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8-22 David Bellavia Hour 1

Aug 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- -- This is strong from the business. By the Obama is growing and it's just it was starting to hear from so many stories of people say you know this is this woman -- brightest presidents one of the most of depth that we've had perhaps in -- lifetime. Tom -- -- LA that's it for the Jonas Brothers out. It it week after dad -- -- it's flies -- to these local that. So called addressing. Hey guys you're not but to work. With the dogs you know who let the dog that. Who brought to start. -- news radio 930 double yeah. Good morning. And I hope you're having. And afternoon. David. For mr. hourly if you show. It's here to do my best impression of mr. -- it's been awhile since I've I've had the opportunity to sit here. And so. So much to talk about frankly first get something about the top of my head right off the bat like hood. Look first of all I -- think John chairman as always for producing this program thank you very much forward. Ticket -- the -- make and Zach is taking your calls he's gonna screen and I'm telling you what if you get salty was back. He's gonna drop you he's gonna hang up on you and they know exactly does that -- you up. Shaq calls you up -- comes to your house and Zach Wilson slap the snot out of you that's what Zach -- That's we pay for he's taking your calls hey check this out it's driving mean. -- Amherst are. And there's a red light and then aero is under. And it's green and -- -- it's it's going left. Check out the green aero. Supersedes. The red light. If you're going. Let me break this down Barney style just wrote quit. Let's say the red light the news congress and the pass a bill. The green -- going left. That's a presidential veto -- supersedes. So if the red light were a fluffy bunny on the 290. That green arrow is an eighteen Wheeler. Semi truck to. The green light could be a bacterial infection. And the were green arrow. Would be on boxes Ellen I I think I don't need to go on anymore but today on the -- and there was just like eight cars wait. To go left and -- -- showed up and they all went. And then. Shall I do but people that. Quickly move people -- like say on what happened to the British used to BP. And IE tell them as always. Look. It lasted like two weeks. And maybe some view. Stomach infections that blast to the radio show. -- The Buffalo News and talkers magazine is on the and look there's no book in the world comes out and slams -- theory that two weeks ago we we described what happened. And I am so fortunate to be back feeling infamous top hourly and I appreciate. Now all of the emails of support in the FaceBook stuff was very very. None of it mattered. But still thank you so very much but I ain't great relationship and frontier that -- and it's cool to be back. Guys. And you know do wish it it's a lot of lawn and we are gonna be talking months oh. Many morsels of goodness today there's so much going on in this world I wanna apologize I didn't want to show Pratt. And I was a little disappointed to find out that. -- -- Who's the guru of all you know programming accurate BP and in buffalo he had said. I watch it really really blown up on what's happening in Ferguson. I thought he met Joseph Ferguson the quarterback of the pills which I think is one of the most under rated quarterbacks. I really the second -- next to Jim Kelly Joseph Ferguson way better than Jack. Joseph Ferguson. You remember that in the seventies Joseph Ferguson he. The guy had and yet OJ but he can throw the ball he beat up top guy. I love -- offers but of course Tom offers and Missouri while a lot of stuff going on there. But we're gonna talk a little iTunes. Talk about the Goo Goo Dolls you know why that's come up. Those west Borough Baptist fools. Are gonna protest Johnny Q. You're you're coming after buffalo. Seriously. The what Borough Baptist Church has nothing left to do. But to protest the city of buffalo. Jon -- -- That's -- they should be now no one after blonde joke they're going after the Goo Goo Dolls. The wrong. Bond shall -- until we kind of looks like to do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In that video key -- He looks a little job and so maybe west Borough Baptist -- huge bills fans. And they just got they're the wrong guy you know because by Angel looks just technique used there like me let's protest someone with a cleft -- And beautiful there like it's. With my dignity 8030930. As the number to call -- 8030310616. WB and I know a lot of you were driving at some point in this program. And if you're happy traffic tip hotline he -- some crazy go on. Go ahead and not call 8030321. That's for traffic only traffic only and is an email to for islanders. Is that. I don't wanna