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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Power of Prayer - Pastor Richard George & Beth Lenergan; IV

Power of Prayer - Pastor Richard George & Beth Lenergan; IV

Aug 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about the power of prayer and the senate this week came with just after the good news that Jim Kelly of Kelly feeling perceive this week you were talking about it with. -- Flanagan director pastoral care Roswell park cancer institute and pastor Richard George from the chapel across point. Best in Europe fifteen years at Roswell you have seen a change even telling us when it comes to prayer and the prayer involving doctors and staff. There's and one of the things that I've seen are. Is through our pastoral care department we offer a lot of services to our patients who chip -- to visit. Volunteers to bring communion in the we even -- retreat every year for her her patients feel mystical way and talk about their hopes and and to pray together but one of the things that I have seen is our stiff as -- -- continually -- cancer care students you know. I was in that clinic today we just had this conversation yesterday were one of our stance and I was in a clinic. The actor came in and actors you know they they wanna give time to our patients and their -- they go in and now move. An error are stiff member was going to leave and the doctor said. Your work is more important -- my work right now. And I've seen more more again patience saying to our staff you know all my surgeon prayed with me before surgery today my surgery today. Or the nurse held my hand in the middle of the night and prayed with me. So in my fifteen years on in in building a great stamp. Cancer care stare at Roswell. I have also seen the staff. And the administration very supportive of a career and spirituality. And faith and religion because. Spirituality faith religion career I believe gives gives people who are struggling with cancer a framework. You know two to begin with -- in to build on and find meaning and purpose and I think our our staff our surgeons or doctors or nurses. They come from different faith beliefs. But they also noted -- in this pastor -- in their scientific proof that it reduces stress. You know it it helps with other forms of healing so I have really found that together with cancer care. Stiff at Roswell. -- the whole institute in in whatever way they do I found really change in the fifteen years. The belief that their prayers powerful. Pastor George you people pray for different reasons. Not just because someone's sick I mean they hope to lottery and hope to bills when they -- sabres do better to -- dig and find a good job so. It's all about hope now hope. When people are hoping. Are they praying. Well. It might be focused thinking might be positive thinking. Prayer is actually talking to god you know just because they can and and there are some people who pretty -- -- when there's no question. I'm not sure how concerned guidance. There. Well when we pray and -- when we have answers stupor. It always did that the precursor to the -- understand is it all depends on one of so there's a verse in John 1620 forces have been to a yes nothing in my name asking shall receive that you joint shall be meaningful. So and here's their per vs us if you if you pray got to do this this. But it the precursor always is is this according to the plan because godless the very best for us. And sometimes it is I got -- songs was thank god for unanswered prayer. Because sometimes there on the troopers we have that really a much better. Those who -- -- when we thought it was about us we have I don't know in Europe was. You know the other thing too I think she is you know -- we won an immediate response from that you know when we pray. But sometimes we don't see -- inserts may be months later or years later when we really begin to reflect on this time you know and and people were -- of cancer. Here's a lot of reflection. You know on this time why did this comment this time in my life at this age that I am in the family that I he -- And is he -- in reflecting beacons meditate they say I own now I see. That this is what got hit in mind for me maybe not when I immediately wanted it this particular time. But you know I was thinking SPS service talking you know were making plans wildcats making other plans -- -- chuckling at the plans there were trying to me. Plus plus oftentimes we get focused and time. God doesn't listen to cut -- and eternity he only operates in time for our sake so -- were concerned about timing. We're concerned about it. God's concern. Very very few great points. We thank you both for coming in this morning and sharing this with us it's it's really been -- an interesting hour period inspirational. And we've had -- lanigan here director pastoral care Russell park cancer institute pastor Richard George from the chapel across point.

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