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8/25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They exclusive debut be at AccuWeather forecast. They cleared to god and comfortable low 59 -- -- 65 the city partly sunny and warm tomorrow the shower thunderstorm around during the afternoon. -- 83. So clouds Smart guy with a shower or thunderstorm in the area of low 65 so the beer shower or thunderstorm Wednesday morning otherwise partial sunshine on Wednesday lies she evidently entered into cooler. High 74. Get breaking weather alerts on your cellphone by texting the word weather to 3930. On -- TV and AccuWeather meteorologist. Bob Larson. News radio 930 WBS. -- I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can sign wherever and whenever. I can take -- without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do it here. Com hourly and that's just be within 200 feet of the school. We're -- cheese it's life. Yeah. It's locals that prevent this it's Tom hourly cash in at a question and try to get this much this isn't the real seasons knows -- Wouldn't. -- Olympia. Now and so on news radio 930 people here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. -- -- -- -- -- As always we will have pensive. It is eleven minutes after five -- master control and as Packers back as your call screener. And right now what we're talking about your advice for rob -- or Reno or. Is it over there is Andrew Cuomo had this thing locked up. By the way. Back attitude. Could actually work our favor. Because seriously where is the receptive. For the Democrats to go to the polls the unions. Have started to turn their backs on equal ball collectively. The left. Is pretty upset that small ball politically has done what Bill O'Reilly has done -- Asia -- moved toward the center to try to get more followers. Because either -- Cuomo's agenda posters geisha figured out. And why he pick at the local. -- Cuomo. Does not want to stay governor of New York State for as long as is Bob -- squabble learn from his father met every politician has a shelf life. And one reason George Pataki beat Andrew Cuomo was because Mario Cuomo's. Shelf life had expired. Plus but tacky waged a very aggressive campaign. Which operated. I called this the -- it will be quite. Way of doing things here and everywhere. George Pataki was -- the president. He was like chicken -- is everywhere he's everywhere George Pataki made himself constantly available. Across the state in counties where he knew he did -- We can't defeat it now granted. Mario shelf life edit spotted. But if I'm Robert -- arena. I focus. Only on the counties I can win I focus on the counties where I can get people to turn out who were going to vote for me. If I brought -- Reno I use those counties and I talk about guns guns guns guns guns and why I say and why safe and why say. I'd make some references to Moreland. But I also make a bigger reference to Andrew Cuomo he's just plain unethical. True I would love to hear that kind of honesty politician. Andrew Cuomo he's just that thug with a suit. I which is I would go like to the wall against. It all if -- were running against him. Because. He can't win New York's. Aspirin or as a snowball chance in hades up winning the Big Apple or the New York metro area. But you know what. If Democrats. Are dis incentivized. Org become shall we say complacent. This can go to -- to Reno's advantage if he focuses on the counties where he can win. And he uses that I should point issue -- and wife sick. Over and over and over again. Pro constitution. Rob -- Reno anti NY safe rob asked the Reno bring -- some common sense back. And why -- to New York straight and that of course I also. It prime minister -- as I'm calling -- could -- -- years. I talk about moral and I talk about -- it. And I also use. A lot extend well let's go. Hair the man is certifiable. And global winners. I'd say that -- for office it would be an absolute. There will be more testosterone. And estrogen in that campaign. That you could shake a stick yet. -- of strong women up. Poked with estrogen. -- -- it would be just like at all. Andrew Cuomo. He's just a thought. Ever ball. Corruption follows him like total followed door. Andrew Cuomo. Can you really trust a man who is this crazy. To be in charge of New York State. That's what I'd be doing. I wouldn't be drinking the -- here is. James in a Vegas again actually. And he's kind of like the aliens who touchdown for a civilized same place. -- Vegas -- If so it is -- well yet you pledged opera plays where people have a lot more common sense that we do here in New -- shape which is basically turned into Vermont west. And I -- Vermont but the politics in Vermont are radicalized left wing huge bag. But as far as though what you have noticed you've noticed less and less take home pay because the state can't get enough of your money. It it was shocking I tell you and I when I moved here there was absolutely shocking. You know what I do we have you know we have homeless we have programs we have -- are we ever think to him and they get. You know particularly immediately have killed you know hopefully. They'll put people they needed. And sort all