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Randy Credico - Cuomo's other primary challenger

Aug 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And why -- we can is to talk politics will talk about the governor's race we know the governor Andrew Cuomo is right. We know the Republican rob -- Reno is right. There's a lot of talk about effort teach out. She tried to get the working families endorsement ended up going on to challenge Governor Cuomo in the democratic primary coming up in September. We know that she's running we've also talked to on this program and I'm sure you were here sports -- about so I don't know 23 weeks back with how we Hawkins from the Green Party. But -- now there is another candidate challenging Governor Cuomo and the primary. But let's kick it off with a candidate running in the primary Randy credit go. He's an activist from the New York City area he's comedian from the New York City area and he's with us for the next half hour Randi thanks for being here. Take great to be on the show it gave I've been looking forward to file he breaking -- right up there in buffalo. Did I misstate anything you are on the primary ballot. Yes summed up on the play as ballot. There's three of us running you -- the media like to say political satirist and impressionists because. Impressions are particularly -- are particularly political. Impressions have been my bread and butter for the last 35 years. When people hear that -- immediately I think they say he's a novelty cavities. -- I can I do back. Everyone's got to have some kind of profession yet to be a lawyer or a law professor to be a politician. I'm just I'm not really a politician that contain that I'm proud to say it. I just average person. From working class roots says they're running for office. Because I don't find the other two who -- running for the democratic primary ballot. To be that. A nomination to be an acceptable. Let's start with the 32 bio who was Randy critical. Ready credit -- is the former director of the William Moses -- fund for racial justice. That's fifteen years ago towards some the commodities platinum mile and Argentina's NAACP and taxes. Drug policy alliance in New York format -- since Rockefeller drug laws and from the union square award. So -- -- where warden named the Alfred -- -- square award. And then I there's a document in my life by none other than Jack. Black the actor and is extra opened -- tightly under which won the empire state award for best documentary in 2004. So it's got the first hit the years in my life. Involved in that documentary last ten years have been. A little more rocky a little more interesting probably but so there's a lot out there about my activism about my political. Humor activist remember I used I would look alike -- 1984. In 1984 but I was kicked off because that was. So controversial -- get kicked up I was invited back as well as I did. Are we -- when Reagan back in at least when I was attack into war in Central America and so like control impressions and I won't I won't do that right now because it's not fair. My opponents have not simply if you work. And died bury them limited humor in my serious side. What is the biggest difference between -- and I'll ask about is effort teach out first and and Governor Cuomo. The -- biggest difference between you and -- teacher. Well first -- new Yorker and here right now consumers opened their evidence is 1980. Second she will not rule out endorsing Andrew Cuomo. After the primary -- he would if he should should win. I have ruled that out I could I would vote for our support endorsed Howie Hawkins because our apartment is close to my position. I'll market -- the democratic parties because of the Democratic Party. And keeping their -- at the bad guy I think is more like commission has. Definitely. Eliminating criminal and -- why would she say that I much deporting him if I were to lose the primary. So that's another thing another one that she comes in different issue comes -- well to -- family in Vermont and I come from working class stock. Her mother's a judge. Who put people in prison. My father was sent by judge to prison before I was born. So reserved backed into -- philosophy I'm against this say that I'm the only liberal Democrat in the state you are probably gonna cost -- some votes. Who oppose the estate -- Not necessarily in this under the state though. I don't know I was up in Syracuse. -- Syracuse its state parent. People who warmed up to the fact that I but I oppose -- but for political reasons I oppose it with a date and Andrew Cuomo. Unveil that after the tragedy at saint you look at that it was exploitation. Of the tragedy there and I don't think it was. Properly done without any kind of debate you don't do bad bad precedent. Plus on the strict I would strict liberal constitutional lesson I support all of the amendments if you watered down wind didn't know which one is next. I'll ask him about that a second let's get back to Governor Cuomo biggest difference between you and him. Well they go idea I opposes. His tax. First look at these evil he will not tax Wall Street I am I am a big supporter. Of tax on Wall Street transactions. That day he hasn't given out one clemency you know I work would. Into squabble for a year and a half against Rockefeller