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Aug 22, 2014|

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It's another -- night. You can find it makes its sweaty secret. It was bloody secret things like -- as he shows cinema Bob Simmons added if I think our Dan Guerrero. Who hasn't when you think. I'm doing -- secret things I think it eats and mom. And the movie -- I'd rather not Bob but -- -- this continual. It was -- -- to eat. I mean to kill all -- name like that yeah there's nothing like a man. Nothing you can name this is true nothing new moon were. There is nothing like today and so I'm Leon your own god please go home or join in -- or just leave me all about big box office knows what it up Bob. Yes yes it is. Is the big some time to time August. And slowing down a bit they're pushing out those movies don't want to do with. So what number one was teenage mutant ninja turtles. Its second week at number one. You're 29 million dollars it's not done 118. Million dollars and ten days though the sequel is scheduled for 2016. At number two guardians of the galaxy. Another 25 million it is now 223. -- looks like it has a shot at being highest grossing film of the year discuss this sequel for that one is scheduled for 27 -- And number three. We have let's beat cops. It opened last Wednesday. And between Wednesday to Sunday it did 26 million dollars that's the first big comedy released in about a month. In that terrible reviews but woods so heavily promoted on TV. We have a similar situation last year with we are the -- which came out in August which ended up. Doing all sorts of business even though just about everybody who -- walked out saying. Well that's certainly some very good ones while they still went out in droves some even took the boss at. Nomar for all our. Members say that it's been weeks as we have been together and -- say that for me now -- I was gonna say. With Larry Larry I kind of I don't know. That person in the -- and Mike Capuano. -- oh now wait a wait and -- 01%. And ego and ego I want you to feel welcome I do a number far. A disappointment the expandable to three only did sixteen million dollars is way below studio where expectations. I in the first one did 36 -- Or. Gotten terrible reviews but here's video. This score grade was eighty plots. So the people who so I loved it. The problem is. People want to see these movies anymore so it's not that encouraging and the five big giver. The latest young adult novels and the big screen that was hoping to be another Hunger Games are divergent type franchise. But this one spider out of the gate only thirteen million dollars. And the mid August release date really shows the studios lack of faith. In the film I mean you had Meryl Streep Jeff Bridges Katie Holmes Taylor Swift and didn't and catch to this that are in it. But they still felt yes. Booted out and you know we got to clear the shelves for the Christmas movies. It's yes right two famous names we've lost -- independent reason Lauren Bacall Betty Bacall and Robin Williams yeah -- -- -- McCall. I mean I don't mean to sound -- at all one -- -- this but I would think. This this would be the way issued one dirt she was 89 years old and -- Absolutely. Remarkable. Life she helped Bogart through. His there. There. Difficult final year when he was dying of lung cancer and she basically had a massive stroke and is that. HUN Mary quickly just such a breaker we started nineteen years old. Howard hawks' season on the cover of magazine and -- and movie based on modeling picture in mind and and just words it was just so terrific in all those films with Bogart Bogart in the -- rivers in the forties and fifties when things slow down for. She goes on to Broadway Broadway whole second act were career winning. Tony and answer to stop. That along with a lot easier to deal with Robin Williams of course. Was disaster steps -- -- gestures -- elected comfort factor eight. Talented. Talented guy I mean he's married. A lot of wonderful films I mean really. Great performances in some terrific movies. He also -- -- little films that weren't particularly good. Is the thing with most performers that law of averages just kind of work out if you look at Andy. Of your big stars in the past meaningless -- Spencer Tracy Jimmy -- and yeah. You've got great classics but. You don't remember the ones -- yeah we don't remember Humphrey Bogart in the return of doctor acts. You just forget about that -- the good stuff into a certain extent that's what you can do with Robin Williams now I mean when I think -- Elvis Presley. I do not think of those those final years struggling on stage. And in that same spirit when I think Robin Williams. I think about. Death to smooching. I'm gonna go out Fisher cage in the world according to guard -- pictures like that. Affect about Elvis is that a lot of people only remember that the what I would call fat Elvis the jumpsuit time. And they can't understand why the rest of us are still excited about Elvis Tuesday that