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8/25 Tom Bauerle Show HR 4

Aug 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930. The exclusive debut be at AccuWeather forecast -- they cleared to god and comfortable low fifty united -- 65 the city partly sunny warm tomorrow. The shower thunderstorm around during the afternoon. -- 83. So clouds Bart I with a shower thunderstorm in the area of low -- 65 cent a beer shower or thunderstorm Wednesday morning otherwise partial sunshine on Wednesday less humidity entered into cooler. High 74. Get breaking weather alerts on your cellphone by texting the word weather to 3930. On -- DB and AccuWeather meteorologist. Bob Larson. News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's a it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. What's this week. It's Tom hourly. It's -- it's local option. Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly thing facts. On news radio 930 W. Well. John we need an update at the end of that one week. It is a little bit -- after -- texture it's gotta have Alan garner from the hangover. -- is just it would we've got to work pensive somehow into the entry okay that's a funny bit. Not only -- you shut -- free you murdered. While. You have no idea. Of checks I had a right to fix errors. So wide error rich. We. And and you. I'm forty year old 42 no -- tell you normally 42 girl -- who still lives of. Right it is a commitment to their districts have come out of a bad day your start up with that. Op hourly and is ready at 930 WBE. And and OK. Let up. What offends you. What's offer you. Some people I'm convinced of this. And there usually -- aggressors and they usually find their way ready for newspapers some people swear. Wake up with a more. And they think to themselves. Now could possibly be up and -- -- how I get -- NS. How can be offensive. Well sandy beach gonna show earlier today. About which I would get into in just a few moments it's about a student in Tennessee. Who was suspended. For. Saying bless you after a student states. Not god bless you but simply blessed you. After another student -- You talk about. The absurdity of absurdities. Saying bless you after a student sneezes. Is offensive. I remember during the first time. Barack Obama was running for president somebody had a McCain bumper sticker at their workstation at best. And have a complaint not here but somebody complained to a supervisor. And -- McCain -- what's considered racist. But here's another one. And this is happening in the state of Vermont it's not a liberal. -- get. There's a word that I need to say a few times. Just to be offensive. And -- are ready okay. Or are you sure. Are -- I hope your fingers on the thumb button John disputes that really screw up but. They can't. -- -- Bake them. Kevin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bacon lettuce and tomato bacon. -- Make your bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon BH CEO and they get. The -- is up -- To Muslims. In the state of Vermont. Now the state of Vermont I might have news as far as I remember the first state in the country to legalize homosexual marriage. Now why Muslim would choose to live in Vermont is beyond me. But that's another story altogether. I am Muslim which used to live in New York is beyond me. Because I guess in the hierarchy of Islamic which seemed to me that living in a place where gay marriage was the law would be enough to make you mole. To another state. But. Eight diner in Vermont. I'll just read this from my the national review online. A sign advertising the baker -- Vermont binder. Has been taken down. After a Muslim residents complained about the sign on the Internet and sparked a massive bad. OK. We consider myself here. A Muslim president complains about a sign that is bake them and that props a massive backlash against the restaurant but -- assigned -- People. Believe me there are other words I'd rather use. Words used most frequently by local comedian Jon -- In June. In return for taking part in a local volunteer initiative to plant flower beds in the city's traffic mediums. The -- was awarded a sign on the lamp post that said you older for sneakers. Vacant. But a Muslim woman took issue with the sign calling it insensitive to those who eat pork. Well apparently there are any Jews in Vermont -- exposure Jews do not eat pork either. The woman's objection which she posted online prompted several FaceBook and Yelp comments. Calling on stickers bistro to take down on the side. That diners owners. -- This is such. A big example of what's wrong with -- America. The diners owners contacted. The woman to apologize. And tell her best time has been removed. I don't wanna start a FaceBook page against this bill is appropriate match up. -- -- -- -- -- kittens docile. And the woman's objection. Prompted several FaceBook and Yelp comments. And the owners. Contacted. The woman to apologize. To a teller of a -- and has been removed. We are here to serve people breakfast not politics the owners wrote that a separate FaceBook post over the weekend. We removed the sign that was located on public property as a gesture of respect. For our diverse community. The mayor of the tone and what does -- Vermont come