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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Latest on Ferguson - Steve Futterman

Latest on Ferguson - Steve Futterman

Aug 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WB in his time 652. What happened last night and Ferguson Missouri let's get an updates CBS news correspondent Steve government. Is live in Ferguson this morning. Good morning it was another quiet night's second straight relatively calm night in Ferguson last night seven or rent. The night before six somewhere so things have really come down there war people marching chanting but their numbers are are much lower and that. The number of police on the street was for lower yesterday and they're just seemed to be at different mood. Maybe it's that people just. You know worn out thereof. There are there emotions and they they just don't have the energy to march every night but there's definitely a change and the top of the street last by the street worthy demonstrations have been taking place since they opus again it's been blocked off peak at last that they allowed were trapped practical. To go look through and got it just gives another indication of that that things are beginning to change. And then although Lucas and problems are over this aspect of this issue that is becoming sort of moot point. But Steve we hear that right now the Saint Louis area was delaying your with a few ways of RO local folks that are pretty uncertain on hopeful this will contribute to may be trouble this weekend. You know you can never make any predictions. And of course that the weakened homes and other people who work we were to come down their. It might come down as well is that there's a way to make predictions that the key thing that officials are saying that they're hoping that nothing. New concept that will get people upset remember last Friday we can go today. The police released that video of Michael brown and neck and the well what is believed to Michael Brown at their convenience store publicly taking some cigars I believe. And many people thought that was just totally and there was that the supporters of Michael Brown called it character assessment assassination. That got many people upset as long as we don't have something like that happened or something similar to that happen. I think police are fairly confident that that you're gonna be OK this we can't. Is there are some worry though about Monday they could be a flash point Mondays the funeral of Michael brown and a five point in the Al sharpton's coming to. That's right he will be deeply it's good to look at the main eulogy at the at the church the church and not back close to Ferguson felt so. Bigger gonna be that different area I think the the police still overall. Fuel that the worst is probably over unless there's should be justice sparks just a lot of anger. She's. One last question for you any news at all. Leaking out of these grand jury or proceedings looking for evidence in the police shooting of Michael Brown. It's a bit too early for that were on being a reporter were all hoping for leaks it's habitually talk that the injury. I just beginning your evidence yesterday and we we're told is going to be sometime before it's yours all the evidence. This square injury essentially meet once a week so it's not going to be the only thing. When people your ticket to October I think people want to buy it just underneath every day you know it it basically what a week. They might except that your twice shall we return to we can we need to buck that that the schedule right now I don't think much has or the week out at least in the the first. Stage or so. There is some concern amongst. Supporters of Michael Brown they can now like the county prosecutor here. It is Bob McCullough and that they feel that he is not the right person to leak investigation. His father was a police officer who was killed on duty by an African American church and the people who support Michael broke straight. There's too many similarities sued to that in into the incidents and that they just don't feel that right person however. You're not actually presenting the evidence of the grand jury has to get he's doing that and what it looked at the insult to African American. All right Steve thank you for the update this morning. Take care that CBS news correspondent Steve fadiman lines in Ferguson Missouri.

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