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8-21 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wow -- Hamburg they're hiring them assistant not a system a temporary a school superintendent. And after they looked at his credentials as academic credentials they asked them to -- car. I -- a dark driveway without hitting a telephone pole that that's never got. Had been prior superintendent. And a better car widths -- a backup camera needs that we superintendent. Plus the guys 77 years also won one would think that maybe doesn't need any. Often grounds meetings. We have other administrators. Get my drift. So that's a good choice good choice there. Al but if the sword dual bathtubs to be installed in his office side by side parallel bathtubs. Be careful be very careful. You're taking your -- to see what's that -- the fresh -- band OK you know all the little -- kids are going to be there while -- screaming I'm sweating and yet basically any -- -- that watch Nickelodeon will probably be there and I think. Just approved I'll graded that you are on the way home he should stuff -- Chucky cheese eaten and I. Well and that's that's the tests. That's better than lassie saving -- from following in the well I'm just telling you. Taking your kid at chuck. Well he still likes -- ugly I don't think the employees want me back when it's funny if you were dating girls there for the first time and you Broderick refugees. How did you get a second date I think also that young married couples who haven't decided yet. On how many children they want or they want children at all. They should go to -- injuries they should I might give them some guidance generals thought it. -- Are we talking about what's going on taking a breather air and Ferguson Missouri is this a lull before the storm. It's funny because I mentioned a couple of times earlier. There or not a lot of people on street last night. Because it was raining. The other thing about it yeah SunGard yes I'm going to protest. It might get different golf they're gonna be fire bombs there policeman a bare armed. Were also are going to have the possibility of tear gas but I'm going oh it's raining like -- maybe maybe tomorrow when it's a little nicer. So people are are more are. More afraid of getting wet than they are. Of it dealing with the stuff I just told him. So is this a while before the storm yes I think it is and the reporter -- blood from -- Malloy -- think the same thing. Will be policeman Darren Wilson. Be indicted. I I want. What is legitimate injustice I don't want vigilante justice. I don't want mob justice I don't want racial quote unquote justice I want justice period. There and that is just is why the most debate with somebody somebody make it just to see again it was a some kind of Americo. -- justice supposedly blind but Eric Holder says I'm not only the attorney general -- a black man. Maybe maybe you know what I'm not giving him. The benefit of the doubt the exact quote I am the attorney general but I am also black man you know what I think. I'm gonna take the positive side I think he was speaking at a school for the blind. So that people wouldn't know he was a black man until he told him maybe he was maybe was that a Dave Chappelle concert. I'm not really sure a crack at it. Any regrets saying I am the attorney general what I'm also black -- and people only on its. -- He's a black man. So I mean it's it's an educational process notice how he's not a cell wall by a band guys like bank cards and Arianna I exactly I understand that job. Accomplished black people who don't -- their lives they've all sold out in order to do that but not not holder. -- -- -- Let's go to Carol in Cheektowaga Cara -- on WB yeah. Our two day time on girl what do you have on your mind. Well -- have a flat he urged okay. There were and why. He won't -- see it the it's harder for you walk. Last eight -- they -- it won't walked -- -- cannot -- yet why don't. Eat well -- -- are you know I Mike and Ike and I can understand. Well thank you -- by a -- lot of guilt all these. -- Main rate debt is debt is -- the main rate they don't like but a now -- Barrett that -- all other bank. I feel start in this but not there I don't care what are -- Because. I think yet everything stacked against and even now in it I'm not big rock. You know I mean that it needed so I'm pretty beat a dead but I think that he worked in our that this duty. But -- I'll I'll believe that it chill. The black population who don't agree. With Eric Holder and as Alabama. And -- racial stop. -- -- -- -- Very loudly. At your make it look like -- What I had been a governor you said you feel sorry -- policeman Darrin walls united so busy -- governor said we must get justice for a group of video Michael Brown family. When indeed he didn't mention -- Wilson in his -- address and he mentioned justice for the Michael Brown family several times so that gives you an idea where his mindset is. All right all right and and you know. I -- I I don't ever hit it again and got my eye out. It's going to be. And even if he gets a fair trial it's. Where city it's going to act and even if they know about -- I guess -- yet -- I praying are scared that I really am I'm praying that the justice -- some. Are available right way but the only one that he out of that little. -- just. At -- Judge Judy if you noticed a commercial street at eight. Well you know it's true if if he does go to trial you're right in -- a change of venue. Via city is predominantly