want what all else builds. There there's a lot of desert around Los makers have a problem aren't buried in the desert round losses are. Yeah imagine that everywhere you look into here now wouldn't want. Our government can -- venture. -- their preacher that's what their money. The players well see I mean yeah it's it's obviously I mean -- welcome in -- -- Should people out and Syria. Accounting problems. And your blog on the money in places that you don't need to. And then that is just by looking. My plea withdrawn money after bad from poker I'm hoping -- don't work. My friend management can I just wanna give you statistic there's gonna knock your socks if you want your. You know Medicaid is right medical care will look at you know that this state New York State spends more money on Medicaid. -- California. And Texas calm behind. Or -- California and Texas together you add up that some. And -- to convert what New York State spends New York's state spends more money than California and Texas combined what do talk about. Although Barbara obligatory news it would return Kabul or in recipient. And -- you get into Didier Picard is the blue cross of her -- also we're going gonna take it anymore. Well I'm not sure exactly what his situation is but I do know there's that. Working full time. My health benefits are considerably less. -- if I were on Medicare. Tried vehicle particularly back to. You know right now our our work. A lot of people working with illustrators as. I mean our partners and more beautiful trees and greenery in -- school or right around right for an inner -- -- something and so. You should go wrong are being -- in nine. Are to be not look for him I mean they don't want to do -- -- all I can at least Arafat. Between. Hillary Omar who were employees and some dual. -- -- Well people want to go through all of this budget like construction between the bonding. Assures the ocean being you know regulation -- -- Like patient or you know -- you know should it. It label -- discount on an audit on. I I I don't see any room for album would like a bit. This state is to business and common sense what abortion is the child. -- You can if you'd like for sure everybody I know it's got a lot of our makes the point but but Elvis do you bill that you've been here for how long. Are about are very. A day in about ninety days you will be akin to feel the effects of insanity. Win those days tick by you call the show again for the European okay. Comic and indeed all the talk about this start a New York. My job. You know I read through there when on the web site I read -- -- look choked. I mean not only you only limited to certain -- Google says in Europe and the urgent internship yet to be affiliated with school or certain school property in the all voters out. It is so good. Too boring it into business and drop my taxes. I really don't have to do do do you -- like Google regularly illegal immigration into did you -- -- apart -- preparing. Of the people of the backbone. A district and state and you all along. Come a break. Just one of the things you have to stand at New York -- -- -- -- talked about a show and I'm glad that you found the show was a beacon of common sense and conservatory and isn't. One of the things that are yet to realize is that New York State does care about small businesses in fact. Andrew Cuomo sends out his health inspectors. In his business inspectors out on -- to -- its businesses across New York State. For the express purpose of finding little violations. Upon which they can assess fines. And the bigger the business the more the fine and they've got a great little hole and they've got to calculated. So that. Let's say if they know the gross receipts of restaurant are what's a guy a million dollars a year. That. They can find that restaurant 20000. Dollars. And that restaurant knows it will be cheaper to just pay the extortion. That it is to litigate that when you litigate usually in New York State you lose and you end up paying the lawyer -- independent state oh yes. We're gonna things they are all ignorant how important well again this season. James you know if you see things as an outsider that have been talking about for years and you know you're like the grey alien who came from Las Vegas -- mr. -- is all these earthlings and -- you know quote all made it himself be a great alien feeding on the brains of anybody in New York -- maybe that's -- were so stupid. Yeah I'm here I've heard so many big problems guard. Well James I guarantee on this show you won't hear anything good. Well you know under way -- that nobody going to know -- all the property pulmonary and don't take insulin and redevelopment called city of buffalo -- going to -- Larry I'd -- on so many crazy story broke it big and you would take people's property and our. Any state can do that -- an eminent domain is an ancient legal doctrine you know goes back to the pyramids. Thanks very much -- -- -- and I. Well I I thank you for that I'd probably back to the a step pyramid it's a cholera the earliest of the known pyramids in Egypt but first let's go to -- Harris with traffic. And is accurate forecasts are clear tonight the overnight low about