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8-22 David Bellavia Hour 2

Aug 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I -- each Karen and her parents. Why they're so run for president. I got hit in the head with a rock. What woke up that I've made my announcement about it. And then that goes through wage. Tom hourly. Here qualified to figure it. We talked about elevated where it's happening now. Where probably it's live it's local outlook. I think he's great I think -- a real winner Casey of RU other -- protection on news radio 930 W. Stop by early show develop vehicles for mr. Tom. -- and I just wanna say that if there was a fantasy newscaster draft Tom pocket you my friend. Or early second round -- That's a compliment. Off first round I would have to go with a Brian Williams. But top pocket. -- Late first round pick is what top pocket would be on the fantasy news captured. The national one -- local. -- locally be number one. Mary Alice Chandler you know 432. On what -- -- Herbalife -- we do all time. If my rules right fantasy the fancy newscaster draft. You have the first -- -- on the clock will be an. All time newscasters Buffalo, New York who. Zach has failed apple take it's like you know government for the kids achieved and -- pick up a time laughter. That's what happens. All right -- to go back to the phone you can give us a call 8030930. Start 930 if you're one of those. Kids with their cell phones also 10616. WBZ. And again under your -- and protect our -- remind you that impact America. EM PH TT America is holding a closeout sale on camping and preparedness year. From their online store Saturday. September 6. Saturday September 6 and our offices at 7615. -- treaties -- world items will be marked 40% off. Retail price and the first fifteen people. In the door will receive an additional. 10% -- -- work this out like common core it. Paper 40% off for everyone comes in the door 40%. The remainder of 4100%. Is 60%. Now 10% for the first fifteen people want to door 10%. The remainder of 100% is 90%. So 60%. And 90% is a 150. Percent. A 150%. Is 50% over a 100%. So. Forty plus ten is fifty that are all part that's hard to figure out. Go all the way around all around. Four plus one and just start doing crazy stuff like four Biden is tennis six. One minus ten is 96. Plus nine it's fifteen. Fifth team. A -- had heard pop pop of the frontal -- I Yoko Ono and John Lennon's killer. Mark David Chapman you know it's ironic that that you want -- market which haven't had shot Yoko. He probably at a holiday named after I don't know. He wouldn't be worried about again not a jail it would serve 24 hours and back on the streets thank you for -- and that's horrible let's. She's a wonderful musician. Slash group. John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman he's trying to get -- dude it's gonna happen. I'm not an expert in the legal field but committed to you killed the beetle. -- going home. You're going to be staying in where you law are for very long time you killed -- If you kill the membership. Go. You probably get the key of the city and I but you killed a member of The Beatles yeah after -- -- -- at the white snake. And attention will be paid. You don't kill people and think you're gonna walk the streets out cabinet in 1980 or in 1981. You killed a beetle and you're going to jail the rest your life anyway. You get picked off all -- impact America -- gonna prepare hobbled. AGB dot org preparer hub dot org from war hey let's talk about the shooting in and Ferguson. And if you just joined the program there was a shooting in Ferguson. And if you don't have by Internet or the television. -- shooting and Ferguson it's in Missouri. And we're talking about that right out of obscurity of house many of these people one of these people don't go through that -- -- That looked like would he -- by those people I -- people in the media -- what I meant people in the media. I tried. To just the world is falling apart all around us. And guy you know America is never going to have a greater America. The great empire is falling apart let's go to the phones it'll 30930 start -- thirty. 