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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8/25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

8/25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thirty WBA. And it's. I -- each Karen and her parents. Why -- -- run for president. I got hit in the head with a rock. What woke up that I've made my announcement -- -- And -- to make sure. Tom hourly. Here qualified to figure. We talked about validated what happened. Where probably it's live it's local. -- but he's great. I think he's a real winner -- of RU advertising on news radio 930 W. Gorilla at the -- owners there's. Like somebody wrote some nasty things in there yesterday at Alex's -- email from somebody saying the hundreds of those two things about me I couldn't give two rats asses. About -- per -- You know. Hell really demanded about what I want you me open field a European challenger. Well they are brave David up. I can't fight for it did you got five advantage well let's -- it baby let's get. You ought to get and so. He really is irrelevant. Paper is irrelevant since this is this is where the politicians. Have got to start thinking -- that's going to work. This is politicians. Have got to start to re think their positions by the way I encourage all of you to. Unsubscribe. From the newspaper. It is nothing but a rag your run by liberal Jewish bags. And for you to give them money. Is like just give you let us what does give a -- and Andrew Cuomo. You might as well give it the Barack Obama you might as well give it to Nancy Pelosi because that's ideology that you're supporting by buying bat crap. I. I don't subscribe to it. -- -- give me a look. What's that look. But what we have John Sherman at master control and we have Zach -- -- Who is -- call screener today. Whom I -- to. Rest as -- you know but anyway. You know this plays right into what I've been wanting to do all weekend long. Because the local newspaper which is a piece of crap anyway I don't even again I think the only reason I even flipped through what. Is because I have to -- work. There's nothing better. Isn't nothing. There anything you'd need just go to WB EN dot com. WB EM dot com. -- And you know have to worry about. Deuce waffles. Right. Liberal columns for a liberal -- editor a politician. And you're not a liberal. Don't waste your time. With the newspaper. Thought try to curry favor with liberal commentators don't try to get yourself an endorsement in the newspaper don't waste your time. -- It's irrelevant. Yeah well seriously the only people who care about newspaper editorials and newspaper endorsements. Our our. The people who care -- the people who write that. And the idiots are still play that newspapers -- papers don't matter anymore the -- Don't have any thank you need you go to WBM dot com. Any thing you need go to Drudge anything and they go to Rush Limbaugh anything any go to savages page anything any go to these page. About these idiots over one news plaza and other ass from a hole in the ground they couldn't figure out how to poor. Underneath it and the instructions written on the -- -- of -- so. By the way here is Howell. The -- is up and there's -- time ten years ago. Where somebody hit it says something in the paper about me and I got a zillion emails about it. Don't worry about it like two seconds ago before -- one of the year like really. Really. -- whatever hey Alan. If you fart in the forest and nobody hears it was it really a far. After all. Well. I only wanna spend time it's stupid it doesn't matter it just doesn't matter. -- matters -- matter you know why it matter to that paper because of a threat to that paper -- -- -- we're -- the beach. You know why because there's time folks -- that crap vast newspaper actually had influence in this town. Then along comes -- Along comes beach along comes WB CN and suddenly you're all just get opened to the child. Suddenly. The advertising dollars start come into. Their advertising dollars start coming to ever come -- well. Not to mention the fact that ideologically. They are. -- progressives. We are not. So the reason they attacked. People like me and it's not just made -- -- attack Limbaugh Hannity whomever savage it doesn't matter. The reason they attacked people who were not regressive is we are a threat who was one of the biggest supporters of Barack Obama. Warren Buffett who owns the buffalo knows Warren Buffett. You see so little connection there folks. There a reason they I got a front page hit piece on a Sunday. You know why. Because of a threat. I'm a threat to the newspaper do you know other ramifications that happened at that newspaper after that hit piece. I do. And they realize. That I am a bigger threat to the Buffalo News and the Buffalo News will ever be to me. And I'll enjoy owning the newspaper at some point but that's another story. -- immediately