sixty tomorrow's going to be partly sunny shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon in the high 83 right now 81 degrees enjoy their drive home hopefully nobody you do something stupid to mess it up. -- 81 degrees. It's at 22 minutes after five your advice for -- -- to Reno I've offered by what advice do you have or do you think it's over that no matter what Robin just Perino does. It's already over. I think. This can be won it does call for a lot of stars to life. It does call for a lot of circumstances to properly on -- But it can't be one. Do you think about seriously upset -- took China that all Castro took Cuba. About that for -- -- Against enormous shots. We want to. -- all against enormous amounts. All right here is Jacque in the I don't really believe that by the way -- -- -- something you do to make you -- here is Jake in Jamestown and WB -- hello. You know it goes way beyond this thing. I -- it's an allegation -- because mine nervous system cannot -- him and Al PO I haven't worked. -- It did like it in the an uphill battle because you know he got the children's older. Domain. And and the -- Western New York domain downtown you know we don't medical there. And they're all in support I mean did the infrastructure of these people if you wanna call people. Is enormous. Yeah financial fortitude that they have it's very robust and they don't care -- crop that's what they're doing they're supporting. There. Plugin. And we. And we still have the power of the ballot box and we have to do this -- we have got to learn from the regressive not only should we bulk we should be voting multiple times. Oh yeah the Democrats are against voter ID great how to vote five times. Script I don't want to give it a bit -- I. Politics is 830 filthy blood sport games out of play at that was gonna get your ass kicked every single. -- and look at the New York based -- -- taken out. This is a part of that whole group and I call -- on -- -- you caller anybody else okay. And -- you go out you start doing this for your your buddies global Europe part this unethical. Menagerie that you call. The justice system because politics is directly -- to be ethical. My make up of ethical people and it and depart from that obviously you know. I would love to he had history to win because it would put -- real spin on these. I don't get too -- here but these so called people that are in Albany. And that Sheldon Silver well mafia you know they need to Heather had spun around -- her three times. Yeah I mean look at all ball is -- do. I occasionally I mean I had -- been the course isn't civil matters where they've. All of them and I can again take a break and Marty late -- by to tell time I'd be even more brilliant by 25 news radio 930 WB you know it's hard to do. Buy hourly for rose -- vacuums. Unit of vacuum you can do it the Smart way that's where I do what you can do to -- the beltway is eight. I just moved into a new house or apartment let me go to the big box or biked all ketchup and there's a vacuum cleaner that would be stupid and be wrong -- -- -- -- it. Is go to Rosa Xperia and you can find -- bedspread you will find vacuums. Quality vacuums and if you've got a 15200. Bucks to spend. You're gonna end up with equality machine at rose decks if you got more money to -- and vacuuming is so important to you. I've got to Siegel. It's costly it's pricey but. 710. Years of use with Betsy -- Not one even teeny tiny -- here has ever been needed and the thing works like that brought it all. They also carry may tag people with may take vacuums what may take vacuums and the -- just part with them you know that's the brand that they love. Rose -- vacuum Sheridan and sweet home in Amherst and also McKinley in Hamburg across from monro muffler. Rose -- vacuums for all the repairs and if your vacuum is just irreparable. If Tom Rose -- as you needed new vacuum believe me you need to -- -- rose Dex ROS. I EK apostrophe S. It's -- yeah. That I'm. I am. Johnson and I couldn't help ahead here. Go to Betty Ford for -- -- and addiction it's at 534 news radio 930 WB EM. -- support groups of people who get hung up on bands -- wait too long. I don't look at it. -- It's up five birdie -- Ers aren't just rumor reports Seth -- said in the upper east lead. Very -- -- from the movie you know -- line something about Steve Levy and gardening dollars. All right you know 30 lead thirty start at 3180616. WBZ. And that. You will have -- pastor Dozier. What is your advice for -- asked to Reno action what is your advice. At the Corey would you be just to Google search for Seth Rogen -- the lead in cardinal a let's go to -- -- let's go to. WB and speak. Here -- back and. Yes you know I mean that money that song -- a rush. And that big money's got a mean streak and Exxon came -- I didn't really realize the gravity of believe me but I do now okay. I've seen it. And it is only politics since the net and then in the court systems. I've seen. And commit Harry -- with changing records. Going past that would call it has -- been meaning that they appear to be doing what they're supposed to be doing but they're only going half way. It's in the record me. I'm an on and on and