10616. WP and in toggle and a Tom your radio and 31. And Elan talked but the toxicology tests they think it's a -- should have been murdered as Missouri yeah. -- I would wanted to talk policy -- for the police also. Was -- police officer -- -- toxicology tests. I'm most are -- Want -- expert while. You know what I haven't but I heard. You know did the -- that out you know Johnny battles I have no way. -- no way -- much question should be nori was of the they had done one of these former police all the Talking Heads -- Former what are they are in the round Greta ancestors fought show. And now these guys. This guy that said you know use DC cop and he said that the but I've got talent I'm not save that it's five. All the stories from from Okie girl nobody changed at all propaganda situation even more air. Point oh you bet he said in his in his in his experience that did when when some like this happens against -- -- senators a year analysis and blood work that it -- -- that's Woody's. Tunnel you know that's just one. -- will power it. -- -- I'm talking to their child until actual popular power lies and because at the time he pepper spray. Eat cat -- bonds and they're going -- down shipment every expunge all the wait for them have you ever been punched in the head by the -- -- been and why a man -- back there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Am not a big guy. Like four ball albeit on -- bigger than me this has happened and -- police military presence there. What with white fault pointing -- people. And you are talking about it outside her cable there. We don't know he has -- that's -- question. Of where outsider you'll involved on a -- just. Well an -- to me is someone who's not. In the inside of Ferguson's it would be anyone outside of Ferguson. Which is which is against America look -- freedom to quote that's. -- Missouri where the governments -- saying no problem for. Somehow -- which is. But for parole or federal police structure that electric stop all. So he opened it looked like like like -- -- country would published changed and everything here and -- Quote legitimately. Eight. To Ukraine and they're going after and after that display in the -- In the mirror unit which. I have I especially want to consider the nicest thing I mean I. Whole heartedly agree by the way the world you know African artist. And it's awful weird because -- technical and that was English people are the heck out there -- a couple hundred America. Garbled or back to our finger will hit -- this let's get back -- took two units which you've been you've been hit you've got to some flights that's really. Germane to what we're saying that was -- if you had a -- on. -- if you had a gun on you and someone was so angry at you that they want to hit you. You would be in fear that. As an extra. Right on it that we forced out thank you pocketing the power -- mark -- at my former inspector people. -- and just protect -- -- perhaps I'm probably would -- unreal we are so -- that all match up. You know information about that -- and the air about these great jobs still rocks. And that turned around when he was in their majority -- -- and auto routes and we -- we all actual current popular protect animals. What are people. It's going to. I don't I'm not you Tom this is really weird because you're you you make up you make points that I agree with it. I just think the presence of the the the foundation of your argument though. Is that six shots is far too many one shot if it was. If it was bush if he shot and on armed person. I was walking down the middle -- six shots would be. Overkill what shot would have been overkill if you stop to got Miller wrote it hit him with a nightstick that would have been overkill. And you can go on and on and on about what you want someone should do what so -- shouldn't I can just tell you though that when you -- carrying a weapon 24/7. And you have a rifle -- -- whenever you have and someone makes an effort to hit you or grab that side arm. All bets are off yet. So -- that it would run away. Is currently. The puppy though he were the rounds during his back. Where where he was wearing no -- and I'll forward measured again. The argument what -- got punched in the silent but you know -- -- a while but. It sure. Do I tell you top you know -- you can be punched all you want that you think you like to get in -- that's cool but if you're copping to -- -- -- gonna get shot I mean that's the reality. -- -- If you punch me architectural -- Are you sure. But that's -- the -- office horrible law I mean at some point you have to use discretion. It. -- ask any apology Jeff Gordon got an addict ought to allow. The guy who was a part structural certain in the power. Shot gathered at a you know what I. You know at all that you lost his job -- well Ali this is inadequate if -- if you know anything about the product century you know so next thing you do vote for. That are that I didn't -- -- are -- and I've been Jihad. I you know what buddy I'm Obama part of that club -- and I can tell you. That getting shot it isn't fun shooting people isn't funny either this -- -- -- -- -- no matter what happens if he's exonerated or refuse. Indicted his life and his career over. But the fact of the matter is that the responsibility. For Michael Brown being in the ground today is that of Michael. Michael Brown dictated he is the author and finisher of his own fate doesn't. Have you ever been pulled over by police strike and prep for contraction. That's. Yeah and they ask you questions they had not been