give elves you know if you wanna call -- and his house they don't 30321. I don't wanna get out of personal. This email evidently it's for listeners and I was like why email and Harris. If you wanna catch -- mow the lawn parents. WB and it Gmail account if you have any traffic to its. Setup who have got a delay there. It's already happened. If you red any traffic. Tips. Him for the listening audience -- -- give that a cult will talk we're gonna talk a little bit about Missouri our friends out there and Ferguson. Plays -- when. Crazy. It's going in saint. Lots of people love love love that it's crazy love -- our friends in the media. Our friends on the left just -- in the fire of inequality. Throw another shrimp on the Barbie. Of racism that's what we love to do -- all about stoking fires gonna go to a quick break we come back. Now we're not gonna go to break. You don't want to stick around. We're not gonna go to break and apologize for that. Here's. We just a minute I don't -- that -- Tom doesn't -- the -- but I'm gonna do it because -- -- -- And now I'm comfortable in my skin damage. -- have this thing about gas station and those -- cappuccinos. You know what I mean. Yeah you stick your cup in there and you get the -- cappuccino it's it's not really cappuccino at Flickr. Hot water. Compound powder mix. And just recently I spoke to a friend of mine who works at a gas station. He told me they don't. Sometimes. They they don't get around cleaning. That cappuccino dispenser. And like I was always good for at least one cappuccino. Per gas station visit. And I drive like -- issue be among those horrible capitalist it is. -- 68 cylinder vehicles you know. It's America. America. And drive our suvs in the wintertime. And I just I can't get ahead if -- if my -- shields cleaner. I think to myself that really can't achieve the -- it's just hot water mixed with potter. So I want to fast forward. Two. I was added event recently where they had one of those fountains. Not -- cheese. Okay. As a mound staring at this fountain. Of not to -- which -- to meet. Sounds like happen you know. Baby the first thing Robin williams' -- into the hereafter was a nacho cheese fountain. Does that too soon for that. -- it anyway. The not to chief founders and a myself -- and engineer I'm not a a physicist I don't but I I have an idea of how this works this flu in the bottom. And there's a pulp that takes the nacho cheese to the top. And them enough to -- filters down and then you can stick your chip and. -- just put your ship in their you do your thing next to. The fountain of nacho cheese. Not to achieves is is this its strong substance you know you don't have to worry about it you can heated you'd get put in an. Fondue fountain. You would think chocolate would be next to the white substance. Next to the fountain. And the white substance was ranch dressing. I have never seen a ranch dressing fountain in my life. Was mentally -- You put I know it's it's stable and it can definitely -- with. With that many things at that ranch dressing has been asked to do wicked tickets at their refrigerated but to see the ranch dressing come off the top of it. And then collect and go back to that. -- strange sub maple syrup. Used maple syrup fountains everyone takes a little piece of French toaster or. -- up a pancake dips into the air and -- then it's crazy. It's a little -- And any rate I saw the album. Solid guy tickets midget care cuts and educators. When the short care to cares. Dips it in little ranch. Takes a bite of that care. -- -- He went back into the ranch dressings and all of thinking you are right back at the gas station. Wondering if there cleaning out the cappuccino dispenser I think to myself all right. Golf envelop that -- care. -- -- -- I've got my hands. Under the lip and then you put that into that. Into the rich in all the rehab she's gonna just -- hug outside of the care which has your saliva. And feel. Or as the west Borough Baptist Church would say the city of buffalo. Just in connection there that story at WB and content. And now that that that got -- stretching with that -- saliva. Covering up the rest of his rich friends and -- -- back to the top. Double -- accurate into ranch. Is the most disgusting thing in the world what is about the chocolate. But I think chocolate hides a lot. Not to achieve can hide a lot you don't think about it you would you introduce a new liquid fountain and it's ranch. I think we've really crossed the line. And I'm so glad to have the opportunity in the platform to get this off my chest. 