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8-21 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All all thought is region governor ever stop this is that if it's not bad at this but it's always something. In New York about your diet now we're finding out there may be instant new rules may not think it if it. And have a good warrior who would guess that how did you get through college without tourism Google's I'm not sure. Anyway it is ever refreshing. Sandy beach radio show hang in there. All right sorry -- Mike sounds really. Harsh is there anyway to put this -- -- -- sounds good to me like the -- -- doesn't sound good to me you know on the one doing the talking. I could be -- island in the evening you know I mean you look like -- -- -- -- July. And -- this -- line it was fabulous elected dog through it is a lot about today it is at least in company. And among the things there's going to be a tribute to Robin Williams led by Billy Crystal a very appropriate. This year during the year 2014. Emmy Awards. The producer. Announced that. That will happen so I'm I'm thinking of what better way to. To honor Robin Williams that would Billy Crystal. Billy Crystal is now -- funny guys sensitive guy and and I love that congress are really do his last book which Bob -- and -- me on them. It was on audit and are in audio book and I listened to it. On the way to Massachusetts and back and while it's fabulous so I'm sure he'll do a great great job in and he in what beat. -- very much associated. With Robert Williams so I think that's good I think that's a good thing. Meanwhile. -- little skirmish at the bills camp. And -- one of the rookie offensive. Defensive tackles. Ripped off woods helmet yeah rental records home now. I saw -- I think it's desert island without a helmet these little back currently blue hair yeah it's added there as -- as. Of course they spoil sports. Coach it's not part of the game maybe it shocked me I think that's fun. You know I get a kick everybody's making a big deal big brawl the bills there's been brawls -- camps around while begin forever but that's one and I think it's the war suffocation of America. I saw one sportscaster ago. Well he ripped off his helmet and punches were thrown. That goes over the top oh really now when weapons are involved that goes over the top. But simply ripping a guys accommodate get -- our guys how much -- what on his camp. I've been in several fights with equipment on -- -- -- -- -- it's -- that took this job has learned helmet you're hurt your knuckles -- do kind of a moron is going to take a swing at somebody wearing a helmet. And that see that's what they do and and football that's why they never have fights really because they're wearing helmets nobody is not like hockey. Nobody takes her helmet off. It would try to rip the other person's helped you grab with one hand down their face mask in you do. -- kind of back and forth you trying to rip it off in May be gets a mop up. -- that I could do that with him going. And just grab him by the helmet and little bicycle helmet hit it this. Tomorrow I'm a little bit of. I'm Chris are you quite a lot of sports ever river guys and Obama. No but dead that's not -- count I think that even happen and high school a few times that his Tony's right see you the first thing you do is governor calibrated. If you grab and pull their head down and can't scene and gobbling around aimlessly it's like oh. Keep blowing your Jersey -- over the head low blow was that on the honeymoon I'm not really -- -- On both I didn't score. I needed regenerate ask where was up up top shelf where mama the -- got to work on their power play exactly. But I'm -- well after five weeks and in camp. They're probably getting stir crazy -- the second out now obvious that applying. And services that they view of the stadium -- this Saturday yeah I'm not sure it's completed they'll I think they're gonna the finishing touches will probably be after the pre season yeah I think yeah public is going to be impressed. I think they should I mean I hear from the pictures that I've seen I think it looks pretty amazing yeah. They should do and if Russ Brandon is listening and here -- look what you use this and then you're going to have to attribute it to me. I think so we can really appreciate the stated okay and you'd get a yeah hug a glass box. And then you get like twenty or thirty security guys. We have semi automatic weapons and inside the glass box you put a 130 million dollars in cash. So that what people are walking stadium vacancy how much of their money is in the stadium. Is it these numbers. Don't mean anything anymore. The dollar this player who hit it -- to sixteen. Is in Major League Baseball signed for five years up 400 million it's crazy it's just nuts. But I think if you actually saw. A 130 million in cash you'd have more over appreciation of what's in. You say -- experience house tell mr. Crist yesterday the 49ers are going into their new stadium. And they have the offer an app for your phone what you can order from the concession stand and they will deliberate