fined them -- they break the constitutional rights to liberty all aren't sure that it looked looked like turning actuary brought more hopeful. Check out the what their social. And if you get shot. Tom if you get shot by a cop who's asking you if you Flickr was -- Then you know what you're actually right. There's no call for that that's that's not America that's Colombia we don't do that here. If there's a cop that -- a guy because -- a bleaker that's the deal get out of your car when you get pulled over central part of the cup. You're gonna get hurt. You're -- -- -- -- Not awake so I remember week. Should netcam and that analog sound at all -- and -- most students -- I don't think we are sharing. You can miss -- part -- You missed one part of that though that guy jog every morning. And they didn't arrest him and they chose to go into the compound that you keep. I think the governments trying to divide black white people but not right now what the white people go to mystery of protest all of them outside and I think that you wouldn't -- Anybody and nobody should the city and it was certain. Let them find common ground -- you know what nobody knows nobody should be told that they can't protest. Number two. Out anyone could do what ever. We. Let's let note. Bob try to love you Tom I'm trying to agree with. I wanna find common ground I wanted to lead the -- that the distinction. Between the two sides here. You are a 100% correct nobody. As an American citizen until you. What First Amendment zone you -- to get out of the kid do what they're doing -- -- by telling you what line to draw but then again. This is though very shamed governor who said. What we have to get to the bottom what this officer did the governor of the state of Missouri has not defended this -- that the police chief from the state police has not defended this can -- Eric Holder President Obama haven't done anything for this officer who was infringing on the rights. Feel like -- The epic action out and being more. Well -- Amalia. I want to just focus. It's on it's focused is what you're seeing is an important I don't wanna lose this door right. When you start having guys firing shots when people mean when people involved cocktails. You don't lose your First Amendment right you -- your right to be a citizen's arrest did you get your -- when that happens. So yes there are good people but a protest there are bad people that are protest. There are woodcock acting out like there are badcaps this young kid who received a citation six months ago which and again. Isn't you know you could be a bad guys to get a citation I agree with you. I am gonna say that if you want me to judge church year. I'm looking I'm Michael Brown I'm looking at this cop. And I'm looking at the two sides and just just from the level one guy for. 45 minutes before he's killed is Robin. Are we have already called talk don't want it looks and. I don't listen via this to us of that and -- to talk column. Entitled Wanda. I just out there. Look the point I'm making you grab a gun and punched in the face you're gonna get shot. You gonna get shot that's that's the latest. We see Joseph in Hamburg joke you're on WB was going. I'm not a -- -- -- and I hear what you anabolic carrying you know weapons you're absolutely -- don't think people really understand -- but it. It's very simple -- And it as situationally -- -- side are. It's a great golf that side -- first thing to do you -- -- -- forty guys that are literally like that guy girl lever. The golfer that Don they're gonna use that new attacks that. -- who are speaking from experience as a military policeman. Yes and I also do a lot tighter security arms. -- -- I. -- that's why you're an expert thank you for your service and thank -- -- I appreciated that I agree with Joseph from Hamburg -- our town. Thank you Joseph Morgan it's a quick break it to Tom -- the -- David albeit an end we are talking about Ferguson and attitudes are starting to. -- hostile hostile calls come in 030930. Gifts call Tom we -- David they'll be in his radio and thirty WB and. Hello this -- me. Okay. It's a job -- -- -- you know with this song is about. This on Broadway and by the rebels. It's about. Broadway. Broadway buffalo all this family like always from a Broadway New York City it would probably here in buffalo. You're talking about it. And that is why the goo -- must be stopped. By the west Borough Baptist Church to officially run -- things to protest about. I -- they're going to wait to complain about the smoked Turkey. And how gay it is. They hate gays hate soldiers they hate Marines. They hate everything. There hate mongers. And now we have literally focused all of their attention. I'm stopping buffalo you know what west Borough. I that you don't have the great legal bills would you protest the party can do about it that. The west Borough Baptist Church shows up to the Batavia party zone. At a tailgate party in buffalo they will hand you your lunch. You had if you protest there's nothing more buffalo the Buffalo Bills. Ahead. And protest the Buffalo Bills in the parking lot. It's. It's not going to be pretty it's going to be it's not going to be pretty at all. We're talking about the Ferguson shooting in some. People in previous callers were upset. That the police officers aboard. For having the men -- to defend himself as he plunged by. A guy who literally could be in America. 