030 and I'd thirteenth start tying thirty for cellphone nuts out there -- voters 616 WB and going to be. Back to the top of the program talk a little bit about. The chaos that is happening. In the show -- state. Show me. An indictment. We got do -- we are just apps that global war on police officers. Many many people wanna see this police officer thrown in jail for him. For getting punched in the face of carrots dipper and traffic kept going and gives coverage. In our home in native land Canada how are you Virginia which don't. Virginia what's up. I'm so glad that you're back on the and I remember hearing you back in July and August of last year we have very animated discussions on whether the United States should. You become involved in supporting the crisis. Rebels and Syria I don't remember. I do -- you have much I think give us that in the Canadian military. Now Virginia -- belt at the point that I remembered Virginia I'm Virginia what's and you might think you so much for your kind words. I'm so delighted to hear you again because I know there was some problems -- -- apparently very greatly and actually on the airwaves. And called the that would create -- wanted to not to count but nevertheless can you -- and probably I'm glad you're back again. Wolf thank you so very much Virginia I appreciate that that's very kind of view and thank you again for our race in a patriot in your son to join the service the Canadians have done an outstanding job in Afghanistan. There were many many years -- the Canadians left alone. While we are handled in our business and -- things. To be very honest until -- sort of stand back now at the -- has everything which is happening right now. And we often think did we do enough and I think what to -- really must do is. But we should've done 1012 years ago was to go in there with a hammer had. And not with a velvet glove would be the situation we have now because of -- withdrawal and incredibly weak presidency in the United States. And the older and older than the rest of the world who can give them hate the terrible threat seriously. We have got to come out can make some. But China and Russia. The kind of effect. To get -- -- and squash this and I mean squash you like the cautious approach. Because if you do not you have -- on usually -- Manhattan after the markets would have and I can't just. We look how. Kind of kept you know -- -- didn't exclude that -- so -- can you got it will happen and god forbid. Because god if only because we did not take this threat seriously. Laugh again you know overseas -- have you haven't lost anything. When you're a talk show and you can talk that long without interruption in -- on to something and you were speaking in. The truth -- the fact of the matter is there are some people in this world the only way you can pacified them as to destroy them it's it's a sad. It's a sad state of affairs but the reality is. We've seen far too much the bee headings in the violence of what's happened to the Kurds what's happened Christians being crucified. And and the fact that this schizophrenic. Foreign policy -- states today. Don't look the president gonna have to admit he made a mistake by announced signing a standard forces agreement we have to address. This basis threat and how we're hearing that could've come across -- -- that he ought to plot that have said that. Every one was saying that. And -- were running around whether -- head cut off because we just don't know what to do re acting. Instead of being pro active so Virginia thank you so much for your call your words I appreciate that. -- you go to quick break we come back more of the top -- name is David -- via. It's this is news -- 930. WP. Yen. -- -- -- And -- these words. He's talking about human life here. -- -- -- -- -- Forty of the homosexual agenda. Hope Baptist Church policy. But who ruled that -- dolls destroyed. Al-Qaeda style. The west Borough Baptist Church is officially run out of things to protest so now they are protest our beloved city buffalo. It is a better opportunity for left and right to come together it's to defend. The righteousness. Of western New Yorkers from these hills from the west Borough Baptist Church. First of all. How -- west Borough. I -- church in Kentucky. A little bit upset that these. People have completely if you -- a pastor Kentucky right now like what you do on the pastor where you pastor on the Kentucky. Dude you're like what rules west road and I don't know we actually believe the we love people reject your report. It missionaries and stuff oh god -- -- laws the that it gave people we don't do that that's that's the west Borough Baptist Church that's for your thinking that the guys who hate gay people want it. Wanna kill soldiers know we're where we're actually opposite of that. We're we're in the Jesus church out of you you heard him. West Borough wants to you up protest the goo dolls because of Buffalo's. -- vicious and filthy buffalo. Obviously you handed -- water for a we have taken the vicious and -- things out. That was that was the