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8-22 David Bellavia Hour 3

Aug 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. For the issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I can -- Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's -- -- -- -- -- of the school. Or cheese and its life. It's local prevent this it's Tom hourly cash in at a question and try to get this -- this isn't the real Jesus knows -- wouldn't. He's Olympia. Now -- them on news radio 930 people here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. It does have possibly double the. Lot of back. Two of the top -- show my name's David Villa in the interest hourly time will be back on Monday 803 or thirtieth our number. 106 point six WB. At September 6. Blowout sale at the big sale. Well all. Prepare -- prepare ha HUP dot org. Camping gears of bearden high water filters and you name it there. Come and prepare. Today and check out how you can get up to 50% off. Everything. In our inventory. Return to September 6 it's Saturday scrutiny and I was on the phone with the Christine from Amber's. And down we have a conversation Christine thanks for Jordan is back. Under -- of children. -- I have three it's what he has the future. All of our children so. When we are hopefully old and and our kids are our age and it's here. It's -- You sound young and now. Well both but I. -- I don't want to do this anymore and I'm. I wanna I wanna be beyond how do we get to the fact that our kids. You know had no problems what so. In the fact that you know they're not identified as girl. They're just always -- Well I. -- are right I try to -- our our black people might help my people. And I feel like two or. We have complete accountability. We have to stop bullying me for all every tool is. A race issue because quite -- because that in 2014. We do have a black president and that did that line of thinking is as old. And what you are talking about helps aren't they and in how -- -- did get everything printed agenda and I agree with that because it. -- -- while we are not. We are not well protecting I get a bet not and they're about to meet because there's so much more black on black and then there it. The police on black crime. That why we're out cellphone now where our our our reporters -- We buffalo new York and we have harder every other day. Where -- how -- -- -- but I think we -- we're focusing on the block everything is about race that every avenue to get beyond. Okay yeah we get into the act that. Yes they're still right -- then. Our lives and well. We thought we saw video in buffalo not too long ago capsule ignorant fool. Who decided that she could you know interchange words in and that and -- honestly that was embarrassing for the entire region. That was air seemed to white people with embarrassing to them to Western New York. -- it embarrassing her and I don't look at it like I cannot paint everybody with the same bright. Just like you can't say all police Bob and -- are good and uphold the law because they're not. But you can't paint everybody with the same -- And an -- that ignorant person. And they're really gonna be -- So you don't think. What are the things what things I was always proud and when my kids were younger. And you know draw or color or you know what I. I groping a very rural section of western new York and you know it if there were two black kids school. That was a lot it was to its New. Orleans counting. And -- when my children started to draw it was always never made an attention to it because -- one. Act like it was something that was proud of because of the fact that should be normal. But when there were -- little children or or people. The brown Korea and came out as much as the -- You know the idea that. That my daughter wants to play. The white barbies and the black barbies so much has occurred. In the last twenty years that I that Martin Luther King would be. Absolutely so proud of how far we've come. What that. I learned early how do you really be great with people are big with everything these -- like -- -- against me you need to be -- against bad lag. No I. Have my my ancestors were very lonely. Now but we hope you're the there's so much if it's it's funny in a way because we look at. You know I love -- would bigoted person that you -- your favorable we'll go through Iowa and relatively intimate. You raise is it that but not you know admire dental -- dot -- is not a -- across the board. -- -- working like Eric that our president is black why there's so much outrage in the black community is because I mean the police. The police there is so much black -- Black on black pride and complete violation because the police are there to protect -- there if I had my son doesn't it something a bit. I don't know about and believing what can't get when you talk really good -- and street. Because he does something stupid I that he had the police got there will be bringing him up and are taking him again. The other good level and their bag I doubt -- have to be shot dead there are. And I thank the police are putting a lot of the everyday by. But you have to be able to draw a line and you have to be able to say okay this that -- hit it doesn't