on and on and on. It is sliding the next guy sliding sliding sliding play you know what -- to -- what's the end game. Just let me add to -- we need you to stand up like like missed volleys that he can get -- start talking about these issues there. In your favor and -- people light year importance to us. Well yeah I mean basically. Well. I've said this before unfortunately people don't realize where they don't understand the gravity of what I'm saying when I say politics is blood sport. And -- when you start going after the apple cart. And you're gonna take fire. And the more fire you take from people the more you realize how close you are to the truth the closer you are to the target the more flat yeah. -- just stupid enough to keep going over the target. I'm just economic Kevlar helmet it is today you have to. I'll go to tin foil and all the least I read that somewhere. There's got to be grounded -- okay. And then and that they get the more advanced machine and you get a -- in the you got to get more material so that only worked under certain conditions you know though yeah. -- they think the corrupt and this is. And ethnic I think that we need somebody else -- but again with with this Sheldon Silver gain and then everybody else to support him. Who knows. Well putted it doesn't get me started on Sheldon Silver and we've got to take on fish at a time okay we can now we can always gets a many headed hydra. And we can only -- so many heads at once elegant and popping up and popping up popping up because -- -- got the media in their court when I see the media I mean the dead tree media I mean most of the broadcast media. -- -- And let the real that's something that they utilize to keep people dumbed it you're not really waking up that was really going on. But I think that you've done quite a bit in that direction so -- sandy beach a little my computer when your vacation and I talked in a few -- he was. Really. Wonderful person to make it on the line with that I enjoy dead. Tell me to call back any time that you -- and I really enjoyed having him as a person speak -- about certain things. Well we didn't like him more than you like me I've got a feeling that he cheated. Below or -- Not so sure -- out now appearing a little jealous I'm feeling a little bill is about the whole thing I mean you know you either loved me so. Now you you can beat up. -- You know here's your good manageability like and we just like to Turkey as a go yeah. Polymorphism dispersants. Would be apparent direct your call and polygamous -- yeah that's OK as long as it's -- WV yet that's fine. It did violate Jake make a mistake about it. Though left and the aggressive use hate this radio station they -- I loved ones to go out of business. They would me to go away and it beats to go onto the ball go a ways away in the way. It popped the -- head up in Albany don't other forms living in this. Schools forget ladies deserve some pieces got black issue in the school but he can't with a -- can't -- scary but the girls can't. These things are popping up all over the place because the constituencies very consolidated. The problem is that people that are a part of so called special interest groups that aren't a part of that are being hurt because they don't really feel that side you know I mean. -- were talking about does this strap on -- sectors sectors such OK and I mean a bomb strapped I wanna be put into a category of being an option in. Ignorant. Stupid hateful person. -- I just you know in the future as far as nomenclature is concerned just typically means -- on all kinds of images go -- my mind and none of the -- -- much. All right 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB Ian but that -- -- take a spot on TJ gets it. You have to understand people I keep telling you this and tell you this and tell you yours. Folks. I know people -- I've mentioned this before. I know people whose names you would know. I'm talking prominent people in the community whose name is usually no. Who don't dare speak out against Obama -- formal. Why because. They are steered. They are scared of the power of government to death of two got messed with their lives. Mess with them with the IRS the New York State bureau of finance and taxation. Various licensing. Through the state Education Department. There are people out there who are multimillionaires. And I know these people they don't. -- speak out because they can't. Handle the stress of the incoming missiles as a result of -- speaking out. Do you not get that. -- do you think that I would just say that because I needed thirty seconds to fill. No I'm telling you that because that is the absolute honest to god truth. I will never name those people. Because they don't wanna be public they wanna be in the shares but it's a damn shame that in America. In 2014. And and Cuomo New York State in in Obama's America. We have people were genuinely steered. But at the moment they start making waves that the political class will descend upon them like locusts and destroy their lives. Do you not understand -- when I say politics is blood sport. Now to tell you something folks without you. Have in my -- without you supporting