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8-22 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- anyway we're back -- governor in my first question I have a couple of basic questions today is President Obama. Presidential. He seems to be detached that's the word most people use even though the president covering him. And some members of his own party or are even questioning whether he's mailing it -- now. -- -- mail -- at least on a couple of years left on the term and -- too much stuff going on now and the example we use US ago was that when he. -- -- gave via speech regarding. James Foley. The death of James Foley as he was beheaded by terrorists. The within a few minutes after I left the podium if there wasn't a golf cart a golf shirt driving a golf cart waving and smiling and laughing. It's you know he certainly has a right to his private moments blood you have to be more aware you have to read the room. And you know there's so disrespectful. Even though he would call the parents and talk to them. It's just doesn't seem right in this so much about him that doesn't seem right in that office first of all. You know it's started years ago certainly he didn't invent it. But weary president every once in awhile wanted to seem human. Just like you and I we know that god. The at the right around the big airplane. They have vote Secret Service protection. Whenever they want basically they get so they're not like you and I but every once in awhile they wanna show you that where just one of you we just happen to be president. This president seems to go out of his way. To present himself as the coolest guy in the room. Mr. -- I'm hip to acknowledge hip terminology. Hip facial expressions. This bump stop all that now that may be a part of him. At a may be perfectly normal for him to do it but it just doesn't look presidential. It would be like seeing the president in a -- in the Rose Garden it doesn't it doesn't play right. And so -- -- in him do you expect. A man. Or a woman whoever ends up as president. To be in charge income man. Be able to loosen his tie every once in awhile maybe occasionally take but did not like this this is too much. So I say ditched I hit stuff and get an -- the heavy lifting. This seems to be good to meet a guy -- one of the job. 'cause it comes to a lot of perks he loves to use that plane. They also loves the used the helicopter. It's a travel around all over the world bring the family would you. This is like a winning supermarkets waves but he doesn't really seem to wanna do that heavy lifting -- doesn't wanna do the of the hard work. He's been bitch -- by so many times one point leaves office of the get a divorce from. Obama I mean when you see those two on. Stage it can't be a bigger. A bigger disparity that -- all of like. Here's pollutants steely eyed ex KGB. And here's our school president ago where happy he's on the same stage. So that's the first question was -- I don't want is this. Regarding the beheading of James Foley. I mean we are as we like to think of ourselves anywhere civilized people. It is so difficult to to even comprehend. Losing a son. A fellow worker somebody who might know -- to death under any circumstances. But to to lose them to decapitation. Is another story and and if you're overly sensitive maybe. -- you wanna tune out for a few minutes because I I do wanna set the stage for the second question. And it's so they can be tough I can tell you that right now. If you think of of execs who -- where you know decapitation -- place he usually think of something like the guillotine. Where boom it's over done that Blake comes down and and you are gone that's it instantly. This wasn't like that. I'm James Foley was in an orange -- Jumpsuit. And he was made to Neil. And he read a prepared statement obviously. And the executioner was standing behind him looking like he was fifteen feet tall because Foley was -- And at one time. The exclusion or takes him by the hair. Pulls his head back and then doesn't cut his head -- He saw as his head he's got a big knife in his back and forth back and forth back aboard and still is that is detached. And not only did you see that if you sought on social media. But later they oppose the picture. With the body lying down if you know what would have been faced down. And his head placed on his back. This is terrorism to the nth degree this is as bad as it gets. And and and so this is what it is. Now I read an article which I have nearby James robins. There in USA today. He's the -- There the real Custer and go from -- general the tragic hero he's a border contributors a member of USA today and he brings -- average -- point. There have been these kinds of executions world for a time no question about that. But the problem -- that reporters are having now is in the past before social media. The terrorist rely. On reporters. To get the word out of how bad -- that war. And the things that we're willing to do in the name of whatever they they they choose to do it in the name okay. The reporters were required they're the ones that did that the newspaper stories or whatever. But keep in mind. The reporters no matter how bad the story. They may have a a picture of it is going to show that it might show something was -- -- show what I just described. And television they would never show that however now guess what. The terrorists don't need those reporters anymore according to this article it right because now they have the Internet. Not only can they post whatever they want and it can get pulled down but usually it's up there before everybody knows it. And word gets around and it's got a gazillion hits and it pardon the expression goes viral. And then