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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Power of Prayer - Pastor Richard George & Beth Lenergan; III

Power of Prayer - Pastor Richard George & Beth Lenergan; III

Aug 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about face and healing and the power of prayer this morning with two in studio guests. -- Flanagan director pastoral care at Roswell park cancer institute and pastor Richard George from the chapel across point. I'm wondering if either you can say that you've seen the power of prayer work firsthand. Well I think probably both from the skin. The solution in my own life with lung cancer three years ago cinemanow -- -- Last year and she went to run as well. She's -- as well longer. Dramatic change -- instances were we're a friend of mine was diagnosed and he's staged war. And he was going in Peru. Is they were doing some kind of test equipment gonna go through surgery. And -- actually demanded this test because they were believing he was healed. And is he went just prior to going for -- did this test and it was gone. So the biggest question people have is why doesn't happen for me this happens for some people doesn't happen for others we don't know. We only know that God's purposes and cars and he has so much season much bigger picture than we do. But of course and our own difficulties there dilemmas we tend to have agreement -- perspective all of us which is natural. Those were concerned matters if it. But god -- bigger plan and of course for those who who believe in the journal and believe in god. And going to have -- all of that he's got a big play and need to trust and things out. That's one of the places that I've been thinking about -- I have really seen the power prayer work he is. Through my staff at Russell park. Many of the I have -- chaplains and we also have a wide variety of volunteers pastoral care volunteers. Many of whom either they themselves have had cancer. Com or loved ones have had cancer. And -- com. To witness what they have experienced in terms of their very prayerful faith filled individuals who have come to be with our patients at Roswell park. So they themselves. Through their prayer has experienced healing. From cancer their loved ones have experiences and then they now -- com to share this power prayers that they -- -- themselves have experienced. With our patients with their families. And I think another place where I've seen. Hole in prayer. Is when people walk through the doors Roswell park. You know when in my very first times fifteen years ago when I was asked to do an invocation. There was some type of gathering and they wanted me to do it. And one of the things I remember saying is that I don't have to name god in this building got this year. Do you see hope you see healing come through those stories each day and you can -- Nat convince me the prayer does not have a part of that I am an agent and an entire web poll today till there's a lot of believers they really there.

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