black now normally I wouldn't even bring that up -- and every lawyer in the world. -- complains that innovators -- many blacks on the jury or not enough blacks on the jury. But the -- they bring up the racial side of it all the time and I think that's abhorrent to be honest -- that makes the assumption that. If if you are one color you -- going to vote a certain way no matter what the evidence says and I find that to be wrong but they always do it and so that's what we have. As a population makeup -- enough Ferguson. Well like I said before but I I believe that gadgets that the population color shouldn't matter but and that case. And I think it's going to. Will it be a problem. I'm with Leo and you know I think I write for the like for our Carol it's all hope for the best that you have very much yeah I never use that you know because I always found. How -- that the second line is already. Another words no group has everybody in the group thinking the same thing acting the same way we're all individuals and I totally agree -- that I I do I do believe that. And yet you talk to defense attorneys. And it publicly update them and hide its. If if you'll have to say you have a black defendant. The how many times have you heard of defense attorneys say there aren't enough blacks on the jury. Or you'll hear somebody's go the other way say OK we got a good mix on the jury of blackened and why. -- I find all of that. Discussion. Objectionable. Because it does treat everybody like a monolith. So -- you -- both sides of a straight are you saying that every black jurors going to favor every black defendant no matter what the evidence says. Are you saying every white jurors to convict every black defendant no matter what the evidence says. Well then they shouldn't be jurors nine -- being naive. And I and I'm looking at -- through rose colored glasses. But today -- listen to the evidence you make your decision and you vote accordingly. If you could be blindfolded in the jurors' box that would be ideal. -- but that isn't the way it works but defense attorneys and jury -- specialist. Know what they're doing -- -- make their living and they see it all the time and certainly the worst example we have ever seen is the OJ Simpson jury. I'm no question about that OJ was guilty you know what I know -- can say whatever you want to we know it. But. He was a free manner of course and -- again and trading cards order -- invaders we'll be back should -- state in Vegas will be back with beach -- company. Along with that and then along with the number of arrests that the deplete their hat at people that are just trying to make trouble. It really is a lot calmer atmosphere. When you found out there was going to be some rain -- you put on a big frowns and Aldridge. I'm going to be said then it's going to rain now I don't wanna embarrass you but when you go to the beach. Don't you usually get wet. And -- vs them -- get wet from the water next of this and or wet from the rain from a house the bikinis won't -- is -- and all of the women yeah. The women don't go out in the rain now. Does that put the cake out of the rain repairs there if they did a lot of slice -- MacArthur is a chocolate cake. I can't you know I understand that this change is gonna give kind of. You know. Disgusting with it's it's it's well that's a long walk through that as you know you're probably you're probably via -- it up and down with your Childs. Yeah as you know a -- child as a chick magnet that option isn't he Q road I don't curly hair and -- yes I'm his you know that kind of stuff so that wouldn't work probably not. -- you don't wanna get wet when you're going to a place to get wet right to get that -- Plus I wanna sit out I'm the patio in young -- in the song that's -- you are sun goddess you know where one of those collars like they've put around Japan at the vets. You also reflects a certain. You know -- polls. The couple hole maybe you can win a mystery ball maybe I am in there. Tonight I just want to have a good time Saturday girls just wanna have fun that's the rights over the water he's a you wanna file with the boys and all of address governor. Owning up visiting run with -- -- besides -- so while police statements that picture and Elijah. -- As I don't I Israel 1806 with six guys who -- six and I'm thirty let's go to or asking the basic questions. Regarding Ferguson is this the lull before the storm. Will be policeman. Daryn -- also want he has his name he's not just the policeman -- a person. And he was there to protect and serve the public. And he has broken eye socket to it's a show for it. He is is he going to be indicted what do you think is just this blind if so Eric Holder wanted to make sure that everybody and so he was black. He said I'm not only the attorney general I am a black man. For those -- you ever seen in my guess that's clarification. Let's go to Emily in north buffalo heavily on WB yeah. Are they duplicate Mike -- -- I I knew a year cold heart and using your theory entry changed its app. Candy I did get a couple of comments -- about. After I heard. Eric holder's comments. The only way it would be justified if you were talking tool apply audience. That's right school -- lines -- I you know I am at every child might hear like killing -- murder no matter where it is located. What they have yet I just can't. A radical suggestion. Would be. -- -- -- -- -- Future problems. In predominately. Minority communities. Case in point Ferguson. I don't