put a going out of business. All right anyway. That's a very long story and I share unit to right now many things to get into but actually they sequentially follow up. What I wanna get up to. Which is your advice. To rob -- you know going against the corrupt posh -- governor Andrew small ball. Who wipes himself with the constitution. And who by the way is a career criminal. Andrew Cuomo were ever in general Cuomo grows corruption follows. Where ever Andrew Cuomo goes. Things. Always get corrupted. -- Cuomo is like Ebola he is moral Ebola. OK whether it was the hot scandal. Whether it is the more the commission whether it is and why say where ever and I -- all walks. He leaves moral Ebola behind a talking about personal morality market -- -- his personal life. I don't have do. I wouldn't I won't that's his business I'm just talking about his public life public trust. Not private life private trust bifurcated between the two. Oh by the way -- anytime he wanna go ahead they had with -- and an IQ test I will kick your ass to say you know. -- was a liberal a little story here folks this you don't get as more credibility literally -- say. Back in my younger days when I was more liberal. Allen personally use to like -- you can look up articles back I should post about why. When I was a liberal or more liberally inclined. He like he used to write really really nice things about me. But then something happened. I changed I grew up I developed. And I get out of -- you -- atmosphere. I developed critical -- abilities. Suddenly the same god I -- 98 and got her shoes sat only guy that -- tell -- The local media. Especially the newspaper. About my talent. It's about my abilities on the year. It's about the fact that I'm a threat to the Buffalo News. It's subscription base its circulation. And more importantly it's advertising dollars. Because you guys as I keep going up they keep going down it's a dead tree publication. What I attacked them I attacked them based on ideology. When I attacked them I attacked them based on facts. When they attack anybody else. It's always against the person it's always -- hominem stuff. -- you know the people over there they think they are the smartest people in the world you have Simon -- -- they think they are so freaking Smart. Jeff Allen any day of the week. I've been Tony guys -- for years I would I will. Take you want to head to head in an IQ test of your choice and I will kick your asses because I'm smarter than you. I'm smarter and much more intelligent and by the way guys hey -- I got more hot women Jason -- than in your wildest dreams so. There's net. Anyway. A lot of talk about rob -- Reno. And a lot of talk about getting rob -- to Reno elected now. The funny thing is I don't even know what he said about. But. Yeah I mean it's like it's like a case of some huge bag with a newspapers had some bad things about me what else is there. Anyway. If you are -- -- arena. How do you beat. The corruption. -- Andrew Cuomo how do you destroyed. Defeat and this office. Andrew Cuomo how do you do. What do you do. Now. I want you to know that one of -- many many responsibilities over the weekend. In addition of feeding my cats that I took it off the street because I'm such a horrible person. Glad I can of course the only cat orphaned cats that I took in the -- hole when my life for my own experience. Not to mention the numerous. Unheralded works of private security in which -- engaged over the years which shall remain private. At least insofar as the individuals involved in my largesse are concerned thank you. A lot of talk about how you would run rob mr. Reno's campaign but what are the things that I that in addition the security animals and -- suites. Is. I was in contact with broader story. Now. He notes that in no way shape or form that I ever call myself a Republican or a member of the Republican establishment that we agree -- that. If you listen to this program what the you know you know that I have very very few good things to say about the Republican Party right. I have effect very good very few good things to say about the Republican Party because they have absolutely zero balls. They are seriously lacking in testosterone. Great if they or checks they would even have enough estrogen. Like Nancy Pelosi could grow a full beard. Are at the Republican men -- that's how bad it is. But that being said. Maybe I'm violating my own principles I don't know. But in my opinion. Getting rob asked to Reno elected. Is vital. Vital yes I mean life or death I -- it for a New York State I mean for you and yours. That's what I mean. Now -- I think that -- asked to Reno is going to be the second coming of Christ. -- What I am hope here is my legitimate honest to god best case scenario hole. Rob master Reno is elected. And slows down. The slow descent actually be rapid jump into tyranny. That Andrew Cuomo has