me. They would run me out of town months ago. They're not gonna do it honestly -- Because my personality. Is the type personality. That the more you lay it on me. Than -- -- idea. The harder you are on me. The more I will pummel. The more shot -- wanna take -- -- the more shots all take -- -- You wanna bring a pistol over the -- -- that's the way I am. Can I stay in New York State I don't know. I don't wanna leave. I mean this my whole. The watermark on Texas. Oracle before. But. I. Feel comfortable. In Western New York. But it's got to be on my terms. You don't send him to understand what I'm getting -- it's got to be on my terms. They've tried. So hard. To get to. Well various. Web sites. Newspapers. People have taken notice. Again. People taken notice remain. When I have people. Again. Who -- them. Who would make a donation. To history who would make a donation. To somebody challenging. Eric Schneider. The fraud attorney general in New York State. But they don't -- write -- check. And they don't -- speak up because they are afraid. In America. In 2014. They are afraid of their own governments. This is the kind of fear engendered by people like Andrew Cuomo. And Sheldon Silver and Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett and Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi Brian Higgins friend. They have generated a climate of political year. Which is exactly what the Communist did in Russia. It's exactly what the Nazis did in Germany it's exactly what a million banana republics through history have done. You steer the people because you can use the government and the majesty of the law to bone people where it hurts. Just -- speaking up. Do you realize how antithetical that is to the American envisioned by our founding fathers. You might be one of those people listening to me right now. It you'd like to be involved you'd like to read a big -- in history knows campaign but you know that all that information is going to be public and you know that if Cuomo wins. -- about a year. And you're gonna receive a letter from the new York state department of taxation of financing. We go to some irregularities. In your returns and we we need to sit down and talk with you about these things. And that'll give urged item and a chance to press conference saying hey we've reached a settlement with XYZ company in Buffalo, New York because. You know we did exhausted and investigation and -- turns out they noticed by doing embarks. People are -- here. There's a climate of fear. It's just it's not folks. I don't pull this stuff out of my nether regions for something to talk about I don't have to. Here is. State and in Rochester WBM stand you're on -- And I -- on my advice to grab -- to look at his political strategists change his strategy instead look at him. All summer long we've been firing off the big guns. Well nobody home everybody indication nobody cares. Now that Cuomo people are gonna wait till everybody Barack. In school and the listening audience is out there then they're gonna fire their big guns off now we're already looking at cup. A rabid followers are. Taking ethnic heritage. I -- predict that Cuomo's attorney general will indict rob I'm criminal charges. It -- none of them. That will be October in what will be will be the charges. The law they ignored her idea I just think he did I'm not I'm Perry in Texas. They indict him to move criminal charges looking at a hundred years I'm sure they got this stuff. But they're not gonna blow it up now they're gonna wait -- people are back from vacation. It depends you know what. You will see is that that can go two ways that can also backfire. On Cuomo because people will see it for what it is because. People are right. All honor because talk radio is around to keep the liberal recruit to keep the regressive. Scum. Of the newspapers in check with experts. Here's the problem with talk radio. All of do you want to do you know he didn't take people visit. Is he still 36 points ahead nothing changed. There's been nothing happening because this summer but I'm telling you right now when fall comes and everybody called -- video -- content. You you may be right. I may be currency but it may just be a lunatic you're looking for. Well it could collegial. A name and I'd I awards earlier I'm likely to burst in the lyrics in any given moment in any given show. You may be right. But I gotta tell you something I think -- -- right now. Harris. The passion point issue that we all motivate voters what is it. It's New York City. Standing there. Yeah -- the problem I think there again though is that. How do you motivate people. But voter -- But if you think you're guilty go free and got people don't. More now not seat or you know what I agreed but I don't agree a New York safe because do you know. That every time I post anything about an update on NY safe. Where the thugs going around your stealing and why safe repeal signs -- that nerdy looking dude should East Aurora allegedly defacing the sign in East Aurora. Those articles -- shared all over the Internet. Like herpes in a swingers club okay they go everywhere people still care about and why say. That is an issue. That -- -- Reno