he didn't see the leather clad young basically only -- -- -- They didn't see that as these -- and they said yeah. Got it it is a shame and with Williams. Such a tremendous town I'm really enormous enormously. Talented man. And he he was one of those comics who Juan. Was such a strong actor within his comedy that. They would take on straight dramatic roles and be absolutely tremendous. He was such. Houston open and accessible person -- mean one thing I've always been impressed by I mean he seems. He's always seemed like -- very. Terrific guy when you'd see interviews with more receive them talk you talk to him on talk shows. But what was really telling to me as one irony here podcaster interviews with people who would work with them. And people were we're just so thrilled to work with him he was he was just such a strong. Person. To work with very open very generous very accessible. On one telling thing for me. You are big. Big student of comedy -- as as idea. So many times when you watch a group of comedians eyes -- on panel or in an interview situation. If one and Adams says something funny. Times out of ten the other comics. Got a laugh. They're thinking of the -- line they're thinking about their assignment I don't wanna continue to bit -- Watch Robin Williams on the tonight -- and Letterman on anything. He laughs openly he -- hard and long and what goes around and as well he was such an open person and that would which is anywhere for comedian back. -- I think it is not rare though. It is depression. Comedians I mean. It's it's something a lot of people deal -- And many times you'll find people turn to comedies as a way of dealing with that their personal life I mean people like. -- -- Charlie Chaplin Rodney Dangerfield Cerro. Woody Allen. All struggle. With depression throughout their entire lives Mel Brooks. When you can get him to talk seriously he he refers to as that darkness. Darkness is always there. He says. Robin Williams you know fought that battle. And in the long run depression one. I think just I think it would be very hard to find somebody who is very funny who is and also very Smart. And very Smart people take a lot and put a lot on their plate and they see a lot of injustice they see a lot of things that are wrong. And it eats them up and that's why the very things that make them funny they're wired differently or things that make them funny. Also if they expand upon it can make -- -- If you are real insight to Robin the person if you like listening to to podcasts at all. Mark Marron does a terrific podcast on line via the WTO podcast. And he did one with Robin Williams in 2010. If you go on YouTube in just put WTF Marion Robin Williams. It'll come up on YouTube when you listen to it very very interest. WTF Bob it is that's okay we'll be back with a movie show it which I asked Bob a controversial question what the palace happen -- earmarks face. On news greater than thirty WB here it's a movie show was sort of above the knees and he beats -- -- -- -- -- movie I Cuba. Yes indeed Mickey Rourke stars in six should be a game to kill four. Many co star who once referred to Mickey Rourke as. By human ashtray. Was any -- -- a beat Kim Basinger or C. Eight on away our days step from a high low surprise that a -- six our board managed 75 the prize they've passed into going to have some that are valid through December 31 -- a fourteen. Putting our goals of having to -- towards beats public grow our medalist or current transit. No expiration date total value 43 bucks general confidence rules -- before before we go to big movies and the big -- tell me. What has happened a few remarks -- I saw him on television ads in a couple of years and knows the same guy. Well now. Is did you see Mickey Rourke in in in a situation yeah or another being from sin city area you well Mickey's. Just kind of been. Plan around with his face for many many years. I remember him and Kim Basinger make him hot monkey love and yeah that's how I remember him and at least his face I was looking more cam at the time but. And he looked like that at all anymore we'll when he finished with the monkey love then decided. His movie career was slowing down a little bit he thought I'm -- I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go to Europe and become a boxer. Oh man I need this for awhile and his face became. -- -- -- So he decided to do a little bit of face work which led to. A lot of pace works yet Mickey's face is kind of an ever changing stayed who -- He reminds me of that woman who. Had so much face work done that she looks like a lion now she actually as the face of a lion and that's what Rourke remind him that well maybe he's got a discount -- -- could -- Says some movie if you give his car and get the winner there are now big -- hitting the big screen sin city a -- named to Joseph for yeah. Now this is a sequel to 2000 five's sin city based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller who is a great. Comic book right eighties just amazing