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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>CBS's Steve Futterman- Earthquake in Napa

CBS's Steve Futterman- Earthquake in Napa

Aug 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sunday six point oh earthquake struck the heart. Of California's wine country going their line of check in with CBS news correspondent Steve vitamin who's been covering since this happened yesterday morning Steve. And you just gotten back home from not from the Missouri right for Ferguson. Like few hours in Los Angeles and back up bigger in Napa. You want a magnitude six quake which has significant. It has caused significant damage but. That and make it clear most of them but still not been affecting you have pocket so. Very significant damage right now the downtown area well -- -- well I'm six buildings have been really seriously ever. Well interestingly or maybe not an interest gonna but that's not a surprise these are older building. Buildings that were built before the court earthquake standards were put into effect they've been retrofitted in most cases you know to try that. We -- standards but they're into the building it up for the most damage so far. -- with that said do Steve how far along have Napa California residents and businesses come along. It make in the building changes they needed to make to make their buildings earthquake resistant. Well they're bigger they've they've done virtually all the LaMont was told there were like 05 buildings what -- had not been retrofitted. Again. Not make 88 buildings earthquake who I like -- could quickly stint. The light of the global -- didn't know that -- think people would stand. Leaving high magnitude -- -- what they expect that through the order 1980 not -- world director Rick much larger export nine. But it what the earthquake that is to make sure people with sudden -- are able to keep. For the building a better coach at -- significantly damaged. Steve what they do upgrade these buildings do you know what they do to make them that way. I don't believe that it's been exposed to me I don't quite understand a lot have to do -- all the global parts from the building sort of the corner of the building and -- Reinforcement. And that would that would be tried to do it is include the reinforced at all until -- Have reinforcements into them but it was based on. Reinforcement standards in the forties. -- fifties the sixty whatever they're quite do -- -- -- aspects of the building just recruit them. What about wind Steve we're hearing millions if not billions in losses. -- -- I don't -- billion at one of Warren worst loss however I talked to wonder why official that they could have been much work -- every minute it could have been much worse. But there is significant beverage. 01 widely reported losing. Hundreds of -- or third. Very good -- you're one book your probably quite a bit right now that it goes down the drain and who want to hurt then but -- total of white. Another aspect it's inevitable wondering though is that -- industry something like this there. They'll put off people that they think they will they -- we don't wanna go to this area at least the next few weeks. So that could hurt the wineries -- artwork and they depend not just aren't able without torture welcoming up. -- the white and then finally the white state facility itself. Speaking of damage Steve is anybody talking about it the real damage estimate there when might they arrive at a number you know. We tried to get so let me yesterday did the last briefing not once Cingular today. I don't know that there's wait over the top that would be reported by one local agent your debate they were talking about -- -- -- with a beverage. I actually talked about all -- -- there have been parsley dipped much -- you're probably until the Jordan areas as well. I guess you could see a billion dollars in the -- but I don't know that wage were higher not being more ideally stable we -- which Napa county officials. Our people they're bracing for more. Big aftershocks. They're -- corporate credit aftershocks that we have been all. And -- let that thing when you haven't looked quicker court that after -- that you'll never know what we were told to expect. A couple of aftershocks at least look like they -- fire which are pretty sharp jolt all -- -- -- yesterday so that the report that there may be some. Significant aftershocks Internet start. OK what what these aftershocks. Have you felt anything at all since you've been there. We are minor aftershocks. Well we should point out that there are dozens and dozens of aftershocks have taken place. Most of the martial law we don't know that and are actually. That's that doesn't look quite. Everyday that you don't feel they think you'll register -- -- -- look that -- picture of -- But that there are so small we didn't feel that so there have been an aftershock I had thought if you. Steve thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it. Our misty -- then CBS news correspondent in Napa California.

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