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8/25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They exclusive -- be an -- with a forecast. They cleared to god and comfortable low 59 at Glen 65 the city partly sunny and warm tomorrow the shower thunderstorm brown during the afternoon. -- 83. So clouds tomorrow night of the shower thunderstorm in the area to those 65 cent -- -- shower or thunderstorm Wednesday morning otherwise partial sunshine Wednesday -- -- entered into cooler. High 74. Get breaking weather alerts on your cellphone by texting the word weather to 3930. On -- -- AccuWeather meteorologist. Bob Larson. News radio 930 WBA. And -- And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set -- world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You can go and do some things they have told. Yourself it's live it's local ethnic -- you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Back it is now Bowery is ready at 930 WPG. And neck and back up if you listen they show all bomb. -- yourself a favor and cancel your subscription to the local rag. Because basically got this were giving money -- money to the local rag. Is like sending it checked Andrew Cuomo. It's like signing a check to Barack Obama. Both total and the local rag -- along with Brian. Public hearings on obamacare Higgins and that they say they think he walks on water. So -- less than they show you listen to -- each Limbaugh savage. Hannity. -- your really your doing is feeding. You're basically feeding the great aliens. Your brain. Rather up quite fond of that you break your gray aliens anyway all those grazer bastards really. But anyway how they dropped the paper. It's irrelevant it's a dead tree. And as I've said that you can't expect lots of attacks on me. Let's see they like sandy which are never quite been able to figure out. Because we sure somebody of the same opinions so that's just kind of weird. But you can expect. More more tax. Because. Frankly they are scared of this radio station. And they are scared of me because I call it as it views. And their little world that. At the news plaza. And it's declining. Ad dollars and its declining subscription base. They don't play a partner. And -- will do anything. And say anything and history backs me up on this to try to discredit me. To tried to. ABBA. What's what's the word this grip is probably to go forward to a good job of that myself sought a -- neither. So yup I'm still trying to convince my mom. I -- -- I'm not Sunday. -- if that's related to drop a newspaper. We're trying to convince that dog to drop by corpses armored truck battery -- vector art it's just. -- anyway it is up for eleven news radio 930 WB yet. -- 030930. What is your advice to rob asked the arena no. On how he can beat corrupt prospect politician Andrew Cuomo and a lesson number one. I think anyway. And this is based on considerable interaction with listeners on this issue New York State is huge. Rob -- you know and his running mate mosques have got to realize New York safe is a huge passion point issue. Now I say passion point issue folks. I'm talking about the issue that gets people off their asses -- their cars that are local voting Booth in November. Now if you're a Democrat and you can vote in the democratic primary vote against -- vocal. Vote against Kathy vocal in the Democrat primary because that little that wheel drive and -- ball up the wall. And will be -- him up an important line OK so nobody votes in primaries right. So if you guys who listen to the show tell your friends to go vote against -- local for lieutenant governor. Then you helped to make Andrew ball ball even crazier than he already issues. And it's easy to get under his skin. This will hold it under his game OK it never took. If you are a gun owner or no gun owners have gun owners in the family. Right now. What you're thinking about while it is still August in Labor Day has not yet hit us you need to register to vote I cannot stress this enough if you were not registered. I don't care where you're listening to me and what part of New York State in which you were listening you have got to register to vote if you don't register to vote and don't bother calling -- show. You've got to register to vote. Then you've got to actually get there and ball. And NY -- asked Reno has got to realize. That it is a passion point issue it is exactly what you look for. What you were going against a well funded corrupt thug like Andrew well you look for. An issue that will incentivize the opposition. -- mobile and vote for you look realizing that -- -- to Reno is not a deterrent to Jesus and walking across lake you're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So others that. So please. If you can't stand Cuomo. And guns are important to. And you regard -- safe as absolutely. Antithetical to the founding fathers and our Second Amendment -- -- York state civil rights law. Which event set on many occasions kind of mimics the Second Amendment you've got to get formal out of office that's number one. Should be a huge passion issue. Alitalia an issue that ought to be a passion point issue which has not been a passion point issue because we have some of the stupidest people in the world who vote in New York State. But Portland commission. Ladies in jail. If it Republican governor. It one year. Had spoken such hate speech. Against progressives. Saying they're not welcome in my state. They have no place in my state and then had called off a commission investigating corruption. -- to. Government. Once that commission known as the Portland