embarked upon beginning with NY state. I want it slowed down number one. Number two. I want Andrew Cuomo who is a criminal. Make no make no mistake about it folks Andrew Cuomo is a criminal. Andrew Cuomo should be on trial for treason to the constitution. Andrew Cuomo should be Gonchar are on trial for public corruption. For Moreland. -- -- -- The most charitable thing I can say about Andrew Cuomo is he is a walking bag of costs that needs to be lapsed. All went up like you -- actually know how to spell pots. You can refer to your car -- your article ten years ago -- spelled the word. Dumb ass but anyway. What is your advice to rob -- to Reno. What is your advice to rob -- to Reno. I have several bits of advice. And -- properties. To -- history you know -- the year prior public. First of all. Rochester now you have in the gun lobby. In New York State -- gun lobby I don't -- NRA is as far as I'm concern as -- as Ted Nugent is on the board of directors of the NRA it qualifies as a cloud organization. Nugent is a fraud Charlotte and he's a clown and -- -- the NRA throws his hypocritical money grubbing ass off its board of directors. It's got no credibility with me. And if you don't understand why I'm saying that about your hero the great white buffalo who actually is the great white pussy cat. You can refer to like based brokerage. You can't say that your in favor of the Second Amendment on one hand and on the other hand take money from companies that give me and Paul and other gun grabbing politicians can't have it both ways their uncle Ted. And the best he can do even is attacked me. -- -- he will not come on the show has Ted Nugent is a coward. Ted Nugent is an absolute coward he is all bluster he is all hawk. He is just an idiot. He's our clout and you know I think we should bill. I can't organizers because I'm too busy. But we should have an event where everybody brings their Ted Nugent CDs. To a local shooting club and we used Ted Nugent CDs. For -- Now I've never shot -- I've never done that. Don't know how good idea a better we're pistols lab with rifles believe it or not and it's stupid but I yet. So I would love to see somebody organized frank. A bring your Ted Nugent finals. And CDs. To the gun club and let's have a destroyed Ted Nugent music skeet shooting festival. Because again folks he's a fraud he's a phony I told you that years ago I had to deal with this call and you know what the good news is even now his -- is starting to wake into the fact that. -- once again -- is right. And somebody else is wrong. It's amazing how this works out. -- -- Rochester Reno. Must. I'm gonna say must must must must must must must. Absolutely must. Enlist the free supports. Up every single gun club gun owner and shooter in New York State and that is not even going to be enough. What he must do. Is met undergo. An organized. A sit undergo bet that's the wrong were he must initiate. And continue to perpetuate. A massive voter registration drive. Because ultimately folks this election. Whether or not it brings people together or not. This election is about us vs them. It's about upstate verses downstate. It is about west of the Hudson vs east of the Hudson. It is about people with some common sense. And a bunch of liberals with their heads so far up their -- the right next to their liver. That's what this is about. We need every single gun owner in this state to register to vote and to vote for rob -- arena. And to destroy Andrew Cuomo politically at the molecular level and that we can set our sights of people like Sheldon Silver. And the assembly. Now I'm smoke and cracked. But I want your advice for Robin asked to Reno and I want you to tell me in all honesty are you even registered to vote. Because if you do is call radio shows like mine and bitch and complain and moan. About Andrew Cuomo but you're not willing to go registered to vote and then make sure everybody else you know was registered to vote. The turnout in our part of this state can win with this election because some of the union some of the major unions have turned back. -- Cuomo. Because Cuomo this is kind of hilarious actually Cuomo in trying to appeal more to the right. Has actually alienated the left he's -- like Bill O'Reilly in reverse in many where's. So your advice for rob -- Reno I have many other pieces I'm -- offer him right now wanna get some great advice about your mouth. And your teeth and I would strongly suggest you go to dot buffalo dental group -- a patient now the buffalo dental group work I don't know a decade. And previously I had been a patient at another dental practice. And I realize the first time I walked into the buffalo dental group because I didn't want it changed dentists. On my list of things that you changed -- I didn't want to. But that that meant that I found the buffalo dental group I said oh my gosh. This place as state of the