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8-21 Tom Bauerle Hour 2

Aug 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And and and and it just system. -- -- speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- here it wasn't going to set a world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything October. They're told. Felt it's live it's local neighborhood you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Bad night minutes after more bad news radio 930 WBE and by what you -- yesterday's show. It was kind of cool all opera this kid who grew up in the mostly white verbs in the 1960s that tunnel -- Wanda. Probably 75%. McAuliffe yesterday identified themselves as black. And I have to understand something in all sincerity it is very cool for me. To be able to. Have. That kind of relationship. With people bat. Grew up under different circumstances. Then did I yet in most cases are arrived at the same place and at the same conclusions as high. Because being born and raised in the suburbs I assure you. -- did not have a golden spoon implanted in my rectum. Everything I have I worked for nobody gave me -- And -- Never felt a sense of white privilege or anything like that. And I would also say to -- the few black kids we had had ten -- east. There was never any name calling. Never any in word or anything like that in fact they tended to be among the more popular kids that's. And I'm not be guessing that's the honest to god truth wasn't what I mean I. I don't think any of the black kids who went to can worries when it with a can -- went to school daily in fear of the white racist student has I was there it was not that way. It is that eleven minutes after four news radio 930 WBE NN today. One of my favorite people just walked him. I'm sorry but I need to interrupt the show if you don't mind as you wanna do a brief appearance there a general. All right ladies and gentlemen are paid any Sherman if you get his Mike up please. Job job if you can get his microphone up plays a lot of welcome aboard a guy who. It's just a magnificent -- he's great on the radio but he is a very. He is he's just the best host ever cigar Dave the general cigar -- you're still in buffalo my. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But but it's very clandestine nobody's vote no but but now -- but he knows that now they do I just wanna tell you. And a mention this on my FaceBook page into my audience. You put on. An amazing. Event on Saturday with smoke on the water three at the buffalo launch club. And you were basically busy from 6 AM till god knows win everybody want to appease the view where the energy. Love what I mean these were your ruler and you ought to be -- a lot of people don't like doing life shows because it's so different and be in the studio arm. And you -- commands that -- which -- -- com lot going on when your library show but to me I love the energy everybody's there -- -- time. And that's were -- and show people smoking cigars. Like nations. You were -- table people you didn't even know by the end of the afternoon. Are all qualities all great car robbery -- conversation great fellowship. That's what the enemies of pleasure don't get by the way Ted Nugent wanted to be here today. He sent his regrets that it couldn't he couldn't come at the great way pussycat Ted Nugent. Thing and I think this is an important note that needs to be brought up. I'm on like certain left wing female icons I have to tell you that the women. That cigar Dave the generals smoke on the water three. Were absolutely. X wizards and I've come I commend you on your ability to act as a chick magnet on the tree back there is something fundamentally awesome about that personality what you'll note that none of the women had goat cheese. Or mustaches. Or any type of facial hair -- -- -- product that as opposed to all the feminists in the members of the national association of -- women that can't get -- nor David did -- -- jump street the general. Nor did any of the men have a members. And all -- satchel -- well no worse. Won't be led around on a leash by Bryant Miller all -- With hot females -- there's no question females women want the alpha male and listen top you know -- You're out about -- all of the alpha female all the females. Going Roger. They want the strong. Successful Smart and they don't want these men beat and beaten atlas -- even if you're five -- you can be an alpha male. Hi has nothing to do well I actions and horizontal like does have something that. But aside from that there's absolutely. -- has zero to do with it it's they want confidence sense of -- they want a man that -- church all in one more thing and -- -- -- you're waiting outside and I really do it to you before but. -- -- pack of your exclusive. The general cigar Dave blatant disregard zombie island so I reserve I amp up the power on that that is not. Four beta alpha males and from -- -- -- magic about the ruckus we had a great time and educate our general I can't wait -- smoke on the water