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8-21 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back Beijing governor it was a quiet night in Ferguson Missouri of course it was raining a lot of people -- They remind facing Mary firebombs. Are they tear gas or they police number they don't wanna go wet. So there were only like six arrests -- that's good. It but is this the lull before the storm I think it is will leave policeman a world that -- Wilson to be indicted I hope. That they have they present all of the information before the grand jury and I -- the grand jury is a fair and impartial and that's all I can hope for. I hope they're not influenced by what's going on on the street outside. But -- scares me to think that Eric Holder is up their with his team -- left leaning lawyers. And his ability as attorney general through have a lot of clout. With what happens to this guy and a win when he starts off we have I'm the attorney general -- also black man that scares -- There really does the -- is truly does. Because that that doesn't give me the message I want I want an impartial attorney general and I I understand that justice is blind. It wears a blindfold as it should. I don't know why he thinks it's important to do that except to say look I'm one of view so I can understand that. But -- his history that is the way it is he's almost an activist that you really think about it. So I'd like your opinion on the first two is this the law before the storm and will he be indicted. Eight Austria on 3018061692. Through six and star and thirty its code to repeat -- on -- -- on WB here. That you. Think it is light unit the most. General in modern history I think that that Americans are starting to see through that. As do it at southern border knowing that it's going to school districts. That are even in that it. They're at least all. -- all things. Happen -- election in oh. Well what were caught up on and he threw one which -- to get the -- about that too dark. A bit. What -- seeing now is so -- On global there's. No. History. Could be -- President. There's no way. You know -- -- pocket you know whatever it is chart right. In the cart that all are key to. Our. -- -- be a lot of people are saying he's not engaged. I and -- and he doesn't see him like he he want the job but it doesn't seem like you must do the work he he's talking about. -- be having a James Foley keep in mind James Foley. Was not be headed into nice neat movie way. If he was actually had his head sawed off with a knife the president decries that and then gets in a -- or whatever he's riding in now probably the limo and goes to the golf course -- totally irresponsible. -- come out one. You know what it's repeat. Its heart Dinara. Would that will block it like it don't. Even include the war all these things in black children are. Smart or not Smart. And because -- you can you can get out there. It in my search. Out of the spotlight and -- watcher it's in the restaurant near those. Those active -- of marketing. You know American energy. And you know. -- -- all of her. -- -- Well I think they are sitting through it and I'm glad you brought it up because I think a lot of people are have the same level of anger as you and I do thank you -- Yeah truthfully he's been criticized the president's being criticized a lot for he of areas of the podium. Decrying the beheading of James Foley and goes directly to a golf course I mean come mind. -- -- Now I didn't know while I expect him to go back to where -- stating. At the cape. And go into a prayer mode for the afternoon but you gotta be a little more sensitive to the optics or something like this surely do. It Altria and I'm -- 1061692. Visits are 930 and as far as the attorney general. He's right I mean how many times look -- Eric Holder says the -- before congress he was defiantly was belligerent there were talks about maybe finding him in contempt. They've never votes to do that but he seems to do what he's gonna bill and he doesn't care. And the president backs him up so we've lost the checks and balances that were used to in American government but -- this he has an enormous amount of clout. A regarding what they're trying to dig up but as far as we know right from the beginning this officer Darren Wilson. Did not have any kind of a reprimand on his six years service record. So but believe me they'll be talking to people -- used to deliver papers to president as an eighth grader. They've got the lawyers are spreading them out and they are going to find everything they possibly can fine. But the bottom line is I think all we want as the public is justice. True justice. Not -- not -- of phony kind of justice the mob wants. And as long as they're listening -- -- charlatans like yeah. I'll go on I mean Jesse Jackson you've got to be kidding me Al Sharpton you gotta be kidding me more and yet we're told all the time that you're now. People don't represent all black people all it's me that made them important wild guess watts. -- -- was speaking at the funeral on Monday Al Sharpton. Now did the media point Al Sharpton to speak at the funeral -- and you know and I know that these things have a flash point. During the funeral. And immediately after the funeral because everybody starts going through their head about. Times they've had to deal with the lost loved ones and the anger builds up again and who have doing. Bill being speaker I don't know exactly. A what he'll be speaking about one would guess. Talking about that a justice and -- on it's Al Sharpton bigger following on the planet. I get sick just -- program but if you wanna embrace them and use him as a spokesperson beat my guess -- certainly have a right to but don't expect to be taken seriously. Because the very first thought will be oh yeah that's Al Sharpton and employees. All I can think it was -- bro. All I can think of as a snitch or what the FBI. Yeah it's it's it's a bad situation but I wanna know if this is the lull before the storm. And will -- policeman be indicted. We come back I'm also gonna work of throw something -- about. The people fighting four justice on the streets of Ferguson. The policeman. The policeman in charge of protecting and serving and what are they doing and why are they being criticized will be back after the. Hopefully if the police are able to establish a report which people before that happened but we are talking about -- -- and -- exits away. It to police establish more report to people if you will go read a little bit maybe have a little bit more calm wicket. That maybe it won't be that bad. At what you think about this. Every once and -- a random fire races through my head. How the people that protest that don't live in the area. I -- askew and how they sustain themselves. If suddenly you heard about this shooting a week ago. Where were rounding out here a week ago what you were outraged and you said well. I'm gonna go up there are a lot of know how I feel because this is and right aren't in Europe there and now you're looking at at least five weeks. Before the grand jury comes in with -- any kind of a decision. Could you afford to just leave whatever you're doing. And go up there and live it probably live a hotel or motel. Eat out not be denied not be your job assuming you have a job and be there to protest every night. All -- he'll argue just killing time sleeping and you're there until the cops sweep the streets. Early in the morning could you do that I don't think I could do that. Could you don't tell. Now now I'm much progress cargo -- -- duke it we just can't do what we can just pick up and go somewhere camp out for weeks after a week after week. And just come out and night to protest somebody's gotta be financing this thing somewhere I don't you know I don't know if I could do that I don't figure could. Because his responsibilities you have even if they're not working do you have any pats -- fitting pair of them -- kids is looking at our house who's getting the mail. I mean I just went on vacation. And I know it was like the Normandy invasion getting ready to go to Alaska for two weeks I can't imagine going up there for 567. Who knows how many weeks and just dropping everything and going there. I think you have professional agitators. And that's they're going to a job site for them. Just going there to raise troubled. Throw if you love fire bombs here and there may come home and tell the wife what a hard day again. Dislike professional protesters that that's what they are yeah they're professional protesters. Let's see -- what Don has to say and Pennsylvania -- good argument friend. Good morning standing and Tony are you guys don't. Well we're fine now that Eric Holder is then is in Missouri we think everything's going to be fine now. Mean show me -- -- exactly what do you think about all this stuff. Racial candidate. I agree with you that's exactly what it amounts to. He didn't even try and hide it. I -- oh he's -- -- strategist and tell them you could be comfortable because I understand your your problems he's is on the attorney general but also black man employees it brings race into what the first evidence. He's certainly not hiding behind anything did they. No he really is and and he doesn't care done that's the problem because he knows he's backed up by. By the president he noses as is not enough book. Push back in congress story of Jesus and do what the hell wants the bill and I'm afraid this cop might get railroaded. He's definitely gonna get rid of loaded Dutton at. Just trying to remind you that the glove don't fit you must -- I mean my goodness what we're right back into that twenty year old stopped again well and and you're right you're right. Yeah if it doesn't come down and in in in their favor. There's going to be some real bad repercussions in this country not only in that city in Missouri is gonna be everywhere. You say why people after remembers the police department represents costs they hired bear true serve and protect us. The the mob in the street. That is up there air and the last night a quiet night but I think we're gonna have more board nice that are less quiet than that. They don't represent us they represent lawlessness. And now some of them -- represent people who just want justice but most of -- revenge and most of them wanted Darryl Wilson's head. Well it it. They've they've already proven that most of the people that have been arrested are not residents of that community. -- so they come in from out of town to cause trouble and then date when this dies down on the go somewhere else because stroke. -- absolutely got said that there -- modus operandi has exactly -- ready to attack. Yeah we have Adam Buffalo's many years ago blow when we had national protests here. Over abortion rights and we had traveling circus people from all over the country and this is what they do they kind of gravitate. Toward whatever is in -- news that -- I don't know how to make a living. I don't know how they pay for their house I don't know how they -- the car they drive this is what they do is going to be money behind it some more. They're absolutely as yet that's the old story all the money -- and it's back