commission started sniffing close to the governor. It would be a national news story you do know this right. You you know that Andrew Cuomo were a Republican or conservative. Doing the exact same things he has done. He's already would have resigned and you'd know that right. Please tell me you understand the media would have set up eight ball ball ball constant drumbeat against that individual. To the point -- finally that individual would cut out of stage. Two bit careful may have bought. I didn't say about -- Elements -- the -- tablet. Unless you are saying. That's exactly what -- Republican conservative would be forced to do but Andrew Cuomo. Is a slime bag without any ethics without any morals. And Andrew Cuomo has absolutely no use for gun owners or our constitution. He never has he never will. Not to mention the fact that Andrew Cuomo everywhere he goes ladies and gentlemen the stench of corruption follows him. Say it with -- Like at Genesee beer fart in a crowded one -- it on a humid Saturday night July. That's Andrew Cuomo. Adultery. You really know your Western New York when you laughed at the Genesee beer part referenced -- don't 30930. Start on a 38 and -- conference -- 616 WBE dad. Oh by the way. I don't women may not understand what that is. Men I'm told do -- gas at times women do not men do. And there's something kind of special about Genesee beer. Especially -- for email. Here is a top I do not know this from experience as I'm not a big. Let's go to -- Lancaster on WB elicit this comics anymore since Tom what advice do you have for Robin just -- There has been attempts I actually did tell -- doing the right after he got elected are -- and that they'd rather I and we will be elected but factory with them that he was speaking at the -- -- You made -- like this but I am a Republican committeeman in Lancaster had -- all your feelings are but. Well they're not without merit and you. And I can't blame you for John McCain. I understand it but anyway he was speaking to us and -- that film we've got to get the base so that's the thing. We had problems in Lancaster last that your people were talking you know I was going -- giving signatures for a petition. People talk about all the change things you've got to get that the that could change in the yeah politician we've got things. We had 33%. Of the vote out in -- this is so we can get people to get out off their panties and get out there were involved. You know we can get rob as to -- elected but we've got to get the people that are completely like you say. Instead of calling up your show and complaining get out there -- -- registered get out there were involved. You know that it's gone that's the key to this whole thing. And I may be smoking crack. Well actually I'm not on the but if our. Turn out in the the areas west of the Hudson. Can be maximized. We all agog a middle of this yes we can. Yes we -- End but we got it we got to maximize registration. We have to maximize turnout so we can throw this corrupt you do Jay walking a moral -- ethical slime bucket. All ball out on his a year. The weak it's 65% of the people out of -- we can do it. And -- for you another thing here going back to I had some experience with Andrew Cuomo when he was an a neighbor of mine. Was worked for a large. -- it under Cuomo's a criminal. A friend a neighbor of mine worked Burbank in the multi department. He was the this is a retractable -- -- he told me all kinds of stories about how they had problems with but when Andrew Cuomo was there to help those. Had to believe me they pale in comparison the stories I have I'm Andrew Cuomo. And a very good friend who's not required. -- who talked about all the problems when she was working over there and Ed went Cuomo was there. So all the cause a lot of problems and other than any walked away. You tell me how a guy who was instrumental. In the collapse of the housing market. Back in the waning days of bush gets to speak to the governor's job in New York State. You tell me -- probably remember we're. Well he blames everything on bush -- -- don't get me started on Obama. But we can't do what you think about that clown right now so we've got to focus on wall ball ahead kick somebody up my FaceBook page it but how can you not talking about -- not the I've talked about resign at the before right now the focus has got to be in the top job in New York State which is Andrew Cuomo and it stands to reason that people are gonna go up to vote against Cuomo there are also gonna vote against that. Mark resolve the fellow. So -- -- -- people at least don't like it or are doing all we can't educate people and to get the vote out for our products during you know. A job. I want more of your advice to him but I've got to break for traffic. Because I I'm I'm purposely holding back some of what I'm suggesting because I wanna see what you guys had to suggest. Because. I have a gift for this kind of stuff and a and a -- -- adjustable. All I do I you you know like you right. Period. The what -- twelve election. Your humble host here that there are only two or three people in the whole country who more accurately predicted the 2012 election then did -- -- The morning out. So please don't tell me -- -- -- -- talking. Bomb. You're right let's go well sometimes and if I don't all think you're zealot terrorist with traffic -- never makes an alum. And AccuWeather -- of the day it'll be clear the overnight low in the fifties tomorrow partly sunny shower or thunderstorm and an afternoon high temperature 83. Right now 81 and the advisors embarked on Monday at the ballpark