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8-21 Tom Bauerle Hour 4

Aug 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Welcome you. If they -- -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. Yeah. Tom hourly -- -- home. Let them back in the economic environment not making enough. Coming up right welcome. It's -- its local capital got to start. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom -- remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for her -- And I'm thirty W yeah. I'll read it is at ten minutes after such good news -- 930 WB yet it is cowardly with you and if -- you largest joining us some interesting developments have happened today New York's 81 of all. I have posted a photograph from a trail camera. In east. And let -- get -- the background story on this. Of course I encourage an invite people to -- things from a page that. You guys find interest in -- This is an email I received. About a guy who lives in East Aurora but it's not from a guy who sign has been destroyed. Quote in short. This guy has had several repeal the safe -- signs vandalized. The guy from Westchester who had his signed stomped on by his local police last year let this guy in East Aurora the same trail -- It worked again. The guy in east a Rorer reported yet the vandalism to local police who found the guys. It appears the guy confessed and will be charged with a class a misdemeanor. I think there's also a civil rights violations that needs to be considered end of email quote. And I have put a photograph up from the -- camp of the guy allegedly. Defacing the sign in East Aurora. I have to say allegedly because until somebody is convicted or pleads guilty. The state alleges. And this man is entitled -- -- day in court. Or a defense. Just that you're. By his photograph is up. And this would be a -- exclusive. Well actually I did shirt -- Richard from media and -- -- arms dot com site. But. -- do you have -- us now from the commercial. That I had to play before John. If you didn't hear this before. And you go to my FaceBook page and you see the picture of this guy allegedly defacing the anti NY safe sign. I want you to take are not look at the picture all right -- his face. You see his glasses now what you -- go down. Down down okay use you see what he's wearing. When I saw that picture my very first thought was. I -- the. The cotton test proved normal life why didn't saving more and more to incorporate fully -- nine. The -- from the 1970s. Which -- interest me because. I didn't think women cared about their body here anywhere in the 1970s. Although I've long since thrown away the photographic evidence I used to hide my. Mattress now what else do we have. All. Stealing and why safe sides has become a new pastime for some people especially in -- one. Meadow drive this was a story that we talked about yesterday on my FaceBook page. And the longer the short of it is. That in north -- Wanda. This would be the Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. So Tuesday night into yesterday morning. Meadow drive. In north got to wonder. South meadow drive to be specific. Eight to ten signs. Calling for the repeal. Of NY safe. Were stolen. As we get closer to the election folks. This is going to become more and more common. Because -- almost thugs. It is. Cuomo is thugs will be out in force. To try to get these signs awful lawns. So that people are reminded daily. Of what it unconstitutional. Political club and coral rock us ball Andrew Cuomo where's. So please. If you have a home security -- If you have a trail care. If you have a motion activated -- for. Habit trades on your side. So that in the future. If what are these huge bags. Comes to your home to steal your son. That we get them on video. We get screen captures. And I can put them up on my FaceBook page. Because I think it's important. That we identify these people. Who want to deprive you of your right to put it political sign -- your front law. And put nothing past Andrew Cuomo. The man is pops with arms and Rolex. Mill arms and likes by the way. To further insult your intelligence as a resident of this state. Sandy beach alluded to -- earlier in wanted to show us this week the attorney general of this state is -- of the name of Eric Schneider. I've told you before -- Letterman is to the left of Andrew Cuomo -- snyderman is to the left of Karl Marx. Every day. Without fail. He sends out press releases to media outlets. This state talking about. What his office is doing his primary job is to get his name out across that works great because -- ball. Is gone church Letterman wants to be the next governor of New York State. Today's big announcement. From -- Letterman