there somewhere because. You're right I mean if these people don't have any means of of making money and it. They they certainly can have a job that is they wouldn't go back to any job that they're missing that long. You can't. Can you imagine any attorney general coming in and saying I'm not only the attorney general what I -- white man now. Not and a million. Urge you couldn't do it but apparently you can't do it if you're black. That in the -- and go -- and the space that I mean. Hole all the basically is. Is like Obama -- I mean they're they're lame duck the minute they can do what they want say what they want well there's no repercussions against them will be they have not been a little. Eric Holder has had a record. Of of really politicizing everything and it's either race or politics with boulder. I get no feeling of justice at all despite the fact he's ahead of Justice Department. I think justices an afterthought or -- it's just agenda driven. I think is racially driven and -- and I don't have a lot of confidence that we're gonna see justice. Especially with the governor up there. Are coming out of Missouri and -- are the only hope we have is the populace and other law enforcement agencies. -- -- assuming that the idea the evidence when it is all done and presented. Calls for that. If it does call for it I hope that people push for it so he doesn't just yet. Be made a scapegoat because the mob wants -- I could just -- it any better you'd use some that all operate there. All right Don good argument -- take care got a lot of third grade you know it's funny and on Kansas third grade I don't think -- -- outside of this radio station on you know I'm calling him. We've ever had -- political conversation. Ever ever ever ever. Do you have much it's not much politics outside the building. In growing up in north buffalo I can honestly say we never ever had a conversation about politics I didn't talk politics -- my friends. And so. Long after I started at WV EN. The only thing I knew about politics is what my Attleboro -- The Republicans. Stands for rich people we are Democrats because we're just regular people I love my uncle and still do. But I obviously don't breaks for. President you know much political conversation before he got involved with our radio are really the only thing I can remember in school was. Noted movie votes for president when you -- like night and I don't really just kind of cast your vote for whoever the other and that's kind of -- to -- for Ford did you do that. The president for president -- I did it for -- -- is difficult because you're gonna go forward Arlington. Everybody -- Mercury running. By the way -- -- if your uncle will live -- now he would not approve the Democrat I think you're right I think he definitely would but I know my grandfather grandmother and my whole family -- don't subscribe to the democratic philosophy that's going on now. We'll be back -- as it. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169. -- -- Period of fear that -- party started come out and they are not what people's idea of just did is. That there will be more -- Pittsburgh and there could be more rest. -- -- sell some blood from camel exile be another six weeks -- so. It's amazing how many armchair quarterbacks we have out there in the social media telling -- so what they should have done instead of what they did do. I think it's one thing to sit back after the fact and analyze -- didn't. And maybe put up a schematic on it but. And it's another thing to be there if indeed his orbital bones were shattered. He didn't do that himself. He was punched in the face obviously unless you think he just on the in his own eyes against something. By a Michael Brown. Andrew's recommendations of while they should they should have done this initiative on batter while blah blah blah blah. It's one thing to think after the facts and of that and think that go through it the -- going on. A tea a store -- or go back to the calls when I was in Milwaukee -- lot of stuff with the Milwaukee police department canine division. I emceed a few dinners for the -- got to know some of the officers they were on the show and they brought the dogs and for demonstrations. And whatever. And friend of mine who was it a cruiser in Milwaukee and he's satellite -- stoplight. Next thing you know -- does this guy climbs up on the hood of his cruiser. There is on the what are the cruiser at the stoplight. So much from the cop gets out of the car and as he's walking around the door to say hey pal what's going on at the guy jumps off the hood. And locks them. Widow with a fist right in the face he wasn't expecting that he was expecting you know let's c'mon let's get off the -- meal comes on any clocks them. And as my friend a cop is going down because the guy had tremendous advantage from a you know hitting somebody from the horn of our car and -- -- full body weight. As as my friend is going down the -- -- on his shoulder right here. He has a little remote control. New push that button and guess what happens though would be at the little door built into the bigger door opens up and guess who comes out. Another police officer. Who happens to be a dog. Okay when last seen blue dog had clamped on the man's crotch. He this guy is going to need super Viagra the rest of his life. But I I tell you a story. I'm not just because I very much a pro canine but because you never know what to expect when your crop. Somebody who may appear to just be a little goofy could turn out to take your life. So before we start judging from the armchair from the comfort