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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Power of Prayer - Pastor Richard George & Beth Lenergan; II

Power of Prayer - Pastor Richard George & Beth Lenergan; II

Aug 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More and about the power of prayer. With our two and studio guests pastor Richard George with the -- cross -- in Amherst. And -- love again Beth who's director of pastoral care at Roswell park cancer institute and like both of you to weigh in the bill on the of the Jim Kelly. A situation you know people look for answers to struggles. And then they turn to religion spirituality. And that there must be a difference now between spiritual healing and physical healing or in the case of Jim Kelly. He was struggling with sinus cancer and the outlook was not bright suddenly. We get encouraging news. Following -- -- regiment of chemotherapy. And radiation. And he has been almost declared cancer free pending the results of biopsies now but this is really given his family. The boost that he was looking for and that came after he appealed for prayers. Beth you wanna go first well. One of the things that I I really believe that it is to defeat cancer whether -- an individual or an institute like Russell park it takes -- community it takes more than one person. And I think -- prayer for Jim Kelly bad -- you know pray for twelve at twelve the whole phenomenon that we witnessed. It's been very amazing I believe you know social media was a great vehicle for people to register their support for the Kelly family. And to get involved in theory deeply meaningful way as I mentioned earlier everyone can pray. You know no matter what your faith tradition is whatever your spiritual belief is ever -- can offer. A prayer for another individual and in -- we really look at the F phenomenon how it's spread in Allen and each day you know hearing. You know please pray and in prayer is what's giving us hope and prayer is what's keeping us going and in prayer does on it it offers an end is pastor was saying that. You know spirituality. And prayer can -- your spirits. There is more. Healing is a very big word now so you know healing you know we all want physical healing. But is were churning through their physical healing and there is -- other kinds of healing there's emotional healing -- on spiritual healing there's healing of -- inner conflict that we must deal. Killing of relationships. -- cancer diagnoses brings people together. And you know and again we begin to question you know what it's their purpose in life you know why are we here is their higher power. I'm an all those questions that churn with an ounce can bring about healing. So this whole phenomenon of of people. I'm coming together and hearing you know are being asked to pray. Has been a very powerful. I believe very powerful experience to witness to be part of and everyone can be about did it because to defeat to defeat this disease cancer it it takes more than one person as I mentioned it takes. Takes community in the communities family its friends it's our church. In the community at large and it's what we've been witnessing and the pastor Richard George. You talk to us about the Kelly share -- their family pastor. Well. Good friend of others. Meet with him occasionally and children. And guns give me the privilege of being part of their life. There are fabulous people. Koreans and of course -- that injections transition easily missed. He lived his life. Now he's seeking to loosely -- for god and and though because relationship with Christ and you know funeral and talk to anybody about prayer probably Jill Kelly. This is the greatest expression. You know prayer is simply talking to. It's conversation with god I don't think it requires being an expert talked to god. -- older I'm sure there are seminars. And teachings all over the place on how to Korean on the -- and what's really just talking to god god it was a heart. And and he knows there are those in need and got answers prayer. In different ways sometimes he says yes sometimes pieces. Yes but -- hope because maybe -- and he'll be here but it will mean even when his unit. And sometimes he says no because. -- -- -- and so people know that often worked together from good to those who have gone to those with consequent whose purpose -- it's gonna say everything works together for it. And the next verses that might be protesting conformed in the justice on so in our opinion -- trying to make this more like Jesus that's been jailed and vigilance. He's trying to -- morally Jesus and ordered to do that he wants us to converse with him is he communicates with -- us he wants that bond. And sometimes we don't get the healing physical healing we work in this world. But we will receive it they're going to see hunter again fully hole. Which is fabulous hope the -- mentioned hope earlier earlier hope acronym. The holding hands praying expectant. Nobody indoors without hope -- gives you that that link from the present for the future. Consume -- it's always better from Iran it's always -- her father Jim and -- have that. And and that's why they're so strong and that's why Kelly strong sources that you looked like you wanna say something. Now I entirely agree I said there -- of this whole notion of hope and and its we never want to take a patient's. Or families hope away immunity it's one of the key elements that I think in terms of prayer when I was thinking about it this conversation. Lot of her are her patience and our families you know they've mentioned to us this is champions have gone in our visitors have gone and -- don't know how to pray. You know it's been a long time you know -- bit since I have approached. You know my god bless whoever their status or whatever that passes and you know as cancer I mentioned you know prayers is opening up your heart to god. You know western religions when you look at Judy isn't Christian Islam. There is a relational god. You know -- formed a relationship with -- with his family with his people and you know when you think of your relationships -- you do you talk with one another. You know when you listen to another in and sometimes you're disappointed in some time here. You know we're waiting for the audience that it doesn't come immediately but but we can opener hurt so we can opener our minds and our so. And that's the spirituality. It's you know it's it's it's moving beyond. That what is the ordinary. You know it's looking deep. Inside ourselves and into really looking at who we are and what we believe and I think prayer house -- -- reflection meditation whenever. Richer world that there may be your religious belief brings you to. To sitting in meditating out in beautiful world that we have you know in trying to connect with god spirituality. In prayer and healing you know goes there to the early early beginnings of religion. You know people planning to connect to what their experience of the -- isn't and that's what prayer -- it's connecting to. Something beyond the ordinary here and I and I think it's what we've seen in this phenomenon.

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