art technology oh my goodness the atmosphere here feels like 205. Or whatever one's. It didn't feel like 1952. At the buffalo dental group they have state of the art technology and the doctors have dental science at the buffalo dental group. -- On their vacation days. Today go to Jamaica and hoped they go to the Dominican Republic no no they do they go to temple conferences in Chicago. They have no lives except you and your teeth. The buffalo dental group dot com. -- your kids are going back to school why don't you would your kids get on the same in sync schedule with your teeth cleaning and any dental work that needs to be done. Call the buffalo dental groups 6341234. Mahan and poll which is like an interstate -- Mayor and fall in Williams bill and Englewood and -- or in Canton tellem -- sent you to the buffalo dental group and also tell what you think the Buffalo News blows and made that give you discount. It hasn't -- That's from the movie dumb and dumber and I've often wondered just haven't -- tournament. Who is dominant is -- I've I've I've wrestled with that often and I can't quite come to a conclusion that definitively but -- -- I shall. It is at 334 and is ready at 930 WB EN about the couple prairie dogs basically. Both literally and India. Vernacular. Anyway. What is your advice to out robbed at the by the way if you have no idea guys. You just you have no idea what a badge of honor it is and I'm such a threat. To those pussy cats over the air at one news plaza. They are so scared. Of me my show view. Ross Thompson Carl Paladino. They are so low spinners. Because no longer do they have a monopoly. And Warren Buffett's to CD's and it became dean -- -- wing to wean away. He eat what I don't you guys is gonna be conservative. Welcome sir -- to see you know. All right anyway it is at 335 at news radio 930 WB EN and yes I am feeling rather cocky today. And I shouldn't say one let's go to Tom there's an old joke to -- effect we're asking for your advice for rob asked to Reno. First bit of advice that I've got a lot of history no issues. Guns guns guns guns guns guns. On us. Irons irons. -- and why say it. NY says and by saying. -- -- Register register register register that is my first bit of advice for Robin -- arena this is a money shot issue. For rob asked to Reno this is a passion play issue. For -- best arena. -- he has. To. Make sure. That he access. Every single gun club gun organization. Out in force in New York State right now. Getting people registered and I don't even know where you're listening if you're listening and Erie county. In Niagara. Orleans Allegheny should talk Wyoming Livingston. Where ever you are listening please go to your local board of elections website. Get yourself a voter registration -- register to vote. And make sure. All of your anti Cuomo anti NY safe allies. Register to vote and then vote. Vote vote vote vote vote it's all about turnout. If we can mobilize the kind of army. That the progressives. Will organize. Look out but if you just sit on your putts. And don't do what a thing. -- -- my show. If you do not registered to vote and if you do not get out there and vote Obama called my -- you had your chance. Are here is a time in east a roar rock on WB Ian Tom hunt. That won't come. -- registered. Voting conservative who wears seat and they quote teacher probably a hundred days of the year. Our -- I hope you got some strong detergent Peco energy at least taken off. So what does it say. I have a -- There's an assault rifle representing the letter -- irritate you see. I think I've seen yes I think -- it basically is let's see it's an Asian Anglo Saxon words starting with the letter F Cuomo except the -- Anglo Saxon word is made out of -- so called assault rifle there is no such thing as an assault rifle Alicia speaking specifically about a German made invention from World War I. Correct so -- are wearing this. And they quote unquote these I am about to go to them so well -- -- -- so I'm wearing that typical art teacher at Peter Tony there. And a share -- sub domain and well first of all I've got 22 hikes are that the -- based future. So the quality third person is that sure. Turn that teacher being let out my -- Rick is Eric did you get I don't totally on the air to get his badge number or is there. I did not seek out treatment went -- -- one in his. Attacked they're on the spot number two is your boxes -- -- and number three. Young playing first -- -- -- -- who defend it Second Amendment right and then reality set and I'm like you know what is gonna -- me disorderly conduct -- put it there gonna grab me and orders that no current. Well this is and you're telling me Letterman top you're telling me are you sure wasn't a state trooper. Not that you are sure -- was an Erie county sheriff's deputy at the era to go out and you're waiting until now to tell us. Are. Called. -- earlier