for and I'm gonna give you intimately hot and -- met. You should put this on its FaceBook account this could be scared. -- Yeah I get on Twitter on FaceBook got a -- Forty characters are waiting. I don't thank you General Mills weeks I -- is the general cigar Dave and you know. Secret about the industry to I have to tell you. A lot of guys in the general's position would never put a guy. Whose other audio on a show with him but cigar Dave and his crew were so magnanimous. And welcoming FC that's that's a big part about being an alpha male. The general is confident enough in what he does his ability his skill that he had no -- Problem putting another radio guy on his show and -- general it really use a pleasure cigar Dave what an -- and unanticipated. Unexpected pleasure having the general on the program. You know job this automatically makes this a best of moment you realized right okay. The general cigar Dave you can listen to -- seven until mine every Saturday night here on news radio 930 WBE and the and he occupies at least an hour of every Saturday night of my life. I told you this before my first thought I heard about cigar Dave show was. A show about cigars you've got to be kidding me in the right to -- him on actor demonic tournament. And it was just awesome. And I've been hooked ever sense on the general cigar Dave who by the way if you don't know this is a buffalo guy and by the way. The general is the only person who ever heard be doing talk radio in Tampa you have -- one listener. That's -- one. All right it is just seventeen minutes after four at news radio 930 WB EM that was an alpha male -- seat that was that was absolutely awesome. Now coming up on the program. But let's just get right to. I talked earlier about the need to register to vote. And I'm suggesting this year you register as a Democrat. You can change. But I suggest you register as a Democrat and vote in the primary against -- vocal. Will stand in -- ball up the wall and more importantly politically it will deprive -- of -- line in November desperately wants giving -- the details. Please trust me congress. But. I want to switch over to the field of police work. And this -- upon which we have real -- in two on this program. Because I'd lose one of the issues you hear from Ferguson is we don't trust the police. One of the myths of course has been abolished. Destroyed. And that is that. Michael. Brown was very gentle giants he was an Angel ball was missing -- With the halo and the wings and Michael Brown. Was not a gentle giant. Michael Brown was eight team and he was behaving that day. Very very badly do I believe -- deserve to guide for roughing up cigar store clerk deputies or clerk no absolutely. But I do think that it's speaks to pay the fact that he was not a gentle giant that was that was polished when police release that -- beat. Remember that others have pointed this out but it is important also for me to mention there's all well. The police officer and by the way this story keeps changing. The police officer knew didn't know how he knew that Michael Brown. Was a suspect in the stronger arm at the candy -- over the cigars and finally crappy cigars unlike that which the general cigar -- -- his show only the finest. Cigar products. Michael Brown knew what he had done. Now he had no way of knowing what the -- new. That story about the cop keeps changing originally the cop talk to Michael Brown because he matched the description. The -- east York cigar robber then we found out. Know the -- now. Now this week -- out -- yes he's now. -- This is one of those stories where. I have to -- Because of the confusing helter skelter welter of stories allegations. Facts rumors myths and realities. That we're really have to wait. Until true courtroom facts are established. Because right now. I hate to polarize this right now the two sides. And it doesn't necessarily have to be racial. Our view everything out the story in diametrically oppositional ways. OK like I said earlier that you look at the sun and say that's the -- it's not it's this that's promote this. I'll continue with this coming up because there are cop from California is in hot water now. Because he wrote a piece in Washington newspaper. Basically saying. I'm a cop if you give me a hard time -- -- -- don't be surprised if I gave you a hard time gonna get at that momentarily but first. Traffic maybe. Problem forty some times. Now there's a piece that is in the Washington Post and it was written by -- cop. And I put up my FaceBook page. And this cop is catching as you probably can imagine all kinds of heat for what he has written. Let me just give you a sample Rush Limbaugh talked about it a little bit of his program today to give you more after the news at 430 because I wanna talk about Ferguson stuff. Without talking specifically about Ferguson if you -- my. Other top. If you don't wanna get hurt don't challenge me. Let me say that again. I have a cop. If you don't want to get hurt don't challenge me. It's not the police. But