drug laws. And you know we were successful in getting some changes. And suddenly he has not been done anything about the changes that should be made. Particularly an area of marijuana I -- further word 2014. You know marijuana should be legalized and certainly decriminalize get 50000 people a year going in the jail in New York City for a couple of days. For smoke -- the children happened by dogs -- the week we really have the resources. To prosecute when we have people upstate. Or out of work right now that money could be better used we have massive unemployment upstate they can grow marijuana upstate and sell it. You know I'd get up there I'd. CNET and -- back. To buffalo to Watertown. Massive unemployment out there people need jobs and they don't need law enforcement to get jobs. Arresting people that but the way to create jobs and -- creating jobs anyway. Only for those guys. Are -- the companies that make those up with New Yorkers start a New York -- also the only jobs have been created. Marijuana is only part of your platform and I've heard you even may be at campaign events light up. Yes I have I have my you know once the wild idea. Why not instead it's better -- my liver than Jack Daniels you know I did Jack Daniels for thirty years and now I want a while I will smoke a joint. And I break in the law I suppose but I do it imports OK I -- at the State Capitol. But you know it relaxes me. And I don't get crazy you know it's. I don't smoke at all time I don't eat the cookies and only lead to brown expected to smoke a joint. Occasionally it's not a big thing is not a crime we got better things to deal with didn't deal and win. People smoke it's your mistake is not going away all we're doing is creating Havoc in Mexico by buying a pot illegally. You call yourself well this sounds interesting and kind of familiar to me you said Europe liberal constitutional list. Some of the things you just said about pot that sounds very libertarian to me yeah I think the same. I I think I libertarian you know I I really like the libertarians. I think eagle. I you leftist friends will kill myself like real Paul. Police don't want to make it any sense in Washington right now on a number of issues I gotta say that -- very Smart. He talked -- talking about the militarization of police sources about the drug war. There's a lot of about the we call -- the Patriot Act. You don't hear Democrats talking about that the Democrats. Is that his new Yorker will be called bolt straight faced Democrats are -- proper head Democrats an opening date change since the 1860. Randy credit goes here he's on the ballot in the primary against Andrew Cuomo the democratic primary coming up in September. 8030930s. The number of trying to trying to squeeze in just a couple of phone calls -- before. Before the bottom of the hour. If you'd like to join the conversation and ask the question to have him we have the lines -- open up and take a quick break will be back right after this. It's hard -- news radio 930 WB yen. Its debut -- it's news radio 930 WB and Randy credit co is here. He's running in the September primary against governor Andrew Cuomo. And Fordham university law professors effort teach out. We've talked earlier about some of the items on his agenda has platform. Yes it includes a lot of discussion of criminal justice matters ending the Rockefeller drug laws and also he wants to legalize marijuana. But ready -- their first couple other things on your wanted to touch on you wonder -- fifteen dollar minimum wage. Yes I think fifteen dollar minimum wage -- particularly New York City. Is achievable. There's plenty of money yet to -- these businesses are doing very well the big now there are some exceptions to these. Small. Small copy shops that only have two or three employees. For employees beltway talk well Wendy's and McDonald's. Fifteen dollars an hour for. Businesses that employ 506070. People have -- -- made the -- chipotle. It worked like a trillion dollars right now they're paying their workers eight -- an hour how can they live on that in New York City it's all going to its. And that's all going to the other stockholders just not going to the workers. And the Wall Street rebate you say tax sales of stocks bonds and derivatives what you want. Right now there's -- taxes -- -- immediately responded. You know immediate refunded you know whatever it is. But I would guess I would say and it's it's a growing movement day in Europe it's already happening. A small Wall Street get EPS sales tax per car. We know its effort -- seek -- did but she said the car was she didn't Vermont. Yeah Vermont should pay taxes per -- that you lived in Vermont two years ago. But. And I don't want the attackers she's a good woman but I've got at least front second -- in the in the exact. But I guess we we need 88 small Wall Street's failed to act that would under. It would you don't really it would fund it would definitely find a massive FDR style jobs program which is something that you need -- -- -- Johnson City. Indy -- in Binghamton work Johnson shoe company once made 57 million -- issues a year all go over to Utica. Which is. -- -- Remington just laid up -- 105 more workers. Buffalo is a mess we need a massive jobs program right now we are all patriotic New Yorkers and everybody. Who wants to