breach -- C. I like that I like that that's a good idea yeah really. Yeah it's stations -- dubious those guys are frustrated announces they really do those announcements. I think if you'll -- and saw the -- in -- impressive. -- 130 million in cash would look like. I mean to be pretty fantastic while -- and opening them we put it in my living rooms like to release a book and I'd like to put my Florida and go and walk barefoot -- that you. I'm told that I exhibit record Bob's almost every Friday and Saturday night and of course the bags -- open and they pay in cash. And usually in one's. I'm not making this up so you have this fellow ones a lot of money but it looked like a lot of money. And no one that put on the floor of my apartment. I just walked on I just looks cool. I mean I got no sleep on the weekend. Nearly kill myself in my car dealer -- slip of the -- so I thought I can do is walk on the proceeds. And that's kind of funded though the because it looks like a lot more than it is you know. Anyway -- a lot of stuff going on today imploding of of Ferguson Missouri. On this is amazing to me a little comeback is there was a law last night and I have not heard one single. Announcer or a single news person or a single talk show host mentioned this one reason. Why the streets were almost and the last night in efforts but you'll hear it for me. And so -- you've come out knowledge touched him in my garment and I'll give you that information -- return on news -- 930 W via. I'm now I went to the doctor yesterday for my annual check up. And here's the deal I'm on a regular round of mad guys. And those and and a also a skin cancer things all the fun stuff and a Roswell. And this was the last thing on my -- my cycle this time around. But when a doctor I always tell the nurse before I see doctor Kowalski is a great doctor. That I mentioned that he has the article is great. And really cares. I really feel that way. But anyways and Harris brings -- and she has some preliminary stuff before the doctors see you. And among the things that she doesn't she weighs you and I always tell them when I come end. Don't tell me what I away I don't wanna know it and if you -- if you blurted out blurted out in kilograms because I have no idea what you're talking all right. Now doctors. Offices. Always have the kind of scale I hate because it's easy to figure it out. You get on it and they got these massive weights that are on the left side of the scale. Now -- more way they move to the right side of the scale. To get that little armed come down the more you away I'm so even though she's not gonna tell you. You can tell by how much she's moving from left to right. And I try not to look at it because I get depressed I am what I am you know what what am I gonna do about it. So this not this time I -- I was in trouble because I'm sure -- excavating the way. The nurse comes and and a hand if I'm lying on diet and she's got up portable way with a little hook on that. Which means that if the scale can't do it. She's gonna whip these extra weight on the scale. It's like going to freak storm being measured you know public. For sale -- cattle auction. -- is this. -- away. Well -- Obama garment. And -- thank campy good news -- -- -- Camby and as she's more links up over to the right. The good news was she didn't need the extra -- It was over an abundance of caution that she had -- where there just so she say hey -- I gotta get some more waitresses -- enough. My spare away a lot of the -- and stick over the rights at its help I could let you go when they're carrying the next year ago. Portable -- that that's problem I think it would be a problem then ask you to go to the trucks yeah exactly if I could. I think it. A dam broke and here again I'm bear as everybody milk big sign that's where a -- my motor home. In fact the guy you. When the first that I took my motor home there to get it -- The person in charge of the scale says you viewed wade as a dog here -- -- trochmann. So that was. I'm sorry yeah you don't need any confusion I don't need to be united so anyway I got through and and things are fine as is as we know. Us. But didn't idols. Not a metro I'm against it and Doug had had Doug -- -- have to come on Hannity you know. And he'll have to say we're sorry. This and it could be a run over while one of our bosses. But it was right on time didn't look -- -- known it was going to ask. That bus stop at that time we pride ourselves in being -- rights and Clinton. Way to go dogs and now here's something that nobody mentioned yesterday at a really surprised me. Now observed I. I'm an observer like to watch people like to watch events and things like that and then come up with my own perverted twisted interpretation what -- These streets. Vote Ferguson. -- last night were nearly empty compared to before -- -- trouble I think they'll have like six arrests which was good Bob problem. And as some people are jumping in close allies that -- -- probably because they're called is that they're feeling comfortable now circled there. He's our friend he's mr. justice. It was that -- you know either born on the straight and nobody remember that it was raining. It was raining and the funny thing about people. The same people who are willing to risk about it the people who are willing to risk firebombs. Willing to risk -- I'd tear gas. Almost everything they don't do that but is it raining like can't go it's raining I can't go to via the protest I'll have to approach this one is dry. You figure that one out what is it about getting wet. That people are so afraid of -- no matter is big barrage you know burly man who live around Moses. Can be an umbrella I need an umbrella member Michael Jackson at his own guy. He had umbrella man and umbrella man so that Michael's -- maybe it's based would have -- them on shore -- but he did at the hope the umbrella up ball room remember that. All right so that's the reason nobody was on the street yesterday so here you wanted to get rid of a problem efforts and a Missouri here's a way to do -- we hire some people to seed the clouds. So that it's raining more often and then eventually they'll give up largest movement to Seattle. We're rains a lot you know I don't know what the situation isn't Seattle -- -- to Seattle. And it's over -- -- -- problems all over and I didn't even need the extra little -- with a hook. We'll be backward or what region company it wasn't a big way with a -- but maybe she felt she -- of a little assistance on this one. We'll be back after this. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight ten to one on W the heat and. -- Michael sat in is big governor and we're talking today about some things going on in and around the Ferguson Missouri. First of all you last night the good news was that it was fairly quiet there were you know handful of harassment. Basically not the same kind of -- ball that we've have been looking at past week so and Eric Holder wasn't on the attorney general. Now there's a there's a three distinct areas I wanna get into. Regarding our subject today and one is and they're not in any particular order but here's how I am laid out anyway. Is this the lull before the storm. Last night and I wasn't kidding when I said that the the streets were basically have because it was raining. And -- axis -- amazes me. -- and elegant -- you're going to face a firebomb. Or tear gas. But that's about the story for another time. But anyway there -- the streets were basically quiet is this the lull before the start. I think it is and I'll tell you why. First of all the grand jury they say it may take a couple of months that to make a decision. And they just started they can be yesterday and they're just starting to hear the evidence. I didn't realize how long it takes of for a grand jury proceeding and having not been involved with -- one but is its lava flows are absolutely. I'll tell you -- the big storm occur if they do not indict. -- Wilson if they -- he is not indicted. There will be problems big time that should not influence. The grand jury certainly but I'm just saying that it well. If they -- who. Indict him and he's brought to trial and he's found not guilty. That's a problem. And I says not a problem for me it's going to be a problem for peace in the streets that's what I'm talking about okay. If today. Say they -- item. And they try -- he's found guilty and he gets a probation -- lights you know light sentence it is innovative but charges -- enough. That will be problematic to the only thing that will appease this crowd. Is the fact that he got indicted. He got tried. A gut -- found guilty and they go along cents and -- and then they'll still have the remember. Remember the -- Darren Wilson so I'm saying this is definitely below before the storm now what they can sustain. The level of the discord that they've had so far I don't know I'm hoping cab I hope they finally says we made our point. We certainly were heard nationally now let justice take its course. I don't know but I am saying that that this is the -- before the storm out of like your opinion. And also will the policeman. Will Darren Wilson be indicted now is it hard we have to make an educated guess here 'cause we only Knowles. Up a piece of the information we don't have at all the grand jury will have at all. And so they're going to make a decision based on everything they have including things we don't know. -- for instance. Michael Bodden the medical examiner. Examine the body but he didn't have the clothes and the clothes off and time will give you clueless to what happened through. So I don't know the answer to the second one -- will he be indicted. I just hope one thing I hope that the grand jury. I'm manages to block out all the other things that are going on just concentrate on on the procedure the process. And and gets the a fair -- but I don't know whether he's going to be indicted him. Now here's something that I think is important. Lastly Eric holders in town. And we asked why we asked if it make you better make it worse because Calder is notoriously. As far as I'm concerned political. Very much political. In fact they're all kinds of things that. Because