the people they stop. Who can prevent a deep tension. Not to be confused and rest from turning in to a tragedy. And I must tell you you have to understand. What he is say. And I'm -- urged you to listen to -- gonna tell you after the news break with an open mind. If you hate cops please listen with an open mind if you -- the cops please listen with an open mind. If I'm trying to be circumspect. And this man his name by the way is so -- do to. Makes some really good points -- -- -- news radio 930 all so -- gonna play for you. One of the greatest speeches ever delivered. On what a law enforcement officer experiences. On WB. It. This gives them. Art it's one thing that the Steely Dan intervention which I understand I may be in need of having done but. If you're going to do the intervention at least give me something a little bit more and he. David -- modern love can we compromise on the sorry guys I have given my current job Sherman and -- gates of the authority to tell me when I need a Steely Dan intervention. And they have agreed that it's time for me to get one. Especially in light of the post -- put up on FaceBook showing me stalking me Steely Dan tour buses following ratio at Seneca Niagara casino. And zero photographic. Proof that I. Did that those were actually. Photo if you got the other photo -- they couldn't be real pictures that reduce things. Pathetic we've misery curious did anyway it is 434. At who's ready at 930 WB -- out. There is a piece of the Washington Post which I have put up on my FaceBook page if you'd like further. And there wanna I wanna breezed through it as quickly as -- camp this is from way up police officer with the LAPD. He has been on the job seventeen years. And he does not represent the LAPD. Or. -- where he also has again at. And I'm gonna rush through hip elegant edit on the fly okay. A teenager is fatally shot by a police officer the police are accused of being bloodthirsty. Trigger happy murderers riots erupt this we are led to believe is the way of things in America. No one goes out in the field wishing to shoot any one armed or unarmed. And while there are likely to defend it quite as loudly during a time of national ox like this one. People who work in law enforcement know they are legally vested with the authority to detain suspects and authority that must sometimes be enforced regardless of what happened with Mike Brown. In the overwhelming majority of cases it is not the cops but the people they stop who can prevent. Deep tensions from turning. In the two tragedies and he listed a number of times where he has used a number of different techniques he's learned over the years. Including -- his mere physical presence be the use of verbal commands verbal force and be displayed. The physical force he has in terms of the tools in his belt. -- -- -- -- sometimes though no amount of persuasion or warnings work on a belligerent person. That's what cops -- use force and the results can be tragic we're still learning what transpired between officer -- Wilson and Michael Brown. But in most cases it's less ambiguous and officers are. Rarely at fault when they use force they are defending bear or the public's safety. And. I believe that the facts and the statistics will back him up on bad. I believe the facts and the statistics will back him up on. Here's contention. They usually when these things get out of hand it is not because of the officer it is because of a belligerent. Civilian. And looking at a from the -- point of view. It is a long process. To become a police officer in many cases it's a family tradition sometimes it isn't. Bears the written test. There's the physical test. There is the grueling police academy. Here is the probationary period during which you can be terminated for any reason whatsoever. And that of course there is the constant in the field work. Through which a police officer will go in other words it's not it's not an easy job to get. And it's an easy job during which to get in trouble. And that is everything -- is a fact. OK now. There was a man. And jobless -- indeed sound. There was a man. May Jack Webb who miss it career as a cop even though he was a copy played one on TV and he really was searched his role very well. Jack Webb -- says Joseph Friday started out in radio with dragnet and then. Moved his radio franchise to TV as dragnet. And this is a very. Famous episode. And what I'm going to play for you is gonna take about three minutes. But you know what. When this show was done back in the 1960s. The late 1960s. Even today. What he tells. A probationary cop who found himself wrongly accused of something. Still stands up over time. And I want you to listen to it because this is the perspective of most of the men and women on the job. And this is what they are hole or before they even put that bad job before they even do their first patrol in uniform. All right this is what the training is all about. And without any further production folks what are the most famous. Speeches ever delivered. By