they pull it down to pull it off but you cannot always see the picture. You can see the actual beheading. You can actually see the -- it was videotape for you. To scare you. To make you fearful. And that's why they did it so now. They don't have to worry about offending reporters and I'm not reporting because they don't -- -- go directly into your home. -- the living room where every have a computer they can go on the right -- they can go on your iPod. They can go into the library computer can be anywhere. And that's what they're -- that's what they you have as an advantage now so reporters are more danger than ever others. I -- the bottom line is. I wanna know from you. Are you an accomplice to this. Dude did you view of the be having on line. Now I don't expect a lot of people would call me today NC idea. It was morbid curiosity just desired view an automobile accident as I'm going by. Just as I I I attended view and watch things that perhaps I wish I had watched. But did you watch the -- heading online because of both the video and the pictures were available. There right there and what did you do to make sure your kids didn't see it. Because believe -- kids can manipulate the computer -- you can and they have the same equipment you do. As far as getting access to this but I would just like to know because before social media we'd have to worry about that but now we do. So that took questions that I have before the break is Obama presidential. Or is he detached bored to death and doesn't wanna do the lifting. That's my impression them a guy who one of the trappings of the presidency didn't wanna do the work. And did you view the bee headings alive. On television. The -- it actually a James Foley it was gruesome. To think about what happened to this this man. And apparently. The idea ice this group thinks that this is great publicity for them because it'll make people even more afraid of them -- are. He remind Chuck Hagel Defense Secretary is said. But there are more of a danger than al-Qaeda was before 9911. So that's that's what they got their heavily funded. And their plain and simple evil people. And we have to learn to deal witness and -- alert to a we'll take a break we'll be back we're more -- beach company and newsreader and I'm thirty W via got two questions as you is a President Obama presidential. Now you know everybody has their own style. In every once in awhile as we said the president wants to look human below. A Bill Clinton remember a win on Arsenio hall's show and played the saxophone and and that's fine that's cool running wrong -- that. But I think this president is is the least presidential I've ever seen. He is detached there's not much question about that doesn't seem like he's engaged. And the bottom line is yesterday. -- there was a actually drove a golf cart. Right after the announcement. About the of the heading. But James Foley. I I don't know -- really don't at least stay out of the public view for a couple of hours may -- think. That you have some real concern -- just read something somebody wrote for. And that's -- that's where it is ID I think the next two years were just treading water here hopefully we keep our head above it. They and did you view the beheading. Of James Foley. If you're dead that's exactly what they want -- -- do. They meaning crisis and other terrorist groups because they'd be hating itself was there was real video. There was via a still shot -- of his head. After having been removed. Placed on his back. It's gruesome it's it's awful. But that's what they that's exactly what they want and I wanted to know if you -- it. Now I don't think a lot of people are gonna step forward Tony. And say yeah now I saw it. But I think a lot of people that and I wish I wish there was a counter like they have on you know YouTube when you're going to have -- -- examining hits -- that. I'd love that were comparable stores I've got a lot of people view. Yeah especially since has been posted on FaceBook competitor. I unfortunately saw the picture I wish I hadn't just the prejudice you have video right just the Victor in fact that -- at a picture of for a I've read the accounts the picture. Really looks a fake because we're not used to seeing anything like that does something animal or god don't we don't wanna get used to earlier. Let's go to two Jim Lancaster general on WB again. Just in the Europe for the war would Obama. Okay the way I perceive it is there where there shimmering body his words in positions to Mitchell. And -- -- not just the first time. Illegal substance which he says by the actions they don't they just don't Mitchell. And though it's almost plate. He's inconvenience he hit that while the year. In more or less say something about some situations whether it's go overseas. -- different parts of the world or the treaty is there at the completion recently. He he's not comfortable with that you can see it you know you know people -- can't -- You know that the do you mean they can't I -- on which they tried. You know people pretty much to read through this so and it it would respect. -- -- instinctive. You know you -- it is his -- positions. Got and it's almost not all presidents have speechwriters we know that and they all have helped and that's fine no I'm not probable that. But some women -- reading the words you know that they mean what those words say but as you just said. He's just walking through it it's almost like somebody. Who doesn't need the credits just hanging around a classroom waiting to graduate he's gonna graduate in two years. Meanwhile we need a leader we don't need a figurehead we need somebody that can actually do the job and I don't think he he's intrusive and