of our our -- of our recliner. I think you ought to realize that what they face out there is not what you face on your average day you have to remember that. Let's go to Bruce is next in Sanborn brochure on WB again. I don't I'm not fibers when it got for us today regarding risks. Well -- retired police officer I can guarantee you that he grand jury only going to see. The evidence that the prosecutor gives them to indict the strike that and get the full story -- gonna get. Not on you know you'll be indicted. Because bears should be -- are bad and is found not guilty he's gonna face federal charges. And very great civil charges after that I am afraid. I believe that -- was just right there's like there's this or. -- he's found not guilty. He -- -- you know over. I'm sorry guys but I'm sorry but I believe view I I do believe -- -- the defense has been employed part of that. With a grand jury and did this mob wants justice -- their their method of justice. And I don't think there's any. Impartial justice with the attorney general where I think this could go the way you'll envision. I -- do you think they'll be any uprising on behalf of law enforcement or average people who aren't a part of this mob. To a point. Ought not that -- it's not always do is that we we don't go out and fire bomb always disagree doing. No we don't so unfortunately. Hopefully you know like I believe he's gonna be clear the chargers. By with everything else -- against some there's there's like there's going to be able. I'm sorry I'm sorry to hear that show because it's absolutely unnecessary do you find -- being a retired -- do you find that people aren't cops. That don't really realize what you guys have to do and women through on and on and every day shift that they just kinda. Gloss over that the danger involved. Most people article there. Are the only time they see you guys usually. Is if you pulled over for speeding or something like that because that's usually our only contact with a cost. The people on these mobs they're used to their they're very Knoll they know all about the criminal justice system in all about cops and whatever. They're much more used to coming out and protest thing like this than the rest of us are. Well like I retired because I guess I just couldn't do it anymore expect of myself you're reaching a point where. I really didn't care about people are both protected and more while that's that's -- -- -- -- -- this is -- I left and I went out Yellowstone National Park worked. Oh really well good real good feel got it's I often thought when I was younger than I would like to via a cop. At one -- I thought I'd like to be an empty when I got drafted. But the more I see of it in the -- all of it I wouldn't of lasted very long on the job. Because of the same kind of things that you're talking about right there hey thanks well yeah go ahead. I spent four years in the in the air force and served in Vietnam. And then I got back there or write -- -- -- -- Your talk and -- 35 years short period on every day. And it just finally reached a point I can't do this anymore. Especially if there's no appreciation for what you're doing. We expect we expect things but we don't we don't give -- appreciation we don't let people know how much we appreciate what they're doing and in our behalf. And those so that's that's the way it goes long budget call Bruce that kind of get -- want to Leo thank you. Yeah I thought I'd love to be a Koppel and junger and when I got drafted. I said I'm going to be an employee -- one Libyan embassy -- albeit good them pre. I'll be the kind of MP you'll miss it or not but I guess they didn't take MPs with flat feet. Can't get over that. This is during Vietnam. Are crying out loud you would thank. That flat -- wouldn't matter you know if you want to might footprint coming out of a shower first of all what are you doing in my bathroom. But if he's dead there's no -- and nothing's like aboard. And the -- and we are and I got rejected because of that. Had to go home my mother and father wondering why I was back from Boston. And that's that it rejected me well what Leonardo. But I would have been exemplary. But I don't think -- be a good idea. I just don't think so -- I don't have the blues the attitude nor the patience for the cops that we see that to a good job. Got a lot more going form and I would in that job believe me. Here for a million years now so we're going to uphold this and because. I didn't understand this at the beginning. And I don't understand it now. And maybe you can kind of enlighten me Powell. Police. Addressed properly for duty -- their proper duty assignment. Whether it's a lightly armed or more heavily armed that makes a difference in the situation. There's a lot of criticism because there's a federal program that allows the military. Two world. If they sell or actually give to local police the -- A surplus things and whatever. That are effective in in doing their jobs as as local policeman. But the the big furor was look at this it looks militaristic. I don't know about you because I'm not used to facing down policeman. But it may have if if if you travel abroad save travel to a country that has a very high degree of security. And you get off the plane what do you see usually people -- either automatic or semi automatic weapons. That gets your attention in a hurry. You think immediately like. Well okay there are serious about this than if you had any thoughts of any kind of a problem the kind of evaporate. Now we're not terrorists and we're not the so maybe they think differently but I think that