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8-21 Tom Bauerle Hour 1

Aug 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- It's Tom hourly and it's lives could. It's local -- dark. Being. Third. Yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly thing facts. On news radio 930 W. Usually pay attention -- FaceBook metrics -- with to my FaceBook page 101214. Shares. Then. From. That I realized the guy who did the video the other days. Jonathan again tree has like a million. Say it is -- it news radio 930 WVM thanks for being with us on a Thursday. And for this is eight Friday because a -- -- tomorrow but you're going to be happening and now that my good friend David Bellamy. It is good to be sitting -- for -- on tomorrow's show and I can think of no one -- I would rather have more embassy event David Bell -- it is my -- and that is not into that whatsoever as a slight to my other dear friend. Michael Caputo I love them equally. It's just -- David and I have. We've -- certain things together. No no no don't get that where we've we've we've and we've experienced certain madly things together. So you know there's always that but anyway tied at ten minutes are actually. Nine minutes after treatment is ready at 930 WB. -- Yeah I trying to gauge via the audience in Z here's what I'm up against right now. And I got to be honest -- your if I talked a little bit about Ferguson related issues and -- like a freaking idiot. It is I guarantee that every radio talk show host in America and its Orwell talked about Ferguson and related issues. For at least some period of time. During their programs today. And you will see it start to fall off now why is this. It is because hey it's a big story. But I was a big story. The other things that call down -- all kinds of secondary and tertiary are questions that arise regarding. Community relations with police departments. Involving your experiences with cops involving. Eric Holder and what a huge Vegas. And Obama and what it usually -- Sorry I have to work network in at least twice every show. So. Some of the show is is gonna be about that kind of stuff went on to try to do here is take it off. The Michael Brown's focus. Because honestly I don't know more now nor do you. That you did this time yesterday about the facts and circumstances surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown. Because there are two conflicting stories that are out there. And frankly I don't think that people can look at the same sky at this point and agree that's the sun ballots remote thought -- -- to vote. That's where we are right now and it's kinda discouraging in many ways but in other ways it just seems to be part and parcel of the human experience. So. We also. Have other things that are happening how would you feel if it's -- Your -- was at school. Another -- sneezes in the classroom your kids as bless you and your kid got suspended for saying bless you. Would you believe. That's such a thing can happen believe it up in hats and it's happened in New York City now it's happened in California no. You're -- on this happen to us. In Tennessee you. Where the people are supposed to be. Absolutely. Ignorant Bible thumping born again Bible Belt to us and -- do their first opens. Up -- up -- And we will. Hopefully have a chance to get -- to that also. The New York safe act. Is not buying in fact I've noticed something. As we get closer to November the more I'm hearing about -- safe signs being stolen. That is to say anti NYC sides being stolen. And that it what I believe is a WBM partly FaceBook exclusive. I have a picture taken from eight trail -- Other men allegedly vandalizing an anti analyze it signed in East Aurora. And this has been a thread on one of the gun -- now for quite some -- basically a guy I was complaining guys to or who can't stand global the second -- worthy of New York's effect. He. Went to one of the -- Forbes is that locked. My anti NY safe sides are continually being analyzed. So the guy who caught a cop vandalizing his sign downstate. Let the guy in East Aurora borrow his trail camp and the trail -- this was just posted yesterday when I was on the -- actually captured. A picture of the guy allegedly. Vandalizing. The site and I have to say allegedly because nobody has been convicted of anything yet and until -- conviction everybody is considered innocent in the eyes of the law I hope you understand that. Now the picture you -- it you can draw your own conclusions. I must say allegedly. Right I have to its apparently this broadcasting what a -- you know wanna get yourself a situation where you're going to be -- Anyway I have a picture or put up on my FaceBook page Tom about hourly might it my name is spelled. Power like Jack Bauer the -- 24 BA UER. Power does that -- -- to the end. And he'll be the one where these smiling fellow is wearing a tuxedo -- is my professional page. The other pages with my picture and not active pages I do not maintain a personal FaceBook page due to drama. And trying to -- dramatize my life I absolutely cannot stand. Drama especially FaceBook drama especially FaceBook drama involving people who are allegedly well chronologically adults but mentally act like their in the kindergarten first grade can't deal with -- -- about it I just can't tolerate. So up for now there is no -- personal FaceBook page so. I don't like a lot of friend requests every day. And please don't be effective and I just I don't respond because I'd just I'd just not accepting friends and my personal FaceBook page because they don't have one is