is. AG Schneider men and controller monopoly amounts arrest and indictment. Of defendant accused of theft. Of over 50000 dollars in New York State pension benefits. Now I'm not saying that's not important. But with all of press releases. Bearish. Puts out. I have not seen. -- press release. Mentioning the Portland commission. If you wanna talk about investigating corruption. Mr. attorney general of New York State election -- Why don't you look at your or opt partner in crime. -- ball ball. Who called bird dogs off the Borland commission. Where that trail of corruption started leaving that Cuomo and his cronies. And that is why I did the monologue earlier today. About why it is so important for you. To register. To vote. As fast as you possibly can and to get as many people as you possibly are able to get to register to vote. If you are -- registered Democrat or you can get register as a Democrat in time to vote. On primary day what you wanna do is vote against -- Because that will strip Andrew Walpole of one of his coveted lions. In his reelection bit. So that is the strategy but I can't possibly register as a Democrat jury can't. And that can change it later which major political party affiliation not like it's locked in -- I'm an independent I used to be Republican until John McCain than that I said are you serious and that I do sit. Down with you guys. That being said. I will be voting for -- no. To. Slow down the rock. And I want to joy in the satisfaction. I've -- Andrew global politically destroyed at the molecular level this fall. It's a long wrote. It is not insurmountable. Think about all gun owners you know who are pissed off and Andrew Cuomo. Think of everybody in your family. Who's pissed off and Andrew -- think about the business people in New York State. Who are having better tax dollars used. So -- Cuomo can buy ads in other states with his name of course and welcome to the new New York. Where he's offering tax breaks to companies to come and to compete with your company. Eddie -- great because they won't be paying the kind of taxes that you are playing an. An interesting up -- all realizes that this has lead to New York because hike exits. Otherwise why would asbestos is the -- appearance sake we're gonna reduce your taxes. Does anybody see how absolutely. Brain dead that is there's another word for but it's highly affected some people. But it -- -- our car but is. It also inconsistent. I thought. People like Andrew Cuomo. Didn't believe the corporate welfare. And here we have corporate welfare. Not only that. It's it's just bald faced hypocrisy. How do you say that taxes don't affect businesses. When the primary goal of this program to get businesses -- to New York State the primary way you -- it actually is to cut taxes for newcomers. While the established businesses. Can't get a break infect you -- your tax collectors out to establish businesses like hair salons in restaurants. And I guarantee you. You order a hair salon -- foremost bugs come you're gonna pay at least a thousand dollars. If you own a successful restaurant. You're gonna be ready to check for twenty to 30000 dollars they will find twenty to 30000 dollars worth a final stop in your restaurant. If you've got a big enough -- a smaller place 5000. I hear this day in and day out from small business people in New York's great Cuomo is thugs going out. Whether it's the Health Department whether it is the state tax people the licensing people they go out their job is to raise revenue. And what an insult losers. The established businesses of New York State. But again folks it -- speaks for corruption. Of Andrew Cuomo hit it speaks to the absolute bankruptcy. Of his political. Strength of his political. Ideology. And it's just nauseating. I just putting some wise acre comments -- my FaceBook page regarding women and the seventies and body here. As far as AccuWeather is getting -- concern -- John you're looking at me you'll you weren't alive -- job you don't know the trauma it was just. You don't know we had to go through. Take that as you will now WB Ian David Bell would be out. Actually is going to be doing the show for me to morrow. And WB -- You know I was tempted to replay the Jack Webb as Joseph Friday bit on the life. Of a police officer what would you be horribly offended if I went down another road today. And I just totally said screw Ferguson. And forget about talking about cops and robbers. In all this nonsense. -- It seems like it's been forever. Seems like it's been an -- actually. Since I've been able to provide your. With anything. Even remotely. Resembling. A happy ending. And I have a question for you. And I'd like you to start calling