be surprised it's got into thin air speed the idea of -- patriotism becomes a campaign issue it's not that when he fourteen and potentially and sixty. One more quick question for you David there were hearing shuttered or Marco Rubio may be making plans to come to buffalo next month what is his to raise money by the way. What is his status known as a possible presidential candidate. You've got to include him rated the top let's mine and several other Republican candidates potentially 612. Candidates at this juncture -- reports -- whichever now is that many of these candidates whether it's mark rubio. For people like Chris Christie -- Scott -- -- apple actually just. I think the water on the Republican side as much as possible and coming up as much support as possible as well. He lives that are really it didn't generate an -- out interest in the potential candidacy. Of course they wanna raise money burger partisan bellows and and people who are running and 2014. And be seen on the national level and local levels well as a true leader somebody is going to vote for present party. And -- also -- -- national stage that the central presidential candidate. Dave glad to be joining us thank you. Earlier a senior political reporter with the senate Republican -- gritty Dave Leventhal.

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