just a place holder as I've explained before not to be confused with an Eric Holder it is great place holder. Now. Also. In addition the guy in east allegedly. Vandalizing and why safe. Stop the act signs. Kind of interesting that he was caught in the act of trying to vandalized. They stop the act signed allegedly. I find some irony but I I don't want to. John I watch -- look at the page. My FaceBook page and I think it's the second posting you'll see a commercial from 1970s. And I'm gonna have to play that on the year. Because ladies and gentlemen my first thought when I saw the picture of this guy allegedly. Vandalizing an anti NY -- time wise. This guy looks like every male human being who has ever set foot except for your -- -- in the state of Vermont. My second thought was this guy looks like he would be at -- in a coffee shop having a lot -- The third thought went back to a commercial from the 1970s. And a commercial for hair removal product. Now I found that interest thing in many ways not the least of which is the fact that I was unaware that women in the seventies had any hair removal. But that's another story altogether. John do you happen to have the audio up and ready ago of the commercial -- question I believe you now. And what you see the picture of this guy it. Unlike FaceBook page you'll understand why this commercial from the 1970s. Was one of the first things that popped in my mind. You -- the yeah. The cotton has proved normal -- why didn't saving more and more people -- -- -- -- link between nine. God they have bikini lines in the seventies I'm sorry I think there's photographic evidence to the contrary -- But I throughout all the all the whose visual proof. What I would but anyway are that the story of different day at a different topic at a different time but the outlook that was short of it is I have against picture up on my FaceBook and you can check it out also. There is a press release now. On a story that we broke yesterday right here it was either on the show on the here. John that I talk about on the year the NY safe signs being stolen in north tunnel Wanda. I did not OK I I talked about that on my FaceBook page I -- back. Okay well that counts -- -- the gonna declare accounts just to cover my but there is a press release out now from. Shooters committee a political education and what scope NY dot org got on a story we broke -- my FaceBook page. Yesterday. Right here on the volley programs -- FaceBook page is gonna part of the programs they. And that working for. -- that's stretching -- probably but give me give you some leeway here the -- short of it is Tuesday night. This past Tuesday eight to ten signs. The that I mentioned we're getting closer to the election. Okay Tuesday night August 90 that would have been -- Nights ago eight to ten signs calling for the repeal. Of the controversial NY save act were stolen from front yards on the entire length of south meadow drive in north title one. The repeal the -- -- signs have become a common sight across New York since the law passed in January 2013 by means of Cuomo's message of necessity a political maneuver that bypassed the normal legislative procedure. While the governor -- to insist the law is it is popular. It is opposed by 52 county legislature is the New York State church association the new York state assembly of county clerks and tens of thousands of ordinary people. Who donated to organizations like scope. The shooters committee a political education and put up. More signs calling for repeal of the law -- mayor of Nortel Wanda says it is shameful and sad that someone should try to limit people's first amendment rights regarding their support for the Second Amendment it shows the lengths that some people will go to -- silence opposing viewpoint it is my hope that the north on one police will find this individual or individuals and apprehend them in short order. You. The topic that nobody got meadow drive has a security camera nobody got meadow drive has a trail cam no not at the local businesses around. It's probably asking for -- an -- it would com. I don't know that's not an insult -- -- meadow drive I'm just saying it's like Niagara Falls boulevard look at where you'd expect business -- to be operating 24/7. So hopefully somebody a little drive is a home security can't even if you were affected by others. Today it there stealing analyze the effect signs tomorrow they could be stealing hubcaps. So if you have any. Visible. Video evidence of the individuals responsible for the theft of NY -- signs. In north not a one on Tuesday night go back and review your security footage. From. Tuesday night. Into Wednesday morning. You can call the -- north marijuana police department 6924111. 6924111. And hopefully I'll be able to put your picture up along with the guy whose photograph I put up for -- East Aurora. My FaceBook page today. But this is gonna become increasingly common. And as November approaches it's all it's the September yet. And I assure you that the political goon squads will be out. Tried to. Dis remember people I just made up a -- -- dis remember people of the unconstitutional. Safe act. No judge didn't buy it unconstitutional. But I do not just unconstitutional. But in violation of New York State civil rights law which essentially mirrors what the Second Amendment of the United States constitution has to say. For those who still believe in the United States constitution unfortunately we seem to be a small and diminishing number but we have to make their voices heard in that November. So that is some