his 1986. The Dark Knight returns. Is the best comic book piece I've ever read my entire life those those four books make one story best I've ever read. What he did with that this sin city film that you rod Robert Rodriguez did together. Is -- the actors perform in front of green screen. And then they had black and white animation and graphics on top of that trying to recreate the actual look of the com. It's all in this very stylized very stark black and white with these colors these. Little splashes of color added to it. The only big difference in this one is it's 3-D. So what you do have that you've got most of the people from the last sin city. Came back for this. With. Fue -- noticeable. Notable people that they brought in the most notable. Being in the central. Them -- ten now and casting this since they're going for it is this hyper stylized. Mickey Spillane. Met dread -- -- type feel for this thing. We're gonna have a gorgeous -- at the center of this we we need a lot specifics here we need to. Somebody's skinny curry -- maybe in a size six and they -- -- they agree. Green is the major them -- In the in this one here now. What odd thing about these movies. For the most part is you you've got the 1 central area that they focus on is this strip club Jessica Alba works. Spends a lot of time dancing. This is one of those new humans who eat out. Welcome that goes without Sammy Morris -- song right there. But on. She got. She works at one of these strip clubs that you only see in movies in which you've got to ultimately. -- America America it's one of those strip clubs all the people who. Are in the audience alike while this is fine show picture on these -- -- -- either close -- that -- just I bit upset about the film is rated a lot of loans and that sort of thing and they decided they wanted even eaten. Two. Do all sorts of -- four -- and you know poll. I'd rather. Have maybe mostly. Courses and maybe veto all or something like that without the full nudity and Robert Rodriguez said. Now it's very important to the story court because. I feel this character. Uses her body as long ago so you need to be -- because of that and guess what she says she bought it. I -- Every single. Review I read through this has said. Regarding -- greens performance. Hum and hum Mohammed harmonized. -- it's a very very spectacular in this. Bruce Willis shows job reef lead. You've got powers boot as -- senator. I think Joba hot -- he's hard to recognize in this. Harden. Josh Roland. Is in here Joseph Gordon-Levitt I'm really surprised they came up with a sequel on this. In that. They used this same style Frank Miller did in. Film version of the spirit in 2008. That was huge. Block (%expletive) about me it's a complete flop he did not do well. Another problem I had with the -- one. -- ancient city was okay the visuals are cool but after awhile. And you get little or feel like they should be used more for music video or something rather than a feature length film. Many many of the critics complain that brought the nudity blood got shooting stripping eye gouging and head smashing -- it's a bit tiring after awhile. Okay William the what are after the news meanwhile dancing around the news poll you have -- market so stand by for that men will return we have more big movies hitting the big screen with a movie shows Senator Obama vsan BB. Acrimony shows some of sodomy sandy beach -- the -- a movie IQ question Mickey Rourke stars in sin city had dame Tokyo for. And the costar once referred to Mickey Rourke as the human ashtray and that would be. We Kim Basinger. Kim base and I seen her in anything lately she has dropped off the face of your. Just kind of picking and choosing smaller girls tomorrow all it. It's. Hard for somebody who. Had such a career as a M for town -- -- time to to move into. In zoos and other girls so zone. That's what I do -- I choose smaller girls want -- he's and management and that's all I'm saying next it's a smaller role calvary which I assume refers to Christ and not the people who help -- John -- yet. Yet this is filled with Brendan Gleason. Terrific terrific actor. Who plays. A priest in the small Irish town. He's a well respected priest he does a good job helps Lotta people. He's in the confessional. And the person confessed to him. Tells them how he was. Repeatedly raped by a priest as a child. And he tells the priest I know. You're good man and you've been good priest. By somebody's gonna have to pay for -- and it's just like Christ. And my plan use to kill you and exactly one week and then he leaves. Sell all the priests. And has a week. To -- around the small town and try to figure out. Who is planning on him -- you recommend it not recognize the voice he refuses to go to the police because it would operate via the sanctity. Of the confessional. This. -- written and directed by John-Michael. McDonna. Who work with the bread and police in a few years ago in a film called the guard. Two rhetoric. Picture very highly regarded highly