of the political aspect of it I think he's derelict of duty. Of forensic even things that just would he would find intellectually interesting if nothing else. The bad guys -- thing forget it mean when it went nowhere because Eric Holder was an interest that in in chasing down. Also if you think about it when he was in Texas. He was invited by the governor of Texas preparing to -- of the border because the hottest issue we had going minutes -- issue is illegal immigration. And they wanted the folks in Texas wanted him to -- In person rather than being an abstract thing on -- -- piece of paper. He didn't know he didn't go he doesn't get involved with things that you want him to get involved with the during the first election of President Obama on the black Panthers. Blocked access this all the polling places -- their arms folded in the boot time by their side. He didn't he chose not to prosecute. So that this guy as far as I'm concerned is the most obvious political. Attorney general I've ever seen in my life. And the one thing I was concerned about. It when he went up there is best I heard. An interview with a man. He is going up there for civil rights of violation possibilities. They're going to look at the and there is the civil rights section of the Justice Department there is the criminal section. Of the civil rights section of the Justice Department which he brings lawyers Wear them. And the the man that was being interviewed last night is a former lawyer from that division. And what he said is a -- George Bush was president he was in that division. And he said you know everybody comes in with who -- their own ideology. He said it was basically mix some some left is summarize it is some in the middle and it was a mixture. Of people even though there's not supposed to bring their ideology to the table it's part of their DNA. I mean it's -- built in. All right he said when George Bush was there has not even since then it's been an influx of left leaning ideologues. Absolutely. Left leaning eyed ideologues. And you're saying well okay they can be left leaning but can they still be fair. Well I think a good example is -- -- bitch slap big time. By a federal judge in New Orleans who wrote I think it was a 126. Page. Rowe reports on his final findings. And he called. The work of the Justice Department down there with the same people that are now up and Ferguson. A Missouri he called a big road -- he used -- -- grotesque and grotesque. Miscarriage. Vote justice or something of a similar to that but a gross miscarriage. Of ethics whatever some of the things that they were doing which the judge sided. Where they were rugby these are people who are supposed to be lawyers and have high ethical standards in whatever and they represent. -- the American people aren't some of the things they were doing is they were blogging under different names and leaking information regarding. The case that they were working on which is absolute no no when they are caught -- And so I'm surprised it still have a license to practice. But this is what this person was saying and he said yeah not only did that happen now these same people are here now. In their here in a Ferguson Missouri so when the Eric Holder said. That he was -- to investigate possible to lead the investigation. A possible civil rights violations. He brought the hounds -- them. Who are who who have that ideological bent to look for it it would zeal. Now is of -- -- zeal as long as zeal is even handed and fair and and that's that. We come back my greatest fear was realized immediately regarding shareholder. Okay. And I'll tell you what that is under Israeli and I'm thirty W via. I -- period last year that it he started to come out and they are not what people idea of justice is. That bit there will be more riots and Ferguson there could be more -- The avoid sure her coming out of the break was Allison blood she's a reporter with camel X. -- -- very very well regarded station has been forever and ever and ever. Tom Tom -- were there for a period and Bob Costas headquartered in their -- still is but he always wise. SOA and Allison a blood of Caremark switches in the Saint Louis. Now as I'm saying where the first few questions is this the law before the storm I think it will. It is the lull as as the reporter Allison -- said. -- but he's not indicted they'll be a problem. If he is indicted and is acquitted they'll be a problem. If he is indicted and they prosecute and they don't get it if they get a conviction. That's fine but it better be a good sentences as well also this a big long litany of things. Before this of this mob and that's the best way to describe it is satisfied and once they're not satisfied here Google somewhere else and up he says it's right so. Appeasing the mob should not even be on the -- on the to do list. So is it all before -- yards are truly believe that will he be indicted I don't know simply because we don't well we have some information but we don't have at all. And we don't have conflicting information to keep a bit being. Whether he was charging the policeman. Well