breaking news on the NY safe front I wanna share it with you. Let's -- by the way if you have any other information. About the theft of the NY state signs maybe it's happened to you what we try to look for are patterns. Is this happening I'm certain streets is this happening in certain talent is this happening at certain neighborhoods. Feel free to send me email let me know where you live let you know when your side was stolen. I will forward that information on -- all stop the president of scope. That's shooters committee a political education not to be confused with the mouthwash. And I would furthermore -- ladies and gentlemen. That those of you who have been suckered into joining the NRK. I would withhold every single penny from the NRA until further notice because the NRA has on its board of directors. A fraud to a phony a charlatan. His Davis Ted Nugent. He has a cult following. And Ted Nugent is the biggest phony in the Second Amendment movement bitterest Ted is all about head. Okay he wanted it looks -- -- to be old news to you but not only is it bad enough that he wanted. 50000 dollars plus to speak at the February rally. That's February 2013 rally against -- safe and first class airfare perhaps a dozen people. And luxury hotel accommodations. That's bad enough. But Ted Nugent also. Refuses to disassociate himself from a local -- manufacturer. That uses his -- and this photograph his image Ted Nugent to sell Ted Nugent -- in that company turns around. And donates money to federal small ball and other gun grabbing politicians which is their right to -- -- by the way. They have a constitutional right to their First Amendment just as you do to courts but for Ted Nugent. Basically he talks out of one side of his mouth. Any -- out of the other side of his mouth. And with Ted he's demonstrably shown it's all about branding and marketing for Ted Nugent. He couldn't give a rat's ass about your Second Amendment Rights it's all about his. First priority which is the almighty dollar. And he has no credibility with me not only that Ted Nugent is a how. Who will not come on the show. He will not debate there's -- me he we he's been offered every opportunity. To talk about why he is doing this with me but Ted deep down is a policy and Ted Nugent talks -- real big tough game about what a manly man he is yet he refuses to come on this show. End debate and inconsequential. Moments that's what he calls me on my program. And you know why fed. Because I've said this before I'm smarter than you are. I can out debate you on my worst Barry. I will leave view a groveling at its nibbling a little puke. Costs spewing venomous greedy filthy. Floor that you are. And yes Ted Nugent I am calling you out. And I want everybody to know what -- phony you are Ted Nugent. And I hope somebody tells you what I just said. Because he won't come on with -- Guys I'm sure his advisors have said -- hourly it pierce Morgan. He was there at the rally. Along with 101000 other people that. He would rather engage an -- hominem attacks against me -- addressed the issue. You know pet -- -- reminds me the Billy Bob -- character in the movie tombstone. Never remember. What it -- that it would attack. He was a guy -- at the card table at the oriental saloon. And serve comes in play by Kurt Russell. And basically calls is blocked. Steel nets -- wagon. And Billy Bob Thornton's character. Talk no action why -- character. Played by -- Kurt Russell wider. Grabs it by ear throat about the door it is -- you go a youngster asked Ted Nugent Ted Nugent is that guy. In the movie tombstone why occur throughout by his year I will do the same to Ted Nugent. Except he won't face me. It is at 345. -- -- I'm thirty WB -- we have a lot to get into today I still haven't offended half the people want to on WB Ian. They're being you know. -- -- Praying. And news. Doesn't have need. -- 330 by news radio and I thirty WB EM I know that's a remastered version I think it's the region -- And a way it is -- news radio 930 WB -- you know I gonna face -- and it was both a curse and a blessing. For -- a second job to be at a recording studio the blessing lives it exposed me to a moderately cool equipment that they never would have been exposed to and a lot of really cool people. And believe it or not some of what I learned that working as a gander at the recording studio was was was very valuable in in later years later -- that the outside is. We have the state of the art technology is for -- So anything but quality sound I can't tolerate. In that awful I told it to curse. The best speakers by the way in the world. Klipsch heresy circa 1983. I've bought mine in 1983. I still have them I will put them head to head against anything that has been made before or since. They are really collector's items like itself whether it -- pork that's a good bit. Anyway sorry about that -- personal by aggression. 