but what are you guys are different topic let's elect. What you didn't think -- they hate -- send me well. There's this thing called the Internet and you can -- -- on top but WBBM that's well. Now I know the people haven't even help because every day at least ten million Russian women want me I'm finding out now at least twenty million China is women want. I think it could be a scam and now it's the Filipino women to her and others to everybody -- and -- probably get missing emails I'm getting. -- -- remember but no well no no no they're promising the eternal love and that they -- call me my dear beloved so. I got that going for OK so it should get what they talk about what they was news. That's what people. -- under the caution there that are demolition derby next door -- great spirit. So this is the last day of the fair. -- nuclear real simple question of finding out which Erie county sheriff's deputies were on duty that they could you identify this idiot full picture. Sure reddish hair looked like -- order so short red hair looked twelfth. Okay and are you sure that he was -- of any insignia on him indicating. What branch of the sheriff's department. He was associated with. I -- probably did but I wish. They wanna become potential that they know what he can try to police. Noticed -- -- this is an example well no this is not even an example that that this is worth taking a collar because what he asked you was unconstitutional. Okay what in it frankly I think you ought to be slot. And he ought to lose his badge yet to lose his job if that's what went down this guy's got no business being a cup short read here. He looks about twelve -- always. In -- Charlotte it will. I'm not dying but look for potentially ordinary. 59510. How much would you say he -- this walking piece of extraordinary unit. -- -- Or 7170. So he's rather on the inside. Any facial here. Not even a porn stash OK so short red -- okay. Let's state. If sheriff Howard now he hates me by the way. See he used to like me because when he was running for reelection you know he stood high on the constitution. And then we found out that the Fourth Amendment doesn't matter so much to him because of a cell phone technology -- uses to grab people's cell phone information. Which I think is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. But it should be real simple to figure out. On the roster of your county sheriff's deputies in uniform the Sunday of the demolition derby of the Erie county fair which sheriff's deputy matches that description that sheriff's deputy that as far as I'm concerned he violated civil rights and I think frankly -- -- -- to go through a formal complaint. You -- contact internal affairs at the -- county sheriff's department. And -- -- written all over -- summit political. -- I know there are no. No you you will be you know what by by the mere fact pitcher on the record them every time you go to court you bring you bring that copy of the complaint with -- It and and you call my show because. I'll I'll play I'll make a big deal out of that every time your arrest. But I don't know you throw bag -- donuts so on court I'm going. And you're worried based on business. But this guy. Ask you to do something he had no authority to do frankly I -- taken the arrest I would take in the collar that that's not even a debatable issue with me -- it's one thing you -- -- see you can't argue with a cop. I'm I'm not talking about something constitutional. You're talking about a basic First Amendment right and I would have told him to go what's that first word and -- -- -- -- I -- told him to go to -- produce and perform a biologically impossible task -- the -- and I'll take amazing and I'll enjoy my lawsuit money thank you very much. That can ever entered my mind however I'm in the middle of my. Police -- up disagreement application or to orbit later perhaps are and over and arrest record -- -- -- Well if you bring a certificate of disposition. That will clear things up I think it's called a certificate of this position when your -- for something like that but -- this is unconscionable to me. Okay if you have witnesses to what happened. Yeah -- and so you're how old is your son. 26. Okay do you have any arrest record whatsoever. That you're clean driving record. But not very I have a clean driving record. Of Arabia pulled over. I have -- camera. And the tree is the law -- speed dial myself falling and make no mistake about that. I I don't hide that at all will look -- -- -- something you're a victim here you're a victim. If this is what happened. If this is what happened unit to file a complaint. You need to file a complaint. And unity to make your fear because I gotta tell yourself and you got thousands of people who will who will. Every -- if they issue every time they are you you got people show up in every court appearance with signs on your site. At