think jet that only minority. Patrol officers. Patrol those areas. This is an important wouldn't have escalated. -- would black I'm black we wouldn't have Al Sharpton we wouldn't have -- Jesse Jackson and others. There. You know protests being -- this is not going to be resolved peacefully. Because it broke a police officer is following. You know not guilty there's going to be more right. Big time right because they're gonna feel it's there was a cover up the you know most fix the rig was there and they want -- -- they want is -- -- that there's -- they're not going to be have a Julia. And you know not if they have if they hire more minority police officers. Then there'll be wiped out from minority let them patrolled their own people. That's the only way bet they're going to be happy. And Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder and everything will be able to complain that something happened. -- okay well said thank you very much and for those that Leo. And there are people of their. Who'll look at this -- was a fair guy you've got to think that what part does race play as far as the attorney general. Coming into town. To head up the investigation. With the FBI and with the criminal division of the civil rights part. Section of -- of of the Department of Justice. I mean if if you wanna be fair it should be treated like any other case but obviously it's been set aside a special. Because of vote the racial angle of this as the last caller just said if this were a black cop that shot. The Michael Brown it would -- be an issue. It would not and and most of a crime against blacks are committed by blacks make no mistake about it. So -- is bill for the racial angle is on the far and away. The most the most visible of all the angles here I just hope that this guy this cup. The guy who took an oath to load the two. Protect and serve the community are hoping its partnership. Because if not what can you expect just -- whatever the mob wants give it to them. Why don't we get our rob us out there and eskimo what he feels we'll be back -- would beach company and whose radio and I thirty WB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 930 -- our toll free line is 180616. 9236. We -- back where Visio they have -- to be -- talking about was everybody's talking about it that would be Ferguson Missouri is this a lull before the storm no question about that. But I have a -- now portable. These protesters are. There's a lot of them are not from the area -- from out of town. And I don't know about you as I mentioned earlier if suddenly I had a mad desire to be in another city to protest something. That allegedly -- ought to me. I don't offered to take five or six weeks off. I don't know if I could afford to be you know hotel room motel room for that long and eat out -- India and but not not go to my job. -- take care might hats. I mean how these people sold mobile. I'd like to know it's like a movable feast for them they just get up there must have a bag -- near the door is like denial of Lucy episode when she was pregnant -- little Ricky. Dora -- bags packed ready to write out the door and go to the nearest protest. At four of you who say and you know says this can Hamilton says this Tony. Can -- that says is that I disagree with them what we've talked about why oh why dude who knows certain groups. Have people speak for them that are morons. And like Al Sharpton. And he says. We meaning of the black community did not make them our spokesperson. That they have a -- to people for the media so you let's go home that they're they're speaking for the population when indeed they're not. Ever those who tried to minimize Al Sharpton by saying he's a charlatan. And I would be among a group. He's an idiot idea among the group he'd have to study to be in he'd have to -- I have been taking night courses to be -- -- right and he's dangerous. And -- problematic is no question about that. But for those of you say well the media made him -- really. Oh really there is going to be a funeral on Monday. Four Michael Brown. You know speaking out Al Sharpton. And Al Sharpton is hijacking this thing he is doing this some kind of big march going on in New York City on Sunday. And he is going to be leaving that march. I don't think the march was originally designed for this event was for something else. But he's taking this and and blending it with that. On Sunday and then Monday he's gonna speak at the funeral so don't tell me that the medium made him. A lot of people in the media that I don't think he's a moron. But that's the deal so yeah this is what you get. This is what you did you get Al Sharpton speaking. All right immediately services some people see him or Jesse Jackson the shades were down over our eyes because this just another blah blah blah moment. I -- I agree the canopy the media hands. Made him. To the point where he's acceptable. To anybody that's holding a rally like that because he's gonna say things that they're going to want to each year. He's got every -- yeah yeah I think they'll follow for that by. I do agree that for the most part the media has made Al Sharpton and Jesse Jack. Well how about to have immediate Kansas makes somebody about Ben Carson OK he's an articulate spokesperson bodies to the right by the guy he's for the ride and -- Ruling and figure that a lot more match point on is being that the that the media being -- being -- winning the but the whole point is that this is what you get for if you want. To