work and most people do should have a job. And you think that full employment through an FDR kind of program is possible. I actually do I think I think -- a New York State has been the largest income gap in the in the country did you know that. -- Yes and New York City in the world I believe. So yes I think that at the art -- program does not just. It's not -- just doable it's got -- apple we've got to do something right now to get this. They go ahead and then -- -- you've been driving on the highway up their how bad the roads are I was in Syracuse just a few days ago the roads -- horrible. We need to rebuild infrastructure and by taxing Wall Street we could raise. Billions and billions of dollars to underwrite such a great idea. I'm gonna trend I'm gonna regret this we only have five minutes left I'm gonna try to squeeze in a couple calls to Randy -- -- I know they won't fit will get out the -- will make it work. -- in for -- hi. Hey good morning hey you talk about minimum wage -- fifteen -- -- -- Yeah burger term tea pilot like you're light turns on -- What did you what did you how to pay. You know I think I -- eighty -- -- that's what you want very much -- thank you very much a lot of people say that. These ideas don't column -- in mind that that's impacted me what you say to somebody may say that my opinions don't agree with you know to call me an idiot. Although the advantage now is that call assorted -- we do have time to squeeze in maybe one more. 8030930s. Number Randy credit to notice here right away get it -- Let's get this one from John in buffalo high. I don't. Where exactly do you believe you get your dirty -- dictate which whole -- where they spend their crop at. Want to -- or they hit what I bet it would not yet get into the break. They agree -- that ultimately I agree on the big small business guy that's why don't like it start at New York tax plant where people come here. And create -- are open to business and pay no taxes for ten years which I doubt we'll bring anybody -- yes we are the highest. -- Stay in the country as well but paying fifteen dollars an hour at Wendy's and McDonald's they certainly can afford it. If you got a small. Outfit out there buffalo. Yes they're going to be exceptions. That it got back it'd -- fifteen dollars an hour in the next ten years let's be honest it's so it has an ideal that I have. And I believe that right now deliver New York City you've got to have fifteen dollars an hour. It's only 600 a week. 24000 a year. But how are part of the argument against the minimum wage is. And values example you -- -- chipotle chipotle knows their business better than you do. How do you have the right tell them they can afford acts or why Jersey. Well I just take a look at the bottom line -- they just have you know having great years and you know people there are complaining I go to -- fast food joint. In New York City. Atheists. Fly to get my flyers and that's actually good slogans like get my players. Because. They just can't live on they have they have two jobs. They happen again I am not even know Watertown can deliver on 30000 dollars here at nearly 130000 dollars here about the law. I think in -- can certainly better than downstate. Right well you know and radio call -- close to that don't need a lot of a lot -- suppose you could all right. Karen and -- port closed up for -- looks like you might be the final call here. Our experience. -- They don't like about me that somebody is against the -- act alone yes it's your turn back. A lot of I'm sorry about that it's your turn you're on the air. I'm -- You Arab breath of fresh air. And we do people like you'll. Hear it right and rolled right here I am going down to build. And broke chewing. Would you. And again I'm out on the map you're at the right man now what you can do is you can look at my web site credit -- 2014. Dot com you would like go up to buffalo next week. And I'm sure he'll he'll be here all right we'll stop by and see -- OK. We indeed. Obviously Cameron and bath and buffalo next week. -- -- -- I'll be there and I'm telling -- allowed a lot all right. Police have -- best friend lives up at bat and he's gonna drive me around very -- -- one of the all time great political satirist. That Bob -- -- is doing a documentary on he's gonna be dragged me around to -- area I'll see my good friend Bruce Jackson professor and -- liked by Christian. Professors up there at the university of buffalo. And you know maybe arsenic in some pre season action -- that Andrew -- soapbox a white. I can get a feeling a way it's gonna be like to watch buffalo game to the next four years from the sky box. I didn't plan this way -- you mentioned Bruce Jackson that makes me think of Attica. After the news break can I hold you over for like five equipment and ask you about that. Okay we're gonna take a break now we'll pick it up on the other side. And then we'll get to the rest of today's agenda I promise after that. Randy credit -- is here one more question after the news it's hard line on news radio 930 WB. It's hard line -- news radio 930 WB and the sedate the belt. Right before the break we are about to move on to a different topic in a different -- and right before the break. Randy credit -- mentioned Attica and the mansion Bruce Jackson and I have to ask about as