the average person. When you see that kind of an officer gets your attention. Keep in mind even the minimalist. Even guys that ride the bicycles and Miami have a gun. And they probably have either tear gas or -- or laser or something else. They got up on the handcuffs they are radios they got all kinds of equipment. And -- think that you're over dressed for the riots. I mean is that what it is you got to dress down for the right digital -- -- rioters. Give me -- rate will be back activists. He told us that it's going to be potentially mid October before all that information to them and then they made an issue chargers that they find -- that indicate. And then it's our DF BI investigation Department of Justice investigation. Are moving and I don't know the next steps for that I don't really know -- an Arctic and less forthcoming with where they aren't we do know that they have been interviewed as. In his speech and company and the questions we're asking. First of all is this the lull before the storm -- of Ferguson accusing up over and Ferguson. Missouri I think it is. If of the grand jury which is expected to come out with some kind of ruling in about six weeks. If they don't indict Darren Wilson they'll be more problems. If they -- indict him. And he goes to trial and they don't convict him they'll be more problems. If they do and item and they do convict him and -- sentence and a sentences and harsh enough they'll be more problems or problems there than possibilities of of love justice or fairness. So I don't think this is the law before the storm will he be indicted you just heard a former policeman. Let's say that there -- enough evidence will be presented to indict him you're not allowed to defend yourself in a grand jury proceeding. They they're just listening to see if there's enough information movement forward. And so he thinks they will be -- it is and indicted. And justice is supposed to be blind that's one of the first things I've learned in school issue of its scales of justice. And they show lady justice with a blindfold on well. If you believe that then then how'd you how do you reconcile the fact that one of the first things Eric Holder said. When he got to the site is I am the attorney general. But I'm also a black man so instantly. He he inserts. It is his race as part of the dialogue. Now if that's not enough about this quote. I can remember being stopped on the New Jersey Turnpike on two occasions and accused of speeding. I remember how humiliated. That was and how angry I was so let's say. An angry black man against law enforcement. He's being fair -- thank. Justice is blind absolutely. Records -- -- doubt that. And he has a history. Vote being very political. And they're very racially oriented I think justice. And the law almost you know secondary consideration service. I think the only way we have a couple of bomb first of all I want justice to but I want real justice I want the evidence presented. If he if the evidence that says that he is innocent he's innocent at the evidence says he's guilty he's guilty I will I will understand that. What I won't understand. Is is the fact that they are there have owners right now they're going after ms. vote no question about that he's looking for civil rights violations. And the criminal division of the civil rights section of the Justice Department is loaded with a left though leaning I ideologues. And you don't believe me believe somebody who was a former member of that with sedated during the George Bush years. If it was a you know it's somewhat some -- some middle but if it was fairly well balanced since then. It's gone total left total out there. And -- not just the opinion of the guy who worked in that department. It's also the opinion of a federal judged on a New Orleans. Who'll be in a -- I think it was a 126. Page decision. Said. That it was a grotesque. A misuse of authority. For what was going on though with the same -- has now by the way. In Missouri. This group was leaking information on line. Through blogs and things like that that they wanted to get out to the public and all of this came down and they got hammered by this federal judge. So this is the same crowd that they've set up there so they're gonna turn over every stone and trying to find every bit of information. I'm telling you if they find out that Darren Wilson squeeze the Sherman illegally. It'll be part of the presentation to the grandeur. Already looking into his past in you know while we ate for breakfast when he was 70 roll ups which I think is disgusting not taken -- anything to do with. When it happened but do you think that this is all gonna calm down to. Expert testimony as to whether the arms were up or down. And -- Bodden who was the second autopsy said. That is there's no way to know that's basically what he says it. He did say all the bullets came from the front but he said there's no way to know now you have two alternatives if we see a miscarriage of justice here. One is the supreme court of course but another certainly would be our congressman. And the people who are low we elect to serve loss and represent us in congress. 22. Get to the bottom of this because just because he's a lame duck. Just because the president's a lame duck and just because they have no regard for the constitution. -- the laws of the land -- I think the rest of us do. And maybe we have we might have some sympathizers on the Supreme Court that. Especially Ginsburg stars will be back Lamar would be to governor and his regiment thirty WB.

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