they take on the Pawtucket Red Sox -- -- tell you set a target first pitch is I don't know but. It's good -- because. By that logic ought to be Nantucket but it's Nantucket. Postal management market. Other let's get back to Tom in Lancaster on WBE NN. Tom let me look you but I know that registration and turnout can't win this thing for Robin asked to Reno because let's face it. The Democrats cannot. I'll be incentivized right now by Cuomo labor unions are basically distancing themselves brought with him as payback over almost idiotic attempt to seem like he's more centrist that he really is when the man is an absolute leftist regressive Stalinist style bag. So let's say a -- hear about your advice oh. What they had -- to -- me and I said you know what to focus and -- Cuomo's. Connection with Sheldon over how they were candid book with each other and getting things done even behind the scenes. We know Sheldon silver's really -- is that the only thing about me and he's taken a lot of money from Wall Street banks. He's have been as supporting all of these. Assemblyman who had to resign from the Brooklyn in services. And spent focused on and then all of -- corruption and the more and commission. You know about that about not get under Cuomo's skin because I think you know they can get under his skin and educate them enough. He'll lose it you know and blowing up a little bit. Well issues -- all is I got to -- on a quote. -- Cuomo now he's reaching through a radio to strangle me he's like it split -- I'm kidding obviously well maybe obviously to my listeners but capture the people of the paper probably think I'm being serious. Yeah yes Andrew Cuomo is one. -- away and when I sit -- and he likened likened them to act he is one he is one -- away from absolutely. Losing. He already according to. Newspaper article by Frederic U Dicker. Poor fellows high school most and help. But according to he has become increasingly belligerent toward his aides. He is becoming more and more this is -- their word -- word maglev maniacal. And I'm telling you the man is no good he's a dog he's a criminal he's corrupt and he's got to be thrown out of office. And I would even look into some of the corruption that was in 'cause when he was there an -- -- now. But but seriously. You and I know that there's one passion point issue here that is the most important what is. All. Say this is what I don't understand. To me I think he should be but the public opinion polls basically say well okay he's co -- so what. But if it was a Republican mind you that every day -- drumbeat of media. Top pulled out of it like it is I would like to abort pops -- from you 803 all night thirty start -- thirty. Your advice to rob -- Reno how can he defeat in mobile. I think it can be done. It's a big deal but you know what. It can be done. It Fidel Castro go up against Batista that he was gonna lose now. Did George Washington go up against the red -- that he was gonna lose yeah actually bid but he won't. Nobody. Ever said it was gonna be easy. But rob asked -- we -- has to gifts handed to him on a silver platter number one is and -- state number two is Borland. Why. People -- that there -- governor is a criminal that's my question. Stay with us we'll talk more with you guys in all three on -- 3803. All -- thirty -- 93180616. WB -- Yeah. And at some point 435. Your advice for rob -- Toledo the this bit of advice I can give rob -- -- news in all the gun clubs involved the gun owners New York safe. New York -- New York State register register register register give all your friends to register register register and then vote. But -- Who is the Republican committeeman in Lancaster my grandfather by the women mother's side was -- Republican committeeman for many years in -- war. So I can't really hold that against you or mired in a question blood -- Yunel very but I have unfortunately some Democrats in the family including one Obama lover but I don't museums or took -- Well. I would I would hammer away at the cozy relationship but Cuomo has with Sheldon Silver and look. But nobody here but BCC here you're getting too obtuse I think he got a keeper real simple propelled. -- -- and but I have a question for -- because to me -- is real simple and it's a real example. Of the ball ball is absolute corruption because I've got a sweetheart let me finish our Mike god save up anyway but. To me I don't understand what the voters of this state but it's a big deal that the governor started a commission to investigate corruption and then canceled the commission would have started slipping too close to wall ball. And -- political hack buddies to -- about it. Outrage why don't people care. You know I think people don't care because. There's a lot of Democrats and they don't care because almost the Democrat is the same reason people didn't care about what Bill Clinton was doing in the Oval Office. Because he was a Democrat if it was a Republican they'd be calling for his head but it was the Democrats. Probably a bad choice of words in that should make a. -- -- at the open no pun intend to. Certainly they would be called because he's the Democrats so they they overlook it -- you know all of these politicians but you know what when it -- about Sheldon Silver the gold ties in with the Marlins commission because. They made all these Beatles you know and they bypassed the -- commission and now all of a sudden it's it's been disbanded. Now. But people called yeah. If he had -- the Republican governor he already would have done this and sheer. But I. That and. So I don't understand what's the