have a weapon on a shot -- one black -- if you don't -- more power. United and at the front straight lead coming out by. Where black people I thought we need to deal with the Condit got the -- abort -- black community period. Need to be addressed not I writing well I doing something productive. Lighting doesn't do any -- and make everybody look bad right. To be different after the it would we have that we have begun debate in America it seemed like that really was the debate for white people because. Let's be honest there are not. The statistics -- out there for black people in America that do mass shootings. It's very few and far between the the school shootings or any of these other things in malls and theaters it tends to be white suburban kids. And it tends to be profiled so while we're having this debate on illegal guns and you know Arnold do you need to go on and everything else. I've really odd that there was a lot of sports. You know celebrities African American black sports you know celebrities that were coming around saying you don't want. I want. I -- on because you know one when you're. A guy like fifty cent in Europe you you played a national sport a lot of people want your money that hurt you hurt your family. And and yet and yet there was so many people they just kind of took that debate out of the gun debate because you know what. It's not help. This is about white people talking about white guns and we really want to expand the gun debate African Americans in the city. Because you know and that was it was almost as if. Debt to me is an issue where people and they in the suburbs and people's that he can come together and -- look. -- really always struck me as odd is that you don't just like what you would com. Mine might I would have family members that would always you know they watched you know what was it affects a life with -- And it was like this is want a black person as the eighties and a cop beats you. It was the first time you saw. A professional black family the mother was an attorney father was a doctor. The kids were respectful and decent wonderful and like people can now embrace it and say you know that's America that's the great partner. And you. It seems that whenever you could look at a black person says it will you voted for Obama. -- Democrat you must be for this and for that. That is equally as disgusting and as growing up the settlement saying you don't have a job or your food stamps secure I mean. But the argument is why is that so many African Americans vote for the same party and the same people. We have a white governor in misery he's a Democrat he's a liberal. This is the guy who called the National Guard this is the guy who you know what I'm saying that the this Chara these are Democrats. And get. Pretty black. To relax because. Wolf aren't about their crack addict connect with the Republican Party because. In my circle in the Republican represent my -- and and they're only a leaked fuel black people felt tired. -- we think and -- that type of money that. The heat that the idea Republicans have not. -- a flat out trying to read a -- engage. People are middle -- seemed like they don't -- so wet and meanwhile black people that they're not at all right when Obama went. The money in the lack pitch around like. We had I think it's here for a week if I don't win an -- quarter yet it didn't even matter what he was running all he could rant on whatever issue. Because I mean I really count -- a lot of people won't make you even an issue that he ran on it was like almost like a cool -- I'd go with a win it would like finding you know we can -- it and you know why you the United States and it really is that true. -- absolutely for the first time because that's never even so so now all we we take that debate and we say everything in this town. You know there's a tremendous amount of absolute shameful behavior that has happened some of these. Midwest and in our own backyard. The African Americans have been treated the way you know housing requirements and direct person. There are mixed couple in the children. All of that that we we look at why is it that you would continue to vote. Four vote the party that is indeed if you're complaining about the leadership in attack and how horrible it is for opportunity upward mobility. Why not give the other side at least. An opportunity to say all right they might be rich there might be disconnected they got to be better than what I've got here. And that aren't good Democrat. But I can to rest when I was -- -- that quote I didn't -- Arctic and it because I feel like it's the I -- your different point of -- I'm a democratic right now but at any point that I feel like they're the Republican candidate actually cared about what I'm going early in the struggle of the metal -- I won't vote Republican age enacting other people well it's not that their -- -- into a park lot it it seemed that the Democratic Party. At least -- -- a little bit about that because I mean. Really the middle class act and if you're worried about putting food on the table you're really not worried about who's running for what it would bode well I had. You know once owned -- -- -- politician can actually