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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Ferguson Legal Issues in Focus: Paul Cambria & Dennis Vacco; Pt II

Ferguson Legal Issues in Focus: Paul Cambria & Dennis Vacco; Pt II

Aug 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're sorting through. The Ferguson case the case of eighteen year old Michael Brown shot and killed by a police officer. And we have two guests and still do -- 1 in studio this morning one on the phone call came Brea is here. From the sunscreens should make Camry it LLP and Dennis bako. With -- this Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP sorting through this case and the facts that have come out. From right away until just the other day they're kind of coming in drips and drabs here at. During the break -- we were mentioning that you know whether they'll be an indictment it was they're famous quote you know -- that. He had just saw -- used to be the chief judge of the Court of Appeals. Said the grand jury could indict a ham sandwiches the prosecutor wanted to. You know I mean we can't just totally dismissed the grand jury but on the other hand it can be a tool of the prosecution. We hope that it's not but. In reality -- is while the other things happening here though is they're starting to arrest journalists. For taking more of photos of the police and others. During all these demonstrations and I mean that really as a violation of the constitution. People have a right to photograph in public places. Apparently they've been resting them based on failure and disperse. Which I assume. One once it gets to court probably be dismissed. But that just shows you all the ramifications. Of something like this that's politically charged. Yet politically charged notebook I'd like both of you the way and honest no politics in this whole situation. In Ferguson. Figures in here big time doesn't -- Paul -- you -- well it does what happens this. You know you can just see it everybody is trying to get the spotlight off of them. And on to someone else and so it's you know the governor says that. You know the prosecutor should this in the and somebody else's all the prosecutor can't be fair disease related to a number of police officers and on the go well. You know maybe there should be a vigorous prosecution which indicates somebody made up their mind. Everybody is you know Jack -- for the high ground and then president weighs in and says climbed sending in the attorney general -- You don't want -- FBI agents there everybody is trying to look good. In this situation. And what happens with that it complicates justice and that's really what you want in the end Dennis and a politics dryness. They couldn't agree more with what Paul just said that that the politics whether they be the you know the politics and streets. Or the politics coming -- -- podium in the way don't serve in the state house. Ultimately -- tapes investigation complicates the job for the DA. The Diego although it got to this you know they elected much like we have been here state elected DA. He's been -- -- 44 years. So is that strictly for years I think we got to give give him the benefit of the doubt who let him do his job but almost. That is Japanese sell more complicated. That stat just you know the the president weighing in and I think kitty she needs to that's understandable why the Department of Justice. Attorney general holder are now on machines because they're able -- sorts -- and the violation extension rights violations but they hit to the that this for the street it's the reverend Belcher and groups seems that it will never mentioning a big good rally here that protest what was available. At that -- all cup gates -- jobs Ford -- call. Dennis Michael Brown a young man who was shot and killed he had friends. Now will they be called before this grand jury are they going to be asked to testifying. If they were aware of Michael Brown's intentions. To rob this store. Well so that's great questions -- because. I'm assuming that Missouri looking -- state. Limited witnesses called for the grand jury in what state they waived or statutory right to immunity. They're automatically given -- -- crimes that testified to before the grand jury and whether it's interesting this because. Well apparently before this shouldn't culture was. What stops Wilson occurred. It's alleged that Michael Brown on interest colleague so the guy who is really. Witnessed that shooting and Michael Brown have been involved and a strong armed robbery -- -- convenience store. So the prosecutor you have to decide whether or not he essentially -- -- -- the the accomplice if you will Michael brown and it can be store robbery. You want to give him immunity before grand jury to elicit this testimony that concerning. What happens when they encountered such a -- that's going to be tricky question for the prosecutor to resolve. Well. Am thinking well true. And but understand at least currently. Supposedly the police officer did not know about the route. That would be significant if he knew about it now he's trying to apprehend people that's that sets off another dynamic. That that you know we don't have the connection the dots weren't connected there and this -- is questioning the accomplices. I suppose surgically you can question them so that your only talking about what if anything they sought in connection with the shooting. And leave out the part about the convenience store he's still one of the prosecute them for that. You know it's a tough situation. And we have all these people who are supposedly witnesses. Coming out of the woodwork you know days later. It's going to be a long time before this thing resolved that's for. It Dennis call this was a great debt to create our pledge of both could join us and and we appreciate the insight from both of you. Let me. -- that's Paul came -- prominent defense attorney in buffalo Dennis bako as well a former New York State attorney general. And is well is his position now with. Let this Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP.

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