it anymore. You would go up there he's just going to emotions on the other question okay did not watch the video. Well to -- pretty good with the way -- sounded interesting to -- used to suffered very painful. Tragedy and loss of the trial. I'm a warning him. OK when the Brownfield who was interviewed. OK. That they -- hit mentioned that you'll be fine piece. When you officers behind bars. Now the it implies a judgment. In all -- with the perception of justices. On the other hand the -- always feel they spoke about their son. They never once indicated any kind of judgment or justice or anything if anything. They spoke with a certain -- There -- fill in the blank uninteresting news what Marines and one keenly. In her thought process to think one way in and all the field -- suffering just equally -- The thinking of all the way to graceful way. They didn't see anything that iPhone did that the -- people wrong immoral -- -- They didn't even say it'll be evil it was will be hit them here and to be headed their son. Another in the -- he'll -- it was a creativity you know situation with two people are young man in office who were reacting as that are responding. And it it would -- it was pure the essence of evil. Well -- and day here's the deal he was doing his job which was reputable he wasn't confronting anybody -- -- he was just a photojournalist. And and then they they did this to him on the other case as somebody put themselves in -- in a danger zone and a dangerous situation. And a bad thing happen and that's what happens if you if you go into an area habits that are going to be a dangerous to your. To your health and welfare thank you. I I I would tell you that of Foley's family remarkable. How they could the mother father was there. How they could stand before a microphone in and answer reporters' questions and give their statements is that it took remarkable strides remarkable. I can tell you right now I would not have been able to do that. Because they -- how difficult it is to lose a child under any circumstances. Any okay. Imagine. Losing a child like that. Knowing exactly that the world saw his final ago moments. His final guests of the year. And then you've got some hooded clown. Standing above him. Trying to is trying to make the US -- I hope they find them and I hope they find them sewn but then of course people be worried about if he goes to -- or something that's the other air conditioning. Mean that's the way it'll work it into urine he should never make it to get more sniper should take -- well some things should take -- tea that but the basic thing with terrorists now they don't need reporters anymore. They can go online they impose the videos much better than it reporters ever going to be able to do right. In if you're if you're a terrorist is as a way to really make your enemy cower let's show them I'll be heading. Because that I used to that. There was as we know it Leno hoddle how to deal out terrorism. So I'd like to hear from you always President Obama presidential. Not quite. And did did you view. They be having on line on those radio 930 WB. The back of Beijing company's president Obama's facing a lot of criticism because of the load the the seeming lack of sensitivity to this be heading. A bounce of around on his golf cart smiling waving to the crowd please. -- -- if you have to but he's become more presidential William a lot of via the office of the presidency. Is ceremonial a lot of it is image. A lot of his -- is its optics we want a man in charge we don't want somebody is already retired. Who decided this was a great job I wanted it because they got a lot of goodies out of it -- my name will be a ministry books but to actually have to do any work. I have to doing heavy lifting. Will it require me to get myself off the golf course from time to time now practically every president has played golf OK I understand that. But there has to be a time. When it seems like your work because of the importance. Of what's going on and don't lecture me about. Well you know what he's on Air Force One on -- wherever he goes. It's like being at the White House yeah as he has all of the equipment he needs to do the job properly. The that maybe it'll actually true. But I'm just telling you when you look at that you don't get the look of a man in charge of this great country of ours. Like your opinion doesn't look presidential does -- act presidential I don't -- -- And also did you view of the having the reason -- game. If you view but it because an article here by via a James Robbins says that in the past it would have been bad business for terrorists who. Decapitate a journalist because the journalists of the once again the message out about the terrorists. They are the ones that of a post the pictures and these stories -- whatever. But now with the Internet they don't need the journalists and -- it's it's it's a simple case of that. Plus the Internet you compose anything a lot more graphic than you could ever he still Fryman in a newspaper and on television. So now they can go directly -- what I want and off they got through audio on this first attempt. Like this. They've been captivating people for a long time this is a lovely little thing that they do to their enemies. But where it's brutal was that we wanna keep it was let's go to John in Niagara Falls John you're on W via. I morning -- I. I would -- prefer not to watch that video because site. -- what do you see there I think it like almost like seared into your brain tumor. And I watched the death. JFK get assassinated on the computer bill. And I don't rule which I didn't watch that because he'd like to close my eyes right now I could see it in front of me. And it