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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Power of Prayer - Pastor Richard George & Beth Lenergan; I

Power of Prayer - Pastor Richard George & Beth Lenergan; I

Aug 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No the powerful the power of prayer the power of prayer as in fighting cancer. The family of Jim Kelly received some very encouraging news this week. A -- have been asking for prayers from fans and from every one. When his sinus cancer was really meant to air and the future was really not looking bright. Let's talk about the power of prayer and all of our two in studio guests. Pastor Richard George was with the shuffle across -- her stand. -- lanigan director of pastoral parents to the RPC. Let's start to with few. When people talk about the power of prayer. What do you tell them doesn't really work. How do you networks. I think -- can be a very powerful tool for patience or any patients suffering cancer or an illness. I think prayer and spiritual connectedness can be incredibly comforting. He can be very productive for families. Were affected by cancer and -- the one of the things that prayer does for individuals accuser individuals have patients -- families hope. Hope this in the areas of four letter word but hope is very powerful world the word. -- hope is very powerful vetted it helps us through life's challenges and in cancer is an incredible challenge channel for the patients and families and loved ones. I'm -- for the community and down what we have found this that we can never take. We should never take hope away from our families so I think prayer. In gathering of people to gather ritual. Is so important for our our families and I have found that. Everyone can pray it doesn't matter what religion you are. It doesn't matter what you were belief system is. If you were for person that does not necessarily believe in a higher being. You can cause you can ask for comfort and peace. For that person that is requesting it or their person who's experiencing man is -- journey with cancer. So I think prayer is a -- Or prayer is a ritual prayers and expressions that that everyone can do in prayer brings everybody together. Pastor Richard George from the chapel across point. Tell us about the power of prayer and anywhere you've seen it. Well first of all being ministered for 36 years you've seen them over and over again this is the life blood really of living Christian life and certainly in all your religions it's it's critical piece as an affect scientifically. That are there's a doctor in -- whose. Clinical advancements recently regarding. The fact that there's 47 different scientific advantages. To per. Of what takes place in the brain activity wise. Terms one of -- for happiness with us encouragement when it. Actually can do regarding dimension -- things diseases and apparently even some possibility of reversals. Especially. But certainly seeing evidence. Three years ago I personally lung cancer. Question my wife had breast cancer. So -- whom come home to roost. You know families so. It's very powerful thing and as -- said it all has to do with it much with historical. Obvious his conversation with a holy god. Who wants -- -- us and so he talks to us through what he reveals to us certain Arab League from scripture and that we talked to him and terror.

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