needs to go after an -- -- after and after and after he needs to use it to register people to vote and to get people to vote and believe me the gun community does not it. Does not need motivation. To vote it's got the motivation. We need the five year. We need -- fire -- -- Reno to get them to vote the fire to get them to register to get out to vote and frankly asteroid -- shouldn't waste his time the New York City he needs to go to places where people are gonna come out and vote for him. Why are you right there because I you can write obviously -- -- no and they each got a wake up. You know I'm Donald Trump racial couple billion dollars in connection probably -- won. I think well I think trump would have won the race but I have to tell you that. Right now the trump name. Makes me rather. And show shall I say. You know failure by -- good sometimes and have too much greasy food that's how I feel one I think -- -- I think you have a sold out. Well you know we got a collective right does he still 36 points ahead. I mean I don't care what you put on the Internet I don't care what you say they did it seemed like he got -- fuel around. Unfortunately a lot of Democrats do. And and well into shape and look at Barack Obama. He he said the shield around him. We were talking about a president going before congress January this year basically say the constitution is Null and void in the media sits there in stunned actually in stone silence like real. Mom I'm glad you called thank you very much are all right thank you. Michael -- by the way he. He says a lot of the same stuff -- And he's a guy with severe. Testosterone. And I hope you listen to and from ten to one because he he doesn't pull punches. And he's not afraid. And I admire that in Michael -- -- He's really grown. He used the way off from his fellow hosts a little bit but I think I understand where it's coming from in that regard. But ultimately it's all about liberty. On WB. And AccuWeather basically 4298. The -- isn't taken and the Pataki Red Sox first -- 705 marked on Monday. Clear tonight overnight low in his sixties. And then tomorrow some sunshine but a shower or thunderstorm an afternoon high temperature 83 I have a throbbing headache it's 81 degrees at news radio 930 WB yet. -- all right let's I get back to the calls. And say hello to tad bit. In silver creek tab on WB general. Tom I think the big thing we got a stress here is to teachers union. A lot of power and when we have a Democrat. -- fatigue usually has always on the ballot for you at this time it has do we look at the real like -- coach who. Of advantage or disadvantage record coldest. You have to teach you human the most powerful which is human in this state. Not all -- coming out. It's horrible and that just shoot today titled seat the seat that is the big point but this is another shall we will look at. I mention that before. As far as the union's going against Cuomo this time. And one of the things you hope for in a situation like that is the people who ordinarily are taken basically by the busloads to go vote for the Democrats. They will what should have to they have right now. What incentive do they have we have incentive it's called and why say it. It's terrible I -- on the small business or and it's everything from the deal these laws. The restrictions to -- to the consensus figure of people called radio station that didn't name the location but that it's here that are out there. -- it'll help future. Well I again I mean I don't know about on the radio station but all I can tell you is. As I -- mentioned this couple minutes ago. I know people whose names you would know who don't dare say anything publicly because they are scared of Obama. They're scared of Obama's IRS this period of the ball ball and the department of taxation and finance or the state Education Department through its licensing services they are scared to speak up because they know. What a vindictive -- get Andrew Cuomo always. And they call this United States is an incredible. Well that's why I have been as well hopefully at the forefront of the conservatory and -- to try to reclaim. New York State and the rest of the country. Unfortunately you know sometimes you win sometimes you lose but we'll see what happens. Comment that it's incredible that it. Sometimes it's occurs sometimes of the unit he's under no I'm serious sometimes I think it'd just be easier to be a sheep and get along and go along you know. But I just think -- definitely don't. -- -- It's said he -- it -- struggle is up anybody but it. -- -- -- -- -- -- all I can say is you should have bought a squirrel. The movie is rat race by the way thank you very much one of the funniest scenes in the movie rat race all right thank you. With a guy called in from Las Vegas I thought of the movie rat race actually that movie's been on my mind all week long is funny rat race to receive -- Funny as -- Not hang over level funny but it's still funny -- it's 555 news radio I'm thirty WB yet and the next hour. I to some other stuff I'd like to get into. About people being offended. And school supplies you doubt that on WB Ian.

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