at the diner for taking down the side. The cool part of living in a diverse community. Is that it's not always comfortable. Said the mayor of what is Lieberman as liberally to. It's a fascinating place. With lots of opportunities. For conversation. The city has to pay a lot of have to pay attention to a lot of factors while acting within what we can regularly. Would -- is a populist Artest got. The mayors told the center for media and democracy which by the way the center for regressive numb nuts when -- -- Has always welcomed immigrants including my ancestors who spoke only French in eighteen and 35 when they arrived here OK so mayor might presume them. That. They wanted all the signs in French in what -- -- Vermont. I to assume as my ancestors from Quebec did they came to the the -- United States and alert freaking English if they didn't already -- in Montreal as my great great grandfather -- bit. He was very fluent in both English and a threat. Op Ed served honorably for four years in the civil war the union side I can't help that he should have been confirmed but anyway. The long the short of good news. Folks. Howell. Do you feel about this. I am. I don't even have the words that I can say on the radio describe my feelings of outrage. That a Muslim woman in Vermont gets to call the shots. Again I've been to Burlington Vermont on numerous occasions and I think actually that went -- because my ex wife had friends in what does he. To double check guys that make sure what is getting is just north of Burlington. That my ex wife used to live in what is he actually and has Friendster. Com. The fact that one. Is offended by the word. Yet. Because she's most. Bob Sanders. Is a member of congress from Vermont he's Jewish. Was he offended by the word -- The former governor of Vermont Madeleine Kunin. Was Jewish which she offended by the word bacon. I know way too much about Vermont -- Anyway. Yes it's north of Burlington thank you it's a bedroom community of Burlington Vermont which is a big college town for those who don't know. The woman who's offended pisses me off the -- That this post. Expressing her outrage at the word bacon -- -- Store against restaurant. Pisses me all find offensive. These people. They live under. Gives them off -- only right. The big G iPod it against our restaurant. Reporting up votes I got to get. People are mentally -- hole ordinarily I have compassion. With a mentally you know in this case I cannot find it in my heart. This is not what rational people do questionable people do not get out of out of cause -- woman who's offended by the word -- because she's my Islam. Rational people say it's not butter cup welcome to the America. Is she also going to be offended every time she passes the church. And -- across our top what you. Synagogue and she's the star David is that going to be offensive because it could be seen from a public quoted. This is. Absolute insanity. That has taken over in the entire country now insanity his long run rampant in Vermont. And there's a lot of inbreeding that are frankly but I suppose I shouldn't go. This is nuts. So the fact that the woman has offended. Over the word bacon views. Just really the fact that other people out of the wagon to be offended I find nauseating. And the fact that the restaurant. Well that's why. And I apologize. To let it is just get me up so -- a political correctness. I would appalled this woman up power insult. I would -- hold this woman. You'd be all that good about Islam wanted to go and live under ices. What did you go -- your -- excised. What did you go get raped. Well because that is condoned what did you say your six year old daughter off to live with Mohamed. That's what I would have done. I don't know if she's got a six year old daughter by the way. And your armor for the rape and career square the CBS correspondent by. India Arab Spring. You know this is so wrong in so many ways if you're -- -- offended by the word bacon and -- Go live under ice it's. Go live in Saudi Arabia -- lives somewhere else. I don't know if you boarding here I don't she's a convert. I don't know if she's a lifelong it doesn't matter. The security of the minority. Has grown to -- levels in this country. I want your thoughts 8030930. You own a restaurant. Woman and a FaceBook lynch mob comes after you because you've got the word -- -- -- You call the war and apologize and take the sign down. Where you grow up -- up balls and say up yours. You know my answer would be. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB -- -- balls I mean she's balls which are very big in Vermont by the way because cows outnumber the people in Vermont. Let's go to Eleanor is no traffic. I just I am just amazed I IA I don't even know what to say and I'm so attempted to violate FCC language rules but it ain't worth the big find that they'd kick on me. Mainly clear tonight the overnight low in the sixties tomorrow partly sunny a shower or thunderstorm any afternoon 83 right now 81 degrees at WB a looked like -- roadkill. Little secret about myself I don't alexion dogs cats raccoon squirrels out of style I don't like -- -- -- You know I do I ever my guys I don't look at it because it makes me -- no amount of vegetarian but it makes me sick. And I look away because I don't wanna be set. I don't like seeing Andrew -- signs. But I'm offended by them. I just don't look. Who ever said that you had a right. To wake up and not be -- Do you realize folks. The significance in this. Hey she's -- Beat a FaceBook mob has an online Jihad against the afflicting Galilee in windows keep Vermont. -- That's the restaurant takes on the outside and I apologizes. To the woman for the use of how to -- If she wants to a movie and Kevin Bacon has a movie out and they show previews that starring Kevin Bacon he -- up -- -- -- to regal theater it's. Folks. Do you realize this country has gone absolutely nuts and insane. And as I said I have a great deal of understanding and compassion for the mentally ill. But when the mentally -- Are running the asylum there is something seriously wrong with the asylum in this case the asylum at the state of Vermont. Unfortunately we are contiguous states unfortunately. It is but as the sizing all over America even in two Tennessee. Where can answer a political correct. Us and the -- Has reared its head. City -- to the show on this this morning. I gotta get into it after the break it's about that girl in Tennessee who got suspended for saying bless you when a classmate -- not bless you. But bless you. Which in my opinion in no way shape or form endorses or condone any specific religion bless you. At which you've got in trouble hagee said. Well. Can -- she would be. If she was suspended for saying. She'd be in national hero. But she never would have been suspended because we have been told or -- on the block but that's what you say in Arabic when somebody -- I don't know that's what you say. God is great. But this is. This is this this is -- This is freaking nuts that all the money spent Vermont. -- on the gay people -- being wealthy. 8030930. C'mon Mike do listeners loved me and I love them -- -- cracked jokes mobiles can -- it is. Like that I can turn up probably a thousand gays and lesbians to say probably is cool so bite me. It's six -- It's 626. -- ready and -- thirty WB -- before I break a dishonest a couple of things. -- -- -- -- Fake and bake and made to not the net. The day the gun. -- But he kept. He needs -- -- comes Ayman Al. Who got an obvious -- -- it's great to be okay. Let me. Expect to want to hear from. -- -- Now I'm. How we -- a Porky Pig strongest to see if I can offend anybody in the audience because apparently this is the level this is the depth this is the absolute insanity. To which this country as is has gone in the name of diversity. Diversity -- it's once the diversity for the rest service. You know. Why is it folks very few things have been. If you figure that out over the years. But ethic of service Terry and I don't allow a lot of things to offend. I told. -- I ever my guys I don't look at it if -- if Cuomo for governor signed I don't look at. So if one Muslim another -- -- Vermont and I know that's why this has bacon I hit a driver a pirate. If it's that offensive to me -- what's next letters of complaint to any TV station -- Porky Pig. -- Our American culture is at stake. That's awfully rape -- now this country. You know forgive I don't I don't teaches anymore. But this country is an amalgamation it is a melting pot. And the idea is you come here and you become American to become immersed into our culture and sometimes it's great sometimes it's degenerate or whatever whatever. And you you take your choice. But. Nobody. Ever promises do you promise that you. Yeah start drink. Nobody ever promised you an -- free environment. This woman's offended by -- this is vacant AG gets a FaceBook G hot against a diner and what does he. The tiger it would does he takes down the bacon so. And then they call or what to apologize for -- Any manly men in Vermont whatsoever. To all those bicycles to work with spandex and -- up sex. Started. And I have confirmed. My ex wife did in fact live and win a -- Vermont which is outside liberally into the north liberally and I've been to witness keep Vermont. And I think I haven't checked myself I think some of my ex wife's friends in when a -- Jewish. I don't know that any of them were offended by the word -- it now on the lecture hall Kosher they are whether or not -- out of the back the -- report. I've known Jews to -- pork. They're just not in the cafeteria Catholics. You know -- a funny story I'm gonna agree to the calls but. Jeff Morrison as a sports talk I used to work at WG. And -- funny guy beat Jeff Jeff could lure people into a trap and then just an alum. And anyway I'll never forget this this is 20/20 five years ago in GR to a remote Jeff Stewart and on air show. And he he said something to the effect of boy that's a Jewish dilemma free pork. This woman called -- about this guy called him. And was given -- all kinds of crap I cannot believe how anti semantic Q I can't believe in sensitive you are I can't believe you actually set a Jewish dilemma free pork. -- Jeff let the guys dig a hole. In the -- Jeff masterfully said sir. I'm Jewish despite the bunny is frequently I have ever heard and I hope -- hears about it because Jeff is a good guy and I hope he's still around. Anyway it is 638. -- news radio 930 WBE. NN if you're that