reviewed film. John-Michael McDonald. Has a brother who's also a writer and director. Martin McDonough. -- -- Made the movie. In brutish all movie with branding issue at all what's at Ramos and don't want my favorite movies -- -- -- absolutely in love. In -- it's. All I can do not to describe. -- -- in other ways but where the only extremely current but. And I just saw those two Brothers both I guess they must when they get together a family dinners they say. While you're doing your next movie with spending lays out there and I'll use -- for my next movie he's going to be busy on your movie. On this small Irish town. Has a lot of the usual people that he asked to deal where and there's a male prostitute. Who who lost quoted in a smile down -- us who think their real job opportunities smoked them for mediocre. It's about a quantity. If you love what you do it's really work at. All there's a butcher. Whose wife is cheating on him -- he's OK with that can. Moon. She's happy. All my fears that an atheist surgeon. There is any -- serial killer. And he's his adult daughter the priests adult daughter turns out he became a priest. After. He had kids -- she's also recovering from suicide attempt and a lot going on rabbit. Well yes yes it is it is a tough -- town. This young people on the dialogue to be a bit theatrical. At times there's a lot of dark humor throughout all the bizarre stuff like -- all right Simon yeah. Ever occurred magically agrees that Brendan Gleason is outs in ending in this film one warning though. Just because it's a movie about a good priest and honest -- -- value increased. It doesn't mean this is a good movie for you to go with with your money you know -- no one gave you that nice rosary on your first two million. Articulate a hundred foot journey instead. She may be upset. I'm guessing I've not seen it but I'm guessing that the priest upon learning that the person confessing insecure woman are weak and grant him absolution. He left -- soon -- -- Sony could have that. Yeah yeah man was able to say. Will be 462. Are fathers three hundreds of hail Mary don't leave room yes all right next up is a nice day. This is. And based on the young adult novel misses our team. Cheered your we -- the fault and our stars being cancer eighteen share Jerker from earlier this summer. This one. Is about today young. Young -- delayed by Chloe grace rats. Who is an eight terrible. Automobile accident. And as soon as the accident occurs she's outside the car. Wondering what happened looking around everybody okay and then she notices. Herself. In yes. And she realized she's out of her body they put her body. In the ambulance and she decides well goal long -- so she writes the hospital with her body and this is pretty much the format of the film that. She in a coma. And her family friend's boyfriend. Parents are all. Just you know rafter upset buying this sort of thing and she's wandering around. Watching them watching the people here for her. Being distracted by that -- Right light over there and while trying to decide whether or not to grow or go to war -- no light yeah and Chloe grace aren't terrific actor she was in the remake carry last year. She was. Teen vampire and let me and she was wonderful in that. Of course. A lot of us you'll always. Be. The immortal -- girls from the kickass movie notion is amazing in those films. This is getting fairly rough review it to about it 26% on rotten tomatoes right now yeah. And while the fault and our stars earlier this summer had a female heroine who. Kinda makes fond of romantic cliches in this sort of stopped. This movie -- leans into. Hallmark movie channel harlequin and romance book area of this I would think though fans of the book. On teens who like to book will probably will enjoy this. All right we'll be back what -- are big movies hitting the big screen in the movie show cinema Bob May sandy beach hang in there my friend -- Gallo been scale. Should I keep up all 66 as a historical priests were reference of the level or should I trashing because of the -- lousy movie. I think he should keep it not only because. And the buffalo stuff that shown off from there but because. It to memento. And a very special friend and clearly you and Vincent Gallo sure. He's the only one I've ever had called me in my desk and there we got into it and he said well pardon me for being multi talented. I loved outline -- -- -- -- there oil trader for you have -- money on trade of LeBron money. Well I I don't have. I don't have brown bunny either last I heard hallucinating -- you busy buying up every known copy of guys -- As she's a lot shorter than -- remember okay big movies hitting the big screen we've talked about sin city calvary unified state next up. When the game. Stand as -- yes this is a a sports movie football film and what makes it unusual is. It's based on that -- -- just conspired. Legally. All well. -- -- sports movies that. Aren't based on a true story at all so it just seemed that asks to be added after the