connect. Whip in the with the majority of Democrats. You don't well I don't care what is and what side their aren't would you have to be able to care about the issue and show that connection there. I don't I think you can keep voting the Mac is and it seems like democratic black -- ago. And you know. Mean -- -- -- is actually true because I mean the numbers. Proof that it's at that's a stereotype and -- Black way to go in the minority -- ago. The younger way to -- -- the Democrats have been able to show that week we -- -- -- -- younger generation who are actually coming out -- and -- I I think it's. I'm one of those guys if you if any the first elected black official. In any city in America was always Republicans this was the Party of Lincoln. It was Democrats that were against reconstruction it was the Democrats. -- -- -- where were racist confederate. You know Robert Byrd was a member of the conflict center for years when -- So you have you know and somehow in the sixties -- Johnson president Johnson. Everything you wouldn't had a a civil rights. -- bell had happened for Republicans that voted for but something happened. And and and just the pendulum switched but here's the thing. The thing I know that I'm I'm trying to understand is that. -- -- was to make a blanket statement that said by the basis of your skin color. You or more apt to need help. Is that not institutionally racist on its surface. To say. It would -- when Bill Clinton came out and said. What people inner cities -- in 1994. In the crime bill is midnight basketball. Is that not like why. Can you imagine would challenge you. Italians had the problem with the -- You guys being more pizzeria is more gold -- flamingos. You know. Just to me it's like you have to be consistent. About the forward. Because if we're going to pick and choose what we consider to be racist the entire idea of wealth. Is that. You. Help because you can't help yourself. -- -- -- -- -- -- And now mean that it's that bad at it. -- and I'll be you know people who are maybe in the -- or invoke content well income -- -- or whatever indicated that it. At level of education will need to be more educated on the issue. I mean as far as I know while there -- big. Well I don't know what demographic you know welfare what it's like. You know. Robert slap me -- (%expletive) aren't there I think it like let offer something that. We can get people were calm and cool welcoming -- what do you think that's gonna produce and a few years. -- on the street more -- more people about lab. And the. The so so odd to me is that -- you know and evangelical. Conservative. You know we are decide the talks about god and the church if you go to. They're churches in the black community is some the most religious. And it groups out there and and how it that we can't find commonality. Out. Because that's why they -- black people to me and classic car racing against our belt we are would be most -- against our own -- And anybody else can -- we do more damage to Art -- Any outside. Person can do. They don't you're that we're both good every out of there aren't -- I'm overdue and we chatter but Hollywood is pretty -- About the old idea that there is that it's the very people that claim to represent you as a party. That are the ones that in my opinion. They profit by keeping what is the incentive. Showed -- but what is the incentive for seeing. Black people achieve and succeed in their communities. If you're not going to elect the same people every time what I wanna I wanna keep you on the pay -- I don't want I don't want to work because you're gonna vote for me. Well you know that -- is it is all about that -- -- more education is needed because it welfare think about it like it's while reading free do you think people. What I want that change. -- and -- did you stay with me a lot more break. Yeah -- it's a definite Christine show here on I just -- on me for one more is to go. Our Christine and Amber's gonna stick around I'm David Colby in for Tom probably be back after this quick break and is ready at 930 WB. My PME. Tom Farley show on their ability my cohost Christy and Anders. We've actually got more calls to speak to -- we have to speak to me but. -- Completely -- Is this to me is the whole point of what talk radio supposed to be out I think it's about we disagree on issues. I think that -- have things that were obviously CCI. But the key is define what is the common ground. And more importantly how we get to the point where our children. Don't have to deal with a lot of this nonsense because you know I don't know. You know. Work which I mean the demographics are changing across. The entire nation we get you know the women. We just a little girl. That was playing in the Little League World Series. And my four year old daughter was so excited. To see a girl. Throwing baseballs. Never dawned on me that this was black girl that this should be -- -- about it should be a thing about it's about sex it's about a woman you know. And -- why women can't play baseball is another argument from the area. We have a moment we have a woman coaching in the NBA. The first black assistant coach it's it. So that our our winds across the board. At the same time -- were always going to be stuck in the mud and there are people on the right on the left and wanna keep us in the but the it took the thing we have to rise above in the -- we have the fix. Is the idea that any party owns race. You know and don't like the idea that it Democrats don't love America and won't vote. You know to send our troops to war because they hate -- The idea that you know dubbed the black vote is owned by the Democrat what. A party you know what -- If you got a congressional race coming up whatever race. You have some election report what is it going to take for a person in the opposite party you're. Independent conservative what do they can take to get you were. -- my personal -- You wanna hear about the -- -- -- -- where she Archie -- about the crime that's going on in the inner city or you know. They eat and get some of these people opt for -- while Eric -- and back to grab more flat. Dude who paint that actually that people largest. Rate slipped into the ID is that I'll Republicans have money each. And actually -- that -- right there with the middle cracked because in the Ukraine and we did well so I mean is that they agreed that. -- -- not just about the rich Republicans about the -- Democrat about the everybody else. They would be able to win more votes. And they have to really actually can't can't get -- black Republican opponent out there like that could be enough capital. That that's actually what amendment and I saved for two reasons -- got to find don't wired doctor Carson good enough for me -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey Christine thank you so much for your patient. Keep this. You're on your it was it was a -- a breath of fresh air to speak to someone about something you disagree. In action -- civil about it so thank you so. Nobody talk about you normally a -- Christine it's such a full. Well yeah oh yeah I'm just kidding you take care to take care. -- ball and let's go to George in gas for George you're on the time which unit thirty yen. Thank you yes I jumped I have to admit I came in late earn your on your show today. I was told -- to Chris -- talk about welfare. Ian walker recipients. Getting people back to work. And talk about you know in -- mentioning. The Democratic Party. -- -- -- Well yeah I mean -- I hopefully it was more artful -- that but the point is yes I mean you you would think that it's almost. Institutionally racist to say the because of your skin color. You know you're more apt to be on welfare so lets you know basically cater to. The African Americans -- poor communities because they can better themselves without the help of government I think that's racist. I -- Ingredient in what our mothers. Might might. Want to -- that. Welker recipient will be one -- warmer and you go back to Chicago has better. Are believed to be generational ultimately -- There are basically banks themselves in the biggest game of ball one. They place themselves are second string. Net income if he can't get opportunities. There in the edge and give him in the work force or -- They had they can contribute great boon to society. But these children. Could be. Second string you're building -- account and the people that are trying to gain today. There are at least try yield on the -- Do you have been screaming bloody murder. Harder. They would be -- Eric telling their coach who ever I might. You've got to know and I know. And put them all they can use the -- that there in in in in -- -- because. I don't know that it's easier for term or whether it's free for -- sure. -- we're looking a lot of light in the room and now they're missing out on just really on the back. It's a really good point George and I appreciate your call I think that if we tend to thank you I think if we tended to look at people on welfare as. You know individuals who can't make it. Com and it's one of the things what the -- the term low information voter I think is just extremely insulting. You know -- a lot of information that people vote for Obama and it's just the wrong information. The mean their low information. We see magnet schools in the city of buffalo these kids' grades are are through the charts. You can't just judge someone and say yeah because of your color or your background your income. That you have the god given -- and to you know make it -- you're alone there are people who need help in this world and we're all about assisting people that need help. We just allowed the other side liberals in this country to paint us. As people who don't care and it's our responsibility to fix that quick frankly. But don't -- having hearing from Christine. There was a lot of things she said the which ruined and you know it is perceived to be Republicans are perceived to be the party of rich people it's hard to. Two and it's hard to argue that when your presidential candidates are all. Multi multi millionaires. Even though President Obama is doing pretty good now to. The fact of the matter is that you know the Jimmy Carter's -- you know. Did this thing with a and a peanut farm those are few and far between common buffalo -- here and obedient. You know our experience. Burnout -- -- might help Warner and turner. And report. That and