better your position in life. He got to get better than Al Sharpton he really do. Because you've got to get to some somebody when that person speaks everybody goes you know. That's somewhat you know it doesn't that's something I'm about to give that some thought. He's not a guy. And neither is Jesse Jackson and to prove -- I mean Jesse Jackson's up there try to raise funds try to do fund raising you got booed off the stage. This is what he thinks about he thinks about an opportunity to further his agenda and further his his his wallet. And that's what it's about and sharpton's even worse I think. Because of the -- he is he's not going to bring anybody together so the only person I know that brings their regulars buy hourly. Because he says that's his goal that's his mission did you know that really I'm trying to get them. Get me together with some of the promotion woman and I don't know if that works and seeing nuclear fourteen of the hook -- but got the shaft and doesn't bring anybody there. He just he just immediately divides people. And as soon as you see them it's one of those things you know a billboard advertising rates are you changeable -- because once somebody sees it. -- and next time they go buy it they don't even -- -- because they've already registered as having CNET -- and it's the same thing with Sharpton. As soon as you see Sharpton you immediately. -- I do you immediately disk now what jurors seeing what you're hearing as meaning. This sharply about equivalent to our standing in the situation. As a spokesman Mike please tell us Mike the situation. And now for the Italian American society -- Mike the situation. Yeah that's good that really works. And I who's there. I think Gary is there from -- -- one of our -- table I Guerrier on W via. They -- -- city Tony. -- I'm still concerned about. -- dog in the rest of society being trained. That. Any officer cannot shoot a black suspect. -- The one thing they're really I find troubling on this whole event. Is the officer has been tried convicted. And sentence. -- dubious witness statements hearsay innuendo. They don't want the -- They -- -- -- they go on trial they don't want a grand jury they want him to go directly to electric -- Does that mean. That we are returning to. Create constitutional. And in some cases. Pre magna cart along were going back to. -- For every -- I like I like your attitude on this because I felt the same way it's a lack of respect for law and order. And that starts at the top it starts with the Oval Office. If the people on the street see the president disregarding laws or not funding laws of the Campion for us. Or just picking and choosing which laws -- bay. And it's quite obvious that he and his a right hand man. But the attorney general have the attitudes they have. I think that without that respect for law you're gonna do things you normally wouldn't do I think there -- emboldened. And their enables through doing this kind of stuff and it's gonna have a bad end result. Didn't we fight a civil war partially for the reason. That people were being improperly. Single now. And punished and in a lot of cases kill. Because of their color of their skin of course absolutely. I have a solution out there skip work or go back to meet able justice the next I want these things happen. Let's bring domestic. Or sacrifice. Always -- and then them distinction re entrails and say guilty or not guilty -- that are gonna go. I think you're on the something and Gerri thank you thank you very much is that what he's saying really we're gonna sacrifice -- -- Personally have a lot of town opens fire here but I'm just saying you know you can argue the change of venue immediately. It's our you're on and we like to sacrifice -- version of the scene having will be back -- with Beijing company under Israeli and I'm thirty WBA. Then -- could be a lot of. You know this. These mobs out about free speech or anything like that. First of all we said that all the things a president that there should be president that are constitutionally. Protected. Free speech they have a right to assemble. And they have a right to a free press -- they have almost. But free speech apparently only extends to the mob itself. Because they showed video last night of a woman I guessing because there was a lot of commotion should probably a middle aged woman. Who had a small sign. Rose colored kind of supporting the policeman. Supporting Darren Wilson. And she rushed by the mob the police had to really kind of rescue her and get her inside a police cruiser and get out of -- way so. Enough about free speech it's free speech only if they agree with the -- of -- don't agree with you let's arrest them and maybe even injure them -- -- them. -- that's the way it as and that's what's going on there meanwhile I think to give into it. It would be a dramatic mistake and yet the idiot governor they have as tried to walk back what he said earlier. What he said was not at a press conference where he just casually said something off the top of his head what he said it was a pre recorded message. And Dana Perino used to be the bush. A press secretary. Of the white house Press Secretary for George Bush. I said that you know that speech was written. It was approved. It was edited and that was recorded before it was played. It went through all of those steps so obviously going through all of those steps we have all of those people involved with -- that's what he meant. But he got a lot of blowback on that