matter with people you know why they don't care you know we've gotten some help. May -- they'll understand you know that this is what's costing them money. When I would say if I rob history you know again my number one issue would be and -- safe because to me that is that deep passion point issued it will get people vote number 20. I would emphasize. The song. Our love goes where my Rosemarie. Our growers were I remember ago -- that song if I I clearly don't up but anyway you've got to make it real clear to the voters. That corruption. Follows Andrew Cuomo. Like my beer tent example before anywhere group Cuomo goes corruption and scandal follow because he is a career criminal politician. -- -- and how we can do that. Well it's got to be part of it aunt and let's face it -- Has already called Torino club for all intents and purpose can we really trust rob -- Reno. Now we have an attorney general Eric Schneider Reynolds both represent our. It is here stated in the Indian legal affairs and yet. There -- pretty prestigious. Manhattan law firm. -- one of the partners is Sheldon Silver who has been in charge of the cases that these five. Upstate assemblyman. There -- -- that. At the sexual harassment charges people who had sexual harassment charges. Sheldon Silver who is a partner in this -- where they got a lot of the work of New York State. He's like -- -- outrage. -- should see Sheldon Silver flies just low enough under the radar duties like Hyman Roth in the godfather to. That's anti Semitic Tom -- the example being that they were both under the radar guys. Up anyway I don't know what else we can do what we'll try. Well this isn't a -- man we do we got to win this. Cuomo has got to be destroyed at the molecular level political. Well -- we're gonna draw like OK here in the in this area. All right well who we we have to. Because if -- west of the Hudson and it ain't gonna happen. That's right you know Manhattan's gotta go for global you know. -- well. -- basically the metropolitan New York City area as a whole is gonna go for global. We recruit a friend of mine and he told me when all week DiPietro has friends. -- that I think there's different the bank. But he told me that bill when he goes down there -- pieces that make -- feel like all the people in this area than it is those people a magnet make you feel like you're. The -- all and they always have even going back to that -- recommended. Pocket of Tammany hall George Washington -- He it was it was the same. Attitude don't understand back in the eighteen 80s1890s. That everybody from New York was a statistic. Everybody outside. A New York City was literally I. -- -- That's right. And that's what you look at it. The all right thank you very much Tom what is your advice to rob -- -- to come off base on focusing on NY safe. Because. Folks. NY safe I think people can understand. If every gun owner in this state and I mean. Talk talk and pistol permit I'm talking about long arms I'm talking about shotguns. Hell for ten bird shot. I'm talking about everybody with a gun in New York State. If we all register and we all vote against in group -- guess what -- -- ball is no longer governor. No longer governor of this state. So you've got to register. If you -- listening to that count Genesee County. County Erie Niagara. Allegheny should talk more -- or August area -- -- fingers. That I leave out accounted I'll hear about it if I did but please. Register to vote to it all just go on line and you know what county -- -- is in which you live. If you live in maybe go to should talk or county board of elections go on line. They'll tell you how you can register to vote for a simple lesson is that in the mail you send that you'll be registered to vote. Now what you're thinking about it and make sure all of your friends look I realize. Most people are bored. You -- law you know what lasts over politics again politics are bored by the new politics every paper living epic got a mind. -- wait a minute that I just some women at -- OK sorry I take a belt that is legitimate stuff that my -- I was at a better aren't. If but this isn't politics. I mean -- is but this is your rights these are your rights. This is the Second Amendment of our constitution. You have that chance in November to tell and group all ball all. You do not get. Took -- injured and other regions with that sacred document in the Second Amendment they -- out. You'll Cuomo you Carl -- piece bucket. You. Are gonna gopac. Now. I know what some reviewers is. That and I can't disagree leaders will top. Are you expecting -- Reno to be Jesus now. But I would expect him to do away with and -- -- say more importantly. Getting rid of normal. Politically. Would also result in an overturning. A NY state. Get that Dan -- law off the books send a message to downstate. By getting equal ball and -- why safe out of office and out of the law books of these state. Because if Cuomo is reelected I kid you not. You had better believe he's already got the son of NY say. Or otherwise safe too is already been written. And he's just wait. Until after the election. For some tragedy that happened and he will bring that out and jam it down the throats of New York State. -- another message of necessity. I'm sorry. But where I come from. Server a few things in life that are necessary. The air that I breathe and to love you would be one actually two. But there are few things that are necessary. And quite -- was not necessary. Despite what some idiot judge sent the by the way as a class of people. Is more requests that people with their heads up up their