eighties. We're a different city now. I guess the legalization of blood gay marriage bottle of port of Albany. A protest any other city in New York like buffalo. But -- come into law stepped up to the goo dolls because you know what. We're not gonna let it slide. West Borough is making. How many more references to that can make I don't know the look you in the iris. And they're -- Flat top. It is now let's George. In oh wheat field Georgia I don't today. -- -- Good service and the veteran myself the report although they -- a preacher amazed David but I'll I'll still. Outside its historical. Well retirement. I wanna make Israel restaurant. Very reasonable public security with tape. Our captains snipers machine -- That the couple -- -- commitment if you'll probably Nevada. Now he had to be taken out George. -- in the united. I -- against. But it Ferguson and there's hundreds all the different to destroy the community. -- at some insecurity -- then they're they're a little bit found. Well there were a whole lot of you know and ramps and militarized. That's one of the main issues that people happiness and police forces become -- militarized. But George if I could. Why do you think our police force. Across America now have all this military gear went with or. If you wanna connect those dots. Why is it that local law enforcement here in Western New York. Have submachine guns. The target. -- -- -- is possible. Okay that could be or could -- be because sequestration. Has put so many pink slips into the hands of the military. That the DOD is hemorrhaging money and they have to get rid of this stuff. Because there's no mission anymore there's nothing. We're not deploying a 165000. Troops were. We're letting these majors and and captain in the army in the Marine Corps and were basically on you know firing them were laying them off. So now you have a bunch of armored vehicles and about two barber and no soldiers to Wear him so you. Put up for auction and they go to this the highest veteran of you know let's be honest if Europe if Europe. A small town and Orleans county you get the opportunity to get an armored vehicle for nothing. You're you're gonna take it. I -- here is hard to come. But if it wasn't for the sequestration and you wouldn't see them Alter station of the police state you would have seemed. The people with the camera apps would've been in the military but this president doesn't care about that you'd rather see it in the streets of efforts. We have brought. The point that it. They'll point to make it about the BLM that was very true there you did not see. The the machine gun mounted four wheelers did not see the attack helicopters in the fairly Q did for that cowboy. There's so much about very -- -- the -- community and children god that it that it -- the refugee who that the police they've been there if -- -- you are definitely very broad diplomatic to -- empowerment charged. But with the road map and then apologized for lynch mob. You know what's funny about that though they brought in the because African American state police guy and -- he use either resident Ferguson is part of the community and he was like listen. It's gonna stop and it's gonna stop now I feel you I'm sorry what happened. Even 24 hours later -- National Guard and it was it was literally like -- We can all get along they all -- but but the reality is that. The thing I'm blown away by is the number of arrests that have been made there's only bent like a 10163. Total rests. -- How is that possible and if you have all the firepower you've got all these these idiots running around destroying things. What do you approach and 63 arrests. That I'm sorry but you just describe the for the festival and -- more -- at the Erie county fair then add. Ferguson right now -- 160 threes nothing a game had sat in the top section of adequate. Did you hear -- sheriff department is is far more busy on Sunday at a -- game. It appears that these guys. Are doing their job if you have these these boys -- throw in the tear gas in these kids that are kicking around all these shocker needs analysts left. License to be arrested right there I don't understand why we would get -- 163 people. -- -- Initiative the -- -- -- good businessman because good protect protect business purpose built to protect you out that the peace in the property of the people. You know what George -- it just doesn't matter nobody cares and the reality is that you're gonna have outraged until an indictment that you're gonna have an indictment and you have a trial and and the police officers going to be. Vindicated because it's the United States that we live and tax injustice. They get a more riots. But my concern is what -- kind of wanted to -- appointment by the military power to restrict destroy our district. About Obama's