Jack -- as sergeant Joseph Friday. It's awkward having a policeman around the house friends drop in a man with a -- answers -- the temperature drops twenty degrees. -- draw party and a badge gets in the way all of a sudden there isn't a straight man on the ground everybody's a comedian don't drink too much somebody says that a man with a bad -- I don't Dick Tracy how many. Then there's always Illinois -- -- -- still. All of once you lost your first name -- -- a flat put a bullet Dick John -- get a -- the heat your poison your -- your bad news. They clog everything. But never police. Maybe she -- It's not much of a life unless you don't mind missing the dodger game because -- shot phone rings. Alicia like working Saturdays Sundays holidays at a job doesn't pay overtime. All the pays adequate account Japan -- you can put your kids through college but you better plan on seeing Europe when your television set. Then as your first night on the beat. When you try to arrest drunken prostitute and main street bar and she Richard we uniformed shreds you buy another one your own pocket. And you're gonna rub elbows -- all elite. Pimps addicts thieves bombs why in those girls who can't keep an address a man who don't care. Liars cheats comment the class a Skid Row. And heartbreak. Underfed kids beating kids molested kids lost kids crying kids homeless kids ignorant kids broken. Aren't you broken when he gets broken him get sick kids dying kids dead kids. The old people and nobody wants the relievers are pensioners the ones who are -- cold and those are trying to keep warm and died in a three dollar Roma and I'm gonna -- here. You -- your -- try to pick up the pieces. Get real adventure in missile called her a better have. But you don't do time and a problem car. Oh it's going to be a thrill a minute when you get an unknown trouble call in the backyard -- in the morning never knowing when you'll meet a kid with a -- -- with a gun. Are two ex cons wouldn't lose. In an airplane time to think. You'll draw duty along the car but nobody to talk to which your radio. For years and uniform you'll have the ability the experience and maybe the desire to be detected. Good like fled the -- your pants. This where you belong. For every crime that's committed. You've got three million suspects to choose from. Most of the time you'll have few facts and a lot of punches. You'll run down leads the dead and -- you'll work all might say gossip could last a week you'll do late work until you're sure you talk to everybody in the state of California. People saw what happened but really didn't it was -- they did it but really didn't people who remember those who try to forget. Those -- tell the truth those who lie. You'll run -- files into your eyes. And paperwork. You fill -- a report when -- right. You'll fill out a report when you're wrong you'll fill out an amateur you'll fill one out posting your legion of going out -- -- -- only he's only got a report on reports you've made. You'll read enough words in your lifetime the stock library. You'll learn to live without anxiety frustration. Court decisions and hinder rather than help Corrado more Cisco beat OK hand. You'll learn to live with the district attorney testifying in court defense attorney prosecuting attorneys judges juries witnesses. And sometimes you're not going to be happy with the outcome. Maybe your girlfriends right color. But there's also this. They're over 5000 men in this city who knows that being a policeman isn't endless glamorous thankless job that's got to be done. I know what to and I -- being glad that he went up. Are right I gonna play in 95%. Of everything said state -- Resonates 100%. And I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar that if you are on the job or if you used to be on the job you nodded your -- more than once during that -- camp. By Joseph Friday. Played by Jack -- Now here's the other side of look at. I don't look at police work or law enforcers. -- rose colored glasses the fact is sometimes they are wrong. The fact is sometimes. Their badge heavy -- The dirty little secret is. If you're a biker bar fight at 3 in the morning. You'll want somebody who's a little bit. -- a -- somebody who's a little bit crazy. On your side. -- might not wanna be associated with them -- might wanna hang out with a during your off flowers. But. You gotta have guys like here. They got to be supervised. But you gotta have him. I'm not saying that you have to people who violate rights please don't get me wrong on that. But personal experience. And it's expensive. I'm gonna stand by what I said that over the years. And I've -- a lot of 95%. Of the people I know. Who are or who have been cops. I would trust. With the last dollar I ever had. 5%. Are worse than the people they lock up. And you're gonna find that in every profession. Possible you'll find it in Madison. You'll find law you'll find in broadcasting and help you'll find it as an accountant. You'll find this somebody who oversees the Youth League sports. And then takes the money to go to the casino. So. I do step with what I've said all these years. 