date on that restore this one though does a bit of a difference. It is from. Affirm. Films from some Sony's -- film late local arm well worth it. It is there are film it's firm it's their faith based. OK it's only which as you know this year. As has had a very good year and it is for real. Mom's night out of those -- came from -- -- affirm films. And of course got -- -- with another big a faith based film this year. This is the story legendary football coach. Rob lecturer merger ruler whatever he -- Let's. Deal sol high school spartans. From obscurity. To a 151. Game winning streak. That shattered records for any American sport now. It's directed by Thomas Carter. Whose first film was its kids. Thus musical Nazis set in 1939. Germany. No surprise there his biggest hit was the football league coach Carter with Sammy objects and so he's on. Familiar territory from what I understand. In in one of the scenes in the film here's hoping the halftime show. Could have some you know kids in storm trooper outfit student jitterbug but they talked about it -- -- and they kept the straight football stop. There are some. -- a rough reviews for this one so far there there most of the complaints Saito blew it too melodramatic. And manipulative. But. Much standard issue for. Sports stories based on. A true story and faith based film so this is your perfect storm of -- dramatic and manipulative. It's tricky in that for any sports film. They feel you have to have an underdog and it's only wherever sport that all you needed you you have to and under our cell in this film. This team wins 151. Games in world. And they lose. Both the field. They launched that makes them. Her dog fire approach hoping that you will win again which is kinda like really. After what are -- doing -- you know you you lose one and at the end of the world. Jim -- easel who played -- Jesus and passion of Christ for Mel Gibson there he is the coach. -- years variants. Term. And solid. And prices are curious and -- game Ricci. The them. Date -- show will be but the actual coach. And it seems like he was more like. Your uncle Lou repairs not Jimmy Carter. More -- -- and that you know we felt like somebody who you know is gonna do -- motel six commercial. But known on around him he's played in very very happy this is the film that a lot of people probably have not. Heard a lot of buyout. Promotion -- with these things so much of the marketing. Is done through churches and Christian social media. This movie could do extremely. Well this weekend and I'm going to be interested in and -- years. Now you are all knowing and let me target they have a -- garment and ask you to explain the difference between melodrama. And drama. -- -- all melodrama just over the top drama. Yet melodrama is just you must pay -- -- And that's just the Hewlett and it's over the top and it. In a melodrama. If you have somebody. Here's here's how about this this call -- if this -- it's a true story on the culture in this movie. Had a heart attack at one point. It's because this is a melodramatic movie. All it all again. Bill Scholl. The coach light a cigarette. Can get a few pops on the cigarette and then the. Camera will linger on a close up of the cigarette holders -- show and I occasionally. The roadmap. Show reactions. Somebody looking at the cigarette bank and -- on. And I. Got -- calling us is how do you think. All right he was -- us. Out of it that's relevant. Now I know oil like you know gore are now there's a big major documentary one -- -- -- alcohol are. Freshly scrubbed and sent to your eyes and yes I think it would -- like that war. You say please -- may -- experience global reform running right here nature documentary coming up I end of lemurs. Madagascar are supposed to Ireland -- employees yes the island of lemurs from Cheektowaga. Good now for -- turns out nothing lemurs and she's doing -- only hurt us this is IMAX. 3-D this is from Warner Bros. folks. Most of these nature documentaries that I'm playing -- action that has banned from Disney nature. The Warner. Crew takes it a bit more seriously I mean Morgan Freeman's pulmonary don't get all. Its not like going to church. All embarked. -- unlike that Disney films this doesn't. Give the animals cutesy names or try to put emotional human emotions on -- -- story and yeah this failed -- interesting enough on their own. Fascinating -- longer than dinosaurs which you know there are -- yeah. And they they. Follow all sorts of lemurs. Your your singing injury lemurs. You're dancing. So (%expletive) -- Your tiny mostly -- emerge on your tiny mouse lemur is one ounce you're dancing lemur fifteen pounds. That -- dancing we are seeing -- not gonna take lessons I wanna take glimmer lesson laden love that it would everybody doesn't want a dinner. I'd say nobody wants a layman -- no that's true thank you we got to show tomorrow while he still coherent. I have is remotely shows -- -- Bob thanks all of you will see you Monday morning at nine a newsreader I'm thirty W via.