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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>A Back To School Tech Guide with C-Net's Brian Cooley

A Back To School Tech Guide with C-Net's Brian Cooley

Aug 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With kids mainly college students returning to class today here on the buffalo where let's talk about helping students find the best back to school. -- -- Cnet's Brian Cooley as well those little WB analog line hi Brian I don't I don't good morning thank you for joining us O'Brien our laptops. And desktops. Becoming extinct among college kids are they still popular -- being replaced by tablets. You know the the left something on really well -- desktop not so much. And what's happened over the last couple of years I would say is a lot of students and parents have discovered that for the most part the tablet doesn't really replace -- laptop. So you end up with the universe of laptop tablet and Smartphone and haven't that you typically. Two of those three yet. Not that many families of the money to buy -- if all three of those. Or it could have got the booklet in the Bible -- what I would recommend is store we have the Smart on that could give them. Most kids have one of those already and then -- had a laugh out. Because you can get a lot more on and there are so many in in light laptops now they won't feel like -- the ones that we -- to look around. These are going to be the devices like the MacBook Air which is the best known it's still the breakout hit of the sector and for those -- -- they -- -- the Macintosh. And you know -- when we run windows or whatever I run windows on my MacBook Air all app. Apple laptops are very good at running windows with some additional software they include called boot camp so considerate a machine that will be either of the major property. -- paper at age are you noticing that kids are getting Smartphones now. That's -- a lot of character telling me that they are looking again their -- support for the year that we wouldn't of -- up a few years ago to be honest this is the same trend that we saw with the regular self on the flip phone. That crept weighed down in the middle school the late middle school year we're seeing the same thing -- Smartphone little very of course but -- -- values and the family's finances. One note in that area is the price of Smartphones are coming down that is the biggest single friend. In the market right now I'll look forward to a political global modem -- it's a Motorola Smartphones android of course. It has almost no apologies it needs to make it really first class Smartphone like all the one -- but it's 220 dollars. Always that's not big contract like that fifth this year total -- -- -- look at it has heard very little money. And you -- it there's no two year contract and that I would urge parents to go look at these. Prepaid carriers don't look at these two year deal anymore especially quick hit look at the -- remote field. They -- an exceptional value it's a very competitive state and most of the major carriers are offering that under one of their sub Graham. What about all those wearable stuff we've been hearing about. Where rebels are still all maybe because we don't know it's gonna be a -- category we're talking about inflicts more watches and fitness thing. That -- right now I'd be very large. Sort of addiction of users. You know indeed tens of millions right now in the early in the US for example look at the billion. But that doesn't mean they -- ubiquitous yet this is for the first lost to Billy -- -- their fitness and help you where the spam and it -- your Smartphone on an app. What you're stairs steps sleep. This sort of cycle it doesn't know about your diet so don't crack the code comment but you have to be entering that beautiful picture. The Smart watches. Basically a mini copy of your Smartphone on your wrist or easy and convenient and less distraction. The one watch there I would not buy one right now until early September. When the Motorola 360 is supposed to come out and that's probably going to be game changer but we haven't got him. You know back to school time is this the best or worst enemy -- to scientists in this type of technology you've been talking about. It's kind of a couple of because there are some is that solution is remaining to drop it in the -- that Motorola Smart what I'm talking which could be game. We have the iPhone and six expected on September 9. And this is a busy season or some other announcement that haven't even been announced yet. So the next couple of months. Within the next month or so will be a time when there are new products coming on the market for the holiday season. But if -- -- on the -- that are not you can also consider the -- back to school here I don't do anything big happening in laptops and tablets those appeals -- on that. The iPhone is that they want to watch. Okay one more quick question anomaly a Smart watch. -- through telephone -- Doubt that he is not to build everything into the walks it's to let the watch -- go to watch later that hit. A Smartphone that's the best way to describe they'll have my notification the things I wanna know. Think of every time you turn your phone on the richter says the average person turned their own and each time the -- check. And the avid user hundredth time today. All of those instead being echoed your watch automatically without evidence it's the -- out power it up on -- and -- and that notification bar on the top of the all. This instead of circuses everything simple little pile on the watch that's one of the best way to look at it it's not necessarily a Dick -- -- of a cool stuff -- Brian. -- assume that's Brian Cooley.

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