in now with the answer to actually two questions. I said -- happy and number one. Blocked did you sell. Or get rid of all those years ago. And you still. Regret it. I have a story that is gonna knock your socks off doesn't involve -- it involves a -- of I am stunned by what this man had and by what he soul. And I've got to this day he wishes he had back. -- today it's probably about a half million dollar item seriously. Hit think wild west. So you have it you sold it and you wistfully wish. You'd never sold. In my case it's simply in 1972. -- tell -- That I bought for 200 dollars and sold for 200 dollars in the 1970s. You don't wanna note that -- Britain today. And also. Pensive it's a big word regularly. Playing words with friends. What friends -- you can set -- random. I wanna know your favorite fifty cent word. The words you whip out when you wanna impress people excuse me what I whipped this out. Is that racist. 8030 my third start I'm 3180616. WB EN I need to do a happy ending I gotta have a happy and inquiry today. Provide just I am -- being way too seriously we. Its hourly for a cure our audio elegy. -- -- -- -- -- Despite her many handicaps. Helen Keller as you probably -- was a very brilliant woman and somebody once asked her in an interview hey Helen. If you had a choice between being able to see or being able to hear which would you choose and Helen Keller said I'd rather be able to each year. Because see in connection with things here in connection of people well that's the well if you're -- fifty years old. Get you're hearing test that I have my appointments set for next yeah. I'm going to have -- cast off -- that public hearing got lost in the past couple years. Doctor Steven furlough and Acura. Audio apology his team of skilled audio colleges dedicated to helping you and by the way if you do need a hearing -- today's hearing aids are so high tech. They're so efficient and they're so small. Nobody's gonna know you have been hearing aid if the ban is something that concerns are cure our audio elegy. 6330721. 6330721. In Amber's Cheektowaga and -- -- and online Acura -- elegy dot com ACC. You are a -- ought Realogy dot. Both of them and I am. And then rolling. Are Heidi it is 635. Administrative 930 WB -- it has -- And let me give you will happen I think. And what topics are really took off on my FaceBook page except I do so much of FaceBook that its way down at the bottom of the page by this point. You used to have something you sold it because you needed the money. And you sold it for ridiculous price. And you wish you had it back you let us all -- five years ago you might sold twenty years ago or forty years ago. But you still remember and you kick yourself in the ass for being such a more. Ladies and gentlemen. I kid you know. Those of you familiar with the wild west. Will remember the name Johnny being. Johnny and didn't play for the sabres know that was jury -- Johnny -- hand. Was the sheriff of coaching scouting Arizona. And he was a nemesis. To -- And doc how many people thought he was on the payroll of the -- -- but that's. -- A friend of mine many years ago. -- -- -- I have the photographic evidence which I do not have a -- for. Many years ago a friend of mine actually bought. For a song. The badge. Of Johnny B -- It's an official. It'd absolutely authenticated 100%. Real deal. Coaching -- county. Sheer match on the back inscribed Johnny -- him. Fifty dollars 500 other remedies act and sold it for 5000. Today. I have to -- That edge would probably. Fetched 200 -- I would say a minimum of 200000 dollars. There are a lot of wild west collectors out there and there are a lot of wild west collectors out there with ridiculous amounts of money that they can invest in these kinds of things. In fact any competitive auction if you have the right people it would surprise me if that bad would fetch 500000 dollars. When you look at the auction results. In magazines like wild west magazines where you go on line. There is a wild west collecting frenzy. But this guy I kid you not and he lives right around -- -- actually said in his possession. Johnny B hands. Coach she's county Arizona sheriff's match. I really should put the picture up on line but I gotta give his consent. He is -- -- anymore. And frankly the reason he sold it was. Without going into details there was a death in his family he needed the money to buries them. So. He sold. Now. My question it's -- kind of makes my -- telecast -- story look pretty lame by comparison. You. Had well all the better telecast are sold for 200. Probably be. Thirteen hundred that I. Conservatively. I don't I'll have to look it up on line my guess would be thirteen hundred. But it's like anything you gotta find somebody who's willing to spend that money who's looking for a 72 under telecast. I mean. It's not like everybody in the world wants the so you're basically pitching -- to a select few who have an interest in the economic guitar. 