64292. That's that's a pretty big white black different who cares that's a big man. Lot of punch. He got punched by triple H. The big guy. That. Call us at 803093160. BP yen let's go back to the phones and talk to Don in Lancaster. What's going on. Yeah -- you're going to be at saint and listened to their credit for. As long -- he did. Gotta mix that up Donna Donahue the other sod you realize how silly that they do it themselves. It's -- to second guess them when it happened in you have like a split second. They didn't save your life for did beat. I mean Harry it's re elected and beat so he did what he wanted him and the cop then you're getting beat so we defended themselves. And I'm pretty sure I'm also a world surely didn't even. The -- you're gonna when you start you've been an otherwise. It's not gonna work so. -- this idea that we we've seen so many videos and popular culture and social media in and take users. And when things that he's here. Is like the and mobile to nonviolent. Vehicles for small if you're wearing clothing. There's been at for -- many things that you could see -- a guy gets changed falls to the ground there are plenty of circumstances yeah -- doesn't work. And you know but time is kind of lightly and I'd give the shots he should have jobs and -- Think -- he had throwing stars laced with -- Look -- -- you -- we can talk all day about photon -- garbage. The fact of the matter is you don't. We I'm not going to excuse the behavior of Michael Brown one person is responsible. For his family's mourning. And that is Michael Brown if anyone deserved to die. Check out that you might wanna keep this this might be good clip. If anyone deserved to die on that street it was Michael Brown not the police officer Michael Brown brought that upon himself and you don't want. It's horrible tragedy but why are we defending a kid who took a swing at a police officer and try to grab is gone I don't understand. Exactly. And here I'll second guess than like it's it's something that because sports are important side. Yeah I pieces that you can say yeah Mason -- answer I could have done that put. You only got -- split second. You do what you gotta do. Absolutely Don thank you so much for doing now what you do calling in to shows and making sense appreciate it have a good -- on let's go to John in Laporte John. How tiger -- this eve afternoon. Pitched dot com most part I waited not slowed -- about a -- you can -- -- that board. Well there and I I hope we've turned your day or what's going on what's undermine. Great show great job they might I take as reverse everything put a negative about such a negative. Black or white to white black. It's a black top. It's that big Cooper -- -- playing in New York. Rob and rob and cigars boats that local seven elevenths walks out. Cops in the red -- -- county what he would do -- over creators reaches them. Breaks for guys sort that the cop -- and no it doesn't work. No other work but that's by a neighbor that despite starting -- that my husband my buddies -- You know what should have been maps out the top period. -- -- -- Do a situation in -- agrees New York I was the routes to market five years ago maybe. An African American man I came out of his home there were some white kids that were going to Scarlett for cigarettes. And the guy you know shot and killed one of these kids that words in his car. And you know they were like while he was it was unharmed he was going for cigarettes what's the big deal. Look I mean. It would have been nice -- -- it would have been nice if he didn't use this fire but the fact of the matter is. If you're not going through someone's car at 2 in the morning in the parking lot. So what are you come on I mean the guy is gonna defend as homeowners who cares what color. Right exactly what happens after midnight and there's a -- Erie county but here there's other drivers at that 50% are. Are beyond the legal limit alcohol. What could happen. Golf all the tickets are on the street they're gonna find trouble great all the sporting into each shell -- in they had been taught this -- -- paramedics are terrorists. Our reporter it. So it kept a mistress and Bob. Your response -- the parents of Michael Brown spots throughout terps won the -- in jail. All these parents are talking about