even from people who might be on his side. Because the call for vigorous prosecution. Of the policeman. Where and no evidence had even been gathered. No conclusions have been made no grand jury testimony at the point he he release that and so he apparently got enough blow back. That he tried to revise that and a spokesperson. Said no what he meant was. The whole process will be vigorous while that isn't what he says. As a matter of fact -- he said was we we have to seek justice for the Michael Brown family. Now Michael Brown was the one losses wife we understand that but Michael Brown moments before was committing a robbery. And there the question is cool broke the orbital bones of a cop. -- Obi wan side says it was Michael ground. And I don't know what the other side says maybe he fell down -- something maybe. He accidentally slipped on banana peel some ridiculous thought like that. Okay so you got the man you got video governor there the mayor has been eclipsed. Of the city he says he's hardly been involved with anything impact he needed to get information on how to get all of -- governor one time. And so it's that the governor and now the head of a circus yes Eric Holder. As as Eric knows he probably learned this a law school that justice is blind except for him. When he says I am the attorney general but I am also a black man. Oh really tell me what has that do with anything. I has nothing to do anything. Except for Nazis tried to accomplish. The fact that you're gonna get a fair -- because I'm in town that's fine. But I don't think I don't think this mob that we've seen on the streets or into innuendo. Or subtlety. I I don't think -- -- shading. I think I think it's meat and potatoes this is what you get this is what you see and that's it. I think. By reinforcing the fact that he's a black -- and I guess he's been a black man Wallace live from nothing though -- That he black man's -- like I think he graduated a few years ago graduated early because he's not -- really really black he's now I'd be age. So he Wednesday got a set I'm a beige man and that that would've you know may be -- half a crowd. What I what gets me angry as he's using race just like the mob is using race. There's no question in my mind and is this all before the storm take back to the bank absolutely positively. As a reporter from KM -- Alison no blood said. That if indeed the video policeman is not indicted. They'll be problems. If he is indicted and a charge if the chargers aren't severe enough they'll be problems. If he is indicted in the charges are severe enough and he is acquitted -- problems. If the charges are severe enough and he is indicted and he is convicted. And sentence at the sentence isn't harsh enough. They'll be trouble so in most of these scenarios that I can come up with they'll be trouble. You take that in the bank I wish I wish I didn't feel that way about that is the way guys I see this thing going. And I'm I'm just asking. A whether this is real justice or this is show business. When asked why they sent Eric Holder. Wannabe commentators -- optics. It looks good to send Eric Holder it shows a degree of here's how important this event is we're sending the attorney general. Let's go to Allah in west Seneca LA area going -- sue Ferguson Missouri to protest. No. -- Sandberg and eat candy I can't believe what's going in our country. First of all let me in major bank and the year thank you people -- up for -- did a wonderful job and -- they use some common sense. And it too which I find so that they. I mean when I look back. My generation. At what's happening now I'm scared. Yeah I think we're losing our country there's no question I'm with the -- on this. Mean we we have the greatest country in the world. And god gave it says quite a hat and people use the brains they -- given immunity -- and that rightly. I mean with -- sensible think that. Now the demonstrated number one on the fact that they're not even from that area. Yet and don't know. Number so instead of all this demonstrating why don't they -- down on their knees and start pretty. That is what we need. A return and that he. And number three I remember and this it really deeply. Controlling a police officer was to respect that I remember it started tourney he couldn't. Hope -- -- he was the all week meant they -- I've seen and been around the wrong and he has seen things. But nobody wants to -- that older people well that's what we don't we don't have any rain -- Well the problem is that everybody. Who is of a newer generation thinks that the older generation didn't have anything to do with the country that they've invented the country since they were born whether their athletes politicians or anything else. But I have the same feeling you do well I'm not won two of panic. However I am want to see that. With the lack of respect for law and order and the people who are in top positions in our government. I don't see a way out of this thing at least for a few years okay got it around and thank you alive. I really don't I think it's I think we're on -- on on a bad road right now. And it's gonna get worse analyses and common sense and get back to some respect for the law respect for the constitution about some respect for ourselves. About that. All right that about wraps it up good luck on -- moment tonight we'll see you tomorrow at 9 AM Monday Israeli and I started -- BBN. Well it's they never have to these beasts.

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