336 -- news -- 930 WB CN. All right now. You've been my FaceBook page using the picture of the guy allegedly vandalizing the repeal and -- safe act signed your read the press release from scope. About. The continued theft. Anti white save act signed into Nortel want to. And it's gonna increase by the way -- what it does I hope you'll send me emails like what's the -- not the people it's don't know what's going up. And again folks instead of joining a national organization. Of which Ted Nugent. Sits on the board of directors. I would suggest you take the money you would spend on the NRA which I think gives a damn about New York anyway because I think they've written this awful long time ago it was a lost cause. I would give that money will join scope instead. I paid 300 dollars as a special forty lifetime membership to shooters committee on political education and yes that is an endorsement no I don't get paid for it. But it's very important to protect our rights if -- Don't stand up and protect your right to will and let me go one step further. You if you all the gun. You and your friends and all of your family members. Are you registered to vote. Are you -- registered to vote. Yes or no. And I'm gonna give me a suggestion. Register as a Democrat. Why -- hot. Register as a Democrat. And in the primary. Don't vote for -- the -- That takes all ball off a lion in the election. So register to vote get all of your friends to register to vote and then vote in the primary and then vote in the general election. Because that's -- opposition kicked our butts every single time. Not only do they vote that ancestors vote. Not only did they vote to bring in people from outside the district to vote. So you have a choice. You can sit on your -- And say. It over to Richard -- you can register to vote and then vote and make a commitment to bring other people to the polls to vote. We're never gonna take New York City OK it ain't gonna happen but. If we can mobilize. West of the Hudson. All the way the north where the African Plattsburgh. And that around the horseshoe odd and Bergen Lake Ontario in the saint Lawrence. If we can't capture Oswego. Binghamton -- -- Jamestown. -- -- I'm going all over the place on the map aspects. My favorite places wide. 'cause they may use to stand out of those old New York's great writing tablet you know the use a look at the -- but -- said it's got to go there sometime. -- -- -- -- But registered to vote. And registered voters -- Democrat vote against local in the Democrat primary. Could that -- dissent and Paul ball probably off the deep end. Can. Remember what Suggs who had to -- -- art of war if your enemy is of col Eric disposition. Do things to (%expletive) them off. It's not quite the verbiage used but I think you get the point. Register to vote folks register register register. Register to vote if you live -- Orleans counting your listening. Go to Orleans county board of elections on the Internet. Erie county say they -- board of elections Niagara if you're listening to me right now and you and you think. I preach the truth every day and you think sandy beach preaches the truth every day at a Rush Limbaugh went wherever and we're never gonna agree on everything okay ever. Whether it's Michael Savage Rush Limbaugh myself -- on or or -- were never going to agree 100% all the time okay. But were -- were fundamentally on the same team. You got to register to vote in you gotta do it now. You have to do it but then more importantly -- yourself and everybody you know to the polls and voting -- Because I guarantee you there -- aggressive -- will do it they are better organized than we car. What good is 101000 people at a protest rally in Albany after Election Day. Now. Under no delusion here folks. I don't expect rob asked to Reno to be the second coming of insert great Republican governor here. We haven't had one in my lifetime. But what I'm hoping for. In voting for asked the Reno. Is at least -- we can destroy Cuomo's future. At the molecular level. Beat. We can at least slowed down the rock. I do not look you know I feel about the Republican establishment OK you get there. I get it but until such time as there is a conservative -- line. This year. I'm gonna have to vote on voting to destroy Cuomo. As much as I'm voting probably more than a voting for -- arena. Okay. Is Andrew Cuomo right now. And it really planning to order today actually. But he thinks he is invulnerable. Which is a great place to have them. And I know what the polls -- and I think the polls are accurate. It can still be one. By Robin just arena again and expecting miracles from a governor -- no no. I give up on miracles a long time ago in politics I'm a realist. But at least we should take some delight. Let's just say rob -- 30 turns out to be the most corrupt bastard ever to put on a suit run for office which I don't think he'd be by the way. But at least have the satisfaction of knocking off somebody even more for a I don't think you get more corrupt and Andrew Cuomo. He is. He's -- -- bogey. General Cuomo is a thug. In a suit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An armed citizenry. And if he could he would disarm each and every single New York -- and every single American. Trust me on this. Please. Get this quorum call out of office. But the buffalo billion Tom the buffalo billion. You know what my ethics are for sale at any price. Why would George pretty. Folks. I'm not gonna get into again. Except to say. I've turned down in my career. At least a million dollars in endorsements. That because I could not recommend the company to use but I would not recommend to my -- I can honestly tell you. If somebody came in this room right now to Tom. You change your principles here's a billion dollars with a B cache. I would tell them to stick it up there. Colo rectal orifice you get the hell out of my life could I can't be bought I can't be bribed I can't beat blackmail. It won't happen. You should be the same way with your principles in your professional life. My personal life parts of African train -- but. My professional life I cannot be bought it does not happen it will not happen because I got to look at myself in the mirror I wanna pay the difference. The differences this