forgiveness for what a great kid -- -- focusing on the good at this guy reporter are directly. Murdered. Yet. I -- word about. This captors and the cut the head and where's Michael Brown's parents can't wait to destruct and help. -- thank -- how much I appreciate your call John thank you. I think it's also -- to be said about those the people that the family in New Hampshire you know I mean. -- very classy elegant people but at the same time they've been. Kind of expecting this I don't know if you saw the email crisis and to the family before they behead their son but it was pretty yeah. I mean it's one thing to cut a man's hat off -- the emails family. Right before you do it I mean these these these animals. That are in Iraq and Syria right now. But -- we are talking about Ferguson and let's get a point of view from day. Police officer Tracy Wyoming how are you doing today. I'm fine how are you. Excellent I want the tying kind of address some of the things that the previous that the previous but the -- the floor had mentioned. When it comes to having a I -- at the time or two either you can't always get to those things I have been on the -- And my partner actually had to pay for the food before I was I was issued one. My partner had to -- either. The suspect -- up against my partner and he could not pull his teeth are. Could he could not get it out so this is on top of the officer in the patrol car it is very likely that the ouster could even get to a -- And it -- after his gun. You're thinking about all let's see what else I can do. You're trying to hold on to your -- -- -- -- Sole purpose -- your -- focused at that point in time now the power that it takes to -- Your eye socket is quite extreme. You know we're not talking about to I hit to the -- get a little bruised but -- -- he broke his eye sockets. That picked a lot of power to do. When the officers shot I know people have been having probably why did he have to shoot so many red tee shot apparently hit the guy got hit six time. There's the question whether there that shot in the car -- the question whether eight shots total had been fired. Do you how quickly that all went down. I know how you round went. Right mister -- By the way not about it you know mixed topics here but that was the whole reason why. Many people in the New York assembly decided that seven -- was so horrible because. The semi automatic handgun clock can fire somebody around so quickly but now of course when it's about a police officer we have talked about now. You know that it was overkill that he shots but if you're in that situation very much appreciate -- trees because you know getting your point of view. This is at what point. Are you. You know. We you're training comes -- is there a certain lying that you're told you know someone Canon. You know grabs your your gear grab your weapon. On -- for any sort of thing that that you that is like the the rule of engagement for you that you can fiscally force when it comes to. But losing positive control of year your hand them. That yeah I if you would control the handgun you don't go home that day. So that is the most important thing to -- keeping control of that but they're they're focal point where we resort to. What we call I people. When you believe you are going down and that's that's their reports that the offer thought his -- content themselves. When if you -- content that you lose your gun you don't go home that day. You know you've got to prevent that at all costs and that at one point you reach a point where you -- to what we call it default option. You can't think anymore things are moving way too fast and the last option you have that the use that gun and you're gonna use that. Tracy thank you first of all thank you for serving and protecting thank you for calling in. You gave us some insight that that we haven't had before you and a military police faculties of Tracy thank you so much appreciate it. All right Tracy heard from her. He studied again with danger I slowdown and stop second guessing people. When they're in -- life and death situation if you ask me regardless of skin color this is an issue about a good guy vs a bad guy. And bad guys -- rob bad guys tend to push people around that are smaller than them and bad guys hit people. Bad guys hit cops bad guys get shot by good guys and that is what happened in Ferguson. You don't like it give us call -- a 3093180616. WB -- my name is David Bell BF. For us to come -- -- on news -- 930 to BB. Sure nine eastbound is homicide that was Brian. I got it now. -- back. AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy humid tonight low of 63 degrades. Times of sonic clouds tomorrow with a shower in places I've 78 tomorrow night patchy clouds low 62 and Sunday. We'll be cloudy some sunshine pretty nice day for a picnic -- eighty degrees. David don't be in