asses at the time the judges circus. Act -- really. I've met very few that I have felt had any integrity. And very few that I don't even trust the feed my cats for a week. Seriously. What I wanted to say. I think most of them were idiots. Most of them are just political. Most of them that they were judges they beat chase ambulances and work. But they play the political game they get their big appointments. And they basically are set for life. Because they play the game and they make rulings favorable to the people in charge of the game. And the victim as you say you are always the one grab an ankle. Not I'm not the power -- not the elites you. And the progressives of this world ladies and gentlemen. One thing they deplore. Is critical thank -- one thing they deep war. Is talk radio. And their allies see you have to understand its books. Bad and the by the way. Did you -- you as a winner of this curricula a couple of weeks ago. About -- club basically a club a Democrat quote unquote journalists and every day. They would exchange emails and they pretty much would decide whose water for the Democrat progressives they would carry on what issues for any given day. So the division between the progressives. The Democrats and the media there isn't an. Which by the way it was shocking to me that the New York Times actually featured the moral of the story as it did. Rush Limbaugh would call that a random act of journalism. I'm still stunned by that and part of me wonders okay. What -- almost see note two to the New York Times that made them angry enough to actually put this in their newspaper. Because generally. Newspapers across this state are tools of the Democrats and the progressives. Are right talk radio. Comes from a different perspective. Talk radio is alive it's vibrant it's happening it's dynamic. Newspapers are dead trees. I don't care what newspaper you're looking at all I'm an all big debt. 1020 years they'll be dead. If I would have told you about all the news magazines that would go under. In the electronic age back in the 1970s. You would've said that I was driven. But I about the only one. I hope some day you'll join us. And the world will be used. 447 news radio 930 WB and periodically I do break out of The Beatles lyrics sometimes you lead them but always contractually sound. 8030930. What is your advice to rob -- Reno -- -- -- Cuomo has this locked up the matter what we do. I made it if you believe that then -- should probably get in to something else dollars. If you think it's hopeless. Then I should probably do you know your favorite concert. They don't thrilled at thirty starlet 3180616. WB yet so this is going to be what it's like to -- a five day week this week Sherman. They -- right stay with us -- news radio nine. It's time which regular traffic getting back from a brief hiatus and hopefully enjoyed himself with -- probate degenerates. Like sensuous there's here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather mainly clear tonight the overnight lol. About sixty degrees tomorrow partly sunny a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon 83 right now 81 at news radio and I thirty WB -- Saturday night -- -- you ever played the game cards against humanity. Okay John Sherman heads are right I figured that German. It is I can't even talk about some of the cards on the year all I will tell you is you just have to look it up online it is one of the funniest things I've ever. Done in my life I mean I was just a spectator because it takes a while to get into what it's all about cards against humanity. All I can say is that was the most appropriate and they -- and I can possibly think -- I. Okay the Sherman wanted to say one word pixelated. He's lab and it over the next part is OK here is our objectives -- -- -- WB. Yeah well we're -- James I can't think of a better family vacation in the Vegas. Rust off but who writes that he. I midnight coming -- had to go back. Industry's leading groups here are my in laws are doing so well and my bottom lodge or sort of school district for thirty years and he can't leave his state. Helped Hillary -- Thought it stipulation that it agreed to join got a -- here. And nobody pulled the abrupt or stadium that would be good gig. And -- blown away Heredia. You know how much educate people. And and have been a paradise in June the contracts and administration part of construction. He Jane Jane good motto in New York State welcome to New York bend over Graham ankle. I that's the bottom blow me like I mean whim I against our biggest quality you're probably stop it you're ignoring your limit. I'm so blown away. About it this guidance is -- so ridiculous. You know like I hear her -- album coordinate the old white -- Brodeur through all the bureaucracy you're a neighbor -- -- something. Are. We did not enough. You guys I mean would you -- polonium in and out. And not have been a way to the point would tell you what toilet paper about it. I don't publish your getaway you I mean people. Aren't being in the brig guard could go down the road they'll get people get. -- you know what James it's like you're an alien. You've descended upon planet insanity. Known as New York seriously will like Vermont west. I would love to talk to further -- somebody who's here from Vegas but I got to put on hold. We keep -- taken a Berkeley beckoned him or against them hold it's your choice open jumbled because seriously guys. I want to get an outsider's perspective of life in New York compared to Vegas. Las Vegas baby. You talked. But --

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