offended by the word bacon. Moved to -- is in control and I say goodbye to your female organ or you know your well. It's a medical terms about your letter is and you can basically enjoy. You can basically enjoy it patriarch -- male dominated society. Were I guarantee you may be offended by a lot more than the word bacon all right. I for one thing you got a lot of competition from the goats but that's another story let's go to what norm in buffalo on WB EN. Or you're on hello. I thought yeah I'm an American I -- Americans and I love bacon. People what kind of currency do that you wish -- -- look at our bill. You know it just virtually. All I article I'm sorry but can you please explain the dollar bill and and bacon has not lost. Well okay the person -- rush you right. But that the ballots they think -- we rushed. Yes every atheist who's offended by that should send me their network. All electronic currency -- Well -- being most all Muslims -- dollars in the United States and over depends on what part of the world your enemy the -- -- -- are would be big other. My dear America -- -- and pork bellies. I love bacon. I eat bacon -- Very spring and if I haven't it's got to be very very well done I don't like it being dummy. But doesn't -- that's another story I mean it it's coming to realize we've had two stories of absolute. -- and in the in the news over the past week the girl gets suspended in tennis -- -- talk and Vermont. Where men are men and other man. Are very careful and hop -- situations -- talking about. No offense intended I thought it was a funny line up or about tennis for God's sake which are supposed to be up. Old belt and a girl says bless you not sure but like you -- get suspended. I this country. Quite well actually put it. Don't think he brought people who know first you're there and America. Number a lot of you're on Medicare and not not in the front of the American -- American then something afterwards. Give a lot beginners country angle viewer a lot of it and that. Where you are correct I mean. You know there's a great scene at the other pulp fiction -- Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta -- a diner together John Travolta is eating bacon Samuel L. Jackson. Does not eat bacon in the movies character and it's not because of any religious reason -- Travolta says are you Jewish is as well I just don't Diana -- Because that like -- because he built it was a filthy animal. But he he was my point is at least you let Travolta eat his bacon without having a freaking FaceBook Jihad. -- That it's been slow in Latvia in America. Number ordinary Americans. We love America. Don't put in Beijing and fly out. Well yeah and you know the funny thing is well. When I was a cigar Dave's event smoke on the water three. One of the biggest hits there was bacon on a sticker to put -- picture up again another -- another picture of -- -- -- -- bacon and a stake in hopes that this Muslim woman goes to my FaceBook page sees it and become so offended that she leaves America. All right thank you very much -- way incidentally. That the event. I met these two guys were Syrian. By birth and their Christian converts Andre and George. You would not want to mess with either Andre or George believe -- -- the toughest fights and government might light. Like I want them on my team but Christian converts. So -- It's I don't know what this woman stories I don't know if she was born in Vermont it was a Catholic girl who turned Muslim or whether she was born Muslim or whether she came from another place I don't know her back story. But it's irrelevant. Because it's America we have bacon in America deal that or shut up bitch let's go to. This is why I could never going to politics. I'll let's go too well that and going to Hedo -- Frankie in buffalo WB Ian Frankie take. Hey I don't they. Right like that they I'll probably born and a great American been there all my life. And -- I narrator -- I had actually got offended. She annoyed the imprint because I know I know Melinda and -- -- then of course stardom -- -- and they sell. I Newport -- in -- played there which is against the Oregon. Well are you mean when -- you going to say that you are not gonna set up an online Jihad against. -- corner stores. You. -- I I -- on the all over America everybody in America -- -- I might CIA of America. We all of -- and we all know. I'm home almost a -- -- -- young people and the -- and a local receive their joint planning a Muslim and Christian together and not only couldn't -- Nick Young. Absolutely. But they are there a Muslim group but this administration. Gave them a the weapons -- use there in Iraq and not kill Christians and as a country. And our beloved country America with the world number one Alberto and they're number one -- tonight is president. The -- where I am American -- Larry I'm Arabian. That's out there may be an analyst symbolic orderly all right but it might not American. You -- -- where I am I'd like ban went bad -- in late night. When he. It's like few other audio on the right. I did not -- not real American are you migrated from Europe. And you're an original American Alomar -- American Indian it. They key information not to burst alert but the Chrysler and everybody in this country to ice it anybody in this country that the American OK -- real light. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well yes you're sick you're speaking my language but as it must I have to ask you the word that bacon. Do you find that in any way shape or form offensive. Up until they can you got Turkey bacon and I think picking up what they do. -- -- -- You know it's not offensive. It's like I yeah I mean I mean -- -- on the -- we ordered -- prevent those Gulfport. And urban development Beers and -- and alcohol pot. You -- at the point of you when you said I won't -- I. I don't they're not computer -- they're killing people in the name of Islam ideology but they're not really Malone who I am glad we're all over the world Oklahoma. I -- -- I gotta I gotta -- ago -- about. My point. Very simple bat. If this woman is that much. Of a common -- all her radical Muslim she would be more comfortable living -- -- is in control. Al-Qaeda was in control. -- all I can think of is the scene from Afghanistan publisher what part of the peninsula your family hails from a I would presume Yemen but please don't hate me at the -- presumption. I will never forget the video from the soccer stadium. In Kabul Afghanistan when the Taliban was in power of the woman being shot in the back of the head. At as an alleged adulterer. Like really. And I've seen other videos from other places we're women and men have been stoned to death for the same. Alleged transgressions. -- Now if you wanna edit again I appreciate what you say by the way about a year and you are an American you know met today and amen to that. But if somebody is unwilling to accept the fact that this is the United States -- the people -- have. And make it is a legitimate. And this is probably not where they wanna be there. -- -- We don't have an offensive free an offense free. Situation and I'm glad to run -- report about the -- stores. Many of which are operated by well a lot of Pakistan is. And a lot of volume -- operate the storage in the gas stations. And -- your right they sell alcohol tobacco. Firearms and harassment alcohol and tobacco. And they are able to deal with it this woman sounds like an absolute extremist. And honestly. I think that may be insane might be a better description of her than most. And what's really frightening is that she could conduct and unwind G iPod and I've got to stick with that word because it's appropriate against the belly. And by the way. The concept of Jihad just for Frankie and anybody who wonders what does he really know about Islam. You out of the concept that is actually shared with christianity although christianity refers to more as the struggle of good vs evil and Jihad can be external. Fighting external forces of evil or can be -- Fighting your internal demons you know your holiness verses the less admirable parts of yourself an internal GO. So it's something that he shared. By eight. People of different faiths. You know it's always the good -- bad as -- all comes down to -- -- -- call thank you it is 648. At WB Ian. All right so Karl. I'm trying to figure out what story is more offensive the story about the student who. Is suspended for saying bless you when classmates east. Not dot question. -- Shoot what do classmates sleaze. If you're suspended for a period. I I I don't even know how to deal with that kind of. Your rational. In the same. Decision making by people in authority. She didn't say how publisher she didn't say Jesus question she didn't take questions she should blush group. If she was suspended. Seventeen years old. I mean it really shouldn't say bless your -- 36. To say that. So this -- NN. What -- -- Vermont which used outside of Burlington. By the way. I looked this up on line. What is your favorite Wendy's meal. Anybody anybody eat Wendy's. Can I just kept confide everything out again once a year. I have a win these Jones ever wants yet once a year I I do some Jones and for Wendy's. L Wendy's they have a burger called the bacon -- The base -- Nader is a premium double bacon cheeseburger. I I want to just note. The -- Nader is a premium. Double bacon cheeseburger available at Wendy's. There are seven Wendy's restaurants. In Vermont one of which is in South Burlington. Which is maybe a twenty minute drive from what -- -- Here's another one in not Essex junction which -- Think it's all that far away. If the Wendy's in those locations. In Vermont. Have a sign that says -- later. Will this woman be offended. And will there be another FaceBook campaign against the use of the word -- Johnson is that's the other -- Tuesday. It's close to -- -- okay well I think it -- -- white were rejection. Subscriptions close to -- Are usually pretty good -- by Vermont. Geography. But anyway. If she -- passed away -- these is that going to be next. Get up restaurants at the signs that special -- trying to power if a restaurant there has -- later. Are they going to be next on the list. Folks. We have descended literally. Into -- or real in America we have this is beyond my capacity to understand which is fast. Well. Thank you very much for the calls the bills. The love thanks to John German. Thank you -- -- millions. Yeah.

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