the policemen are interpreted and reported a year apron and involvement that before. It's what it or aren't here aren't -- we appreciate it. Sure per dollar in New York ate what the article -- -- he supports you know people line. Look at all. He shot certainly at the right view that the physical force answered certain. -- -- like he would reasonable we like the isn't pretty and use that physical port. Such -- an expert on or are you punching in. The Portuguese. -- director equipment that it. One would beat the term involvement in your book application. To -- each shot action. Prior to -- the -- with -- what. We need greeting card cute. Won't matter what can be okay how would you -- the individual lot bigger than him and the expert on OK it's -- Now they get to Alter their chilled it in -- it was important. Eight forward -- Ought to repeal it got you ordered you -- -- You have to -- Gary coming and yet it's already out there on the wing political. Act but he sat down art or catch. I hope we make these you can expect. -- -- premiere and it that he. That black and white issue right now you better. Putting bad it is the right thing -- from what I hear from what I had been there and go in all I think he did they -- a piano -- -- with the. Hey don't Tom that's -- might mean coming from you wouldn't come from person that is you know Arab League -- in a situation where they. Added you know use their weapon. I mean it's just so to me it's so ignorant and night what's it so naive. For people to Monday Morning Quarterback. You know instances that happen you don't you know we don't have all the facts it's very true but from everything that has been leaked out. We can assume that up giving -- getting punched by 300 pound man is not the same -- getting punched by a 120 -- me. On and there are times and you are in a position where its fight or its flight. And you know as a police officer I don't want a guy a guy like Tom. Guarding my family and in my neighbor. I want a police officer who is going to stand up. And not be bullied by perpetrators or suspect I don't want my police officers to -- way. My police officers to you know when someone goals for the gun to be -- first -- when -- sticker with the best way this is gonna look and the news. A guy who's gonna protect my family keep -- neighborhood safe. And. -- you are you looking article thirty Iger also received policeman does not get the retreat not yet been engaged and speaking forward in our public. And it depending on the crash and be willing to eight. And enter and that's huge hub and you know what it's not an easy job there are many days and I'm sure you can assure loved ones and you don't know if you're coming back. And how many stories that we heard about you know police officers ambushed and killed. You know there's all we can do is complain. We're a society that loves to complain there has to be a victim there has to be an aggressor. And it's always nice and convenient to blame law enforcement could -- to be honest if you've been arrested. You don't have a positive outlook on police officers if you've had problems in the past you're going to. -- You. And that they -- equipment are the least. People update or release him so bad it -- and sometimes -- advocate. There would be -- would be the real world and work. But you know like. That it will be old old. If you look at the people that morning at one per cent of all recent -- eight bit yeah. And make up a bit. Take it to court here and dated an accurate. Actually it and everybody while they are good bet. Maggie and -- nine point 5%. Or nurse their who want it be that the job. No wonder you want to help people -- took -- the eight he took -- an -- because they wanna protect teacher pay. You know like Richard. And sometimes it's something to get -- -- An old expression -- around dispute Leachman an old poet and it could be an -- these. And a good moment in that it's my loved ones that they are. And you know what did the -- is that you know I get to do the same and it's because a -- as -- that are out there you know the skin in the game. I have to thank you win some matches I think firefighter or a soldier I mean your on the front lines and yeah. The fifth -- march court. -- hockey it's mark Pollard and I'm sure that you know home during an -- -- and mortar penal law. 883 support. Pretty cute you're really look at these so he killed on I did it a stronger advocate it disrupted. Them here. The hotel that that woman -- Rochester she got 500000 dollars so. Yeah it is a great job thank you so much for doing what you do it thank you for Colin and I appreciate. Tom. And a police officer to tell us what the law is and a situation he was involved in. That was tough on him I'm sure we'll get back to the phone 8030930. Start on 3106 -- extra BP and I'm David -- yet for mr. Tom -- I'll we'll be back on Monday. And I'll be back after this quick break he's reunited thirty W -- BBN's exclusive AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy humid tonight low of 63 degrees times of some clouds tomorrow with a shower in places -- 79. Tomorrow night patchy clouds low of 62. And Sunday times of clouds sunshine it'll be a nice day high of eighty degrees the