stint with the domestic captured the black and I didn't. Isn't that I I don't think police. It'll let. Any time a police officer uses his weapon. It's a bad day whether it's black personal white person it's never something that we wanna see the community but the reality of the matter is here's the deal. Let's come up with a checklist of the best way to be shot by account -- -- -- -- -- I'm attacking a police officer -- all right shooting at a police officer threatened the police officer. All of these things we talked about this this young man as Michael Brown. If he would have stayed alive. Had he now. Punched a police officer period and -- the police officer is such a bloodthirsty -- -- guy. Don't that unarmed black either this guy I was just out because he play Grand Theft Auto too long. And it was like hey I've. Got an awful game awards six months ago now I can show my blood -- reading I am here to ensure. Are black people -- dead and I won't stop. You don't shoot one -- black guy and indiscernible that's good and I've filled my quota for the day of shooting unarmed black people this guy got punched in the face. He had his you know weapon. That went off he defended himself. You don't wanna get shot don't punch cup George thanks so much for your call pressure. All right you stay in the fight. The reality of the matter is that this kid. He's appalled he followed this that. Key he showed horrible discretion. Divorce the fact that he. An hour before his death was involved in a strong armed robbery. All that. Forget the fact -- high and marijuana forget the fact every single piece of information we found out from CNN and everyone else. It turns out they're all what. All faults the guy at what doctor Michael Bodden they they. By the way I thought Michael -- looked like he just came from his own autopsy this -- a 175. Years -- Still doing. Giving his expert opinion by the -- Michael Bowden from HBO the famous celebrity autopsy. He's also the one they brigade from the OJ trial. He's also able and that will go to the highest bidder and Michael -- autopsy. Came out the same look and he wasn't shot from behind hole. I turned out that. The fatal shot was -- to lose his top of the head. So that bleeding in the streets for hours. And they didn't you know that the -- a report from MSNBC came out that hey look this guy -- may have been. Could eventually the -- went to the hospital. Nonsense. Again Eric Holder shows up to Fergus and with support I hear is a black man. If I start of the show today and said. -- gentlemen I speak to an -- -- radios. For the great town hourly. I tell you today as -- white radio host to speak the white point of view. You don't let Eric Holder you're not the -- you know because you're black you're the attorney general because you're the attorney general you're supposed to be the most qualified person job. But to save that -- -- it's a black man. You you represent what is out of anything and why is it that we have to be constantly reminded. Constantly reminded. That all of our feelings and society. Whether it's the Washington Redskins issue. Or it's the the absolute disrespectful. And shameful treatment of African Americans post reconstruction. Why do we have to be reminded. Of all of the horrible things we've done. When we were trying to move forward as a cup we can not okay it's on all that could imagine if your life worked that way. You've got -- raised your boss -- -- a pretty good quarter are brought in a 100% more sales. -- just you know Roger. Just can't help but go back -- -- day that you passed gas in the break room. Street street that was a half years ago job that you -- that it was loud. People were offended they were eating lunch Roger. And Roger I just can't give me just -- that you that you earned this year. Years later you sit down it's been five years since I've gotten a raise Steve. How Mike -- and increased sales. Our department has never been stronger. Roger I can't help but -- have to. It was loud and stinky. You sir -- -- pig. You'll have brought shame and dishonor. Here at the copy center. The certainty of focusing on the negativity and the past it does nothing. We elected a black man as president. White America the majority of voters were Caucasian. This is mostly a post racial world that we live and yet all we have. Is the sharpton's and Jackson's in the Spike Lee Spike Lee. Who better to speak. Racial relations. And -- do is throw gasoline on the fire the are professional. They're pigment horses they are. They're professional rabble voters don't focus on the future don't focus on the good don't bring the country together. Continued to drive the wedges. A inequality because that my friend. Is what selling tickets. And stay in on the media spotlight is all about I'm David Bell will be in for Tom Bauerle given to call 803093100. 