first of all Cuomo isn't even his boss tactically it's Tim Howard loses boss that's what. If it was a state trooper I can understand it. I can understand the psychology. But for this guy. -- -- my only question is was he an auxiliary. Was he mountain division was he scientific staff was he a full time regular deputy because this is something a fulltime regular directly a deputy ought to know better. I -- strong quick and walked away because it. At best and you turn your T shirt inside out I'm kind of disappointed in Europe and I hope you don't you're not offended with. -- -- You did. Did you not okay you know it's where it goes through the card just go through the conversation with. Are you are you're walking with your wife and 26 year old son a 27 my 27 year old son who still lives at all. I'm -- -- is getting this from the hangover movie. -- sort -- a beer in my hand and talk them through this in the responses from where it section and so on are -- where sitting. And the ghost I don't know and it's -- -- And by the way turning ventured inside out that whereabouts. That now and turn north or. A guy apparently he wasn't following our coverage of the Grand Island incident. -- where the grand island school was in the wrong there was a school setting and the school was in the wrong to connect get a Grand Island. Okay this is an adult version of the Catalan Grand Island. Did it should be so simple. Our only X number of Erie county sheriff's deputies I'm sure who are read here. There are a smaller subset of bat who would be red -- and on duty at the fair in uniform that -- this guy ought to be as easy to pick out. Now you need to send me an email in case somebody from the sheriff's department calls me accuses me of maliciously talking about the sheriff's department sent an email so I know to whom I should refer it and don't worry because I've got your back and so does everybody in the gun community here in Western New York. We all have to stick together or we will all hang separately. By the way -- will you Wear -- or send your. I don't know what I generally have enough T shirts. I've got my hedonism two teacher which -- warned Saturday that always gets a lot of looks. But other than that most of my summertime shirts -- there silk or there their champion muscle shirts that I used to garden. Which are used to garden would be the correct English by the way she's nice I got to be ready for the paper. But that sent me sent via email but don't don't send -- shirts and actually I just want to goodwill on Saturday. And I made sure to I made a donation and goodwill of clothes electronics and things and I'm throwing out on. If however you would like to give me a Fender Stratocaster telecast her. Less Paul I don't really like let's -- regrets country gentleman that will be used that'd be just fine. Spare no -- is no right right couldn't even begin to play banjo it's far too complex Glen Campbell Ashley Campbell yes Tom -- no. On -- currently have records in any given Steely Dan song but neither can most of the guitar players but anyway all right. You -- send me letters so what is your advice wait hold on to all I need your advice for rob Esther -- focus so far we've established that you love your -- -- -- but I major advice for rob -- Reno I also want you send me an email because whoever this idiot sheriff's deputy is he needs to -- bench. I would reiterate toward Jews are spoken about -- meter -- register register register and vote vote vote vote vote. More aura. Or signs more T shirts and it -- out. Strong. Next time that happens you use your cell phone to take a picture of and because it actually it's interesting you mention that because I have just sent off a complaint to a certain department and I made sure that I have three pictures of said offending officer. In that the letter. I think it's plate or -- -- turning back that -- -- there -- -- -- so what would you you order they can arrest yes I would have. Absolutely. Support that I absolutely would have taken the arrest absolutely are you kidding me but I the different situation because I've got a microphone. And a big mouth 500 people within. Fifty years -- -- though earlier. We just start yelling at Peking Rodrique. Gorgeous -- police brutality this read his -- Wedding but first amendment rights folks he wants my teacher turned inside out your theory Tony Blair you're not an African Jeff Simon convention. I bet thanks for the call. All right so there's an example of a cop not following the constitution a bit better chance if that story is true. And how hard can it be attractive Skype well. Look at the duty roster for the -- for that -- who has read here who matches the description and who is this idiot. If you're in the sheriff's department and you know this guys send an email he needs to be called out. All of field repudiated it -- I will always defend the constitution unlike