whether he was though putting his hands up but the bottom line is some things that we don't know is the -- as though a broken orbit broken orbital bones. Which would indicate that he got punched in the face. And what he did it himself which is highly unlikely. Now here is something that my greatest fear was this when they send. Eric Holder or Eric Holder gets involved you know it's political and you know it's probably racial as well. Eric Holder is not -- fassel leave the office in less must races involve them he's on the nearest the plane in and get there and -- But I think it's very very important that he be perceived as. Neutral which is what he's supposed to be seeking justice no matter how he finds that which is what it's supposed to be. However our front page USA today here it is today. -- the ball circulated newspaper in the country. Holder deeply personal in Ferguson. And then that's the first tip the second is a quote. And the quotas I am the attorney general. But I'm also a black man. The down wanted to repeat that -- for those of you wouldn't think you'll get racial. I am the attorney general but I'm also -- black man now you. There's different ways you can interpret this this could be he said that because he wants via the protesters which are mainly black. Andy the issue is about race let's let's face. He wants them to know that they have somebody is going to do really really good job and get to the bottom of that's the Pollyanna view of the other is pay your Brothers and town. We're going to do what we have to get done because he also said this is another quo. I can remember being stopped on the -- Jersey turnpike. On two occasions and accuse us beating. -- remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was. So here's a guy who's looking form as possible civil rights violation against the cop. Telling the crowd that he remembers how humiliated he was what he got stopped for speeding by guess what a cop. Be doing that and you've got the governor who's acted like an idiot he's tried to walk back. A what he said what he said and he made -- keep in mind this was a brilliantly club pointed out by one of the anchors on television. Keep in mind this speech was written. It was edited. It was videotaped. -- before it was played so it wasn't a mistake. It wasn't an oversight it was intentional. Where the governor called for Eric -- a vigorous prosecution. Before the grand jury had even convene before all the information at all Altman gathered totally. Wrong just totally wrong. And any lawyer worth his salt will tell you that that is not the way it's supposed to ago. So you got the governor now saying. Well you know what I I didn't really mean that what I meant is we're gonna get to the bottom of a ball Loney Matt what he said when he said it. -- governor there you got Eric Holder. There were they squad Novo lawyers and FBI people saying I am the attorney general but I'm also a black man. And I can remember being stopped on the New Jersey Turnpike on two occasions and accuses meeting remember. How humiliating that was and how angry I was so there it doesn't show any -- thought our him or malice toward policeman doesn't of course it does. And here's one of the things. That drives people crazy. And if you can see examples about all the time but it does it drives people nuts. Can you imagine this wasn't. Does not Ferguson was taken out of Ferguson let's. It's so. I don't know India Oakland. Predominantly black okay. And can you imagine if a black cop. Shot a white citizen and go in Oakland very very very much a tough town. A largely a minority and the attorney general. Who happens to be white flies in to San Cisco and goes over Oakland. And says. Don't worry about it because I from the attorney general but I'm also a white man. Can you imagine. What kind of fuel are there would be over. It what is your skin color have to -- that it has nothing to do with -- -- when he says I'm the attorney general but I'm also a black man. I thought mr. holder. That indeed just this was supposed to lead wine. Just this doesn't care if you're a black man justice doesn't care -- white man just this is supposed to be impartial. And wine. And you set as seen by saying how embarrassed you are when you have a couple of speeding tickets. With the police and that I am the attorney general but I'm also -- -- I'd like to -- and say I am the attorney general. I will be -- promise you we will do the absolute best to get the facts of this case known to a grand jury. And we'll do our best to act in good conscience from there -- say that don't wait for that that happened. So I think the deck is stacked against this -- I really do. It's -- scares me to think about it. And when it's like one of those movies of the week where somebody wanders in to a small town. And everybody in town knows the dreaded secret except the guy that wandered in there. I'm afraid this conference the guys that wandered in there and everybody knows whether holders do we'll be back -- would be two company hang in there.

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