job in many ways. Revolves around your trust in me you might not realize there but I do. And the minute you can't trust me or you think that I poured out like Ted Nugent. I don't have any credibility. The minute I do stuff professionally that you say wait a -- Tom. That company is awful why would you put your name with that company. That's the moment I got to look at myself in the mirror and say what I really recommend this company to my mother. And here's the point. Here's the point. You have principles. Do you have shortcomings of course you do so life. But there are certain ethical. Professional principals and principals of law. And fairness and constitutionality. That cannot be compromised you will not compromise the I will not compromise them but talk is empty it is sound and fury representing nothing like Ted Nugent. Don't get Ted Nugent take action. Register to vote register as a Democrat. Vote in the democratic primary against -- -- Then vote in the general election breast or you know. If you want to destroy -- at the molecular level. And I'm speaking figuratively not literally I do not wish. Anybody any physical harm illness or -- ever. I mean if you wanna talk al-Qaeda or ices will will have a conversation separately but in terms of domestic people there's that that's bad karma. That really is bad karma okay. So please take my advice on -- -- register to vote get all of your friends to register to vote and make sure they actually vote in the primary and in the general election. There are more of our store together there are more of us west of the Hudson. Then there are of them it's just that they always are better organized. Now -- unions have got to turn their backs on Cuomo now. Because he's tried to move to the center politically. He is as centrist politically. Like Michael Brown has the kind of customer you'd want candy store. It is. You wouldn't want Michael Brown beaten you up would you I wouldn't. Anyway it is at 346. -- news -- 930 WB yen. The whole purpose of the last fifteen minutes. Is to get you to get off your grass. Get on the Internet. Request a voter registration form for yourself. And everybody you know. Make sure you stand with them as they fill it out and mail it in for them. And then make sure you drive them to the polls. On primary day and Election Day. We need to mobilize everybody from Lake Erie to the Niagara river to Lake Ontario to the saint Lawrence Seaway. Too old forged -- Plattsburgh to the Vermont border. -- -- -- -- We gotta get this guy -- office. We. Can do. Not spoken cracked. -- -- I'm just tell it. It can be done. All right it is a 347 news radio 930 WB EN I hope that was inspirational. I -- myself. So there's at all right now stay put this country is ready at 930 WBBM. We got a lot of ground we're gonna cover. And one of the grounds I'd like to over one of the ground of combat it like you're is. Ferguson but not Ferguson high. Yield on WB Ian. And I'm I'm really glad that I listen to my -- city beach this morning because otherwise at a particular -- through this without ridiculous gales of laughter. I have the license plate tonight 705 is the first pitch against the Scranton Wilkes were real writers. And it's mystery. Ball night which sounds like frankly when you look at one of the events we do it hedonism. But actually it -- his. A whole bunch of celebrities signed balls you give a donation to a charity you'll get a ball and it could be signed by a Buffalo Bill could be signed by a Major League Baseball player could be signed by committee where you wouldn't be made in the past but that's mystery ball -- and -- sandy beach and Chris Johnson and Tony Caligiuri. Thank you thank you thank you for letting us all know what mystery ball flight was because you may have just saved me a memo. And sandy. Don't need my help with the promotions. Is said he said he likes it when I say that I wanna bring people together but. Well. How -- explain news com. We all have choices to make him. And I have chosen the path. Of trying to add to the greatest possible extent. Bring people together and I know that sounds Fannie. And instead I don't hit -- though he has fun with that are right. But in his own way sandy is this city is the same. In terms of wanting everybody to succeed he phrases it differently I guess I'm just a little more touchy feel -- then is my friend mr. beach and by the way his show after Robin Williams suicide. I gotta tie it buried any show I have done all year long. His show I gotta tell you. It's still up -- it's still sends chills down my spine. Thinking about how all freaking. Awesome it was it was awesome because it was genuine it was heartfelt it was must hear radio. And I want you to go back -- -- this Tuesday but a week ago Tuesday right after Robin Williams suicide. You'll never hear better radio than what sandy beach did bad date we all do great shows every day I do sandy does. But -- they show that day I have not been able to get out of my mind it was just it was a masterpiece. You know what it was a Mona Lisa. And he's got a lot of that we just one. Sandy beaches -- nine to noon on WBE ten and yet we have on Easter. It is a 355. -- news radio 930 WBE and the and coming up. We're gonna talk Ferguson without talking Ferguson. And any follow what you wanna give me an NY safe and your sign being ripped off or registering the vote. You know what I would bet. All good way to -- ninety's cliches. Now let's run it up the flagpole see who salutes. Going forward we'll have a radio show on WBM.

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