803 don't -- thirty is the phone numbers start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN now the other topic I had it is. When you wanna impress somebody. Do you have a good fifty cent word you whip. I have a lot of them. But I try to use him -- 803 on my -- About guys happy anytime. -- bubble. Don't let -- know Ferguson don't make me do Ferguson. Don't make me do that I'll try to give you guys are Frick and break. And myself corporate and it still thrilled at thirty start at 3180616. WB -- -- had you sold it. You wish you had a -- And fifty cent word Elop. That's the one you without the make yourself seem more intelligent than you really. I will not continue the show unless I have one more call. I'm just gonna sit here and Powell. -- about it what it if I don't see all the all the lines lit up within thirty seconds I'm gonna go back to Ferguson. 803 own thirty. Other. Here's Brian in buffalo on WB ENC a little bit of big crybaby never heard anybody. Anyway I asked Bobby Clarke because Weiner in the NHL history Brian in buffalo -- WB and hello. I. It's it's what are these organ. OSHA had -- back. -- you're gonna have to explain I'm not really up on my organs other than the infamous actually be famous rock and roll organ known as the Hammond B three yes. Yeah I'll know this is the so we can achieve -- -- -- -- They're -- indeed it is -- 100 circle sound like during. A -- it was cool it was shoot it a lot of variety our products. That's a big. Can you Davis song all I can -- a song we would all Knoll on which that organ was used. -- -- -- said we're not set any that your song is gonna have and give me the name of the organ again because. Our trees that are these it was there it was kind of -- -- -- our audit it wasn't it didn't have the whole step. That would be free -- If it was a little cheat yourself and parents. -- that that's fine because cheesy sometimes can be good. Well what did you sell how much for how much money did you sell our our. Dear migratory fort. Are. The at least you made a profit and years. Yeah. News but it was fumble on now I I played you know -- -- -- here and beat street. Simple. -- -- -- my keyboard now Seoul. So when you play loved one your whip you can actually make it sound like love the wonder where. I think -- talked yeah yeah that there appear right. Hit -- cut through it's it's pretty cool. Put it through the rest tribute to -- QB who -- -- -- -- you're lexicon. Of the view do you work. You need more ameliorate. -- Perhaps you mean to augment. Who better OK OK. Okay and so. -- work culinary. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- CE CU. I -- It. -- Okay. Obviously deals with the money finances that kind of stuff use it use it in a sentence for Regis so I know that you fully know the word. Okay along Mozart. Suffered urinary failures before that -- you most certainly did. And so you are children there's not a doubt in my mind there are great so we will conclude -- I ran across. We're record got a eligible Soviets. -- Ares -- vehicle that world. Yeah if it was so. These 78 a couple of likable and what. And mrs. simply number 41. -- nature the Jupiter. Which is wonderful and away. Go to the Soviet player. Way okay but the -- that. Your your word in the sentence -- pecuniary -- you who bum. Just you what to seventy -- in your loss there with the Segway. Okay well I I use through actually read it would be. From the airport which is sort. Here. And by the way -- -- status Ferguson. Well. Which is. So I can't get away from Ferguson no matter what. That's great -- you're gonna tell me the Joseph Ferguson which you're favored bills quarterback. -- -- longer met mr. hey I just threw an interception let me hang my head going off the field. You know like this guy I'm getting sick of it on there and it -- I'd pick him or Marlins did it. We have nothing to -- that. Right look I wanna get to some other folks here without dwelling on the Mozart pamphlet that became with a 78 record player but -- good call good call. I'd love to hear that Hammond B three on the phone sometime next -- recall and his victory would put out. All right what did you say you had it and you sold it and you wish you -- act. I guess is a lot of musical instruments up there about baseball cards football cards sports cards. I don't mean to break the news here I still have mint condition. 