will you know stomach turning and I think it diminishes you when you watch something like. -- you can't you cannot ring the bell once you've seen it you've seen that and that's what they're hoping -- hoping that by seeing that it will add more. Uncertainty to your life it'll it'll make things a less comfortable in the United States. Definitely definitely and I need to wait about you know the really -- people he could get like copycat. Out there. Well they -- copycats there because they have -- fanatics -- themselves -- with all original members of the cast a EI -- and the one thing is. When you see a horrific acts. Like you just mentioned JFK's assassination in this the -- decision it's not like it is in the movies the movies we know it's fake. And oftentimes it's sanitized when somebody gets shot. You know what we have a clutch suggests may fall to the ground I don't I don't know how many people out there are seeing somebody who's actually been shot it's not it's not pretty. -- that bullying. All right thank you much -- -- Yeah we know we think of of movies like this -- impart things slow motion. You know NBC the bullet coming down your faults of madame. Ask anybody who's seen somebody that shot the bullet doesn't come out the same way one hand I can tell you that right now especially. Depending on what got ammunition you're using it can be horrific. But that's what we have now. We have anything can be put on line. Nobody has to approve it nobody has added that they can just post it now I understand that some of the sites pulled. That that video. Blood my understanding is it was readily available for a long time. And once it's downloaded its download is a little late to close the barn door now Tony. A you know -- -- follow social media almost as much as I do to close a closer. Pardon him having a private laugh OK and I heard that some of them -- And some of them didn't. Is so basically. It's first come first serve. It's there people sought and before can be pulled off totally I'm sure as many people wanna see it's on already. Even the still photo is very disturbing. And I told -- why I saw accidentally. And I wish I hadn't ended in -- bothered me the rest of the day but that's just don't bother me. That's what is supposed to do. So weakened we can have ethics of people. We can have editors. We can have overseers as to what the media publishes what the media. A puts out the information that that is disseminated but the bottom line is you really can't control imminent. If they wanna put on the gonna put -- him believe me if they have a successful one they're gonna continue to do. And that this is the kind of thing that as they said they wouldn't have done perhaps or would have been very difficult for them to do to kill the messenger. Would be the reporter but now they don't need the messenger. We know bad government wants and has been looking at ways to regulate the Internet. Do you think that this video or something like would be the jumping off point or the excuse yes this is why we need to do it and I give them -- push. Forward that's a good point because they could do it under the guise of national security. In other words if if terrorists are using the Internet. And helping to accomplish their goals. I think that some will jump up and say we've got to control it more than in his control now the problem as. You know I'm no expert on the Internet but I do know it's international. So even if we want to control it. And you hear about like red China shutting down web sites and things like this. But I don't know if we have total control if we want to shut it down tomorrow I don't know if we could. I know as a sentinel expert. But that's how they would come about it. By saying it's a matter of security. Usually if it's a matter of national security -- -- a lot of other things. As we've seen with the Patriot Act or whatever we'll take a break we'll be back with more we wanna know. Is Obama presidential. I don't think so Ed did you view the -- having online will be back after. As big a company got two questions is Obama presidential. He's being hammered. By you have people in his own party people who would normally be hammering him for something else and everybody in between. Because while every perceived lack of sensitivity. Regarding the beheading. One moment he's behind the podium. Telling you how -- the the act is. And you know you blink and you'll lookup from the area is on a golf cart driving waving and smiling. Now you know president should certainly be able to have leisure time vacation time that's that's fine they evolved on that they all golf. I don't know any that don't. But the bottom line is you got to read the -- little bit better and that. As I said that's like doing shtick at the at the coffin while idea of funeral procession is is going on just totally tone -- when he got the only four for his. Kathleen says. All let's condemn mr. Obama for taking a vacation just like every other president would ignore the fact that he is taking fewer days than others have. Let's compare mr. Obama's manner of dress in the Oval Office. -- and on truth about mr. Reagan's manner of dress mr. Obama is presidential. Each needs to shut his mouth water pool. I. And my craftsmen. And hook up but not -- that's funny and -- thank you is Kathleen Kathleen thank you Kathleen for the go for the post because you know I try to tell people that there are. Well folks like you out there and many mogul believe it so that when you do post something thank you for reinforcing. The the already stated position. What a tool to have -- I've ever been -- all the tool before federal gravel lot worse and I'm sure in camp and got -- better that I mean c'mon -- education Welsh yeah. Did he says push continue reading to school aged children when the Twin Towers went down and then moved on to golf. First of all -- you seemed to forget. That he was reading to very young children. And he did not want to alarm them that he would suddenly just because they weren't used to that sort of thing a new wave. They weren't used to a teacher or somebody reading to them just leaping up and and run up the door so we finish that up and it's pretty pathetic. I I hate to tell you but we're long past George Bush's presidency. The -- -- it and like -- -- dollars to a but if you want a stack up with more presidential. It's not even a contest it really isn't. So you can you can portray bush anyway you want but the bottom line is George Bush and his wife had class. And they and he tried to do as best he could to be presidential. This clown that we have in there now and -- pardon me if I referred Imus club because I might be insulting Bozo. Or jingles or whatever whoever the clown is that your favorite. This person seems to have no interest in actually doing the job. He had a lot of interest in getting the job but that he doesn't have much interest in doing it. He'd far he'd -- Iraq he'd be much -- just read whatever they given to read and then beyond his merry way. If so we're gonna have a long two years left. Two years plus of this -- please we can't put this country on hold. While he decides it's not worth this time he seems that that she seems a little he seems to think he's the smartest guy in the building and -- a feeling he isn't. And auto employees -- org or call. Sandy says it all my years I've never seen a president with such disrespect for our country he would rather be golfing going on talk shows. And hanging out with Jay-Z and beyoncé he's pathetic. I think is exactly right he loves the trappings of the presidency. Yeah it's an invite your favorite entertainers in the area have a dinner. Let's do that let's get Colombia on Air Force One he loves Air Force One. Also Marine One let's check out that helicopter ride but as far as rolling up his sleeves and getting something done. -- Even people around him are seeing it now yeah I don't know if we can afford another two years let's -- -- gets totally gorgeous steps down. Oh god and we have Biden. And that's a choice. That's like a choice between bombing and diarrhea. Let's go to whistler Fred Lewis and -- -- on WB. You've got me laughing so much I'm almost forgetting what I wanted to say. On Roger laughing for a what do you think about this is that is he presidential and did you watch. Having having of course not the Indians in the hand -- BS his way through life. All of those lines I mean it is total life it's obvious. Isn't the only reason and that he. Got to elected was because. Our art our schools aren't she -- teaching political correctness and standoff. Com how our government works. Or why we need -- you each portion of our government at Sakura. This guy is the Biggest Loser group of falls on our country and I mean he is -- loser. Since how well I've been born and I ally and I was more of 42. So it's been a long time. These I think you will go down in history your history always as a judge the president -- vehicle breathing time. As -- as one of if not the worst president there may have been a worst president before our lifetime but. Boy in my lifetime and and I've been around a long time to I've never seen anything like -- to and you're right you're right he -- his way ahead. We weren't enlightened we wanted to hear about hope and change we wanted to show the world how. I'll open we were by electing a black man and we got this disaster. As approach here. Thank you thank you very much disasters the best way I can use to explain it. -- people before. People who you know it happens it happens. When people have a a great sense of themselves. And not in a positive manner. They think of beyond being the smartest person in the room. They think that they don't have to do that heavy lifting that everybody else has to do because there -- naturally superiors are more gifted. They get things done now out of sheer will or or charm. But if you look at his history in this basically six years he's a -- and there. What has he done. He hammered Obama care -- through congress by your cajoling or bribing or threatening people. And you see what a disaster this is -- aren't they got that and he's not getting things done. In the last two years that he wants to get done I think especially immigration that will. Did not get get done. And he he wants the thing he came in and made a substantial change. Two America and he had he's right about that. And I'll tell you why he's right about that is sadly as it is we are not held in the same esteem we always were held. Now they see a weakling. At the -- in the Oval Office and that's what he has. He is the kind of guy that is really good at the job interview not so good -- the job. And that's a that's not good that's not good because we put him in their four years at a time we got two more years. The world is is that are coming down around our shoulders right now and this is this is the man we have been charged it's sad it's pathetic. Look at ex military people. Very high -- four star general last night say why did they ever release the information on the failed a sales -- He can't understand that to save them and others just raise their eyebrows and say that's a political decision not a military one. Pretty sad for it he said. Next up. So Bobby has back together again sort of above insanity just like you always want a step right up get your tickets show begins in a few minutes.

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