for mr. Tom Bauerle newsroom at 930 WB and give -- call we're talking about Ferguson just heard from a police officer in the county. And she was kind enough to talk about what it's like from a point of view from police officer altered from a military policeman hula. You know served his country and is that security as well you don't grab a gun 803093106. And sixty BP go to Christine. In Amherst. -- Yes hi -- I wonder they say anger and that perhaps -- put up their lives every day to protect it -- but they're not. Every -- It makes the right decision. A lot of these boys. Won't Wear a Harvard -- I was reading your report and I've been following it very closely. How would I guess that's why retool for the gun but you show him how not going to take us back down oh. Actually that -- without a -- and and the fact to back home. Making short somebody that. How would that bring about how -- it actually is Debbie Jean Bennett share for about thirty years now. I'm sure gold level but training and are different and you could afford so I'm gonna compete but how would -- the -- -- how you would say that this boy deserves to back. Even if he but the fact that -- Iraq Murray he probably deserved to B and what to life. No not at all -- for the robbery yet he did deserve to go to jail and of course you know he was convicted of it. I'm as far as now that you bring up a lot of interesting points the first thing. If we go back to Trayvon Martin's case one of the main issues for people that were saying and and I and first and foremost to say that George Zimmerman is an idiot -- the guy. I mean he's a -- -- you -- ride you wanna be a cop you're not a cop you haven't gone and you chased people follow and do whatever. It doesn't give -- -- right. To tax someone but did the difference between the George Zimmermann case and this case is you have a badge behind that George Zimmerman as to some. Idiot on the street that wants to play cop. And you have an actual police officer so right but what of the arguments in that case what's that Zimmerman shot him at point blank range. Because he had issued a point you bring up the point. That there was a distance. And so if if you had shot someone appoint Le -- you could make the argument of -- it was a desperation. If there's basin between you can make that argument. I'm so I agree with you that is troubling that there was that space between him and the suspect. What isn't exactly clear and you know we're hearing. Everything's hearsay your hearing from far and about and you were listening to a guy and a videotape that we don't even know what was actually excited with those guys and videotape. But if -- if that if Bob Michael Brown was was actually had his head down and was rushing him that shot to the top of the head does make sense. -- because -- was head was down but again if it turns out that what you're saying. You know happened. If he was shot in the back I think it would make a complete difference. This entire case would be you know -- but. I mean I agree because I I understand why the police officer. So I mean I have nothing ever accurately thought -- -- will be their got a hold the box but there are leveled out. A sport that you're rain -- know it here it -- -- which they're saying they black art and he'd retrieval. There's no reason for deadly force your -- out chasing him down to issue. Not -- here's. -- here's here's here's where I think here's where the rubber is gonna hit the road. If if Michael Brown was reacting to the first series of shots in his arm and then -- the police officer. You know now you have -- I think now were in more of your argument. Was was Michael Brown Russian please subsequent shot. And any -- has had a shot -- again. You know that that I think is legitimate argument what the problem I have here is that you know we have so many individuals use these issues. You know to push an agenda that you. Al Sharpton love them or hate him. No Sharpton is a guy who no matter what happens and you just by. Bike have a conversation with you if you're a type of person. That is going to you know admit when the wrong and if you're right you're not gonna stand in my face and say I told you so you're an idiot. We're having a civil discussion. If Al Sharpton does it have a gaggle who no matter what happens no matter what evidence happens. Al Sharpton is going to say this was unlawful this wasn't right. And that is not the type of thing that this how many right now. I did not and you know what kind of black woman and I I like. Christie Christie I just put on hold to carry it onto the break I want to talk to our aren't gonna put to uphold and be right backed Christine in Amherst. A civil discussion. With Christine and Amber's will be right back I'm David Ogilvy and protect and buy hourly news radio 930. WB.

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