616 WB and -- news radio 930 WB -- It's partly cloudy humid tonight low of 63 times some clouds tomorrow -- shower and places high of 78 tomorrow and I'd look out it's going to be patchy with. Clouds patchy clouds. -- 62 and Sunday times of clouds and sunshine. And nice high of eighty that's a very meteorological. AccuWeather word nice. -- Is going to be like tomorrow. I think it's going to be and 95%. A fantastic. Oh dear current temperature is 79 degrees prime as a Ralph Keyes junior traffic going out in the -- -- expert. Stating that there's a lot of these ice bucket challenges that are coming across to America and one point two FaceBook where hey yeah. Very stupid person in my favorite page under item mentioned names anything care and but. This is great Karen -- what I like a challenge and Karen said. I just. I've been challenged I wanna do the ice bucket challenge but I don't know who do to challenged next. I don't thankfully. I don't know that many people with ALS. Karen you don't challenge people with LS. -- hurt OK we're trying to raise money to. To fight this dreadful disease. Not find people with it to dump ice bucket of water on them Caron you fool. From the town of from Clarence by the -- Which I don't know what that means no no no I'm not all the ice but to challenge its four year old. To then give money to bail us. And fight this disease not to challenge people with it because that would be insane and stupid. And why would that go viral. And just give that -- chance Jim in -- kind of want to thank you for being patient you lower on the news radio and thirty WB yeah. Good talking huge what's up. Column are hurdle through the -- -- talk to the beach Caligiuri that was held about that whole case. Going to calm down to the book the ruling that -- -- come out for court. For any police -- or peace officer may use deadly force there must be -- Pre existing condition. Ability opportunity in jeopardy now gonna bring it out I'll start with ability. Individual that you're using debt before we get. -- have the physical ability to cause you serious physical harm or possible that in this into third party. Dead and eventual. Most of opportunity must've already. Presented. An individual. Authorities -- something to -- your life. -- light of third party it serious physical jeopardy or. -- something you could cost possible that OK in my opinion everything I've heard. -- its case for -- in general about ability opportunity. In jeopardy were president. -- kids like 64292. He's up 64202. -- Their ability the ability to export or approximately three under -- Think we have ability to caught -- the ability to play are you comfortable that. Yeah abilities I'll have guarded and well six ports to -- big opportunity. When there was a struggle for. -- -- -- -- Vehicle and that if they were struggling allegedly. It was -- -- already bought something that late at officers like in jeopardy besides punching him in the face as well right. And had an opportunity presented itself. It that the -- stop acting in good faith using reasonable judgment based upon probable cause. Every all injury. The concern what -- that is the only thing that. Instructions. To -- degree or adjustable. Gas at all. I think throughout three did you react at 300. -- I worked -- -- I was involved abuse or. It is -- attempted to take -- -- away -- other white Hispanic. What I've read here if he tried to read by the out of -- and I brought him. -- dark and he -- well which could lead like Spock. Immediately released by the wind it'll do by what I had to testify now the department of internal affairs correct -- -- arm. The inspector general which they've been basically -- internal affairs I would ask why did. That -- the use of force report that I used ever blog as well I bet that I thought would. Eight market at a -- for me he was gonna take it away from me and adapt with Echostar. That's I mean -- right thanks so much for your call I appreciate it iMac and argue with you you brought down the hammer. And you have to bring down the hammer with someone you know grab your rights to tell you what. If you're in the military and -- in a riot control and so -- grabs your rifle. That's a bad thing to do food to a guy with a right full you don't touch it. If you want to -- and that's the way it works on story. It's the way it works if your parents didn't teach you to respect awful time. But you will get shocked. If you punch op I'm sure your -- -- taught you that -- punched a. -- -- -- -- You authority that happened part of the world we live. In really bad -- it can't be cool kid. You want. What you don't threaten people they're trying to keep us safe I'm David they'll be infamous two down early it's news radio 930. WB yen.

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