your local. Dead -- publication. At that previous caller by the way if you send me an email. I'm gonna send it out to pass an amnesty ball stop with school shooters committee a political education and I'll make sure that Rus Thompson gets a copy because. We must stick together. We must stick together this is all about getting corps ball out of office. It's -- hourly for a cure ought -- so -- hope this coming Friday before the show I Shelby having my urine tested at a cure ought Realogy. Yes finally I shall practice what I preach what happened here -- just about two years ago. And that there was some hearing loss incredibly ago there was an IQ point gain but I hearing loss you'll figure. Probably way to cure body allergy are gonna face up and they're hearing test. Is it's totally unlike any hearing exam you have ever had done in your life I actually could tell you. That scientifically. It is the most intense hearing cast and it's painless don't get me wrong but -- well well you'll. Well how good or how bad you were hearing is what you wanna do at the age of fifty. Older so this is what the doctors say well if you're fifty or older. I say if you're thirty or older heavier hearing tested. We listen to her music loud everything in our lives loud loud loud loud loud so really younger and younger people need hearing gates there's nothing to be embarrassed about by that is just the fact -- like your eardrums can only take so much abuse. You might have been married once and you can verify that. But a cure ideology -- 6330721. -- hearing tested 6330721. I just get about their whole myriad thinkers I know that I know their people were happily married so for both -- -- -- disregard them at 6330721. A cure our audio elegy dot com. There and Amherst Cheektowaga and -- for right now let's find out what's going -- -- traffic welcome back Alan Paris. Here's the AccuWeather forecast. For today mainly clear the overnight low in the fifties and the fisons it's marked on Monday at the ballpark they take on the apron pocket Red Sox first pitch is 705. 81 beautiful degrees outside. They did is not a good mood is can be by the weakening -- -- the week's like and we just were three days and just beat them. 354. Keep this up early. All -- let's get that the calls here -- -- the west -- on WB -- -- what is your advice for -- history. I'm not sure about what factory -- stand for -- in the form he's global that's all you need to know. But I don't know why. I hate you know what then -- almost -- -- pure unadulterated evil and corruption is bad enough. And I'm a veteran who brought -- like say I don't know what Churchill stands force level against a couple of. I wouldn't vote for Hillary in her blood may be back in the day. But I'm not gonna all of our guys had a story no I don't Oregon from. Am I NY state -- Reno is against and why say. I understand -- He's also against five billion you know what probable Bob ball. I'm not send him -- I I just wonder I wonder loving guy actually spam. Or all right so about -- -- to listen to the wrong show that's all I can tell you should be -- NPR because. Andrew Cuomo is a corrupt. Politician. Who abused the Second Amendment. Who violating your rights. And if that's not good enough. At by the way the million dollars for -- as a stupid this is folks. Well the buffalo and we gotta support that does that money come from. What is -- report boldly right now. He's trying to get businesses for out of state to come to new York at lower tax rates. At the same time as existing businesses get -- by this eight. So once on one hand. His theory is well lower tax rates incentivized business on the hand all we can't lower taxes we've got poor people could be. You can't have a ball -- My god. Does anybody have a basic understanding of economics. Out shoot me now 3568030930. Star and I'm 3180616. WB CN. -- Did and why say ask Marino is against it. Case closed. Is -- hourly for universal windows direct and if you need windows this is the time to call. Universal windows direct news six they won 98619800. Get your free -- estimate on quality windows at reasonable prices. You know quality is so important. Universal windows direct knows that they have the best quality the best quality what is it big fancy window companies about which you've heard over the years. Universal windows direct windows are better quality better better much better quality. And there available to you at slightly more than half the price. You save money and get a better window it's dark moment I wish I heard them along time ago believe me. Universal windows direct call 6819806. At 19800. They had the exclusive super space -- technology developed by the space program. Which we used 6819800. Universal windows buffalo dot com universal windows buffalo dot com. Oh I'm sorry NASA is now Muslim outreach which.

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