current temperature outside is. 78. Sounds good 78. Back. How we're gonna check for certain I'm just guessing game but it was 7820 minutes ago -- I would give the updated weather forecast in second. I wanna go to our little what I would talk to stand in Rochester and about a year and half stand. How's my old friend doing -- Rochester. Event where he had been hiding. All under the -- went about it -- what's going on what's on your mind. I don't I -- well yes you valued at David one thing that is real thorn in my side. And you keep bringing up and it can media. And I don't care because that's a left wing media right wing bias media you know what. There are politicizing everything connect give me the right information or are piling on and it's just not right it's discussing -- talk about money advertising dollars and you know we had to be undetectable Alito lost it. Well you know what stand if you I think what you wanna stop the -- you you turn out the lights of the camera. I mean honestly truly if you if you wanna stop you know that the people going to the streets if you took away the inside of the via TV that would probably go along way. The bottom line -- it took an eleven -- and it's like kept feeding frenzy with the media. You know and as round the clock and I have no way -- I don't mean give me a break I wanna see again you don't make eagle scout or something. You know it's funny that Fox News actually has a graphic where it's like a little police badge and gun comes out and it's like the Ferguson graphic. Now absolutely -- look at UB. That you designed -- graphic for the Ferguson situation. But I. I appreciate your your bipartisan. You know it's true it goes both ways right. Absolutely. And mostly just you know UK okay Democrat or whatever. Oh you know cool let's play in a minute and I president Warren Harding Republican conservatives I know. The only city president in the White House. That was done over the active member of the Ku coach current. -- you went back a little bit farther than I did it and I berg died you know seven years ago you went to war -- Harding stand. Talk about. Ohio and the conservative when it happened a bandwagon you're running a whole show. What about Maarten van Buren. -- -- a -- it's always a pleasure to talk the ticket. All right Stan Stan brings out Warren Harding. -- Phillips. At its snorted that was funny. Thank you stand Dorsey. To our neighbor to the north -- do endorse the. All I'm doing fine -- I didn't think I'd get up there -- but quickly. And. You can stay on as long as you know bring up Warren Harding. -- well I don't believe that. Oh yeah and after. That I went undermines and yet I can remember it. That's right yeah you have yes that is very true -- -- tell him that -- onto the. Oh I'm right on top of it all and that brilliant just sit in the NFL the unrest and everything. And -- your college served really telling you something if you get that real grass but for at all. And I'm sure you do and that is. This may not just speed racial. It's about good about it the image. You have to protect your police force. You definitely do you don't know the -- -- killed and I find at the end this case. The interest they came to cop came -- very delayed. You don't care about that through the media. That's very true they held that very long time. You bet and I'm you know I don't know that much a -- that legal -- but I just found built veggies. With the grand jury note to get to. What do you think what do you think -- when you think they're gonna do you think they're -- and -- I hope because I'll tell you. Actually. From what I'm hearing no what would you do think that you have in that case what would you do. You have to. You have to them. Think your own life you have to protect everything by. And it shouldn't. I don't know what to say about that part but. Didn't come out till later and that should -- a -- way but here's another thing. The racial aspect didn't. Didn't come out till they may not let us say that right now your calling to tell you that it's political. Right I am telling you. Dorothy you're delightful person you know that I can just tell by your voice thank you sound to 84. Fantastic. That is beautiful. Point. You know I tried to thinkable things that -- the same deal. I'm not operation I just wanna give you an example I crossed the bridge every day and there's a black woman. Unaccustomed. As we became final connect with each other. She's a delightful -- and I totally pulled her she complements the I compliment her and get one. What you shot or her know I'm chatting and joking a lot happier and became white. Pets well or you didn't -- skin color that's right. The black woman and she became white. She did not look at the last. Right beach let me just -- that in other words there's certainly. No quarter. Are nothing to do it that's right -- I think -- meant that she didn't see your collar and opted white is superior talking collar I think that's what she was so. Torture does a beautiful story and appreciate that let's -- -- quick break -- Tom -- show my name is David Bell via villain in. And we are loving all races degrees today news radio 930. WB. Yen.

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