1972. In 1973. NHL. Cards absolutely. Meant. I've got more Mike Bossy rookie cards than you can shake a stick yet. Here's and I hated Mike Bossy because the sabres took -- ceiling instead of Mike Bossy all due respect to Rick mikes were a few. -- goals hitters are right in in all of them on WB Ian Ryan hello. -- All right. You're the good while before. I. We -- -- playwrights and my band. He added he showed me pictures that never believe them but he had a 1959. Tips and let's all. It was absolutely gorgeous she's got a 57 now but he actually at 59. And okay you have to give me the back story on this did he buy it in the fifties and just held onto it it's a guitar by the way for those who don't know. He EPA. He quietly back when enemies open in the arm and pretty young but. Ambient music for quite a long time. You know I don't -- that was pretty cool now like to share stories like that would ever. And he swung. He sold it. Yeah he's -- sold it. We sort of when he got mayor to his -- he thought the wedding ring -- ready wedding ring. Life. Wouldn't mistake that works. -- Damn ball. Well yeah -- -- -- actually what they wish it was gorgeous. -- in 1959. Gibson Les Paul custom. You're looking at anywhere from like 6002. Upwards. Biggest price and seniors 121000. Dollars. It's got to be more men. Yeah yeah Hewitt now -- I wasn't too sure are and what -- model was. But he he's cute he shall meet them online bids from eBay and I actually one under -- right. 400000. Dollars. The I you know what it is the let's see the less Paul standard 1950 that the holy Grail of guitars. Well and this I don't need this this will make this a little -- some points of my man card for various I've never been a big Gibson -- Paul -- I'm warm offender then. -- -- -- -- -- outfit the United Center is excellent strategist Scott what was my father that he had apparently had just got rid of that. Your father hit it down do you get rid of it would you sell -- Vitaly about a wedding ring and hang it up on him. -- audited by letting me know. I cannot. -- that. I think I got some of them and drummer I think that got drummed out of it -- concept like we got a lot of -- airport Geithner rolled that. Figured out what. He I I'm sorry you lost points and your -- cards are. I gotta go thanks. You know thrilled -- thirtieth news radio 930 WB and I need to break the welcome back with more of your calls on you had to use all that you kind of wish you had a back. Like by 72 telecast or a good look at the value stand by and WB via. It's a huge mistake here I just looked up what I sold for 200 dollars in 197200. Torture mr. guitar and a Chrysler. The exact one I have. Somebody's in 3000 dollars and probably you know on -- -- your next life note do not invest in for a one case. Don't even buy the Microsoft stark. Just put it all in two fender to forecasters. Him myself okay let's get back to the calls on WB end here. Is. Let's see -- -- in Amherst on it later got a word forest Elaine. What are high now you're gonna have to define beautification. Today. -- You ask that question so I looked it up rich and your -- -- what -- -- But often shallow and eat normal seasonally deficient in oxygen. Is -- what it in Lake Erie. Wow well that's not something that's gonna come up and everyday conversation. -- Will I've got one for that's kind of related look up to her bid city. It comes up periodically heard bid city TU RB. -- CI TY. You combine that with unification. And you're gonna sound like a hydrologist. Now no idea images that are let's get to. Oh -- Dunkirk on WB and David -- Police ignored. By it may be able to. Color her time does not allow. Well I do not have a prodigious amount of time -- called the most in propitious moment. I just make up afterward anyway what's that what's argument -- or Carol irk you. Explain yourself son. Well. I I get a beautiful Keller that are in it myself. And the -- came along and move. We wanted to trade paper are very important for -- And I regret it every day. -- but the Porsche 944 was a critically acclaimed automobile. -- It's -- knowledge you bought that 914. Now that'd be adverse to admit. Well and and then the other one or larger who strolled a 64 -- the go from. I came over and work one day in. Our work very soon to be excellent so as you're gonna solve this -- and that sort out this guy and is in nearly. Brian. Curran -- like when you got married did you did you. Leave your testicles that your story. I don't have not had them thank you for your honesty. I was safe ports on the previous topic back at it we in the not to. Thanks guys for over all the all the emails and all that thanks John German Brian Gay visibility assistant will be tomorrow meanwhile. No yourself. Yeah yeah.

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