ready by the way is running. August Governor Cuomo against effort teacher out in the democratic primary for governor coming up -- September. He's in New York City activist he got calls himself a liberal constitutional this season favour of basically changing summit tax structure on Wall Street. He's in favor of legalizing marijuana you can find out more about him at the end of the program here will give -- website -- Randy. Tell me about -- you want to close at the state prison. Yes. Like wounded knee is it should be turned into memorial and I a lot of people work that kept. But I think -- have. You know they'd prefer more fulfilling job and just watching 2000 people. Who are basically from New York City. Mostly black and Latino. You know that's -- scene of -- real horrible. You know as I think Howard critical Sally has said it's one of the most take no immediate moments in American history. Now to big -- Howard Cosell. And that really really -- One of the worst moment this forty district in the September. It was so it was September. In the 1971. And you know we had 101000 people -- -- it like back in we have about 55000. I would close. At a can't make it in a museum. -- trying to make -- on memorial museum. And because he not only lost a lot of in late July a lot of prison guards who were killed by state troopers -- horrible horrible day. And it's a dilapidated rat infested. And that is. Static thing that get the people there you can transfer -- you give furloughs to the nonviolent drug offenders. As a violent wind you can move over to windy and that you. Anyone network here they can work at the museum or just reassigned to a different prison but they got to close that down it's time. And this dovetails with your reform of the drop was you don't think we would need as many prisons. If we weren't -- resting his many people. Yes we don't need to expand and create jobs the criminal justice system that's. Really all it really is is is a jobs program he drug lord and lawyers. Judges and police officers. Confiscation and you know bail Bondsman. Prison construction and prison guards you know the drug without the drug -- did he act -- the population imprisoned. It's just that you know is so. AA in batted into the it into the State's culture right now this prison culture. And there's no way the institutions as. Of prisons in all the jobs that you know surrounded it very difficult to break it down. Cuomo doesn't have. The will to do it he knows what it's all about -- said it before but. It's very difficult to to change things -- so. Entrenched. In our society it's like trying to stop -- talk about the the defensive establishment and -- -- What did Eisenhower college to the. Military industrial complex just. Kelly got a presidential complex Flacco and not think this morning I -- on the road to walk. They go down a highway ninety all those prisons -- Albion in the windy and -- and then Malone and then you know Elmira where Mark Twain is and bill Clement is buried. And you know it's so great that they're I was able to go by Auburn and see the the grave of my favorite. Governor of all time. I guess who it is just not Teddy Roosevelt who's deputy jumping to the greatest governor of New York is she going there for two years. If you're talking -- it's probably Williams threw -- exactly yes. A great man out to get a chance to go -- Peterborough and see the you know would Eric Schmidt member Garrett Smith. The great great abolitionist. And you know there's such a great reached tradition of the abolitionist movement Syracuse and Rochester. And do you go up there Garrett Smith -- -- help out those that the Jerry rescue right there in downtown Syracuse which country know about. And you know I am I am I really loved him as the governor he was a great man. That old William Seward long before he was this is -- The secretary of state. But. He was a great guy and you know that's the kind of governor I would be a set up the school he really helped. We did. With with the school system activists prompted government Tompkins who set the school system would get a -- act. He got to look up that's had great new Yorker great American great patriot two wars -- beacon 121776. And he would that the guys that the school system in the temperature from Oswego county that was directing changed because he opposed. Adams alien and sedition -- we have that right now. This state this horrible attorney general should be standing up against the NSA wiretapping that's. And he can do what he can stand up and placed something -- focus this governor well be wiretapped. -- a lot more to talk about the we have time for I'm so glad you were able to share some time here closing comment. Would you like it up there at the -- well didn't give me an email alert column will will try to set something up absolutely. Thanks a lot Bateman thanks for your listeners even wanna call it idiot I love you all. -- -- and in the meantime if you'd like more information will like this upn WB and dot com the way to find out more about Randy credit co is credit -- 2014 dot com. And credit -- that's his last name is CR ED IC all 2014. Running against Andrew Cuomo and effort teach out in the democratic primary coming up in September visiting buffalo area next week.

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