95%. Of people in law enforcement I hold in very high regard. I think they're well intentioned I don't think they're up to screw you. Like anybody else. Sometimes even that great 95%. Can have a bad night. And like I told him I'm not trying to play up what Jack Webb said there but you don't know. When you're pulled over what that man or woman wearing the badge has just seen. They might just be coming from a DB call in the middle of August. Where they've had the watch a million maggots crawling over some corpse it's been an an on air conditioned cheap oh no room for the past two weeks. You don't well. You don't know if they just got the middle of some domestic squabble. Where the husband and the wife persuaded each other then they show up. And they start swinging at the top together. You don't know. It's a bitch of a job now it's got a lot better since Jack where the -- is a help a lot better. I think the union. Will make sure that you're not gonna pay for your own uniform when it is damaged on the job depending -- which -- -- the patio which department you happen to be associated. You have a better arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Sprays chemical weapons. To razors they weren't around. At least the pacers weren't around when Jack Webb recorded. At the same time. I have got a break. Right folks. You are talking about this but that Jack Webb's speech. Because I think it's still largely holds up. And again I really I wanna emphasize I'm not looking at this through rose colored glasses I'm really not. But. I noticed that the my statistics. To why I believe the police 100% of the time absolutely. Not. My biggest concern about the cops. Is that they recognize. That we do have. A bill of rights in this country. That they recognize. That the First Amendment is important the Second Amendment is equally important the Fourth Amendment is also sacrosanct the Fifth Amendment. All through the list. If a police officer is cognizant of his or her. Weighty responsibilities. In being the representative. Of a constitutional. Republic and acts accordingly. You're always gonna find support with me and I am I know it always finds support with most people with any common sense. As I've -- ago and I hate to repeat myself. Even the great 95%. Can sometimes have a crappy week. You don't know they're going through a divorce. You don't know if they're kid just got mixed up and drugs you don't know they're human beings like the rest of us. Are they always perfect of course they always right. No. But they're also not the monsters I think that many people and Ferguson and elsewhere make them out to be. I really help it if I really believe that I cashed in my chips a long time ago. It's 448 bad news radio 930 WB. All right gang. Your good your bad your ugly and above to hear from cops and listen to the Jack Webb's speech. And by the way. The cops were gonna call in to the show. My experience. Their very likely to agree with my assessment the 95%. Vs the 5%. And I'm sorry but it's like that in any profession as long as you have human beings doing law enforcement. They're going to be subject all the emotions. All the vicissitudes. All of the crap that human beings go through. Except they have authority over you. One more thing James I apologize for keeping you want to hold for so long but I don't wanna share with you my advice given to my children about dealing with the police because again I'm a realist -- also constitutional. Individual who believes in rights the rights of the individual against the government the government is most often represented in most of our lives by our local police departments. The three rules I give my cares number one. Never consent to a search. May I searching your car no you may not I respectfully. Do not consent to a search. Do not consent to a search number one number two. Never answer any question without an attorney. And request. You must produce identification. You don't have to answer questions. Never answer a question without an attorney. In immediately request. Number three. And this is very important. Always. Tree that cop with respect. Even if the cop is being -- -- and he's one of those 5% of the badge -- creams. Treat. -- cop with respect. Do not. Argue on the street with a -- I believe me folks 100%. Guaranteed you are going to lose. If the cop is acting like a -- Don't get into with a cop that. Hold your fire keep -- called. Deal with -- later. Do not. Ever get into an argument with a cop on the street you're gonna lose. Prop I promise you you will lose a -- that -- every time. I think those are good words of advice. It is 455 James if you could be patient a little while longer I'll get the right after I am I gonna call here it's been two hours I've just been have a great show though I hope. -- news radio 930 WB at 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB.

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